How to belly dance beginners

how to learn belly dancing – The Inner Dancer

how to learn belly dancing – The Inner Dancer
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Belly Dance For Beginners | Iana Dance Club

"I'm a complete beginner.
Would the Iana Dance Club work for me?"

I'm glad you decided to ask this question. :)

YES! We do have an excellent training program for complete beginners!

Originally, the Iana Dance Club was designed as ongoing training for intermediate/advanced dancers, but we created an extensive library of courses, technique drills, intensives and choreographies to guide you as a beginner on your belly dance journey.

As a member you have instant access to the special course Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z.


This course is ideal for those who never had any experience in belly dance, as well as for those who may have already began their belly dance journey but want to review the basics and get solid foundations. It has 17 hours of classes with step-by-step instructions. 


You should definitely start your belly dance journey with it :)

If you are a beginner dancer, I recommend you start your experience at the Iana Dance club by going through the following 3 steps.

Step 1

Start with the special course Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z.

By the end of the course you will be able not only to perform all major belly dance moves such as hip drops, undulations, figure 8, and maya, but also layer them on top of different shimmies, perform to specific rhythms, and even to incorporate some props into your dance. 


You will also get an overview of the most important rhythms, folklore styles, principles of dancing with veil, and dozens of dance combinations for polishing your technique. In addition, you will find several bonus sections with lectures about topics related to belly dance such as costumes, props, music, and the cultural environment of this dance, as well as resources to continue your belly dance learning.

Step 2

Once you complete about half of the A to Z course (including Section 13), you can add some additional elements for your training:


- Explore our library of technique drills. Start with tutorials that have a special tag called "beginners", which means that those drills are more appropriate for your level.

- Go through several intensives such as Hips Shimmy, Folklore Drills and Fluid Arms. They are based on technique drills, but structured according to a specific topic into guided training programs of 2 to 4 weeks. Access to all this material is available at the Iana Dance Club.

Step 3


Once you finish the A to Z course you are ready to start exploring choreographies available at the Iana Dance Club. You can choose any dances you like but make sure they have the 'all levels' tag. Eventually, with time and practice, you'll be able to explore more advanced choreographies too, but remember that dance training is a journey, and each step has its own beautiful exploration moments.

Also, at this point, feel free to follow our weekly training suggestions and join whichever current intensive is going on at the Iana Dance Club!


Start your journey at the Iana Dance Club with unlimited belly dance classes.

how to learn belly dancing at home

Do you want to learn how to dance belly dance correctly? It is enough to learn a few basic movements and add a special mood to them. We have compiled detailed instructions on how to learn belly dancing so that you can dance no worse than a Colombian pop star.

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How to learn to dance a beautiful oriental belly dance at home? Of course, it's not easy. Nevertheless, it is easier to dance it at home than any other dance style. Especially if you have never been into dancing before.

Basic movements

  • Starting position

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Then slightly bend your knees and raise your chest - this is the starting position for starting any movement in the belly dance. For smooth movements in the dance, you need to tighten the muscles of the lower abdomen and engage the pelvis.

  • Hip lift or shimmy

Bend both knees. Then straighten your right leg to lift your right thigh up. Then lift the pelvis up to the chest, while the upper body should not be involved. The heels must not be lifted off the ground during this movement. When you "pull" up your right hip, lower it and repeat the movement with your left. Namely, straighten your left leg and lift your left hip up. nine0003

  • Fast Pace Hip Lift

Repeat hip lift on both sides at a faster pace. Do not pause - first lift the right thigh up, and then smoothly - the left. At an accelerated pace, the hips will swing quickly from side to side - now you know how to perform the shimmy movement.

  • Hip Drop

Start in the starting position with the right foot on the floor and the left foot slightly extended, about a few inches forward with the heel raised. Then bend both knees and keep your chest and arms up. Then straighten your left leg, lift your left thigh and immediately lower it to the level of your right thigh. At the same time, keep your right leg bent during the movement. Next, repeat the mini-bunch at a fast pace so that it looks smooth, without pauses and breaks. nine0003

  • Belly

How to quickly learn belly dancing at home? Easy, the main thing is not to miss a single basic movement, including the “tummy”. Starting position - feet are on the floor, the upper body is raised, and relaxed arms are at the sides. Then slightly bend your knees and tighten the muscles of your upper abdomen, pulling them in. Then relax your stomach and tense only the muscles of the lower abdomen. Consistently alternate, pulling in the lower, then the upper press. Repeat the movement smoothly and without pauses. nine0003

  • Try a breast lift

The last basic movement that will help you understand how to dance belly dance correctly. The starting position is a raised chest, arms are located on the sides, legs are together, and the feet are on the floor. Next, we pull the chest up to the end so that the shoulder blades seem to slide along the back. Then lower your chest back down. Repeat the link at a fast pace, while alternately contracting the abdominal muscles.

Why do home belly dancing? nine0024

Oriental dance will help not only lose weight, but also cope with various pains.

  • Back and Joint Pain

Gentle movements increase the flow of synovial fluid (natural lubricant) in the joints, and also tone the back muscles, which improves posture and prevents back pain.

  • Help in losing weight

How to learn belly dancing at home and lose weight? Easy - one hour session will help burn up to 300 calories. nine0003

  • Preparing for childbirth

Belly dancing tones the abdominal and pelvic muscles involved in childbirth.

  • Against stress

Oriental belly dance is not only beautiful, but also healing. The dance feels like a session of physical and psychological relaxation.

  • Period Pain

Soothing dance bands help reduce pelvic congestion, which improves circulation and relieves PMS pain. nine0003

Learning belly dance at home - video lessons, basic rules

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It is quite possible to learn belly dancing at home. We will tell COLADY about what is needed for this.

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How to start learning belly dance for beginners at home - paraphernalia and basic rules

Belly dancing requires a woman to be able to relax those muscle groups that are not involved in work at the moment. Only in this way can a dancer perform dance movements for thirty minutes.

Belly dance lessons will require lady to form her own sexual image as a dancer. You can completely immerse yourself in the world of oriental dance only by creating your own image. An important role here is played by costume, jewelry and, of course, makeup. nine0118 All of the above will focus on the sexuality and femininity of an oriental dancer.

  • In order to choose the right clothes for dancing, you should know that in the first months of the figure of a woman will change significantly . The waist will become more refined, and excess fat will disappear. It is recommended to purchase some elements of the attire for oriental dances after some time has passed.
  • For beginners, belly dance is better to dance in combination short top with breeches or leggings.
  • Later, a woman can complete her look with a loincloth with coins , which create the intended mood during training.
  • With regard to shoes for belly dancing, we recall that for a long time there has been a tendency to dance oriental dances barefoot, thus marking an inseparable connection with the Earth. For women who don't want to dance barefoot, can wear ballerinas, shoes or socks. nine0130

In order to harmoniously and correctly perform belly dance, a woman must be well versed in the styles of oriental dances, know their differences, and also know what costume, music and vocabulary correspond to a certain style.

Video belly dance lessons for beginners - basic movements

Video: belly dance - first lessons

  • A notable element of belly dance is "rocking chair". To perform this movement, a woman should rise on tiptoe with her legs placed together, bend them slightly at the knees and mentally draw a vertical line through the navel. Along this line, you need to smoothly move your hips so that the navel remains in place. You can do dance elements up - down or forward - backward. nine0028

- in the vertical plane , put your feet together, rise to your toes and bend your knees a little. In turn, we pull up to the armpits of the thigh so that the location of the navel remains unchanged. This element of the dance can also be performed moving forward.

To perform movements in a perpendicular plane (forward - backward) we stand on a full foot, bend our knees a little. Bending the lower back as much as possible, we take the pelvis back. We lead it forward and pull the pubis to the navel. Plastically moving the hips, we describe a semicircle. The center of the circle is in the navel. Accelerating the pace, we switch to shaking the stomach. nine0003

  • The next element of belly dance is “pendulum” . To perform the exercise from top to bottom, up to the armpit, we raise the right thigh, bring it to the right and lower it down, raising the left thigh to the armpit.

Pendulum from below - up is performed by bringing the right thigh further to the side. By lifting the heel off the floor, the thigh is pulled towards the armpit. Diagonally lower the right thigh, lifting the left thigh up to the armpit. nine0003

  • Hip circles. Don't forget - while dancing the element, you need to make sure that the back remains straight. In the horizontal plane, we mentally imagine a circle for ourselves. We strive to outline it from behind with the buttocks, bending the lower back as much as possible. In front, you need to get the pubis on the stomach as much as possible.
  • Reset wheels. Describe a circle and, pulling back the pelvis, perform a hip drop from top to bottom. On the following laps, the movement continues without stopping. Circles can be horizontal, vertical, large, medium and small. If you try to make circles in the frontal plane, you get a new movement. nine0028