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Avatars were first introduced in Just Dance as random icons, and they returned in Just Dance 4 as mono-color circles. They made a colored and shaped re-appearance in Just Dance 2014 and a colored sticker appearance in Just Dance 2015 and its Chinese version, Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017 and its Chinese version, Just Dance 2018, Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2020 and its Chinese version, Just Dance 2021, Just Dance 2022, and Just Dance 2023 Edition.


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The avatars in Just Dance did not represent any song and were instead unrelated pictures.

Starting from Just Dance 4, avatars have a 2D white and transparent appearance. They represent coaches from the game itself or from past games. They can be unlocked through the Wheel of Gifts.

Starting from Just Dance 2014, avatars are in color and have a much wider selection. Most avatars for Just Dance 2014 coaches can be unlocked by playing their respective routine, whereas most other avatars are either purchasable through the Avatar Shop or unlockable through different means (such as achieving a certain level on World Dance Floor or unlocking a monthly Mashup).
From this game onwards, specific animations are triggered when pressing some buttons: they can smile, wink, blow a kiss, growl, laugh, stick out the tongue, or blow a bubble using bubblegum.

Starting from Just Dance Wii U, avatars are more detailed.

In Just Dance Now, avatars are also unlocked by playing their respective map; however, each of them only has one avatar (even though some multiplayer maps might have additional avatars that are available for purchase in the Shop).
From the major update made on October 22, 2015 to the other update made in June 2017, each main avatar also had golden and diamond counterparts, which could be respectively unlocked by reaching Level 3 and 6 in their respective maps.

Starting from Just Dance 2015, avatars have a sticker-like appearance. Coaches for Alternate Routines can also have their own avatar. Like in the previous title, avatars have animations, even though they cannot be triggered while playing World Dance Floor; however, written messages (such as "Lol!" or "Oh no!") can pop up depending on which button one presses. Some of these messages can also be caused by certain events: for example, when an opponent beats the player, they say "Grrr". These mechanics return in the 7th-generation version of every following game, up to Just Dance 2020.

In 舞力全开2015, it is similar to Just Dance 2015. However, selected avatars from the previous games will be unlock based on Game Level (instead of Online Level, since there is no World Dance Floor existing to unlock the avatar) to be followed by current avatars of the song's choice.

From Just Dance 2016, avatars no longer blink nor express emotions (except on 7th-generation consoles). On 8th-generation consoles, many avatars can be unlocked by playing their respective map via Just Dance Unlimited.

In Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version, all avatars represent a Yo-kai from the Yo-kai Watch franchise and have to be unlocked through the Gashapon machine.

In Just Dance 2017 and 舞力全开2017, each avatars has its own sound effects. They can also perform some actions when pressing certain buttons, such as spinning, zooming in quickly, and shake (except on 7th-generation consoles).

In Just Dance 2018, avatars have to be unlocked via the Gift Machine. As a result, Just Dance Unlimited exclusives no longer have avatars.

In Just Dance 2019, in a similar way to its predecessor, avatars can be unlocked by paying 100 Mojos to start the Gift Machine up (excluding those that have to be purchased by registering in Ubisoft Club).

The avatars in Just Dance 2020 can be unlocked in two ways: either by playing any map in Just Dance 2020 or through the Gift Machine, which gives Just Dance 2020 Kids Mode avatars or avatars from previous games. A golden version of every Just Dance 2020 avatar can be unlocked by earning Megastar or higher on its related map.

In 舞力全开, avatars are also similar to Just Dance 2020, but avatars from World Dance Floor, Ubisoft games and All Stars Mode are removed since they are not in the game. More avatars are added through 舞力无限 seasons, including a 1 year anniversary avatar, avatars of 舞力全开 (Wu Li Quan Kai) (Alternate) and avatars of Just Dance 2021, they are unlockable by dancing to the respective maps on 舞力无限.

The same mechanics are applied to Just Dance 2021; however, avatars from previous games are no longer available, and avatars based on coaches from non-solo routines are unlocked via the Gift Machine.

The same mechanics are applied to Just Dance 2022; however, unlike previous games, playing songs on the World Dance Floor counts towards unlocking avatars. Additionally, Kids Mode avatars from previous games are unlocked from the start instead of needing to be unlocked via the Gift Machine.


  • The avatars undergo a series of changes and improvements:
    • In Just Dance 4, the avatars consists with white outlines. They also have their own special sound effects.
    • From Just Dance 2014 onwards, the avatars are now displayed in colors. All sound effects are the same regardless of their appearance.
    • From Just Dance 2015 onwards, the avatars are designed to resemble like stickers and some of the newer avatars are given slightly more details.
    • From Just Dance 2016 onwards, the avatars are given more details and the sticker-like outlines are notably thinner.
    • From Just Dance 2017 onwards, all avatars now have their own sound effects based on their appearance (e.g. all avatars which look like dogs bark and all robotic avatars make robotic noises). It can also be heard when the coach is selected and when the song starts.
    • In Just Dance 2023 Edition, the avatars are now fully bodied and resembling animated versions of their respective dancers. The avatars are also slightly animated in certain modes.
  • In Just Dance 4, the avatar glitch sometimes: when they are glitched, they appear faraway from the user's feedback area.[1]
  • The most expensive avatar that can be purchase is Disco Ball Head Dancer's avatar in Just Dance 2014, which costs 500 Mojo Coins.
  • The Just Dance 2014 avatars have their eyes and mouth separated in the files.[2]
  • Just Dance 2014 avatars lack the aura seen in avatars from Just Dance 2015 onwards.
  • Just Dance Wii U contain avatars from previous Just Dance Wii games as well as some altered versions of avatars from the main series.
  • On the Wii version of Just Dance 2015, there is a glitch where an avatar that has the price of five or twenty Mojo Coins will have its price changed to fifty Mojo Coins. The glitch will continue on to the next avatar after the game has been reset after the said avatar has been purchased.
  • In Just Dance 2015 and 2016, the Ubisoft game avatars must be unlocked with Ubisoft Club.
  • Just Dance 2016 is the first game where background elements appear as avatars. For example, Gangnam Style’s Horse, or Starships’s Monster.
    • This is also the first time that avatars have names (shown when the avatar represents a CPU opponent on a Dance Quest). For example, Ievan Polkka’s avatar is named Hatsune, and Want To Want Me’s avatar is named Golden Boy.
  • The avatars of Get Lucky (P1)[3] and Rabback[4] is based on Just Dance 2014’s appearance in spite all of the other avatars prior to Just Dance 2016 being updated to Just Dance 2015's style.
  • On the previous versions of Just Dance Now, Feel This Moment’s avatar will accidentally be unlocked by leveling up Turn Up the Love to level 2.
  • Some avatars have different appearances during development stages of the games:
    • In the earlier version of Just Dance 2014, Somethin' Stupid (P1), A-Punk (P2), Night Boat To Cairo (P3), and Funky from Just Dance 4 were in the avatars’ menu, hinting that they are supposed to be selectable.
    • Sympathy For The Devil, Viva Las Vegas and Hot Stuff’s avatars were going to be based in their appearances in Just Dance 4.


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Beginner Tips Every Just Dance 2022 Player Needs

The game that promises to keep everyone dancing makes a return once again with Just Dance 2022, the latest installment of the ever-popular dance rhythm video game series by Ubisoft. The series continues to prove successful for the company, even besting some of its recent Triple-A titles.

A lot of that success can be attributed to the games' broad appeal and relatively low learning curve, meaning that just about anyone with a passing interest in music or dancing can give it a shot. Not much has changed since 2021, so veteran players should have no trouble navigating its menus and loading up any of the newly added songs. But for anyone planning to try out the game for the first time, or after a long break from the series, here are a few things worth keeping in mind.

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Updated January 20, 2022, by Michael Abayomi: Just Dance 2022 continues to provide entertainment and exercise for fans young and old. We've updated this list to include two additional entries that should help both new and returning players get a hang of those trickier dance routines even faster.

7/7 Available Platforms

One of the first things anyone looking to get into Just Dance 2022 should know is on what platforms the game is available. Like most years, the latest installment of Just Dance is available to play on just about every modern console and gaming service. These include the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia. Wii owners have been left out though as support for the Nintendo Wii was dropped with last year's release of Just Dance 2021.

Each platform offers its own unique advantages, like portability on the Nintendo Switch for example, and the ability to take the game with you anywhere you go. The game is still not available on PC for whatever reason though, unless you're willing to settle for Just Dance Now instead, their cloud-based subscription service that works with smartphones and an internet browser, and offers a vast library of past Just Dance hits for players to dance to.

6/7 The Song List

Players of Just Dance 2022 should definitely take the time to familiarize themselves with the list of songs that come with the game. After all, a new Just Dance game is just as good as the songs on its playlist. Thankfully, Just Dance 2022 comes packed with quite a few bangers. These include recent hits like Save Your Tears (Remix) by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande, and Levitating by Dua Lipa, to older classics like Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls and Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. There are 46 songs in total, including 5 regional exclusives.

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And for those players craving even more songs, they'll be pleased to find out that the game comes with a one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited (another one of their subscription services) that includes over 700 songs from past games and elsewhere. If you've happened to listen to pop radio or the Top 40 charts anytime within the past two decades, then chances are you should recognize quite a few of them. The best part is that the game offers a nice mix of songs and genres - from rock to pop and even South African house music - ensuring that all types of music lovers will find songs to immediately gravitate towards.

5/7 The Different Editions

Aside from being available across multiple platforms, Just Dance 2022 also has two different editions for players to choose from. There is the standard edition which costs $49.99 at launch and comes with 40+ songs, as well as the one-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited mentioned above. Then there is the deluxe edition which retails for $59.99 at launch.

The main difference between both versions, aside from sporting slightly different cover art, is that the deluxe edition comes with four months of Just Dance Unlimited. That is the one-month free trial from the standard edition, as well as an additional three months subscription valued at $9.99. There are additional renewal options for Just Dance Unlimited at $3.99 for one month and $24. 99 for a full year. It is worth noting that an internet connection will be required to use the service, since the songs are streamed over the internet, as opposed to played from a disc or hard drive like the ones that come with the base game.

4/7 The Controller Options

Just Dance 2022 is a rhythm game and as such, the game is played primarily through motion controls. This means that PlayStation players would want to have a PlayStation Camera handy, while Nintendo Switch players will need to use their left or right joy-cons. Players on the former can take advantage of the peripheral's more accurate, full-body tracking.

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Xbox Series S and X players on the other hand might have to fish out their old Kinect sensor bars to join in on the fun, because not only does the game not offer support for traditional controllers, it also doesn't allow them to use any other type of camera. Thankfully, all versions can also be played with a compatible smartphone, using the Just Dance Controller app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Though it is worth noting that Nintendo Switch users will still require a joy-con to get past the game's start screen, even if they intend to use their smartphones to play during the actual songs and dance routines.

3/7 The Different Modes

Just Dance 2022 has no shortage of game modes available for players to choose from, which can be quite daunting for newbies. The good news though is that it gives an option to dive right in with a randomized playlist in the Quickplay Mode. For anyone looking to explore the other available options, the game has quite a few.

There is the Co-op Mode, where up to six players can play together locally, using supported peripherals and smartphones. Then there is the World Dance Floor, where you can play with other players around the world in a tournament-styled competition. Sweat Mode is geared towards fitness buffs, and it lets you start your own routine and track the calories burnt along the way. And then there is the Kids Mode, which, as the name suggests, is geared towards children with family-friendly songs and simpler routines.

2/7 Song Difficulty

As was the case with previous entries in the series, Just Dance 2022 has a number of songs for players to choose from. But not all of those songs are created equally. Parents will be pleased to know that younger players have a kid-friendly playlist of songs with simplified dance routines that shouldn't cause them too much frustration.

But for everyone else, they might want to be mindful of their chosen song's difficulty, which can be seen on the song selection screen. There are alternative dance routines for some of the songs that turn them into full-blown workouts, so it is best to avoid them until you are ready to break a sweat. Those looking for an even greater challenge can also unlock an extreme mode on certain songs once they've racked up enough points, which can effectively turn a previously-mastered song into a gauntlet of skill and endurance.

1/7 Practice Makes Perfect

The key to mastery in Just Dance 2022 comes with taking the time to learn the various dance routines. The good news is that most of them have repeating movements that are generally easy to follow. But knowing when to expect them can be quite tricky the first time around.

This is where practice comes in, as you'll grow more familiar with the ebb and flow of each song and its routine the more times you go over them. There is no shortcut to putting in that practice, unfortunately, at least if you intend to stop flailing about awkwardly each time you miss another move which you should have seen coming a mile away. Acquiring the skills needed to dance to each song like one of the pros is relatively straightforward, you'll just need to put in the time and effort.

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Gameplay - Just Dance Now

Can my friends and family play with me?

Your friends and family can dance with you by downloading the free Just Dance Now app on their smartphones. After installing the app, they will need to enter your dance room by scanning the QR code or by entering the dance room number displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

How many people can join my game session?

There are no restrictions on the number of players!

How to play on the computer?

1. Download the app Just Dance Now on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and run it
2. Launch the Internet browser on your computer and go to
3. On the website, you will see the room number and her QR code. This number and code is unique and created just for you. On request Z11:AA11application Just Dance Now scan the code and you will be connected to the dance room.
4. Done! Now the song selected on the smartphone should also be displayed on the computer screen.
5. Select any song and play it
6. Hold your smartphone in your right hand and mirror the dancer's movements on the screen!
Additional players can download the game on their smartphones and join your dance room

How to play on a tablet (Android or iPad)?

1. Download the app Just Dance Now to your smartphone and launch it
2. Download the app Just Dance Now to your tablet and launch it
3. The dance room number and QR code will appear on your tablet. This number and code is unique and created just for you. When requested by the app Just Dance Now , scan the code and you will be connected to the dance room.
4. Done! Now the song selected on the smartphone should also be displayed on the tablet screen.
5. Select any song and play it
6. Hold your smartphone in your right hand and mirror the dancer's movements on the screen!
Additional players can download the game to their smartphones and enter the room number to dance with you.

How to play on Apple TV?

1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV
2. Find the app Just Dance Now and install it
3. Launch the game and use the remote as a controller to select a song
4. Hold the remote in your right hand and mirror the movements of the dancer on the screen!

Note: You don't need a smartphone to play on Apple TV, but additional players can download the game to their smartphones and join your dance room (in the upper left corner of the screen).

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a 2D barcode. It looks like this:

In Just Dance Now QR codes are used to encrypt your dance room number. Before playing, you will be prompted to scan a code on the screen of your device (PC, TV or tablet) to automatically enter the dance room.

What is a "dance room number"?

The dance room number is a unique number displayed on the screen that you enter into your smartphone. Using this number, the smartphone connects to the screen and the game session starts.
This number appears on the second screen selected to play Just Dance Now (any screen connected to the Internet that can access JustDanceNow. com: Smart TV, computer, tablet, Apple TV, etc.).

Just Dance Now is a popular dance sim

Many people are familiar with Just Dance 2015 or at least have seen how it is played on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and danced in front of TV screens. Just Dance Now is the same game made for those who don't have a console.

However, a smartphone is not enough to play Just Dance Now. You will also need a PC, laptop, Smart TV or tablet - any device with a screen and Internet access. All actions will take place on a large screen in a browser window, while the smartphone will become a motion controller.

To start playing, launch the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone and open the game website on your second device.

After launching the application, you will see a catalog of songs. Now there are 346 of them, the music library continues to grow. The songs are divided into categories: “Smile and dance”, “Rhythm Latino”, “Hall of fame”, “Fitness”, “Children's corner”. There is also a search by name.

Before choosing a song, you can see how to dance to it. If you liked the track, add it to "Favorites" or go to the "Dance Room".

To start dancing to the selected song, you will need in-game currency. You can earn it by dancing to free songs. If you want to buy coins for real money, then there is an in-game store for this.

After selecting a song on your smartphone, you will need to enter the numbers from the Just Dance Now website or scan the QR code from there to enter the party. So the application on the smartphone is synchronized with the web game. Then take the smartphone in your right hand - this is now your game controller.

Stand comfortably in front of the screen and start mimicking the movements of the dancers as if it were your reflection in a mirror. If it's difficult, look in the lower right corner of the screen - there will be a hint which movements and when to repeat. Each correct wave of the hand will bring you points, which the smartphone will inform you with vibration and a sound signal. Increase your level - get coins. And don't forget to check your profile to see how many calories you've burned.

You can play Just Dance Now with your friends. To do this, everyone needs to have the Just Dance Now app on their smartphones and that everyone enters the same “Dance Room” by entering the same code. Hot party guaranteed!

Price: Free

Price: Free

How to play just dance now with a TV?

Invalid Tronis . Just Dance Now This is not a console version. Kinect does not apply here. To play you need a computer and a smartphone. Instead of a computer, you can also use Smart-TV (regular TV will not work here, only if you connect it to a PC or tablet as a monitor) or, for example, an ipad. And so all questions about the Just Dance series (Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015) can be asked in the VK group: vk. com/justdancegame

Kinect only.

Look guy, you need to buy a cable that connects to the TV and to a computer (laptop), where can you buy it ask how I use it...

Just buy a console with kinect and of course the game

and everything works, you go into the TV mini and you're done

Easy, connect your computer to the TV, download just dance now to your phone. Go to the Justdancenow website. com (just delete the space before com), the site will show your room number, enter this number on your phone and you're done!

just connect the computer to the TV and if you want to play somnoy through kinekt my nickname is Rexo

igor kharitonov go play?

It's easy, there are two ways: 1. You can connect your computer to your TV and go to www.justdancenow. com, there will be a room number that you will need to enter on your phone, and you can also play without a phone 2. if you have a Smart TV, you can join it by just pressing on your smartphone (in the application ) in the upper right corner is a button that looks like a TV with network waves. These are the two ways that I know to play the game on a TV. I think I was able to help you, goodbye!

warfare cool game

Connection difficulties for the Controller app

How does the app work?

The application works when connected to a WiFi network, the smartphone transmits data to the console, and the console, in turn, must detect the smartphone and establish a connection.

Why can't my phone connect to the console?
Please note that the Controller app is no longer supported for Just Dance 2015. See the NEXT SECTION for a complete list of supported games.

Here are some steps that can help you resolve the situation:

Before you start following the instructions:
Are your smartphone and console connected to the same network? Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network in order to transmit information to each other.

Please make sure you have the latest OS updates for your Xbox One console installed. Also, please install the latest version of the Just Dance Controller App from Google Play or the App Store.

On smartphone:
Check that the WiFi connection is complete and active. Also make sure your smartphone is not in Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode

On console:
Make sure WiFi is connected and active on the console and that the console is connected to your WiFi network.

If the console is connected via a LAN cable:
Is the cable connected to the WiFi modem? Make sure the LAN cable is connected to the WiFi modem and that the smartphone is connected to the same network. The console and smartphone can communicate with each other even if the console is connected via a LAN cable.

Why can't my smartphone connect to the console even though both devices are on the same WiFi network?
Please follow the instructions below:

1. Launch Just Dance on your device: Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, or Switch (Just Dance 2018 only)
2. Sign in and select Mobile device as a controller. The console will start searching for devices on the network.
3. Open the Just Dance Controller app on your iOS or Android device. Please carefully read the instructions that will appear, or take a look at the Help tab located in the lower right corner.

4. If the smartphone and the console are connected to the same WiFi network, then the smartphone should recognize the console settings, and then the console name should be displayed on the screen.
a. If the console name is not displayed, check your WiFi settings. smartphone and console settings, and then follow the steps carefully.
b. If the console name is displayed, select it and a connection will be established between the smartphone and the console.

5. Launch the game using your smartphone and dance while holding the phone firmly in your right hand.

The application cannot find the console, why?

Have you tried connecting your smartphone and console at the correct time? Please try to connect your smartphone only after the smartphone is selected as a controller on the Just Dance 2018 home screen. In this case, the console will know to scan the network for the smartphone.

Please note that using your smartphone as a controller is only available for the following consoles:

- PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2019
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for Just Dance 2018
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC for Just Dance 2017
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2016
- And for the following smartphones: iOS (version 6.0 and later), Android (version 4.1 and later), Windows Phone 10 (Xbox One only compatible) for Just Dance 2016)

Please note that the Controller app is no longer supported for Just Dance 2015.

The application cannot detect the console even though both devices are on the same WiFi network, why?
Verify that the console detection feature was enabled after the mobile device was selected as a controller. Only in this case, the console will be available for detection by the smartphone.
You have the option to restart the console search function by clicking on the "Refresh" option in the application window.

Why does the smartphone lose connection during the game?
Please see the list of possible reasons that may prevent your smartphone from connecting during a game session:
- Alert window
- Low battery level
- Screen off
- Smartphone turns off due to low battery

The application was determined by the console, but I can't select because the device keeps searching. How can I choose a console?
Try closing the application and reopening it. You can try rebooting the device, this should help resolve the situation.

The application gives a message that the smartphone is not connected to the WiFi network, however, it is connected. Why does this situation arise?
Make sure that Airplane mode is not active, that the smartphone is not in night mode or do not disturb mode. If these modes are active, it will prevent WiFi connection.

Is the app compatible with the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 console?
The Just Dance Controller app is not compatible with Wii, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 systems.
The new Just Dance Controller app has been specifically designed for the new Just Dance features on Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Switch consoles.

How to play Just Dance Now 🚩 Computer games

The main goal of the game is to give joy and good mood. And only then it turns out that the time spent online was useful: gradually your body becomes more plastic, loses extra pounds, and you suddenly find that you can move well to the music. Which is very nice and motivates to dance more.

The difference between J ust Dance Now and regular games is that you won't be able to sit on your ass, click the mouse and stare hard at the monitor screen as usual. You will have to work hard, move vigorously and relentlessly monitor the accuracy of your movements.

The game has its own charms:

  • Dancing online, you compete with strangers and, trying to outdo your rivals, get points for skill.

  • For each successfully repeated song, you earn not only points, but also coins, which you can use to buy songs.

  • Each new song is a transition to a new, more complex level.

  • If you wish, you can create original melodies and communicate with dancers from different parts of the world.

There are several ways to play - using the console, TV and computer. The choice of device is up to you, but there are some details to consider. For example, if you want to play from a console, you will have to purchase a special sensor on your hand that will read all your movements. It's convenient, but not very cheap. In the case of a computer and a laptop, everything is much simpler - to transmit impulses, you need a smartphone with a working Internet. In game mode, the Internet must work simultaneously on both the phone and the computer. It is desirable that the network on both devices is supported by one. J9 game0265 ust Dance Now supports 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi. If you want to dance with a big company in reality, then friends can connect to the game in any number and from any network. The only thing that affects the quality of the game is the speed of the Internet, since it can be different for each device. The spent traffic will pleasantly surprise you - one song will take less than 1 kbps.

To install the game, you need to go to the Google Play Market or App Store virtual store from your phone and download the application. When the download is complete, you create a character, give it a name, and enter a room number. After that, you need to turn on the game online (or download it to your desktop) on a laptop or computer, find your room on the screen and enter the number there. After all the formalities, you will be offered a song to dance. Wait for the rivals and dance! Most importantly, keep your smartphone firmly in your hand. If you perform movements without a phone, then there will be no control over the movements, and therefore there will be no excitement from the dance either.

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‎App Store: Just Dance Controller

Screenshots (iPhone)


No controller? No problem! Use the Just Dance® Controller app on your smartphone to control the game and earn points for your dance moves. You no longer need a camera or other devices. Just hold your smartphone in your right hand to let the app track your amazing moves! The fun and easy game can be played by up to 6 people at the same time, so bring the whole family and friends to the impromptu dance floor!

Attention! The app requires the Just Dance® console game. To use the app, you need a Just Dance® 2022, Just Dance® 2021, Just Dance® 2020, Just Dance® 2019, Just Dance® 2018, Just Dance® 2017 or Just Dance® 2016 console game and a compatible console.


- Just Dance® 2022 on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™ Lite, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and Stadia™.
- Just Dance® 2021 on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™ Lite, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and Stadia™.
- Just Dance® 2020 on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™ Lite, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 (backwards compatible) and Stadia™.
- Just Dance® 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 (backwards compatible).
- Just Dance® 2018 on Nintendo Switch™, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (backwards compatible) and PlayStation®4.
- Just Dance® 2017 on Nintendo Switch™, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 (backwards compatible) and PC.
- Just Dance® 2016 on Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 (backwards compatible).

Version 8.0.0

Grab your family and friends, it's time to turn up the music and have some fun with Just Dance® 2022! Play on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™ Lite, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia™ with the updated Just Dance Controller app.

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Ratings: 528

Crashes out of the app

Good afternoon, before it was completely easy to play. Now throws out of the application as soon as you connect. (iPhone 11). Tried updating, doesn't help.

Apple Watch support

It is already necessary to make support for the watch, because their 5th generation has already been released!
phones are huge in size and holding different movements in your hand is dangerous both for other players and for the phone because it will slip out and break!!!!
do support the more there are all the conditions for development and sensors in the clock !!!

The phone does not connect to Just dance on a laptop!!!

Why can't the phone connect now?! Does anyone have it connected?

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