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My kids love seeing silly things anywhere and one of their favorite things is the inflatable tube man (also known as air dancers) that seem to dance by themselves on the side of the road. I couldn’t help make one more costume before Halloween, an inflatable tube-man costume.

Pin this inflatable man costume idea, perfect for anyone that likes silly costumes from kids & tweens to teens & adults.Want to download a printable copy of this tutorial? Check out my costume ebooks.

This inflatable tube-man is my silliest costume to date but Quinn also declared it the most fun. Before I even go into how I made it, you need to see the video of it in action, so you know why you NEED to make it too.


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So fun, right?!? Luckily it’s totally no-sew and you can be put together in an afternoon! Keep reading to see how I made this wacky waving inflatable tube man costume.

Turn hampers into an inflatable tube man costume using duct tape and hem tape (instead of sewing it).

Make Inflatable Tube Man Arms

Start by cutting off the top and bottom of 2 hampers and then just the bottom of the third hamper. Use this extra material to create long red arm tubes.

I had just enough material to create this costume for my son, for an adult, I might have skipped reusing this material and just bought red plastic tablecloth covers to be sure I had enough material.

Use leftover hamper material or plastic table cloths to make the wacky waving arms.

Cut wide rectangles out of your material and then fold and “hem” into tubes using adjustable hem tape. It works like double-sided tape.

Because I repurposed the extra hamper material, I had to attach several tubes together to make the arms long enough.

Attach Inflatable Tube Man Arms

Where you attach the arms to the inflatable tube man costume makes a difference, it needs to be sized for the wearer.

Adding the arms to the costume is a little tricky. You want to have someone try it on first to determine where to cut the armholes.

I hadn’t attached the three hampers together yet at this point, so I gingerly stacked them together to get a feel for where the armholes should be when they were wearing the costume.

Cut Arm Holes for Inflatable Tube Man Costume

Once you decide where the arms should be, cut the armholes smaller than you think you need. You can always make them a little bit bigger if necessary.

Stick strips adjustable hem tape around the top edge of an arm and then attach the arms to the inside of armholes. Because it’s adjustable, it’s easy to reposition the placement of the tape as needed. Repeat on the other side.

Connect Inflatable Man Body

Connect 2 or 3 hampers together (depending on how tall you need it to be) using hem bonding strips.

To attach the three hampers together, I opted to use the Scotch Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips. I needed something that would be heavier duty, so the adjustable hem tape wouldn’t work.

Cut the strips in half lengthwise and attach around the rim of one hamper. Once you are ready to attach two hampers together, remove all the paper backing and press two hamper edges together firmly.

Add Inflatable Tube Man Face

Add the silly face to the wacky waving inflatable tube man costume was my favorite part.

I used black and white duct tape to create the eyes. You can cut out paper circles first to play with size and placement before cutting your duct tape.

Remember always trace your design on parchment paper, cover the back with duct tape and then cut it out. Duct tape covered in parchment paper is much easier to cut.

I drew the mouth shape on paper first before cutting it out of my black mesh. Then I cut a hole on the costume face in the same shape and attached the mesh on top using more adjustable hem tape. Be sure to make the hole smaller than you think, as you can always make the hole bigger if necessary.

Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Halloween Costume

No batteries required for this inflatable tube man costume. Just the energy of a crazy kid, teen or adult.

Ready to make your own Inflatable Tube Man Costume? Gather up the supplies and get going!

Inflatable Tube Man Costume Supplies

  • 3 solid color pop up hampers
  • black and white duct tape
  • black mesh
  • Adjustable Hem Tape
  • Permanent Hem Bonding Strips
Want to download a printable copy of this tutorial? Check out my costume ebooks.This costume is fun for a Halloween party or costume contest but it might be hard to go trick or treating in it.

This costume is really easy to make. If you are making this for a little kid, you might only need 2 hampers to make it work. Who else would love to dance in this costume at their Halloween party?

An inflatable man costume with wacky arms is a silly costume idea for kids through adults.

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Note: This post was originally published October 25, 2016 for Scotch Essentials.

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Do-it-yourself oriental dance costumes for girls with photo

Many modern girls are dancing. This skill allows you to make the body plastic, toned, to maintain posture. The classes themselves are distinguished by a riot of colors and a subtle touch of the mysterious East. Often this theme is found at New Year's parties. After all, this is a great idea to replace the costumes of animals and snowflakes that have become boring for everyone with a bright image. We invite you to make oriental costumes for girls with your own hands. Delight the young model with a new outfit that will definitely come in handy in class or will be an interesting idea for a holiday party. nine0003

Mandatory attributes

So, back to the topic of the East. A traditional oriental costume for dancing can be either a trouser or a skirt.

The skirt model consists of a straight skirt or a sun skirt, sewn from a piece of light fabric or separate scarf fragments. The trouser suit is based on bloomers made of shiny translucent fabric. They can be either solid or have cuts on the sides, decorated with metal jewelry. nine0003

The top of an adult costume is usually represented by a luxuriously embroidered bodice, instead of which craftswomen often use a bra. The children's costume consists of a top, also embroidered with sequins, beads, and decorative stones.

The image often includes a headdress consisting of an openwork ribbon adorned with pendants. A semblance of a veil can be attached to it. Children's images are complemented by lush armlets, which can be worn separately or attached to the top.

An indispensable attribute of a belly dance costume is a hard belt with beautiful embroidery, decorations and various pendants. It is he who is considered the highlight of the image, therefore, when creating a suit in an oriental style, special attention is paid to this wardrobe detail.

A special requirement is high-quality fastening. It is performed with buttons, Velcro, buttons, or firmly sewn to the base.

Why is this part so important? The belt visually increases the volume of the hips, which helps to create the effect of a greater range of motion during the dance. The hanging details of the belt also give the effect of mystery and draw the viewer's attention to the most important part of the dancer - the tummy. nine0003

The idea for a children's party

We suggest you create a costume for a 5-6 year old girl in oriental style. The baby can both use it for dancing classes and amaze everyone in a unique way at the matinee.

The costume will consist of a cap with pendants, a belt, trousers, a top. For its sewing you will need:

  • golden cotton yarn;
  • hook #2;
  • beads, sequins, glass beads;
  • sewing supplies; nine0042
  • fabric - brocade, satin, organza;
  • thin rubber spool.

If you don't know how to crochet, you can skip the hat step. It is enough to choose a beautiful ribbon and carefully embroider it with beads, decorating it with glass beads.

The hat can be knitted according to the simplest pattern.

The bottom is sized so that its diameter is equal to the size of the head divided by 3. 14. Strapping can be done with arches of air loops. nine0003

The finished hat needs to be embroidered with seklarus, forming droplets and pendants, as in the photo.

Bloomers are traditionally made wide, from translucent lightweight fabric. For their tailoring, special accuracy is not required, so you can use any pattern.

Topstitch the seams, iron the product, sew an elastic band into the waistband. Treat the lower part with an elastic band on the front side and decorate in the form of a ruffle.

For a top, make a simple pattern using a rectangle as a basis. The long side is equal to the girth of the chest, and the short side is the height of the product. nine0003

Sew the cut fabric to the side and sew on the outside with ribbing in 2 cm wide rows.

Sew on the shoulder straps.

Use contrast fabric for the waistband. Stitch and turn the part inside out, insert the elastic into the back of the belt.

Now you have to do the most difficult and time-consuming work - to decorate the finished costume with embroidery, sequins, beads.

Oriental costume for baby is ready! nine0003

Costume with a skirt

For a 10-year-old girl who is engaged in oriental dancing, you can sew a costume yourself. We offer you a variant of a skirt suit.

The principle of making the bodice and belt remains the same as described above. It is better to use a shiny fabric, brocade is suitable. It will not only serve as a background, but will itself become an additional decoration of the image. The implementation of the skirt-sun is simple. Use the following pattern for sewing.

Cut out the lower part of the skirt from brocade or satin, and the upper part from organza. Cut out the upper elements arbitrarily in the form of petals or handkerchiefs. Sew the petals to the finished skirt along the edge of the belt.

You can even tailor a sun skirt and not stitch its details together, it is enough to strengthen them in the belt area.

This original outfit will make classes interesting, and your little girl will feel like a real oriental princess.

Article 9 video0005

From the selection of videos below, you will learn the secrets of tailoring children's costumes in oriental style.

90,000 oriental costumes for a girl for the belly dance, DIY OSAVITA

Eastern costumes - this is the personification of executive and prefabrication. Arab traditions and customs are simply fascinating, and any performance of a dancer in bright clothes turns her into a real beauty, attracting the close attention of men and the envious glances of women. It is not surprising that the seductive costumes of Oriental dancers have gained immense popularity in many countries of the world. nine0003

What is the name of

The traditional oriental dance costume is called beledi. It consists of a fitted bodice, a pleated skirt and a luxurious loincloth. Also very popular among the dancers were skirts "fish", "semi-sun" and straight cut. Beledi is not a classic dancewear, as strict Eastern laws forbade women to expose their bodies to strangers.

In the East, the fair sex has always been treated with great reverence as the guardians of the family hearth. The outfits of girls and married women were as closed and modest as possible, the only accent was bright coloring and original ornaments. nine0003

But this did not apply to the costumes of dancers, the main purpose of which is to emphasize the exciting curves of the female figure, its smoothness and sophistication during movements.

Popular costumes for performing oriental dances could consist of a bodice, a wide, embroidered belt and a skirt, which in some cases was replaced by harem pants.

The classic dance trousers were wide enough, but seductively emphasized the smoothness of the hip and narrowed at the ankle. They performed various dances - tabla, saidi and others. nine0003

Also, the clothes of an oriental dancer could consist of a jacket, a caftan (entari), a shirt (hemlek) and spacious trousers. This outfit was preferred by Turkish girls, whose performances were always distinguished by restrained beauty and chastity.

Features and Benefits

The right outfit for an oriental dance is the key to its colorfulness and success. It favorably emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, masks the flaws, making every movement as feminine and soft as possible. nine0003

A woman is advised to choose an outfit that emphasizes all the advantages of her physique and masks the existing shortcomings. For example, for girls with an imperfect waistline or those with stretch marks, it is best to prefer tops with transparent or embroidered inserts on the stomach, or closed-type overalls.

Fashion Trends

Today, the fashion industry is developing at a rapid pace, but luxurious clothes in oriental style do not lose their popularity. Unique Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian or Lebanese dances are performed by women all over the world, each of them strives to bring something new, exclusive to the traditional outfit. nine0003

For many centuries, the shape and design of the dancer's bodice have remained virtually unchanged. The main condition is that this piece of clothing should fit tightly around the chest and emphasize the attractiveness of the neckline.

Various elements are used to decorate the bodice: fringe, shiny threads, rhinestones, beads, coins, pearls, other precious and semi-precious stones.

At the same time, the style and color of the oriental dance skirt changes every year. Wide, flared skirts, as well as seductive fish-shaped products, do not lose their popularity. They can be floor-length or have a frank slit from the hip. Thanks to light, flowing fabrics, the skirt softly frames the girl's body and emphasizes the grace of her movements. nine0003

Oriental dancers' costumes are often complemented by spacious harem pants, narrowed at the ankle. Modern fashion offers women original wide or narrowed models, with high and low waistline, richly decorated with decor. Many models have high slits along the side seams, demonstrating the slimness of the legs and the smoothness of the lines.

Good manners

Oriental dance costume with an open neckline and belly. For this purpose, open bodices and low-waisted skirts were used, emphasizing the seductive and attractive image of the dancer. But this style was not always used. In some cases, for example, when speaking to the public with strict, conservative views, the girl covered her face, chest and stomach with a beautiful veil. nine0003


Tailoring of an oriental costume, both for children and adults, involves the use of bright, saturated colors. Things can be monophonic or consist of several harmoniously combined colors. The most advantageous are golden, silver, scarlet, pink, azure, emerald, and jet black.

Monochromatic suits trimmed with luxurious gold or silver thread are no less spectacular.

How to choose

The choice of a suitable outfit depends on which school the dance performed by the girl belongs to. Today, the most popular and famous are:

  • Egyptian direction - dances called shaabi, modest and chaste. The outfits are closed, consisting of a long dress and a wide scarf that emphasizes the line of the hips;
  • turkish - performances are distinguished by sensuality and eroticism, frank and feminine costumes;
  • Arabic - dances are seductive and attractive, but the girls' costumes are more free and restrained. nine0042

When tailoring clothes, it is necessary to take into account not only the size and features of the figure, but also belonging to a particular dance class.


This piece of clothing showed a beautiful neckline, often sewn with inserts that mimic the modern push-up effect. In order to make it even more feminine and attractive, the bodice was embroidered with beads, shining rhinestones, sequins, sequins and even precious stones.

When choosing or sewing a dance bodice, a girl needs to take into account the size of her breasts. Smaller clothing will make the bust appear fuller, but may expose it during movement.

The best option would be a fitted bodice that tightly supports the bust and reliably protects it from prying eyes.


This is an obligatory element of a belly dance costume, which in some cases was replaced by a beautiful rectangular or triangular shawl. The belt could be wide or narrower, but it was always richly decorated. Beads, shiny coins, rhinestones, fringe acted as decorative elements. nine0003

The main purpose of this part of the dance costume is to emphasize the grace and smoothness of every movement of a woman during a performance.


Beautiful skirts of oriental dancers can be called a real work of art. They come with a high or low waist, seductively opening the line of the abdomen.

The most popular styles of skirts:

  • "sun";
  • half sun;
  • straight cut.

Skirts can be monophonic or combine several similar shades, smoothly merging into each other.

Do-it-yourself costume for dancers of different ages

You don't have to buy an exclusive costume in an expensive salon. On the Internet you can find many patterns with which any woman can sew a luxurious outfit for herself or a child.

When sewing a do-it-yourself oriental beauty costume for a girl, you need to take into account that it consists of three elements: a bodice, harem pants or a skirt and a wide belt. When sewing the bodice, the usual bra is taken as the model - the cup should support the chest as tightly as possible, and the straps should not press on the shoulders. You can simply cover it with a fabric to match the color of the rest of the costume details, decorate it with beads, coins, rhinestones - and the bodice of the costume is ready. The top for a children's outfit is a short top, sewn from the same material as the rest of the elements. nine0003

The simplest option for making a belt is to use a ready-made scarf, shawl or piece of fabric embroidered with various decorative elements.

When studying the pattern of bloomers for oriental dances, you need to remember that they should fit tightly on the hips, but be spacious and comfortable. It is best to use flying chiffon or organza. At the ankle, they are pulled together with an elastic band, beautiful laces or braid.

Upholstery material

The most commonly used fabrics for oriental costumes are:

  • brocade;
  • velvet;
  • organza;
  • chiffon;
  • crepe satin.

Light, "airy" materials, such as organza or chiffon, are most often used for sewing skirts or bloomers. Velvet, brocade and other dense materials are used to make belts and bodices, as well as trimming dresses.

The bodice of oriental dancers was sheathed with beads, emphasizing the smoothness and refinement of each movement of the girl. It was also generously decorated with beads, shiny stones, rhinestones, and beads. nine0003

Additional accessories for the costume

One of the most important accessories for creating a stylish, original oriental costume is the right shoes. In the days of the Ancient East, the concubines of sheikhs performed exclusively barefoot.

Modern women prefer to practice professional Arabic or Turkish dances in shoes - comfortable ballet flats or sandals. Many dancers feel comfortable and comfortable in high-heeled shoes that do not interfere with their complex dance moves at all. nine0003

Other spectacular accessories:

  • candelabra;
  • canes;
  • fans;
  • feathers;
  • saber.

Very often, jewelry was used to complement the luxurious image of a girl - bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings.

One of the most dangerous, but extremely spectacular additions to the oriental dance is a snake. Any performance with a reptile fascinates with its attractiveness and piquancy. nine0003

An important element of the costume is the hairstyle. As a rule, most oriental beauties opt for long, flowing hair, which they toss with every movement. Flowing curls emphasize the sophistication and grace of the girl.

What to wear with

No outfit can be imagined without the right footwear. For dancers, it is divided into two categories:

  • training;
  • stage.

Training shoes include simple and comfortable products - ballet flats, shoes, sandals without heels. Stage shoes are distinguished by luxury and beautiful design. It can be sandals, shoes with medium or high heels.

In oriental dance the attention of the audience is riveted to the hands of the performer. They must be well-groomed. For decoration, girls choose numerous bracelets, henna paintings or special paints.

Stylish looks

Luxurious outfits are not only for professional dancers. They will be the perfect solution for girls who dream of feeling like real princesses on New Year's or any other holidays.

In terms of their attractiveness, children's costumes are in no way inferior to clothes for adults. The only difference is that the outfits for children do not require a tight bodice, but a top or blouse, which are complemented by long skirts or harem pants.

Mandatory accessories that complement the image of a little oriental beauty are: an embroidered scarf or belt on the hips, a beautiful headband decorated with beads, coins or rhinestones. nine0003


Today, many fashion designers and brands offer luxury dresses and suits to lovers of exotic style, the design of which is created taking into account oriental traditions and rituals. Among the most popular fashion houses specializing in the manufacture of such clothes are: Yasser, Ahmed Omar, Bristol Novelty Ltd, Mahmoud Abd el Ghaffar.

No less famous are Russian manufacturers - Karnavalof, Vestifika, Balagan.

Learn more