How to do the helicopter dance move

How to Do the Helicopter Dance

How to Do the Helicopter Dance

The helicopter or the coffee grinder is a footwork moves that blends in perfectly with any dance move that you perform on the dance floor. This particular type of break dancing move is pretty easy but synchronising your legs in forward and backward direction can be a bit difficult as you have to make sure that you don’t break the step. However, if you follow a few basic steps, you will be able to execute these moves perfectly in a party and you will then be able to attract a partner or two for the night after that.


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    The starting position of this dance is relatively simple. First you make a start with one leg which is your supporting leg which would be bent under your body so that you are on your toes and sit on your heel.

    The other leg, which is the spinning leg, will start straight and will maintain that posture throughout the entirety of the move. It’s better to have this leg out on its side in the start. Make sure that your upper body is leaning forward so that both of your hands remain on the ground and in front of you.

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    Now, take your spinning led and start sliding it in front of your body. Make sure that most of your weight is on your supporting leg during this particular position. However, in order to let your spinning leg pass under, you’ll have to lift your arm off the ground. After your leg is out of the way, put your hand back on the floor instantly. Repeat the same procedure with the other arm but make sure that your spinning leg remains straight.

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    As soon as both hands touch the ground after you allow your leg to pass under them, move your weight forward onto your arms. Most of your body’s weight should be on your arms as it will take it off the supporting foot in order to move over the leg that will come around. However, make sure that you do not jump over it as you will lose your balance.

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    While doing the backward helicopter dance, your starting position is going to be the same as in the forward stance. However, bear in mind that these positions are a help only at the start. Once you get used to this movement, explore other ways to go in and out and be as creative as you can be.

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Dancers learn ‘the sweep’ and ‘helicopter’ moves at Temple breakdancing workshops

David Heller, a dance instructor, breakdances during the Temple Breakers' Breakin' 101 workshop in Pearson Hall on March 9. | JEREMY ELVAS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Breakdance, a hip-hop variation, originated in the Bronx in the late 1960s and 70s from martial arts moves developed by street gangs, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica.   

“Since its mobilization, hip hop has impacted the entire world,” said Raymond Trinh, president of Temple Breakers, a dance student organization.    

The organization held its first workshop on March 9 in Pearson Hall as part of their Breakin’ 101 series, which runs through March 14. The workshop was attended by 16 people. 

The events are catered to both beginners and advanced dancers to learn foundational steps and enhance their skills while learning the culture and profession of breakdance, according to the event’s description. 

“This year, I wanted to give a sort of holistic approach to breakdancing,” said Trinh, a junior supply chain and business management double major. “We’re kind of giving people on and off campus the opportunity, in this one week, to learn the basic fundamentals of dance and also get a little bit of background information on the ancestry.

Jay “Rukkus” Jao, a dance teacher at I Am Phresh Dance Academy, led the March 9 workshop where he taught attendees how to execute breakdancing moves. 

He began the first part of the workshop by demonstrating a series of warm-up dance moves to attendees. New and experienced dancers learned several dance steps in order to practice basic bottom-rock motions, like “the sweep” and “helicopter,” where a dancer swings their leg underneath their body in a circular motion.

Rukkus also spoke on teaching dance and participating in dance battles as the two most lucrative career paths within breakdance during the second half of the workshop. Then, he broke down attendees into two separate groups and tasked them with choosing their specific career paths within breakdancing, either a teacher or a dance battler. 

He then assigned the teacher group and battle groups to teach each other a demonstrated move or battle each other, respectively. In the end, attendees reconvened to showcase everything they learned in a dance circle.

Attendees of Temple Breakers’ Breakin’ 101 workshop practice breakdancing moves in Pearson Hall on March 9. | JEREMY ELVAS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

David Heller, an instructor who teaches Philadelphia dance experience at Temple University, attended the workshop to learn from the “best b-boy in Philly.”

“I’ve been in the game for 20 years and I’m still a student,” Heller said.

Temple Breakers promotes hip-hop with a focus on break dancing to provide practical knowledge on the dance and its culture, as well as the opportunity for community members to practice, Trinh said.

The Breakin’ 101 series was created to retain more members and bridge the gap between hip-hop academia and practitioners, he said. Temple Breakers hopes to advocate for a hip-hop minor in Boyer College of Music and Dance, Trinh added. 

“Hip hop is the American culture, it’s kind of the melting pot of all cultures,” Trinh said. “I think there’s a different portrayal of hip hop that the media gives and I think academia should be able to bridge the gap between the true history of hip hop and some of the misconceptions that people have.

Jerrell Lewis, a junior computer science major, attended the workshop as a new Temple Breakers member after attending three practices. Lewis said he recommends anyone interested in any form of dance to come to a workshop.

“It was great,” Lewis said. “I didn’t know what to expect to be quite honest but it went well. [Rukkus] started off slow and broke it down when we didn’t understand.”

Hip-hop continues to expand its impact across the globe due to its prevailing influence on youth culture, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica.

“The hip hop culture is the dominant culture in the media, as far as social media goes,” Trinh said. “I think there’s a very large amount of interest there, we just have to prove it with these kinds of events.”

The Dancing Alligator: The Hidden Features of the Best Combat Helicopter A couple of seconds, and the car soars into the sky. And then you realize that a huge, at first glance, clumsy piece of iron is so elegant that in the hands of an experienced aviator he can even dance.

Helicopter flies backwards

Team, propellers start, the noise is deafening, and the wind literally knocks you off your feet. A couple of seconds, and the car soars into the sky. And then you realize that a huge, at first glance, clumsy piece of iron is so elegant that in the hands of an experienced aviator he can even dance. How? It's simple, say the pilots of the air base of the Eastern Military District. This is a whole art - to manage the "Alligator". One might even say magic. Imagine: a car weighing ten tons, equipped with two engines that produce a total of five thousand horsepower! nine0003

And all its power is controlled by the pilot, who makes the helicopter literally dance in the sky. What other rotorcraft can move tail-first at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour, make a turn on the spot or go into a dive? All these air pirouettes are by no means hooliganism. This is how pilots practice air combat skills and learn to be one with the machine. After all, the lives of all who are on board depend on it in the literal sense.

This is, at first glance, a game of catch-up. One spinner rushes across the sky after another, turns around, spins and hangs in the air. nine0003

“The task of the one ahead is actually very difficult,” explains Sergey (his last name was not disclosed for reasons of secrecy), the commander of the Ka-52 helicopters of the air base of the army aviation of the Eastern Military District. - It is not so easy to get away from the enemy, to drop him from the capture, especially if you understand that an experienced pilot is catching up, who can calculate your actions. Knowing the car and feeling it, you can take a risk somewhere. See how this pilot deftly avoids a direct attack and completes the task! nine0003

The Alligator really seems to hang in the air for a moment, and then makes a sharp turn and goes up. The decoy worked, and the pursuer missed his prey.

Maybe everything and even more

There are no losers or winners in these exercises. Air Force pilots have just begun to master the Ka-52; this technique has recently been in service with the district and significantly surpasses all other turntables in terms of its technical capabilities.

– The machine is excellent in handling, but at the same time you need to be able to feel it, and for this you need to train and not fly alone, but simulate various combat situations, – Sergey continues, describing the capabilities of the Ka-52. - There is an opinion that the "Alligator" can win the battle without doing anything, just appearing on the enemy's horizon. His glory goes before him. nine0003

– How about the controls? Was it difficult to transfer from other types of cars?

- Formerly piloted Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters. This spinner is a little more difficult to control, but it is more maneuverable, which means it gives the pilot more options to react. It can perform various slides, dives, complex piloting, snakes, slide-to-slide transitions, flat turns, hill turns. Lots of shapes that can be easily combined with one another. It’s easier to say what he can’t than to list everything he is capable of,” the flight commander describes the car and gently slaps the “iron bird” on the fuselage. nine0003

We play to survive

Encounters with the "Alligator" are afraid, perhaps, most of the ground types of troops. Modern guidance systems make it dangerous for both enemy manpower and armored vehicles. A laser-guided missile destroys a tank with up to 900 millimeters of armor at a distance of three kilometers. A series of such missiles hits four targets in 30 seconds. Plus a cannon and classic weapons - unguided rockets - four blocks of twenty 80-mm projectiles of various actions. nine0003

- Here the chances of the enemy to hide from the "Alligator" are almost zero. The car is a beast, - Sergey states.

– And after him, would they be transferred to the Mi-8 again to serve? - I'm slyly interested.

- Wow! This is the best of the turntables that are now in service, unless it appears even better and newer, I can change my crocodile to it, - the commander jokingly ends the conversation and, having received a command from the technicians that the turntable is ready, goes into the cockpit and already through up into the sky for a minute. nine0003

Author: Yulia Kremneva

You can read other materials of the 107th issue of the Zvezda weekly by downloading the electronic version of the newspaper .

Gathering of helicopters and their friends: zhzhitel — LiveJournal

Over the weekend, a wonderful holiday was held at the Shevlino airfield, uniting thousands of aviation enthusiasts. The program included airplanes, gliders, gyroplanes, hang gliders, motorized steam planes, but helicopters took the main place. And this is no coincidence, because the holiday is called "Helicopter". nine0002
The day turned out to be clear, and the holiday turned out to be mega-positive.

2. Helicopter flight is held for the second time. The entrance is free.

3. Many helicopters flew to the festival. Some have traveled from here.

4. Introduction of the competitors in the most spectacular exercise of the World Air Games program. It is called "Helicopter Slalom", among the participants are athletes from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

5. Various aircraft were flying in the sky all day long.

6. There were a lot of spectators, so much equipment, and even demonstration flights. For convenience, tents, attractions, food points, souvenir shops were placed.

7. At first this spectator confused me, it turned out to be a mannequin.

8. Parachutists rained down from a helicopter right out of the sky.

9. Elena Klimovich performs on the Su-31 aircraft. "Sushki" is not only fighters and "Superjet", but also such aerobatic aircraft. nine0061

10. Elena Klimovich has won dozens of titles in aircraft sports both in Russia and abroad. I don't know how to put into words what Elena was doing in the sky. This is a dance.

11. Aerobatics on the Mi-2.

12. Helicopter aerobatics also looks very impressive.

13. Of course, a helicopter event cannot do without the 360 ​​Podmoskovye TV channel with their branded multi-colored Robinson 44. The journalists did not perform or compete, but worked. nine0061

14. Gliders take to the sky.

15. Spectacular synchronized passage.

16. More traditional helicopter livery.

17. Hello!

18. Glider landing. By the way, the crew are girls.

19. Interesting devices - gyroplanes.

20. Group aerobatics again. This is the First Flight aerobatic team.

21. Very exciting.

22. Meanwhile, the helicopters are preparing for the competition. nine0061

23. Hello World!

24. Colleagues bloggers are also not far behind. In the field aviator_ru and stoleo1976 .

25. And now the highlight of the program is the helicopter slalom.

26. The helicopter crew must scoop water from the barrel with a bucket in the minimum time, carry the bucket filled with water through 11 gates in a given sequence and place it in the center of the table. Flight height - 5 meters. The judges evaluate the correct passage of the gate and the amount of water remaining in the bucket. nine0061

27. Requires crew coordination, helicopter control skills, nerves of steel and accurate calculation.

28. A moment before the touch.

29. Attempt passed.

30. Result.

31. Participants make three trips in pairs. At the first stages, it was possible to watch the competitions of different types of helicopters - Mi-2 and Robinson 44.

To make it even clearer, I made a video:

32. After completing their stages, the pilots greeted the audience. nine0061

33. Again Robinson 44 against Mi-2.

34. Serious passions, but no room for error.

35. We pass through the gate.

36. Put the bucket on the table.

37. During the break, bloggers manage to post everything on Instagram and Facebook. kronos , dimkin_ and android_msu .

38. And again aerobatics. Aviation family.

39. In addition to flights, there is also a static exposition. Let's go for ice cream. nine0061

40. Gliders.

41. Yuri Rozhdestvin and his son talk about their aircraft models.

42. For many, the path to big aviation begins with small airplanes.

43. Grill and tent crew.

44. Glamorous kitty. Reference.

45. Have you had a rest? Let's go back to the airfield!

46. Helicopter slalom again. The closer to the final, the less Mi-2 remains. The lighter R44 is easier, but that doesn't mean that the competition has become less interesting. The main thing is people. The best of the best remain. nine0061

47. Crew Elena Zhuperina and Nikolai Rodionov.

48. Julia relax_action ran somewhere.

49. And above the runway, the start of regular flights.

50. Alina from the Russian Helicopter Sports Federation in front of - that's right - a helicopter.

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