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Windmills by Storm .

Windmill, power move, a roll around the upper back, shoulders, and arms, with open legs swung through the air in circles.


The windmill evolved from the continuous backspin, a move developed by Crazy Legs around 1978 when he accidentally over rotated a chair freeze from a backspin . Several windmill variations appear in Breakin' and Beat Street .


Windmill variations are more frequently referred to in the plural (e.g. "airplanes"). Many of these descriptions are informed by an article written by Kujo .

Handcuffs by Ayumi .

Handcuffs by Ayumi .

Combo with pencilmills by Yu-ki .

Tombstones by Gombi .

Wingmills (from munchmills) by Wing .


Also airplane. Windmill with arms straight out to the sides (as if imitating an airplane).


Also barrel. Windmill with arms rounded in front (as if carrying a barrel).


Also body glide, superman. Windmill where the chest contacts the ground, with arms over the head. The rolling motion can be done around the chest or waist, instead of the shoulders and upper back.


Windmill with hops from shoulder to shoulder, instead of rolling. Developed by Caveman .

Double Windmill

Windmill with two rotations in between the back (or hands) contacting the ground.

Continuous Backspin

Also stabbed windmill, stabmill. Windmill with a stab between each rotation, resembling repeated New York backspins. Developed by Crazy Legs .


Windmill with hands on hips and elbows pointed outward.


Windmill with arms folded in front of the chest.

Handcuff Windmill

Also handcuff. Windmill with hands interlocked behind the back.


Also baby windmill, babymill, crunchmill. Windmill with knees tucked into chest and legs bent. Often, each rotation is accompanied by both legs kicking up and outward.


Windmill with hands covering the crotch.


Windmill with body straight from head to toe, with forearms in front of the chest and parallel to the body. Buck4 did floats into a single pencilmill in 1984 , while members of Enemy Squad and TDB did continuous pencilmills in 1992 .

Strip Windmill

Windmill during which an upper-body garment is removed. Done in 1984 , while a variation in which the garment is thrown was done in 1989 .

Superman Windmill

Also superman, body flare. Windmill with arms over the head, lifting the body off the floor when the chest faces downward.


Also Germanmill, dipmill, webmill. Windmill with foot tapping between rotations, resembling a spinning track.


Also pike windmill. Windmill with legs piked. Developed by Gombi in 1994 . May have been developed independently by Jazzy J as well as Babak .


Windmill-like move with legs tucked into the chest, ankles crossed, hands grabbing opposite feet, and rolling over the knees. Developed by Wing.

Yan's Mill

Windmill with legs bent in a W and hands grabbing the ankles. Developed by Yan .

How to Windmill Break-dance For Beginners

How to Windmill Break-dance For Beginners

The Windmill break-dance is considered the toughest among the most prominent break-dancing moves, as it is a combination of Kung Fu, a windmill’s gyroscopic movement, and some other dance moves. The windmill break-dance requires strong coordination between the movement of your legs and arms. Of course, no one can master the windmill dance in a couple of days or weeks, as it requires a lot of experience and grueling efforts. Nevertheless, once you have improved your skill set to a certain level, it becomes relatively easier for you to learn the more advanced moves. The windmill break-dance originated in Bronx, N.Y., where the Rocksteady Crew’s Crazy Legs unintentionally performed the moves while doing a backspin.


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    The most important thing in the windmill break-dance is the balance and positioning of your body. Facing the ground, you should place your left elbow in the centre of your abs and make sure that your forearm is at a right angle to your body. If you are right handed, then you should do the opposite.

  • 2

    Next, you must place your palm on the ground and ensure that your fingers are pointing backwards. It is important that your body be straight and its weight should be on your elbow.

  • 3

    Now, you must position your legs properly. For this, you need to stretch your legs but keep your toes on the surface. Do not forget to place your right arm at the angle of 45 degrees to your body.

  • 4

    After you have positioned your body in this manner, you must start spinning on the ground by taking a little push from your left palm. While spinning, you must jerk yourself towards the ground and make sure that your forearm stays under your chest.

  • 5

    After you have dropped, you must now lift yourself properly. For this, you will need force from your legs. You will have to lift your right leg at least two feet above the ground level and at the same time, apply force from your left palm.

  • 6

    Note that it is necessary that you should spin clockwise otherwise there will be little charm in the windmill break-dance. For this, you will have to take a little jump and then drop back to the surface. It is important that you keep control over your body, otherwise you can fall down and get injured.

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    Now, you must repeat that motion to continue dancing and place both of your hands on the floor when doing a backward flip.

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Online breakdance training – windmill and backspin




| Street dance

Street dance (street dance)

Break dance online training - windmill and backspin

Break dance is full of interesting dance elements, but today we will analyze two of the most effective tricks. We will talk about windmill and backspin. Backspin in translation from English sounds like “rotation on the back”, and the literal translation of windmill is “windmill”. Each movement has the status of a "cult", so we pay special attention to them. nine0004

The emergence of windmill and backspin

In the last century, along with the development of breakdancing, various films were shown on television screens, cultivating oriental culture and, in particular, such martial arts as kung fu, wushu. Among the main characters of such films was the legendary Bruce Lee. It was his dizzying beats that the b-boys of that time decided to transfer to their dance direction.


The windmill movement has a more well-known name - "gelik". Before training, you must be able to perform balance. The starting position is a handstand, keeping the whole body parallel to the floor. Next, from this position, you need to slowly bring the right leg under the left leg. You can train slowly, but when performing it is important to understand that it is due to this swing that the movement begins. In the video you will clearly demonstrate the technique of performing the trick. nine0004


The starting position when performing backspin is as follows - lie on your back, turn your body to the side. Next, with the help of a leg swing, you should begin to spin your body. The video below explains the movement step by step. Do not forget that these tricks in terms of their level, although they relate to the basics of dance, are more difficult to perform compared to the previously discussed elements.

backspin, windmill, breakdance, online learning

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    dance is a new level. Lesson #5 (photo, video)




    | Street dance

    Street dance (street dance)

    Breakdance - a new level. Lesson No. 5 (photo, video)

    We will devote this lesson to the two most spectacular elements of breakdancing. It is from these movements that we immediately recognize that the dancer is performing a break dance, and not some other dance. The movements we will learn are called backspin and windmill. If translated from English windmill, then the name of this element sounds like “windmill”, and backspin is rotation on the back. nine0004

    Breakdancing is a new level. Lesson No. 5 (photo, video)

    The history of backspin and windmill

    These movements appeared as a result of the huge popularity of films with martial arts, in particular films with the participation of Bruce Lee. Many dancers tried to imitate kung fu kicks in the dance. Backspin and windmill were successful attempts to bring the dance closer to martial arts. After the appearance of these movements, breakdancing attracted a huge number of fans. And backspin and windmill are still associated by many only with breakdancing. nine0004


    In order to perform a backspin you must lie on your back with your body turned slightly to the side. Now, due to the swing of the leg that is on top, you need to try to spin yourself on the floor. When performing this breakdancing move, we recommend using the video below.


    In order to make the windmill we return to one of the first movements. We need to learn how to balance. This element has already been discussed earlier. It is necessary to stand on your hands and keep the body parallel to the floor. Try to bring this element to a confident execution, after which you can proceed to the next stage. Further, while maintaining balance, standing on your hands, you need to keep your legs straight and bring your right leg under your left, so that a swing is formed. Due to the swing, the body turns around and you land on your back. nine0004

    breakdance, breaking, dance, training

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