How to make dancing ghosts

Dancing Ghost Science Experiment for Halloween

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Make paper ghosts and other shapes fly through the air in the dancing ghost science experiment.

The dancing ghost science experiment is a fun Halloween science project that makes objects fly using static electricity.

Dancing Ghost Materials

You need paper, scissors, a balloon, and either someone with hair on their head or else a sweater:

  • A latex balloon
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hair or a sweater (or a cooperative furry pet)
  • Tape (optional)
  • Markers (optional)

Lightweight paper, like tissue paper, works best. If you don’t have tissue paper, use toilet paper or tissues. Ordinary printer paper or notebook paper works, too. But, it’s easiest making ghosts fly using lighter paper.

You don’t absolutely need tape or markers. Tape sticks the base of a ghost to a surface so it does not fly away. Markers are for decorating ghosts with eyes and other details.

Make Dancing Ghosts and Watch Them Fly

This a simple project, perfect for kids.

  1. Cut ghost shapes out of paper. If you’re worried about your artistic talent, search Google Images for “paper ghost cut-out” and print the pattern on printer paper. Once you have one ghost, use it as a template for ghosts on tissue paper by either tracing or cutting around it.
  2. Blow up a balloon and tie off the end so the air won’t escape.
  3. Rub the balloon on dry hair, a sweater, or a cooperative pet. You’ll know you have enough static charge when the balloon sticks to a wall.
  4. Slowly edge the balloon toward the paper ghosts. See them dance in the air?

If you like, tape down the bottom edge of each ghost so it stands up, but doesn’t fly away. Explore other spooky shapes, too. Try making bats, pumpkins, cats, and (if you want a real challenge) spiders.

How It Works

The key to the dancing ghost project is static electricity. This is the same type of electricity responsible for lightning and the zap you can get touching people and objects in winter when humidity is low.

Static electricity is free electrical charge. Rubbing a balloon on hair transfers electrons from hair to the balloon. Electrons have a negative electrical charge. Opposites attract, so the balloon attracts objects with a positive charge. Paper is made of cellulose, which is a polar molecule. It’s attracted to the charged balloon. Even though static electricity is invisible, the powerful attraction draws paper toward the balloon.

If the paper touches the balloon, it neutralizes the electrical charge. A paper ghost may stick for the balloon for a couple of seconds, but then it falls off and the balloon stops making other ghosts dance. Just rub the balloon on hair to start the fun all over again.

More Halloween Science Projects

The dancing ghost science experiment is one of many activities perfect for Halloween.

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Dancing Ghost Experiments

Making paper objects dance is a cool project, but you can add more “science” by turning it into an experiment. Apply the scientific method. Make observations about the project, form a hypothesis about what you think happens if you change something, and conduct an experiment to test the hypothesis.

  • What happens if you make ghosts out of different kinds of paper?
  • Which dances better: larger ghosts or smaller ghosts? Why do you think this happens?
  • Does how long you charge the balloon (rub it on hair) affect how long it dances?
  • Does it make a difference if you charge the balloon on hair compared with carpet, fabric, etc.?

The Dancing Ghost {Halloween STEAM activity for kids}

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This dancing ghost Halloween STEAM activity is so simple but very effective.

I used this activity for a homeschool Halloween STEAM class I taught last year. I mean, who doesn’t like the challenge of making a ghost dance using nothing but a bit of static electricity?!? All you need are a few simple materials.

And while it may look like magic, it’s really just science. (But shh. . . don’t tell the kids!)

(STEAM, for the uninitiated, stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And now you know!)

Note: For more kid-friendly Halloween activities, see my Halloween activities for Kids page.

To make a dancing ghost, you will need the following supplies:

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Latex balloon
  • Optional: Black marker

Start by cutting your tissue paper into the shape of a ghost. Our ghost was about 6″ (15 cm) tall, but feel free to experiment with larger and smaller sizes to see how they work.

If you like, you can use a marker to add a face to your ghost.

Next, blow up a balloon and rub it on the nearest head of hair or rug you can find in order to give it a static charge.

Then hold the balloon over your ghost to make it dance!

Check out this video to see how it works!

Super cool, am I right?!?

What’s the science behind the dancing ghost?

When a latex balloon is rubbed against human hair or even a carpet, electrons are transferred from the hair or carpet to the latex balloon. This results in the balloon having a net negative charge.

When the balloon is then brought close to the tissue paper, which has a net neutral charge, the negatively charged balloon pulls the positively charged protons in the paper toward it. This creates an attractive force, allowing you to lift the ghost with a touch of the balloon and make it dance.

Looking for more Halloween projects that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)? Then you’ll love STEAM Kids Halloween. This e-book includes 50+ pages of spooky fun STEAM activities that will wow the boredom right out of kids!

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You can find more Halloween activities and printables on my Halloween Activities for Kids page and Halloween Activities for Kids Pinterest board. 

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  • Ochetikovin
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Yuri Korotkov - Willis (Dancing Ghosts) read online

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Yuri Korotkov


Such frosts sometimes happen at the end of February - as if in the end, after winter. In the early evening, Moscow is dying out, the air is barely transparent from suspended prickly ice, the light of windows, advertisements and lanterns blurs like ink on damp paper, trolleybuses rumble along the icy bumps - frozen tin boxes, in which it is even colder than on the street; heavy steam pours out of the subway and the smell of a bathhouse, rare passers-by, wrapped up to their eyes in scarves, rush home, each alone keeping his island of warmth. Yes, they are in a hurry - they run, they are saved. But even the strong walls of houses do not always save, because in such frosts panel towers burst at the seams and icy wires are torn.

And grief for the homeless…

In the last letter, the mother guiltily, half a line, after a “hard kiss” and greetings from relatives and friends, reported that her father had returned, and Yulia immediately after school rushed to the “intercity” to call Rudnik — neighbors across the street who had a telephone.

It has long been night on that edge of the earth. Yulka alarmed the neighbors, it was hard to hear, the mother immediately began to cry. “Get him off, you understand? Yulka shouted, putting her hand to the pipe. “Go to hell!” - "It's a pity…". An Uzbek soldier with frostbitten gray ears was staring at her through the glass of the talking booth. Julia turned her back to him. "Don't you feel sorry for yourself? Don’t you feel sorry for Zoya and Katya?” - "It's a pity ..." - and again tears. The conversation turned out to be extremely informative.

There was no trolleybus for a long time - probably, the line broke somewhere again, and Yulia went back on foot, cutting off the road through the Arbat. She knew Moscow poorly, only the area around the school and the central streets, she immediately got lost and now rushed about the dark, half-evicted alleys at random, turning either to the left or to the right. A short nylon jacket stood like a stake from the cold, the wind blew under it, her knees were stiff and barely bent, and Yulia suddenly realized with horror that she would not get anywhere, she would simply fall and freeze in the middle of a huge foreign city, under the indifferent look of someone's warm windows.

She dived into the entrance, pulled the inner door - locked.

Yulka, howling with despair, ran to another house, here a code was scratched out over the lock. She jabbed at the buttons with stiff, stiff fingers, the lock reluctantly clicked, she entered and went up to the second floor. She threw back her hood, pulled off her mittens with her teeth and pressed her whole body against the high battery, thrusting her hands between the sections.

The fingers aching from the cold hurt, the jacket thawed out, the sweater began to be gradually saturated with warmth. Behind the door of the nearest apartment was the sound of a bathtub being filled - booming, cozy: the TV hummed incomprehensibly, slippers shuffled along the corridor. Julia imagined this apartment with high ceilings, a bathroom with a soft rug, a set of cosmetics on a shelf under a mirror, a kitchen with a stack of dishes in the sink, a room with long, oblique, shadows from a table lamp. And its inhabitants, slowly, at home drinking tea, not even suspecting that a living person almost froze next to them . ..

The entrance door slammed downstairs, the elevator hummed as it went up and stopped on the second floor. Yulka bounced off the battery and began to busily examine the apartment numbers, waiting for the person to pass. But the footsteps stopped behind her. An aunt with a shopping bag full of milk cartons watched her vigilantly. Julia thought that the milk in the bags was frozen, and if you tear the carton, the milk will stand in a bluish column in the plate, slowly sinking.

She looked around all four apartments and went down the stairs.

— Who do you want? asked the aunt.

— Me?.. So… — Yulia answered without turning around.

— And if so, there is nothing to hang around the entrances!.. Pickups!

The austere facade of the school shone in the dense frosty darkness with three continuous rows of windows. Yulia ran through the deserted snow-covered square, even from behind the glass doors she saw two strange guys in the boarding school lobby and the watchman Olga Ivanovna, standing in front of them with outstretched arms. One of the guys crouched down, trying to slip under his arm.

— Where to? Where? Olga Ivanovna grabbed him by the jacket. - Parents are not allowed, but you, males, let the goat into the garden!

Yulia shook off the snow from her boots and entered.

- Julia! Azarova! Explain to them, I don’t understand who they want, some kind of Lena! Previously, the hairy ones walked in circles, now the shorn ones climb. Like smeared with honey…

— Julia! Yulechka! - the lanky guy immediately switched to Yulka, confidentially held her by the elbow. All hope is on you. Don't let your heart break... Lena. Blonde. Skinny. High. Dancing the jeep in Giselle...

Have you seen Giselle? Yulia asked, freeing her hand.

- Guilty. But certainly...

— There are twenty-two jeeps. And three compositions. Do you know how to multiply?..

The second guy silently looked at Yulka and smiled. She glanced at him once, twice, involuntarily smiled in response, and then she talked like that with the lanky jester, looking into the eyes of his friend.

—… All thin. Most are tall. Len - fifteen people.

- From the screw! the lanky man said hopelessly. - On such a tannery they ran in vain! ..

Boarding boys and girls in dressing gowns, sports suits, and high leggings were reaching out for dinner. Everyone looked around curiously at the new faces.

— Arza, are you coming? Sveta Sereda called to Yulia.

- Now. Borrow me.

— And who is this? the lanky man asked, looking after the tall fair-haired beauty Svetka.

- And this is not about your honor. No more questions?

“Yes,” said the lanky friend, smiling. “Are you a Willis too?”

- Yes.

— How can I find you?

- You don't need to look for me. Do you think Lena was needed? Look for Lena, - and Yulia followed her friend.

“My name is Igor,” the guy said after him.

“Very nice,” she answered without stopping.

Is everything clear? Olga Ivanovna chattered behind her back. Come on, come on, before the police are called. There are a lot of them walking around in the city, you will find another one. And we have serious girls, they have no time to walk with you ...

Yulia, taking off her jacket as she walked, entered the dining room, took a voucher for dinner from the teacher on duty, Galina Nikolaevna, and joined the queue next to Sereda.

Who is this? She nodded towards the lobby.

- They are looking for Lenka again. At least she wouldn't say where she studies.

— What are you doing! This is her signature number: "Oh, hello, I'm a ballerina!". She walks on the fifth street, - Sveta spread her socks one hundred and eighty and trotted like that with a tray in her hands.

The friends sat down at a free table in their row. In the spacious hall there were two more rows of tables - the central one for Muscovites, and the outer one, with easy chairs and napkins, was the teaching one. In the evening, there were neither Muscovites nor teachers, but the boarding schools habitually occupied their third.

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