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Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Dancing Lady and a Dancing Lady Coloring Page. This drawing was inspired by Bernard Hoyes.

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This tutorial for how to draw a dancing lady can do double duty by teaching some simple body proportion lessons, while creating a colorful image in honor of Black History month.

The project about a dancing woman was inspired by artist Bernard Hoyes. He began his professional artist career began at the early age of nine in his home town of Kingston, Jamaica. Bernard’s mother sold his wood carvings and watercolors to visitors at the Jamaica Tourist Board to help maintain the household and support his creative efforts. Hoyes went on to study art in New York and now lives and works in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Mr. Hoyes has an elegant way of painting women dancing to music, and this particular pose makes it easy for even young artists to imitate. By making the head touch the top of the paper, and the hands touch the sides, students are guaranteed to draw a well-proportioned body that fills up the paper.

Sharing a few of Mr. Hoyes’ paintings before students draw their own, might encourage them to use lots of rich colors. You can see his Jamaican roots with the rhythmic movement and vivid colors of his paintings.

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Materials to Draw a Dancing Lady

  • Prang Crayons (affiliate link)
  • Crayola Crayons (affiliate link)

Step by Step Directions to Draw a Dancing Lady

Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Dancing Lady

  1. Make guidelines. Draw an oval.

  2. Add neck and circle for headband.

  3. Finish the head wrap.

  4. Draw neckline and hands.

  5. Connect the hands to the head with sleeves.

  6. Continue the side of the dress.

  7. Finish the curved hem.

  8. Draw facial features.

  9. Trace and color with crayons or pastels.

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How to draw dancing people step by step 4 lessons

TIP: The most banal and, perhaps, the most important advice: draw a lot and often.

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  • How to draw a dancing man and woman
  • How to draw a waltz couple
  • How to draw a breakdancing guy
  • How to draw a dancing girl

Let's draw a beautiful dancing couple in colorful clothes step by step. To color the picture, use colored pencils or gouache.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.

How to draw a dancing man and woman

  • Step 1

    Let's outline with a simple pencil a man and a woman in a dance in the form of two circles and several lines.

  • Step 2

    Draw in more detail the legs, arms and torso of each person in the drawing.

  • Step 3

    We finish the hair of the girl, as well as the clothes of each pair. We draw folds and chalk details.

  • Step 4

    In the middle of each circle, draw the contour of the face in profile, and then add small elements.

  • Step 5

    We work on the resulting drawing with a black marker to get a stroke.

  • Step 6

    We paint over the girl's dress with a red pencil, but the man's suit is dark purple. In addition, we will also draw the shoes in black.

  • Step 7

    At this stage, draw the hair and give color to the face, legs and arms.

  • Step 8

    Finish off with a black and white pencil to get shadows and highlights as well as highlights. Drawing of a dancing couple is ready!

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a waltz couple

Step by step we will depict a couple dancing a waltz on a piece of paper. For the colorfulness of the drawing, we use multi-colored pencils.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    Draw two circles. Draw lines from them to outline the torso.

  • Step 2

    We draw in more detail the silhouette of a dancing couple.

  • Step 3

    Refine the contour of the clothes of the girl and the man. Let's add fold lines.

  • Step 4

    You can now draw a detailed outline of the couple's face, as well as the hair. Then we move on to the face, where we draw the details.

  • Step 5

    Outline the dancing couple using a black marker.

  • Step 6

    Now paint over the areas of the face, arms, legs and hair.

  • Step 7

    Use the black, gray and red pencils to color in the couple's outfits and shoes.

  • Step 8

    We finalize the drawing with brown, black and white pencil to get the coveted outline. The drawing of a couple who dances the waltz is ready!

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a breakdancing guy

Breakdancing is a type of street dancing in a sporty style. Let's draw on our blank sheet of paper a guy who performs just such a dance.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    Draw a circle to outline the head. Draw two lines down from it.

  • Step 2

    We draw the details of the torso with a simple pencil.

  • Step 3

    Add the rest of the torso sketch lines.

  • Step 4

    We draw in detail the outline of the torso and clothes with all the folds.

  • Step 5

    Let's add a hat and facial features to get a finished pencil sketch of the drawing.

  • Step 6

    Draw the outline of the picture using a black marker or felt-tip pen.

  • Step 7

    We now paint over the clothes and shoes. To do this, select a gray, blue, black and red pencil.

  • Step 8

    For the skin of the face and hands, use a beige and brown pencil, giving volume.

  • Step 9

    Let's add strokes to the drawing with black and white pencil, and then finish with highlights, which we draw with a gel pen. Now you know how to draw a break dance.

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a dancing girl

Step by step we will draw a beautiful dancing girl in a magnificent dress and with a Monroe hairstyle on a sheet of paper, and then color it colorfully with colored pencils.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    We start drawing a beautiful dancing girl with a simple sketch. To do this, draw a circle and a couple of lines.

  • Step 2

    Sketching the arms, legs, and the lower part of the dress.

  • Step 3

    Draw in detail the outline of the arms, legs and dress.

  • Step 4

    And now you can take the time to draw a face with all the details and a beautiful hairstyle in the style of Monroe. Remove construction lines from the body and dress.

  • Step 5

    We work on the resulting sketch of a dancing girl with a black marker to get the desired outline.

  • Step 6

    We paint over the girl's dress with a red pencil, but the shoes with black.

  • Step 7

    Let's add a beige, brown and pink tint to the picture.

  • Step 8

    We finish drawing with black and white strokes that will help to get the desired volume. A drawing of a dancing girl in a red dress is ready.

Lesson author: vikl-art

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How to draw cool girls. How to draw a woman in full growth with a pencil

Many girls and girls often draw princesses and girls. But to draw a person beautifully the first time is very difficult. It is necessary to monitor the observance of the proportions of the body, otherwise the figure will turn out awkward and unnatural. A fluffy dress will help to correct the figure, hide mistakes in construction and give a festive look to the drawing. Such a girl can already be placed on a holiday card and on the cover of a notebook.

How to draw a girl in a dress with a pencil step by step

Auxiliary lines are drawn with a hard pencil. Mark the hem of the skirt, it should resemble a mermaid's tail. Add a slightly inclined oval of the hips. From the center of the oval, draw a slightly curving line of the spine. Draw a circle of the head, outline the chin on it, draw lines of symmetry of the face. In the middle of the spine, outline the circle of the chest, and above it the line of the shoulders. From the right shoulder, draw the line of the arm lowered by the visa, draw the line of the left arm bent at the elbow, so that the hand rests on the waist. Circle the joints of the ovens and hands.

Draw the outlines of the body around the construction lines. You need to start from the head. Outline the face, left ear, neck position. Outline the hairstyle. Add shoulders, dress, arms.

Using lines of symmetry, outline the eyes, mouth, nose. With a soft pencil, outline the hairstyle, chest line, bring the dress, draw a train and add splendor to the hem.

Work on the facial features, add beads to the girl, draw the texture of the hair. Decide on a light source and add shadows using hatching.

How to draw a girl in a dress step by step

Draw an oval for the head, a line for the neck, shoulders and arms. Mark the joints with small circles, this will help to further add volume to the drawing.

Draw the neck, it should be thinner than the head but thicker than the arms. Add smoothness to the shoulders, draw the right arm, torso and neckline of the dress.

Draw 2 parallel strips under the bust (ribbon-belt), draw the second arm. The sleeves of the dress are made with a lantern, so the shoulders are slightly raised.

The auxiliary lines can be erased.

Draw a rectangle (hat) on the head. Connect its two upper corners with an additional smooth line.

Draw an oval (hat brim) around the bottom 2 corners of the rectangle. Draw the outlines of the eyes, mouth, nose. It is important that the eyes are at the same level and the same shape.

Detail the face, draw thick hair for the girl. Decorate the hat and dress.

How to draw a girl in a dress with a pencil

Draw an oval for the head, with thin lines mark the position of the body.

Shape the hair, outline the figure of the young lady, draw the contours of the dress.

Draw the style of the dress, put bracelets on your hands, add volume to your hair, apply axes of symmetry on your face.

Draw the girl's eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth. Add nails on the hands, draw bracelets. Apply a pattern on the dress, give it volume with folds.

How to draw a girl in a full length dress

Use thin lines to outline the body and head.

Mark the approximate borders of the dress, draw the arm and chest, outline the hairstyle.

Start drawing the facial features, shape the hair, add volume to the dress, draw the top. Draw flowers in the girl's hands.

Add details to the dress, draw the face and hair. Draw the desired lines with a soft pencil.

Remove auxiliary lines.

How to draw a girl in a dress step by step in full growth

It is not necessary to draw motionless girls. You can portray a girl dancing flamenco. The dancer will have a symmetrical skirt, similar to a layered cake, with her arms raised, one of them behind her head. The girl stands in half a turn, arching.

Draw a thin line at the base of the skirt. Mark the upper part of the skirt above it (its contours resemble a sun hat), connect it with stepped lines to the base. From the skirt draw a curved spine line. Draw a circle for the head and mark the chin on it. Where you plan to draw a face, apply guides. Below the head, draw a circle (chest). Draw the line of the right hand raised up. The left hand peeks out from behind the head. Mark the shoulder and elbow joints with circles. Note the position of the hands.

Outline the contours of the hairstyle, face. Draw a curved back, arms and shoulders, chest, hips. Add a forward leg with a shoe.

Use a soft pencil to outline, add pleats to the skirt, add details to the dress, add volume to the hair and weave a flower into the hairstyle. Work out the girl's facial features, fingers.

The drawing is almost ready, it remains to add volume with hatching. The dress and the inside of the folds of the skirt, the shoe is the darkest part of the picture. The dancer's skirt is slightly lighter. The face and shoulders are shaded with small light strokes. To create an atmosphere of Spanish dance, you can sketch a guitarist in the background.

How to draw a girl in a full length dress with a pencil

Such dresses were fashionable in the 19th century (the fashion came from France) Puffy skirts with ruffles, frills, made of velvet, lace, satin ribbons. And now such an outfit will leave few people indifferent, you can admire it for a very long time.

Outline the figure and dress. Keep in mind that for the correct proportion of the figure, there should be 8 heads in height.

Draw pleats and frills on the skirt, draw the top of the dress, beautiful sleeves ending in lanterns. Draw the lady's hat and hair that sticks out from under it. Draw guide faces.

It's hard to draw a beautiful dress from the last century. There are a lot of frills, folds, lace in the outfit, and all of them need to be pointed, carefully drawn. So be patient.

To give the dress volume, you need to work out the shadows well. Decide where you will have a light source. Draw the shadows from the folds immediately.

Under the folds and flounces, the darkest areas of the pattern. Shuttlecocks should be illuminated so that every fold on them is clearly visible.

There are no buttons on the dress, but a lot of lace, their texture should be clearly visible.

With a soft pencil, draw the main lines, adding contrast and expressiveness to the drawing.

Draw the girl's face, hat and hair.

Draw the hands holding the fan. The girl in the old dress is ready. The drawing is complex, it took a lot of effort, but as a result you got a girl in a chic dress 19century.

How to draw a girl in a dress video

Now we will look at how to draw a girl with a pencil step by step. The girl is 10 years old, she is a model. At first glance, it may seem very difficult, but do not be afraid, because we will apply two methods in one for drawing a girl, which will be very easy to navigate when drawing. This is a method of dividing the area into squares and simply drawing a circle separating the lines, the skeleton. You can use the two methods together, or you can use them separately, for example, just navigate through the squares without additional lines. Many artists, before drawing anything realistically, divide the sheet into squares. If you haven't tried it, be sure to try it.

Step 1. We draw a table, it consists of three vertical columns and seven horizontal ones, the size of the square can be 3 * 3 cm, you can do more if the sheet of paper allows. Now draw a circle and guide lines that indicate the direction of the head. Who will only be guided only by squares, may not draw a circle.

Step 2. Draw the outline of the eyes, since we have a model girl, her eyes and lips are made up, so the shadows on the eyes merge with the eyelashes and we simply draw the outlines. We draw the girl's chin, part of the ears, earrings on them, bang lines.

Step 3. Draw the eyes, nose and eyebrows of the girl. The girl's eyebrows are very light, so we first draw a contour, then paint over them with a pencil so that they are very light, lightly press on the pencil.

Step 4. We detail the nose, draw the lips of the girl.

Step 5. Draw the girl's hair.

Step 6. Those who draw in squares can skip this step, and the rest draw the skeleton of the girl's body as she sits.

Step 7. Draw the girl's body and arms. First comes the full image of the girl along with the skeleton, then in the next two pictures, an enlarged version without the skeleton.

Step 8. Finish the hair, fingernails and folds on the girl's dress.

This lesson is dedicated to how to draw a girl's face without pronounced emotions with soft features.

In this tutorial we will need:

  • sketchbook;
  • HB pencil;
  • nag eraser;
  • ruler.

I know there is a lot of time in this lesson about measuring. In my opinion, at the initial stage, this is necessary, especially if you are a beginner. Once you get the hang of proportions and get your hands on female faces, you can repeat this lesson without wasting time on metrics. Ready to practice? Then let's start!

How to draw a girl's face. Step 1: Shape the face.

Draw a circle and draw a small horizontal line at the bottom half the circle's diameter. It is important to follow this rule, since the circle was drawn by hand.

Women have a smaller chin than men. Chin augmentation will add masculinity to a woman's face.

After that draw the cheekbones by connecting the chin to the circle. The forms of women's faces are extremely diverse. As an example, I will use the image of soft cheekbones.

Then draw a vertical line exactly in the middle of the future face.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 2: Outline the proportions.

Measure the length of the face and divide into eight equal parts. Label each part with a serial number or letter as shown in the figure. Then, using a ruler, draw straight horizontal lines through the points labeled Center line, 2,3, A, and C.

order: center line, 2, 3, B, A, C, breaking the lines each time in the middle again and again.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 3: Eyes.

Divide the center line inside the face into five equal parts. Remember that women's eyes are wider and more open than men's.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 4: Nose.

To draw the nose, draw two vertical lines down from the inner edge of the eye to line 3. These lines will limit the width of the nose. Then draw a small circle just above line 2. My nose will be short and narrow, with a narrow bridge.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 5: Eyebrows.

In the picture on the left, I've drawn a brow ridge to show the organic position of the brow itself in relation to the brow. In the drawing on the right, we can see that the eyebrow is located under line C. To depict a surprised expression, the eyebrow will need to be even closer to line C.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 6: Lips.

To mark the borders of the lips from the middle of each pupil, you will need to draw a perpendicular line down to line 3. Then draw a triangle, the beginning of which will go from the tip of the nose. The base of the triangle must be inside the square. The top of the triangle should be located strictly at the tip of the nose. As mentioned earlier, this example is typical for a face that does not express vivid emotions. If you want to portray a smirk on your face, as if the girl is bluffing in the process of the classic version of the well-known card game, position the lower lip a little lower. Define the teeth by drawing several perpendicular lines.

After you have drawn the lips, you may want to lengthen the chin. Or vice versa, make it shorter so that the proportions look more natural. It's quite normal. I constantly adjust these proportions.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 7: Ears.

The boundary lines for the ears are the center line and line 2. To practice drawing realistic ears, we recommend that you refer to this lesson (not yet translated).

Center line and line 2 limit the ears above and below.

How to draw a girl's face. Step 8: Hair.

When drawing women's hair, remember that a woman's forehead is usually smaller and narrower than a man's. In my example, the hair line starts below line A. I also draw the hair on both sides of the temples, but make sure that the hair is not too close to the eyebrows. Don't forget to add volume to your hair by leaving a little space between your hair and your head. For more detailed instructions on how to draw realistic hair, I recommend referring to one of the.

Before you erase all the auxiliary lines, check once again how harmonious the proportions of the face are. If after checking you are satisfied with the result, you can safely erase them.

Well, after you have mastered the lesson on the image of a woman's face, it's time to experiment and do some exercises without a ruler.

Article translated from the site rapidfireart . com

How to draw easily in stages and cells?

Using a simple step-by-step drawing technique, even novice artists can draw beautiful animal figurines. Here's how to draw a funny puppy.

And so with the help of geometric shapes you can draw a cow.

Start drawing the hen sitting on the eggs from a circle. Gradually draw the beak, eyes, wings and tail.

And after the chicken has hatched the eggs, you can draw chickens.

Drawing a bat seems difficult at first glance, but if you use the step-by-step drawing technique, this cute bat will appear in your album in 5 minutes. Also two circles, but a larger one at the bottom, and a smaller one at the top will help draw a cat.

Birds are difficult to draw, but parrots are even more difficult to draw. But three circles of the same size will help to cope with this task.

And so you can draw a mouse.

Very cute Cat Lady is drawn in pencil, guide lines are carefully removed and the cat is painted with watercolors.

An elephant and a horse can be drawn by anyone who can draw circles, ovals and rectangles.

The difficult task of drawing a camel only seems difficult. But in the technique of phased drawing, nothing is possible.

Domestic animals sheep and pig are drawn a little differently. In a pig, the muzzle is first drawn, and then the torso. In a sheep, on the contrary, first the torso and at the end the muzzle.

A non-flying bird of the cold seas, a penguin and a forest bird, an owl, are drawn in stages and painted with watercolors.

Drawing a snail is easy if you draw a circle, then draw the body of the snail and finish the curl on the shell, eyes and antennae.

To draw a duckling, it is enough to add an oval to the circle and finish the tail, beak, eyes and wings.

And this is how you can draw kids.

It happens that girls draw in sketchbooks but don't know how to draw a beautiful face. A simple scheme will come to the rescue, where the correct proportions of the face are observed.

You don't have to rack your brains for a long time about what hairstyle to draw for a girl in a diary, but just choose the one you like and draw the same one.

Flowers in albums can also be drawn in stages. In order for the flower to have the correct shape, it is enough to make a circle or an oval and draw the center and petals.

Beautiful and easy drawings by cells for sketching in a notebook and a personal diary for girls 5-12 years old

The easiest way to draw is by cells. Of course, if you have a lined drawing. These cute kittens can appear in the diary if you draw them in the cells.

For pages in a diary about love, a drawing with a boy and a girl exchanging hearts is suitable.

Another drawing on the theme of love is easy to redraw, but very interesting.

A bear holding a heart will decorate the pages of the girls' diary, and the cells will help to draw it.

Smiling dog in flowers is suitable for those who like to communicate with dogs and draw them.

Drawings of girls in anime style will decorate the diary pages. They are easy to redraw in the cells and paint with watercolors or felt-tip pens.

More difficult drawing with a girl, a butterfly and a strawberry. However, if you carefully count the cells and draw on them, success is guaranteed.

An anime girl's profile portrait is also suitable for girls' diaries. The drawing is transferred to the cells, the color of the hairstyle and eyes of the drawn girl depends on the wishes of the owner of the diary.

Bear-boy and bear-girl will remind you that friendship happens both between animals and between guys.

Beautiful and easy drawings by cells for sketching in a notebook and a personal diary for boys aged 5-12

Both boys and girls love to draw cats. Such a funny cat will appear in an album or notebook if you draw it in the cells.

Boys love to draw motorcycles. They may not have a motorcycle yet in real life, but you can always draw it in the cells.

The space theme is also relevant for boys' drawings, and they may like the astronaut cat.

Beautiful and easy cell drawings for girls and boys: ideas, photos

A lion with a red mane, painted in the cells with its fiery mane, will decorate any diary.

The whole picture can be drawn from the cells. A lion, a zebra, a giraffe, an elephant and a hippo sit on it in dense thickets.

These animals can be drawn individually. Blue elephant for sketching by cells

And so you can draw and color a butterfly. She can decorate girls' albums.

If you finish painting the pond and reeds, you will get a picture with cheerful frogs in the center.

A little fox drawn by cells can be drawn on fabulous pictures or you can add flowers and grass and decorate a diary with such a picture. Tree for sketching by cells

A cheerful dragonfly will surprise you with bright wings.

VIDEO: How to draw a bee step by step?

To know how to draw a girl with a pencil, it is not necessary to study art and be an artist. Any beginner can try his hand. It is enough to stock up on perseverance and gradually master some skills. It is important to remember the aspects described below.

Materials Needed

Beginning artists should stock up on materials such as:

Don't skimp on basic drawing materials, even for beginners. Poor quality materials can discourage interest in drawing and complicate the first steps in art. For beginners, the best choice would be products of the middle price category.

The proportions of the female body

The proportions of the female body differ from the male in some ways. In addition, at different times, different proportions were taken as the standard of beauty in the visual arts.

Nowadays, the following parameters of the female body are relevant for drawing:

  1. To measure height, you need to calculate the height of a woman's head and multiply this parameter by 7-8.5 times. It is useful to know that a person's height is divided exactly in half at the point of the pubic articulation.
  2. An average of 1.5 head heights is required to calculate shoulder width.
  3. The width of the pelvic bone is directly proportional to the width of her shoulder, and the height of a woman's pelvis is slightly lower than the height of her head.
  4. Average waist equals 1 head height.
  5. To calculate the height between the base of the chest and the hip joint, divide the height of the head in half.

Axes and proportions of the face

Not everyone knows the tricks of how to draw a girl with a pencil. It is easy to explain this process step by step for beginners.

It is enough just to know about the following proportions of facial features and about the universal axes that can be based on in the process of building a face:

Face Drawing Chart


How to draw a girl in profile

Asking how to draw a girl with a pencil step by step for beginners, the answer must be sought in the same measurements and center lines as when drawing in full face. You should start drawing by drawing auxiliary lines in the form of a square. Its height should be 1/8 more than its width. All the main axes must be transferred to it, as if a full face was inscribed in it.

Then, an oblique egg-shaped oval should be inscribed in a rectangle between the axis on which the tip of the nose is located and the top of the whole square. This oval helps build the correct shape of the skull, the back of the head and the forehead.

The part of the side of the skull that joins the neck must be tilted downwards.

  • From the top extreme point of the oval, you should start drawing the line of the forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth and chin. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the auxiliary lines drawn. The most protruding point of the forehead, closer to the eyebrows, is in contact with the edge of the square.
  • The eyes are located on their own axis. On the face in profile, the eyes take the form of an arrowhead. The round iris becomes a thin, elongated oval with a pointed top and bottom.
  • The tip of the nose will protrude slightly beyond the square. The depression of the bridge of the nose falls on the same axis on which the eyes are located.
  • Lips in profile will appear protruding, especially the lower lip. The line where the lips meet goes slightly down from the lips. Even if a person smiles, the line goes straight at first, and then smoothly rounds up.
  • The ears are C-shaped when viewed in profile. An arc runs along the edge of the ear - a thin cartilage. In addition, you should remember about the earlobe. When drawing a female face, the ears are often covered with hair.

How to draw a girl in full growth

Step by step drawing a girl with a pencil, it is extremely important for beginners to observe the proportions of the body, which were mentioned earlier. Only observance of proportions will help to avoid the image of an awkward, unrealistic body.

To portray a girl in full growth, it is recommended to consider the following aspects:

  • Center axis image . This axis coincides with the spine of the girl. At the initial level of drawing, it is recommended to draw a figure standing straight and level, in full face. Therefore, the central axis will also be straight.
  • Torso . Schematically, it is recommended to depict it in the form of an inverted triangle. It should not be made too large or wide, as the female figure, on average, has more graceful shoulders and chest.
  • Chest . To determine the correct location of the chest, another smaller one is entered into the triangle of the torso, pointing upwards. At its corners, you need to draw two identical circles, which are the chest.
  • Hips . For the image of the hips, it is convenient to draw a circle, a small part of which goes to the lower corner of the triangle depicting the torso.

Using the obtained landmarks, you need to connect them with smooth, rounded lines. The figure should acquire the contours of the female body. Next, you need to draw the arms and legs. The length of the arms is just below the inguinal region.

Important points when drawing hair


  • When drawing hair, it is important to pay attention to how light falls on it . As a rule, the roots of the hair are in the shade, and at some distance from them, a highlight is noticeable on the hair. It should be left unpainted, or just add a few strokes around the edges. Next, it is important to pay attention to how the hair lies in the strands. In the drawing, you should combine small strands into larger ones and depict a glare on them the way light falls. Also, it is necessary to highlight the darker, shady areas so that the drawing does not look flat.
  • Hair lies luxuriantly on the head, covering part of the forehead and cheeks, ears. Depending on the structure of the hair (curly, straight), they can be more voluminous or vice versa, smooth. It is important to notice the direction in which the hair grows to reflect them as realistically as possible.
  • There is a lot of hair on the head of a person, but it is not necessary to depict them all . It is only necessary to show their general texture. Pencils of various hardness are used for shading hair. For shady areas, take the softest pencil and stroke with pressure. Hard pencils are needed to mark the hairs in the lighter parts and highlights. It is important that the strokes are confident and long. To do this, it is recommended to rest the hand with a pencil on the elbow, and not on the wrist, and draw from the elbow.

Step by step hair drawing

Now we know how to draw a girl with a pencil.

Step by step for beginners, it is really possible to master such a complex detail as hair:

How to draw a girl with long flowing hair

However, some distinguishing features should be taken into account:

How to draw a girl with short hair

Short hair in the process of drawing has several distinctive features:

How to draw a girl from the back

Many people don't know how to draw a girl step by step with a pencil. For beginners, it will be easy to master drawing a girl from the back.

This is a simpler version where you won't need to depict her face, breasts and other complex details.

However, drawing a girl from the back has its own nuances:

  • Should indicate the width of the shoulders and back . The overall shape will resemble a triangle, however, it should not be too large or wide. Otherwise, the girl will look too strong and masculine.
  • The spine runs vertically in the center of the back to be reflected as multiple dashes.
  • At the level where the arms are attached to the body, shoulder blades are visible on the back . They should not be made too explicit. But if the figure shows a slender girl, it is advisable to mark the shoulder blades with light strokes.
  • Loose hair often covers the back and neck . Drawing a girl from the back is a good opportunity to depict beautiful curls scattered over her shoulders.

Anime style

Anime style involves a stylized image of a girl's figure and face. As a rule, anime characters have exaggeratedly large and round eyes on a small face, a small mouth and nose (which may be indicated by a dash or a dot). The arms and legs are thin and slender. The girl herself is most often petite and graceful, with a thin waist. The legs are exaggeratedly long.

First you need to make a sketch, depict the head, facial features and hairstyle. Anime hairstyles suggest some carelessness and volume. Next, you should detail the sketch, adding details and paying attention to the location of the shadow and light in the drawing.

In a dress

A pencil drawing of a girl in a dress should begin with a step-by-step sketch of the figure of a girl, as it were, without a dress. For beginners, this will help to correctly build her figure in clothes. It is advisable to take into account that clothing helps to hide those details that are poorly obtained. Therefore, it is important to choose a dress style that will cover the most complex elements of the pattern.

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