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If you are wanting to know how to build a disco floor in Minecraft to add flair to your map, you have come to the right place! You will need to connect hoppers and a redstone comparator to rows of observers and redstone lamps in order to make it happen.

What You Will Need

Before you jump into the steps, you will need a few things in your inventory. The basic disco floor will need 4 hoppers, 1 redstone comparator, and as many observers and redstone lamps as you want.

Since the latter 2 items will determine how large your floor is, it’s up to you how many you will need. To make 1 redstone lamp, you will need 1 glowstone and 4 redstone dust. For any observer, it will take 6 cobblestone, 2 redstone dust, and 1 nether quartz.

Obviously, it’s easiest to make a disco floor in Creative Mode but you can make one in your Survival game with enough time and effort. You might need even more redstone dust if you intend to expand your disco floor around corners.

Steps to Create Your Disco Floor

1. To start making your disco floor, place a square loop of 4 hoppers that will flow into each other. If you are unsure how they work, dig underneath and you will be able to see the connections.

2. Put down a redstone comparator next to any of the hoppers, but make sure that the arrow faces outward. This is the first step to powering your disco floor.

3. Next, place observers in a straight line with the arrows facing away from your comparator. This line will determine the length of your disco, so make it as long or short as you want. The easiest way to make the arrows face out is to look at the comparator and walk backwards while placing your observers.

4. With your line of observers placed, put down more observers in columns facing away from the line. These will be the width of your floor. By this point, you should have a line of observers from the comparator and columns of observers branching left or right.

5. Once you’ve put down the foundation, place a layer of more observers on top of the floor. These will automatically point upward, so you don’t have to worry about directions this time.

6. Now you can put a layer of redstone lamps on top so that the middle layer of observers powers your lamps.

7. With that done, all you have to do is go back to your hoppers and throw any item into them. The dropped item will power your disco floor and it should put on a light show!


If for some reason your disco floor doesn’t light up, the most common reason to check is that all of the arrows are going in the right direction. Remember that everything essentially has to point away from the hoppers.

Make sure that the redstone comparator is facing out and all of the observers on the bottom flow out from there. If you put down redstone dust, all of the observers have to turn with it and face away from the dust.

You will know if your observers are powered because the redstone will brighten and there should be a red dot on the exterior of the observers. If you’ve placed everything correctly, enjoy your new disco floor!

Wait, There’s More!

If you want to get more creative, your disco floor can be almost any shape once you know how to make it turn corners or wrap around. It’s actually pretty easy and you probably already have what you need because redstone dust was used to make the observers and redstone lamps.

Once your disco floor is laid down, maybe you want to change direction or connect it to another disco. All you have to do is place redstone dust at the end of whatever you want to be the corner.

This will allow the flow of power to go another way, but you don’t need more hoppers or anything. Just put down observers again with their arrows facing away from the redstone dust and add another observer layer followed by a redstone lamp layer. 

When you’re done, the new floor should continue the waves of light coming from the original floor so it’s only limited to your inventory and imagination. Hypothetically, you could create a disco snake across your entire map!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this disco floor for Minecraft and added to some cool places like in a room in a medieval castle or as part of your fancy apartment building. Regardless where you add it we are sure it will look great.

Credits: We also want to give credit to Rileybbyrne, we followed his tutorial for this article since we thought it was the best looking one out there. He is a Canadian builder with many great videos on his YouTube channel, make sure to follow him.

Have fun! We think this addition to your builds will make them pretty unique and memorable if you share it with someone. 

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Cultural events take place in the most famous "sandbox" - Microsoft

A medieval man came to the square, raised his two hands over the screen, spoke in two voices - and the theater began. Centuries have passed. Its modern descendant, living in the era of digital transformation, picked up a game controller - and the theater began again. But something has changed...

On Sunday evening, June 14, a dispute broke out between theatergoers on social networks. The subject was the production of "The Cherry Orchard" by the St. Petersburg BDT in Minecraft. It was actively watched by specialists and spectators, 90 people were even able to enter through the game and “sit down” in the hall, and hundreds of viewers watched the broadcast on YouTube and VKontakte channels. Judgments about the form, content, and audience of the project varied widely, ranging from breakthrough to failure. And there were also such comments from the new young audience:

“Nature has become so pure that the performances have moved to Minecraft.

In the heat of the moment, "The Cherry Orchard" was even dubbed the first theatrical premiere in Minecraft, although back in April a large-scale project took place - the LIBERTILE exhibition "Cutting off the excess. Leaving the essence”, which was visited by more than a thousand people, as well as more than 500 thousand viewers watched the broadcasts on Twitch and VK. The event included not only a performance by the experimental Theater of 633 students of the DSTU, but also a piano concert by the composer and pianist Kirill Richter and a performance by stand-up comedians.

UPDATE! On June 28, on the stage of the virtual BDT, the premiere of the Minecraft performance "Mozart and Salieri" directed by Edgar Zakarian based on part of the text of the play "Little Tragedies" by A. S. Pushkin. Gamers and viewers were able to see the rap battle between Mozart and Salieri and walk around the virtual BDT. For Minecraft Java account holders, there were two performances with 100 players per server. Viewers without an account were able to watch the live broadcast from the game on the BDT pages (VKontakte, YouTube and Twitch).

Two events in a short period of time make me write about this phenomenon in more detail. We looked at all the records and talked with the participants in the process.

Both projects have in common that for them on the Minecraft platform specially built rooms, which then the audience could walk around, actually live there. At the global level, the idea itself is not new: there have already been examples of creating a cinema, and in March, Japanese schoolchildren held a graduation in Minecraft. But world news is one thing, and Russian practice is quite another. Moreover, this is a striking example, when ideas that are in the air are embodied in one week. Almost simultaneously with the Japanese graduation at the Don State Technical University, a distance lesson on functional programming took place, which took place in a classroom built in Minecraft. The idea of ​​transferring distance learning to this platform came from Dmitry Borisov, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering.

DSTU in Minecraft

In parallel with DSTU, the students of the Higher School of Economics came up with the same idea, who created HSE Minecraft. A virtual copy of the educational building, located on Pokrovsky Boulevard in Moscow, "opened" in early May. Lectures, an exhibition of memes and a concert with the participation of Valery Meladze were held here.

HSE Minecraft

It's good that enthusiasts around the world are implementing similar projects in parallel and there is no borrowing in this. This is best illustrated by one of the stories of Mark Zakharov, which he told about ten years ago, when we came to him with a film crew to prepare a plot for a theatrical broadcast. Once Grigory Gorin suggested that he put on a play about cats: “Why? And what will they do? - "Well, walk, dance, sing ..." - "Something is not clear, we will not do it." Soon the musical CATs was released across the ocean.

If you miss an idea, it will fly to someone else if it hasn't already.

The experience of DSTU interested the #DarkART gallery, which curated the LIBERTILE exhibition “Cutting off the excess. Leaving the essence. The opening program was so intense that it stretched over two days on April 18-19 (the exhibition space itself was “open” in Minecraft until May 18). The central figure of the event was the designer Mikhail Tsaturyan, whom you may remember from the installation for Burning Man 2019, with his idea of ​​transforming an ordinary brick into an up-to-date and unique art object. Thanks to the online format, this art object becomes available not only to the closed club of collectors, but also to the general public. Even the exhibition hall, created with the help of enthusiasts from DSTU, was made in the shape of a brick, and in the interior, the artist tried to recreate the entourage of the mansion from Drake's video for the track Toosie Slide, which, by the way, was also filmed during self-isolation.

“Brick is a versatile minimalist form that I found. And the concept of LIBERTILE undoubtedly rhymes with the concept of the Minecraft platform, in which anything can be recreated from ordinary pixel blocks. Minecraft for me is not only the most logical and modern solution in the current circumstances, but also an absolutely natural environment for my project in a rapidly changing culture,” said Mikhail Tsaturyan.

For the second event - the performance "The Cherry Orchard" in the Bolshoi Theater a theater model was created under the guidance of architect Andrey Voronov. And, of course, this again could not take place without enthusiasts from the field of education - the Shkolakola project. Five people were responsible for the technical implementation and support of the performance inside the game, including three who were engaged in streaming and two acted as stagehands (or maybe digital carpet? what is it to be called in the new reality?). To develop their educational project in Shkolakola, Minecraft: Java Edition is used, so the team has a lot of expertise on this particular version of Minecraft, and it provides ample opportunities in terms of development.

“The impressions are amazing, the whole team is inspired, the actors got an unforgettable experience and great recognition from the players-spectators,” says Maxim Synytsya, technical director of the Shkolakola project. – It was a very cool and unusual experience for our development team as well, since this is the first such large-scale event for us. We look forward to further releasing new performances in Minecraft together with the BDT theater and providing a much larger number of viewers in the game! This is a fairly familiar environment for us, so no difficulties arise. Yes, together with the theater team, decisions were made on the assumptions related to the game features, but thanks to this, it was possible to prepare the project quite quickly. In general, the Shkolakola project is actively following the development of Minecraft: Education Edition and is considering the possibility of a full-fledged transition to this platform in the future.”

The interior of the BDT

In the comments, phrases like “ The theater was built as it should be ” often appeared in the comments, and it is strange to disagree with this. The buildings of the exhibition hall and the BDT are definitely impressive, but the perception of stage performances is already a subjective matter.

I caught myself on the fact that more than both performances I was touched by the piano concerto and this is easily explained: direct dialogue with the author, and not the performance of the finished text, besides, music is able to penetrate the soul, bypassing the mind. There will be spoilers below, so if you want to get your own idea, first watch the recordings of the performances "On the fight against the Pechenegs" (Experimental Theater 633 students of the DSTU) and "The Cherry Orchard" (BDT).

The theme of the use of new technologies in art has not gone away from our publications for many years. We often write about visual arts and the music that neural networks can create, as in the case of the new Rembrandt and Kandinsky, but there are also examples related to performance arts and theatrical texts. The theater theme comes up at least once a year. Last spring, we wrote about how our English colleagues gave Shakespeare to be read to artificial intelligence and what came of it (follow the link - there are fun facts there). But the current story is much more interesting, not in vain in the subtitle of this article is a modified line about the “rough tongue” from V.V. Mayakovsky, who also made a free revolution in the theater a hundred years ago.

Actors control and speak for Minecraft characters. The audience controls the characters and looks at the actors. What kind of show is this.

If we move away from the categorical disputes in the format of "genius or failure", we can make interesting observations about the expressive language of performances in Minecraft. And it turns out to be easier to define it if you go from the opposite:

  • this is not the language of cinema or animation, because the viewer is not limited by the frame and editing, given angles and plans,
  • is not the language of a TV show, because there is no living person and the feeling of a compact form, although the isolation in the interior suggests associations,
  • is by no means a video game language, as some critics have stated, because despite the digital space, the presence of interactivity and the rules of existence, there are no such key gameplay components (gameplay) as a story for the player, challenge and overcoming it,
  • is not the language of modern multimedia presentation in mixed reality - simply because this complex space itself does not exist, reality is exclusively digital,
  • this is not the language of an immersive quest, a walker, a time killer (especially since this format evokes associations with commercial rather than artistic projects),
  • is more difficult with the language of the performance for those who watched the broadcast - they watched through someone else's eyes and did not become the material of the ongoing event.

An interesting remark was written in his post by STD specialist Aleksey Goncharenko, who noted that such a format is entering the territory of the puppet theater. For those who "sit" in the hall - yes. You can spread the idea and say that for a person sitting at a laptop, this is more of a shadow theater territory (assuming that what is happening is just a light projection on our screen). Puppet theater is a thousand-year-old universal language and, undoubtedly, its own “layout” on the keyboard should have appeared for it. Digital transformation is inevitable in all areas of life.

This is a big and inspiring topic that makes me want to take a short digression. Associatively, the history of the AdLam language is recalled: two brothers from Africa gave writing to their people. It has not existed for thousands of years, it was created at the end of the 20th century, and at the beginning of the 21st century it is already possible to print on a computer. All over the world, something new is constantly being created, you just need to give people the tools to implement their ideas and increase productivity. Microsoft's educational and creative solutions include not only Minecraft, but also Mixed Reality technology, the Microsoft Teams communications platform. Some of the examples of their use will be given at the end of the publication.

UPDATE. A little about the new etiquette. In the Minecraft space, asking to turn off mobile phones during the performance sounds strange...

But let's get back to the performances. Due to its universality, the language of puppet theater is understandable to everyone. It has been experimentally verified that this format turned out to be of interest not only to Minecraft fans and not only to theatergoers. Without statistics, we can only assume that the performance of the BDT and the exhibition had a different audience in terms of age, habits, geography, and familiarity with technologies and games. The young people who came to the exhibition are clearly more digitally savvy, especially those who came from the Technical University.

The perception of The Cherry Orchard for me began with a remark by Vladislava Kuprina, who wrote on the social network “I am delighted with Minecraft The Cherry Orchard BDT”. I know that as a teacher, critic, festival expert, Vladislava is quite competent in the modern theatrical process and the assessment of “witty and cute” can be taken as a starting point, with which I do not really agree.

Representation is a model of the universe, and inside this model everything that happens is true. The only question is how relevant this model is to the world and which of the worlds - the real or the inner world of the authors of the play.

In both performances, the characters are constantly mining and creating something… this is how the world works. Minecraft is basically about survival. In the Minecraft universe, the one who extracts resources cannot be wrong. In this sense, Ranevskaya, who breaks glass, is a completely effective character, no matter how punning it may sound. It was somewhat embarrassing that a silent zombie bot stands for Firs. As a trick, it absolutely worked, it is often mentioned, but in the world of Minecraft, zombies are a hostile mob. Then it was necessary to twist it to the end and burn it in the sun. Although if it's just for fun, then questions are removed.

Many comments indicate that the garden is being cut down and dachas are being built right before our eyes – is this visibility an achievement? Is it a stamp or stamp destruction? In the performance of DSTU, which is a comical retelling of an epic story, there is also constant construction: fortresses, cities, pits. But it did not raise questions, there was a complete feeling that there was just a change of scenery - a kind of digital transformation of the staged part.

The Cherry Orchard by BDT is announced as "an ironic but authentic brief of the famous play". I saw irony only in the narrator's vocabulary and in general in voices. The rest of the expressive means did not work for this: the stage box and front decoration, mise-en-scene, tempo-rhythm. Unless the plasticity of the characters is comical at first, but you quickly accept this convention. In the performance of Theater 633, the scenery was constantly changing, which attracted attention a little.

Both shows have a narrator. In the performance of DSTU, he has much more text than the rest of the characters and he sits statically in the foreground - this is a minus. In The Cherry Orchard, the narrator is mobile, there are more voiced characters, and this living variety is easier to perceive.

The last question: would anything change in a short retelling if it wasn’t A.P.’s play that ended up in the Minecraft universe? Chekhov, but, for example, “It shines but does not heat” A.N. Ostrovsky and N.Ya. Solovyov. It’s true, it’s not Ranevskaya, but Reneva, and it’s not a garden for sale, but an estate, it’s not so important. The world of Ostrovsky's works has been quite relevant since the nineties, so formally a replacement is possible - would a new viewer notice it? . ..

UPDATE. In the play "Mozart and Salieri" the digital environment has finally turned into a scenery. The heroes do not destroy or build anything, but walk through the mise-en-scene like ordinary actors. In the first scene, the space is designed in the form of a red piano. Salieri pronounces his text to classical music and walks along the "keys" that an invisible hand presses. In the words of Mozart, the lid of the piano turns into a multi-colored luminous dance floor and real spectators come out of the darkness (they are not brought closer to Salieri like that). In the final scene of the feast, both heroes find themselves in a traditional black office. Above this whole story, behind the red pulpit, the Narrator hovers, he is also the judge of the battle, who really does not judge anything.

Judging by some comments on social networks, the audience of the St. Petersburg theater more often involved their children in order to figure out what it was all about. Thus, the use of new technologies also gave an extra reason for communication. In confirmation - quotes from the discussion:

“I had to quickly explain the plot to the children, but for the first time they voluntarily and enthusiastically watched the online performance with me 😄 My son also explained the technical points”

“I understand better than anyone! My child is a fan. He is 7. He draws everything in Minecraft style, participates in battles, watches videos. And for him it will be just fire! Even the style of communication and the voices of the actors is sustained. :))))»

These responses are better than any conclusion at the end of the article. We are not ready to say what has changed from the fact that instead of a medieval instrument in the hands of a modern person, there is a controller from Xbοx. The main thing is that people have new opportunities and they use them.

UPDATE. At Mozart and Salieri, the feeling is strengthened that, just like on a medieval square, the audience's remarks in the chat become an integral part of the performance. The theme of the black man is compared with Black Lives Matter, there are comments from "Salieri van love" and suggestions to hit Mozart with a diamond sword.

BDT announced several performances in the Minecraft universe... The second one has already taken place. We are waiting for the continuation.

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Spectators at the concert of Kirill Richter

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Exhibit of the LIBERTILE exhibition “Cutting off the excess. Leaving the essence”, dedicated to the Theater 633

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The narrator and the characters of the play Theater 633

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And this is what the technical intermission looks like in Minecraft

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Lopakhin's head is spinning

The article uses screenshots during public broadcasts of performances on youtube.

Glowing Stone | Lighting | How to make

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Glowing stone is the old name. The new name is Glowstone.

Luminous stone is mined in Hell, on the ceiling or walls. Glowstone blocks emit strong light, even underwater, and melt snow around them in colder biomes. To get a glowing stone, you need to break it, and 2-4 units of glowing dust will fall out. It can then be assembled into a glowing stone, even in the player's inventory.

Tips & Tricks

  • Synonyms: Glow Cube / Glow Block / Glowstone / Glow Stone
  • Minecraft Versions: 1.17 / 1.16.5 / 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.2
  • ID: glowstone

How to make a glowing stone

Here is how to make a glowing stone in Minecraft. The crafting recipe specifies the required ingredients and their location in Minecraft.

To make glowstone in Minecraft you will need: glowstone dust. These ingredients can be placed in the inventory or on the workbench in accordance with the picture below. To open the inventory, you need to press the E key (English) on the keyboard.

Glowstone Dust (4)


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