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How "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" Took Over the Internet and Beyond

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How the most infectious song of the year “watch me (whip/nae nae)” took over the internet and beyond.
Words Kris Ex
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of of XXL Magazine, on stands now.

This past October, Jeff Horning, the owner of a used car dealership in Wichita, Kan. posted a video to his company’s Facebook and YouTube accounts. The 45-second commercial starts seriously—with Horning boasting about his selection and financing options—before taking a quick step into the silly. Twenty seconds in, Horning suggests that you “pick out your whip, so you can nae nae,” while doing a set of dances that bare only passing resemblances to the moves he’s calling out. It’s intentionally hilarious and knowingly absurd, and it’s garnered the Priority Motorsports the most exposure the company’s ever had, simply by tapping into the latest viral dance craze. It would be easy to suggest that Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” is the latest in a line of ironically fun dances like the Cha-Cha Slide, the kind of dances that find themselves at home with bros and soccer moms, playgrounds and dorm rooms, country clubs and cookouts, pre-schoolers and grandmas. But that would overlook the unique space, which “Watch Me” occupies in pop culture. It’s grown into the biggest dance moment since the “Macarena,” but was birthed from the same circles that brought us closer-to-home movements like milly rocking, jerking, the dougie and the shmoney dance; and it’s seriously eclipsed its source material—We Are Toonz’ “Drop Tha NaeNae” and Famous to Most’s “Whip” (amongst others), while ingesting them. “Watch Me” is a symbol of an age where social media “content” is largely based on repurposing the originality of others, turning it into something new. It’s the perfect song for this pop culture moment.

The renditions of “Watch Me” are too many to name, and used car dealerships weren’t the only ones using the song. When Nikki Taylor of Carbondale, Ill. was eight months pregnant, she shot a video of her dancing to “Watch Me” with her 6-year-old daughter on Facebook and garnered 13 million views in one weekend. A YouTube account registered to Lindsay Jones, also posted Taylor’s video as its sole upload and garnered 4.7 million views. The official video has garnered over 400 million views on YouTube and everyone from Hillary Clinton and Alvin and the Chipmunks to cancer patients and father/daughter combinations have been caught on video doing the dance, with many of them raking up astronomical view counts. And it all started from a 16-year-old kid in the metro Atlanta area making things up as he went along outside of his chemistry class. “It was all just like a science experiment,” Silentó (born Richard Lamar Hawk) the now 17-year-old artist behind the song. “I tested a hypothesis that I had and it all did well.”

“Really well” is an understatement, and the song’s popularity is hard to overstate. Though it only reached as high as No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100, its prevalence online dwarves the two million accredited sales. “This is one of those type of songs that every week there’s something virally that happens with that song,” says the song’s producer, Tim Mingo, also known as Bolo da Producer. “Even now that the radio numbers are down, it’s still like top on Spotify, it’s still being searched every day on iTunes Music—it’s one of those song that’s just infectious.”

Part of the song’s power is in its sly usage of the first person and its show-and-tell usage of call-and response. “It’s a individual song,” says Silentó. “It’s an each person song. Everybody has their own feel or their own position to my song, ’cause it’s like, ‘Watch me—ooh, ooh, ohh.’ You know, like watch me. No other dance song says watch me do it. It just be telling you to do it.”

“Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” also benefitted from shrewd marketing that capitalized on the ownership baked into the song. Much of the songs virality began long before Silentó inked a deal with Capitol Records this past spring, thanks to a campaign launched by online music distributor TuneCore in conjunction with DanceOn, a YouTube multichannel that serviced the song to key dancers in its network. The move was so successful that by the time Silentó’s official video dropped at the end of June, it opened up with a collage of teams, teens, preschoolers and everyday people dancing to the song.

“Watch Me” was originally shot as a Vine clip back in November of 2014 and immediately, Silentó knew he was on to something from the reaction of his friends. (Though he’s still fi nishing his senior year at Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., he continues to handle all of his social media accounts himself. He’s also a relentless self-promoter. At the end of this interview, being conducted by phone as he kills time in a Las Vegas mall, awaiting his fitting for that night’s Soul Train Awards, Silentó meticulously and clearly runs down all of his social media accounts, just for the record. (He’s @TheRealSilento on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and SoundCloud; Silento TV on YouTube.)

Photos of Model Jessenia Vice Dancing From the XXL Winter 2015 Issue

Then and now, he would make up songs while banging on tables and share these ideas with his classmates through his phone, using them as sounding boards. When they gravitated to what would become “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” he began to pester Bolo to make the sketches into a full song.

“He kept begging me for like two months like, ‘Man I got this song,’” recalls Bolo. “All the kids in school they like it, they like it, they like it. I’m sitting there thinking and I’m like, ‘Man, he crazy. Nobody’s not gonna dance to two other dances that’s already been out already.’” One night in the studio, Bolo decided to just whip up quick beats so he could just hush Silentó up. “Let’s do this little concept, just get him out the way, so we can go ahead and work on this other record that we was working on that night,” he laughs. Bolo helped construct the song, switching around the hook (it was originally “watch me nae nae, watch me whip”), creating for pre-hooks and freestyle dance, vetoing the thought of actual rhymes on the song and encouraging Silentó to add in more dances like the Stanky Leg, the Bop and Silentó’s own invention, the Duff , which was the song they were supposed to have been working on. “When I heard it, the first thing that came out my mind was like, ‘Shit, this is crazy we got something,’” he says. “I don’t let him put songs up on his SoundCloud that we do ’cause a lot of times they’re not ready, but this was the one time out of any time I was like, ‘Go ahead, you can put it on your SoundCloud, that’s no problem.’ So he put it on there and immediately I just seen the reaction of it. In three days it had like 15,000 views and then it just doubled like every day. It just kept doubling on SoundCloud.”

Bolo had seen near-successes with his production work—the original version 2 Pistols and T-Pain collaboration work “She Got It,” the late Grand Hustle signee Doe B and a local college student Tiara’Nicole, who racked up two million views on YouTube for “Real Man” in 2009)—not living to fruition due to his lack of business acumen. This time around, he made sure that all dealing was right. He got the song coded under his ISRC and made a $9.99 TuneCore—a move which paid extreme dividends as the DanceOn campaign kicked in. “Every time the song was in any digital format, except for a few places, we got paid for that,” he says. “We were getting paid for every time somebody used that song on YouTube until we got signed through Capitol and they took over that.” Bolo splits all earnings with Silentó 50/50 and has secured his own deal as a producer with Capitol.

Jeff Horning, the used car salesman, didn’t actually use the song in his video, so there’s likely no revenue for the song makers there, but you’d be hard-pressed to find them complaining. With “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” they’ve created a song that’s mostly based off of dances that already existed, but has become something new and will go down in history as emblematic of the state of pop music in 2015. And, to hear Silentó tell it, it’s because the meaning of the song is universal and timeless.

“‘Watch me,’ you could use that for so many things,” he says. “Like watch me sell this car, watch me read this book, watch me make this money, watch me do my thing, watch me be an individual. It’s so many things you can use ‘watch me’ for. Watch me tell the weather, watch me tell what happened today. You can just stick it into everything.”

He’s right. People have stuck it into everything. And millions of us have watched.

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Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silento

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  • Teenage Atlanta hip-hop artist Silento recorded his first chart entry with this track, which was helmed and co-written by Bolo Da Producer. The chorus instructs listeners to break into a pair of dances: "The Whip and the Nae Nae were two different dances," Silento said. "I just got tired of seeing people do them so I started doing my own rendition where I was doing them both!"

    Soon after the song's release, fans decided to follow Silento's instructions, sharing their whipping and Nae-Naeing dance moves on Vine and YouTube.

  • Silento achieved some local support with his song before he even recorded it. He told Tunecore: "I had been singing it and dancing to it in school already. People were always asking me to do it, they already knew it."

    So when the song began to go viral, it was no surprise to the rapper: "When people are asking you do something repeatedly, it's like, you just know. People liked it, so I kept doing my dances!"

  • The song earned Silento a recording contract: On May 1, 2015 he was signed to Capitol Records.

  • Silento originally recorded this as a 15-second Instagram video. The teenage rapper was asked by Billboard magazine if he thought it would be such a hit after he recorded a full version of the song. He replied: "Yeah, I knew that it was a banger because everybody already liked it. In the video, which I recorded on my phone, somebody was beating on the desk at school. I took that same beat to [producer] Bolo and he went off of that and made a different beat. Once the audience gives you feedback, that's how you know."

  • Silento was (mock, we hope) bereft when he was not honored for this track. "No #Grammy Nomination???? Wow?," he tweeted.

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Inside I'm Dancing, UK, Ireland, France, 2004

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    • Sergey Konovalov

      998 Reviews, 1297 Objects, 1297 Objects, rating 675 9000 5000 5000 5 in a wheelchair

      Two 20-year-old wheelchair users are trying to establish independent contacts with reality outside the walls of a specialized medical institution with elderly caregivers and a life-threatening daily routine - to be like everyone else (get drunk, get arrested, get laid). As a result, the guys burn to the fullest: they order cocktails for the girls in the pub for donations, after which they go, or rather, go to a nightclub for a disc player, drive in wheelchairs to argue with the yard punks on bikes, etc.

      In their search for independence, they have to go through a sieve of misunderstanding, love without reciprocity, and even a lack of a ramp for suicidal disabled people in order to have the right to jump off the bridge into the river. Despite the abundance of jokes and the general Irish fuse, characteristic, however, of the American counterpart - Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981) is a heavy movie. Only people who are really interested in the social structure of the disabled can see this with pleasure.

      May 24, 2014

    • Anna U.

      412 reviews, 630 ratings, rating 389


      with inner experiences and discover a world in which you can live. A sad story, but very true, and in some places quite painful. A wonderful and talented actor James McAvoy, who, I hope, will reach all the heights in his career. I would this role would definitely give him an Oscar. He plays superbly.
      Well, in general, the film makes you think, reflect. This is not an easy film at one time. This is what else can make our brains think. lives in society. You have to be kinder or something.

      August 16, 2011


      76 reviews, 218 ratings, rating 101


      A very, very strong film. It's hard to comment on it. Just watch is all.

      "What do you think I'm doing inside?" - brilliant scene.

      Unknown Steven Robertson outright outplays the charming McAvoy.

      May 2, 2010

    • Arina Molotkova

      52 reviews, 153 ratings, rating 80


      Coincidences are not accidental
      Probably, many will agree with me that everything we meet is a regularity. Even in those cases when it seems to us that everything happened by a happy, or not, accident, this is still a pattern. Have you ever noticed that new people or things appear in our lives at the most unexpected moments? You think that it cannot be otherwise, but Fate throws up another surprise in the form of a meeting, a chance, an idea, a purchase, a find, and much more.
      The same thing happened to the main characters of the film "... and in my soul I dance." Two young people are forced to spend their lives in a wheelchair, it would seem that life no longer makes sense and it is not worth waiting for something new or cardinal. One of them is an exotic butterfly, which pleases others with its bright colors, and the other is a beech, which is mired in dullness and dampness. They are as different as ice and fire, as day and night, as black and white, but this did not prevent Michael and Rory from becoming true friends.
      The film, of course, is not for mass viewing. It is better to watch it alone, to feel the plot with every cell. Be prepared for dramatic, vital moments, you will not find a sugary-sweet story here. In this picture, we will be shown the most realistic story, they will tell about the problems and experiences of such people.
      The leading actors - Stephen Robertson and James McAvoy - I liked right away. At the sight of them imbued with warmth, understanding and good nature. They impressed me very much with how smoothly and easily they got used to the role and showed the viewer their characters. I recommend, maybe the tape will change some of your views or make you believe that accidents are not accidental.

      March 16, 2012

    • Andrey Korbut

      43 reviews, 148 ratings, rating 77


      Trying to get out of a restricted life, Rory O'Shea, Michael drags her disabled partner along with her. However, from one life he falls into exactly the same, but with one difference - in an independent life, no one will run after him.

      It would seem that there should be no place for humor in a film about physically paralyzed friends, but no. The film is endowed with great, sometimes shameless youth humor, which makes you forget that these 2 guys are significantly different from us. However, there are moments when you still feel the severity of such a life. A sharp change in humor and sadness makes the movie original, and at the same time interesting. But the plot cannot always stay on this sharpness. I will say a trivial phrase, but thanks to such films, you understand even better that our stresses appear out of nowhere. The real problems are experienced by these narrow-minded people who, anyway, find a way to have fun in a bar or club. Perfectly matched music. It helps us to feel all the disadvantages of life in a wheelchair. An integral plus of the picture is the place of its action. Looking at the appearance of these countries, one can feel the troubles of the heroes in a special way. I think Italy, for example, would not be the right country for filming.

      97 minutes went by unnoticed, but by no means useless.

      September 10, 2010

    • Zakhar B.

      35 reviews, 36 ratings, rating 75


      Hurry up, 0 filled in Stone Form 90.0
      In the memory of the air
      Boomerang, boomerang...

      In I first saw this movie a year ago. Unfortunately, I did not watch it from the very beginning and did not know the name. But he was insanely impressed and harassed everyone about this movie. Don't you know? Didn't look?
      H Do you remember the movie about two disabled young guys? One is called Michael and due to paralysis he can neither walk nor speak. Just live quietly and smile. The second guy is Rory, but this one, even in a wheelchair, tries to live to the fullest without thinking about the consequences.

      F life brings them together in one of the shelters for the disabled. In one of those in which people like Michael are loved and expected. One of those where people like Rory are ready to howl.
      So it turns out that the guys become friends, because only Rory can make out Michael's indistinct mooing, and he, in turn, is the only one who is ready to withstand the unbearable nature of his "translator".

      R Every six months Ori tries to get out of all this orphanage burden, but because of her nature she constantly gets rejected by the board of trustees. And then it dawns on him that the good boy Michael will be released without problems. Or almost without problems, because the guy speaks very indistinctly. Who does he need? That's right, translator.

      D ate for small things: to find housing, a nurse and ... Something else.
      F The elm "I'm dancing inside myself" sunk into my soul. Seriously. Starting with the title, continuing with the production and ending with the wonderful acting work. In this simple story about a very difficult situation, her absolute honesty touches. This is not pure tragedy or buffoonery. Everything is like in life. Laughter, tears, love, friendship. And most importantly, all this is played at a very high level.
      T You look at McAvoy's character and don't believe that this smiling and cheerful asshole is disabled. You watch Michael Robertson and you see all his purity, all his insecurity. Understand Siobhan and don't blame her. Each of them becomes a part of your life.
      With all this is done very worthy and the picture is pleasing to the eye. Dialogues and staging are also excellent. I consider this film to be one of the best I have ever seen.
      Oh yes. I wanted to advise you to get a good sleep before watching, because you need to watch this movie without being distracted by anything.
      C thank you.

      Verdict: A delightful film.

      October 27, 2009

    • Aloe Vera

      48 reviews, 49 ratings, rating 51


      This film is no exception.
      The whole biography of the hero, as it were, tells us, watching him: "Seize the moment! Appreciate what you have and use your abilities to the maximum!"
      I would also like to note the excellent acting work of James McAvoy - he turned out to be a very soulful and touching character.

      April 3, 2011

    • Alexander Terekhin

      229 reviews, 250 ratings, rating 46


      compared to the complexities of these guys. The hero of McAvoy is written and played simply amazing, but the second boy faded against the background of McAvoy. What is important - the film does not try to put pressure on pity, it just shows everything as it is, without embellishment. And that's what makes this movie so valuable to me.

      January 29, 2017

    • nikolaev_org

      23 reviews, 27 ratings, rating 44


      Disclosure in this film was given to the idea of ​​disabilities, people with disabilities. And they took one of the most terrible human ailments. For the first half hour, these people cause burning pity, but the appearance of an optimistic tomboy with a disability allows you to look at the problem from a new angle. Here, too, there are their fears, their betrayals, their rivalry.

      November 3, 2011

    • seamair

      11 reviews, 43 ratings, rating 26


      Thought after viewing: "With a sense of justice, that guy in heaven is in big trouble. "
      The plot of the film is simple, perhaps even banal:
      Michael Conelli is 24, he has been living in a specialized boarding school since birth. Michael has cerebral palsy, besides, speech problems, which means he cannot count on a full life. The life of Michael and other inhabitants of Caridgmore is calm and measured. Everything changes when Rory O'Shea arrives at the boarding school. Rory is 20 and has Duchenne. On his own, he can only speak and move one finger of his hand (with the help of which he controls the stroller). Not wanting to put up with the disease, he is eager to prove that he is able to live like all normal guys: rock a disco, glue girls and even steal a car. The guys, despite the opposite of characters, become friends and soon decide to leave the walls of Caridgmore and start an independent life. This decision will entail many funny adventures and good lessons (sometimes very bitter ones).

      The film is surprisingly bright and light, but still a drama. One has only to look into the eyes of McAvoy's hero to understand that there will be no happy ending.
      James surprisingly well showed the character of a man torn apart by internal conflict, knowing that nothing can be changed, and still not retreating. Many in his place would close themselves in a room, feel sorry for themselves and curse everyone and everything.
      Stephen Robertson very believably portrayed the disease, the delight of discovering the world and the pain of realizing that, no matter how much we want it, some things are not in our power.
      And the longer you watch the adventures of these two guys with sky-blue eyes, the more you want that, contrary to the laws of the genre and common sense, some miracle happens and the inevitable does not happen. Alas, the ending returns to reality. A reality where it is more important and honorable to breed a glowing onion with jellyfish genes than to look for a cure for incurable diseases and save hundreds of lives.
      Despite this movie, I want to rewatch it, the characters of this story evoke any kind of feelings, except for pity. And this is a rarity among films of this kind.
      Looking at them, you feel envy, because these guys are rocking in a way that many of us never even dreamed of. Because they are dancing inside themselves!

      August 14, 2010

    • Olya

      9 reviews, 22 ratings, rating 26


      There are simply no words. There are no words. there are no words. There are no words. There are no words. There are simply no words and there won't be...0003


      I discovered James McAvoy with this film, despite the fact that it was made more than 10 years ago, when James was still a completely inexperienced, but already immensely talented young man. It’s hard to even imagine what it was like for him to play a motionless guy and convey all his feelings, all his emotions so vividly and emotionally with just one face and voice. This is what is called talent.
      A very emotional film that touches to the core. You first fall in love with these guys, then you hate them, then you fall in love again, and then you roar, roar because of their tragedy, because you expected a happy ending.
      The only minus of the picture is still a discrepancy with the realities of the world of disabled people. No matter how developed the country may be, even in the modern world there is no such ease in movement and life for the disabled, what can we say about 2004. The directors built an idyll, the world of which does not exist, and this is his mistake. But if he showed everything as it is, what people with disabilities have to face on a daily basis, this would add even more tragedy to the whole story.
      The film is instructive and must-see for everyone!!

      January 20, 2015

    • Andrey Borisov

      2 reviews, 195 ratings, rating 11


      In short, a good film about life through the eyes of two disabled children.

      While watching, one and the same thought constantly did not leave me: “Is it my problem? I have it?! No, I just have everything to arrange heaven on earth for myself. I’ll watch this film and go to study deed."

      If you watch the film without thinking, it will certainly seem good. If you think a little - brilliant. Many of the nuances of our lives are shown very beautifully and unobtrusively. Yes, yes, it is ours with you. Everyone has his own world in which he lives, and everyone has their own problems. The main thing is to periodically look around, look at people passing by, sometimes try to put yourself in their place and be glad that everything is the best with you! Actually, these are the thoughts that watching the movie evokes ...

      I would recommend viewing to people from 23 to 30 years old. Those who are younger may not understand a lot, those who are older - and so everyone already knows.

      September 17, 2008

    • Natalya Okhrimenko

      12 reviews, 12 ratings, rating 9


      This is one of the most emotional films I have ever seen. No, I was absolutely not embarrassed by either the appearance of the guys, or the fact that they were in wheelchairs, or there were speech problems, I work with such guys and got used to everything. I think that the director’s idea was not to show that there are people with disabilities in the world (everyone already knows about this, but they don’t want to admit it), but to draw attention to them as individuals. For the most part, people turn away from those who, in their opinion, are “not like that”, very often you can hear a phrase like: “if he were normal”, normal, I’ll ask again NORMAL? Yes, we are all good and we are all NORMAL, if a person does not walk, does not see, does not hear, this does not mean that he has no feelings, thoughts, talents. I quite often had to hold festivals for people with health problems and you know what is amazing, guys who come as spectators who have problems identical to the problems of the speakers, and there are practically no healthy people in the hall ... Why is that? After all, imagine how much strength, work on yourself is required for in order to go on stage, sing in a broken voice or with gestures, dance in a wheelchair or draw a real work of art?

      Rory is not a fiction or a fairy tale, it is a collective image of strong, very strong people. This seems to be a difficult problem for you and me - an emergency at work, or non-payment of salaries, watch this film, make an attempt to reassess your values, because problems are different. We can walk, work, love ... yes, love and hope that you will be reciprocated, but someone does not even have this hope.

      The only thing that is difficult, which is sometimes beyond the control of either the mind or the heart, is the desire not only to be friends with a person who has certain difficulties, but also to love him as a man (woman), to accept him as he is in everyone, probably, only those who can truly love and give themselves without a trace are capable of this, everyone needs to learn this. Therefore, I cannot condemn Sibon, I have no right, everyone, of course, has their own choice ...

      After watching this story, I realized that the most important thing in the life of every person is friendship. An invaluable friend who will worry about you sincerely and genuinely, who will always support you, albeit sometimes rudely and ineptly, but SUPPORT. That's what Rory and Michael's friendship was like, and it was truly wonderful!

      I especially want to note the acting, it is simply incomparable, but I generally keep quiet about my favorite McEvoy, I worried and cried with him! Great job!

      I advise everyone to watch this movie!

      June 28, 2010

    • Igor Cheminava

      23 reviews, 25 ratings, rating 8


      A very sad and vital film about two guys who, despite their disability, decided to try to start living anew. A film about true male friendship and support.
      Pleased with the actors who play the main roles - Jace McAvoy and Stephen Robertson. So really got used to the image! It requires a lot of work, which cannot but arouse admiration. And the scene on the bridge in general shocked to the core.

      November 6, 2013

    • Arina Pavlenko

      7 reviews, 10 ratings, rating 8


      Have you ever watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" starring Jack Nicholson? Do you remember that devastated feeling, the feeling of terrible injustice that remains after watching? So, these are all flowers compared to the feeling that you will have after a two-hour contemplation of the amazing tragic picture "I'm dancing inside myself"!
      The work of director O'Donnell and the two actors who played the main roles deserves at least recognition of the genius of their talent. How can you express everything with your eyes like that? For those people who, apart from their eyes, nothing else works, this will not be difficult, but for an actor (!!!), a simple person with two arms and whole legs, with a fully working head, convey all emotions with a look! This deserves a standing ovation!
      The film is not worth watching for the faint of heart, but for those who want to finally understand that they have a special GIFT, it is a must to watch! It also does not hurt to watch people with suicidal tendencies ;), to whom the film will convey how valuable our life is and every moment of it!
      O'Sheen touches me! This is a guy who knows that he will soon come to a physical end, but he not only keeps himself perfectly afloat, constantly making fun of others, but also pulls a wheelchair user like him to the surface of the ocean. True, the latter has something more than O'Sheen, he has a FUTURE, which he begins to appreciate only after the death of a friend.
      For me - this is the best movie I have ever seen !

      November 2, 2009

    • alina prygun

      23 reviews, 24 ratings, rating 7


      “My name is Rory O'Shay, Duchenne disease - muscular dystrophy, in addition to full command of the vocal apparatus, I can use two more fingers, which is enough: to control the stretcher and self-abuse! You can shake my hand, you can kiss my ass, but don't count on reciprocity!!!"

      I'll be honest, I started watching this movie because of the title, it's too beautiful -Inside I'm Dancing

      a light, aching sadness remained in me after watching

      the plot of the film is unusual, at first glance it does not have a special originality of the plot, but has an attractive feature - to combine tragedy and humor -
      it has an enchanting irony!

      the story of two young guys whose life is unthinkable without a wheelchair - two heroes, two destinies that quite by chance intertwine into one

      heroes are so overshadowed by consciousness that you almost immediately forget that they are disabled as soon as someone's mouth opens and dialogues are being conducted

      I was struck by a thought, in principle, already “processed” for a long time, but still - the human spirit chooses its own body and destiny, and apparently, the soul just needs to live this particular life, with such trials and pain, in order to find something important and what is necessary in the process of it – the soul of evolution…

      hero Rory, he is confined to a wheelchair, but does not give up, he takes everything from life, he wants to be the same as everyone else, he is offended by the fact that they do not want to arrest him from -because he is disabled, he is strong, confident no matter what
      his fate is tragic, tragedy in that internal disharmony that gives rise to constant self-flagellation, self-hatred and, as a result, hatred of people and the world
      this very hatred is hidden behind sarcasm and mockery
      he is impudent, he always amazes everyone with defiant behavior
      his mind is in dire need of a way of life that is possible only with physical completeness and he does not know how to accept himself, such as he is, and his limited abilities
      his ego clings precisely to what is inaccessible to him and stubbornly and frantically strives to possess this is such a struggle, and before our eyes. ..
      Rory gives life to Michael, Michael, looking at the "outside" world with wide-open amazed, loving eyes, he gives him life - a real one, which he himself cannot have, "thanks to" an incurable disease, and this crosses out all his "trouble" , after all, the most that can be done in life is to give another life
      I know a person like the main character Rory O'Sheri, incredible strength and a desire for life distinguish them from the gray masses of people

      at the end of the film, Rory tells Michael, that he, Michael, has a “gift” that the whole world belongs to him and Rory is right -
      this “gift” is acceptance of yourself as you are, love for yourself, as you are, and as a result, love for people and the world is the path to happiness
      “You have a future, Michael. That's what I call a gift. Do not give up. You have no right to give up'

      liked James McAvoy's performance - "I'm dancing inside" finally made me feel enthusiastic sympathy for him for his talent, of course, I don't dare to call him a genius, but he is quite uncommon, in general, the work of the actors who performed leading roles, worthy of recognition
      after all, how can you express everything with your eyes like that - for those people who have nothing else to do except their eyes, it will not be difficult, but for an actor (!!!), a simple person with two arms and whole legs, with a completely working head to convey everything emotions look

      “Is this a dance?
      - Of course! What do you think I'm doing inside?"

      November 25, 2012

    • Roman Bushuev

      4 reviews, 6 ratings, rating 5


      -Is this a dance?
      -What do you think I'm doing inside?

      "Inside I'm dancing" is one of the most impressive films in my opinion. It is impossible not to put yourself in the place of the main characters while watching. You can’t complain about your problems - they don’t count now! Rory and Michael can love, feel, have fun, walk, despite their "gift" ... Every person, no matter who he is on the outside, can make his world a better place ... And not only inside . Our heroes were able to prove it.
      Throughout the film, I was amazed: wow - not everyone can do it. Some resigned themselves to a wheelchair, others to the fact that their parents do not need them. But not Rory and Michael.
      The film is stunning from every angle. 10 out of 10. View all))

      February 8, 2009

    • Svetlana Gusarova

      1 review, 2 ratings, rating 1


      A story about the disabled, in which, surprisingly, there is no hopelessness and despair. Michael is 24 years old. He spent his whole life in a specialized "guest house" - he has cerebral palsy. Nobody understands his distorted speech, he explains himself to the nurses, poking at the letters of a special table in turn, he leads a contemplative, quiet, almost vegetable life - like everyone else there. At this time, a new patient appears in the clinic - Rory O'Shea, who is very different from all its inhabitants. A rebel with no one to consider, Rory is the only one who is able to easily understand Michael and speak with him on an equal footing, without discounts for illness. They become friends, and Rory turns a quiet haven of long-resigned and desperate people into a farce, trying to force them to live - recklessly and dangerously, but brightly.

      It is extremely rare to see a film about people with disabilities that would evoke such a desire to live.

      December 12, 2010

    • zloy gonzo

      1 review, 1 rating, rating 0


      An evil half-moron rebel appears in the orphanage for morons. This is 20-year-old Rory, a guy who can talk and move his finger. Soon he converges with the usual moron - the main character - grimacing freak Michael, stricken with cerebral palsy and stupidity. He will be mooing throughout the film - and it will be very hard to listen to, get ready.

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