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Orlando Bus Driver's Impromptu Dance Party With Little Girl Warms Hearts All Over

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Photographer Brette-Ashley shared a heartwarming video of her daughter dancing to a Taylor Swift song she heard on a bus.

Emerson jammed to “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, when she heard it playing on the bus in Orlando, and let the driver know how much she loved the song.

“Favorite moment from our trip so far,” Brette-Ashley captioned the video.

“Before getting off the bus Emerson went up to our bus driver and said ‘this is my favorite song’!!!”

The driver turned up the volume and also joined in dancing his heart out with a big smile on his face, all while remaining seated. Emerson, wearing a cute black-and-white dress that twirled as she danced, gave an impromptu performance alongside the driver.

Watch: Bus Driver Dances With Little Girl In Adorable Video


Favorite moment from our trip so far 😍 Before getting off the bus Emerson went up to our bus driver and said “this is my favorite song”!!! I’m sure he has a crazy schedule to keep but he stopped everything and blasted the music as loud as he could and well… they both jammed out to #taylorswift ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Thank you Mr. Bus Driver for making our little girls day !!! #heartbreakersgonnabreak #shakeitoff #feelgoodmoment #spreadkindness

Posted by Brette-Ashley Photography on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Rochester, New York-based photographer was moved by the driver’s kindness and enthusiasm toward her daughter.

Now the video has gone viral, with over 2.6 million views. “My phone is blowing up … apparently this video of Emerson is going viral all the sudden!!!” Brette-Ashley wrote in a Feb. 21 Facebook post.

“How crazy would it be if @theellenshow @taylorswift could track this amazing guy down for spreading so much joy,” she wrote.

Viewers too have become detectives and are trying to crack the case by helping identify the driver. Brette-Ashley gave them some clues to help, like the family had been in Orlando, Florida, and were returning from Sea World when they met the driver.

One Facebook user named Tara Duprez gave Brette-Ashley a name with a link that has since been deleted. “His name is Fred,” Duprez wrote on the photographer’s post.

Brette-Ashley told her she sent Fred a message, which could see the puzzle getting solved finally.

Nevertheless, the pure joy of a little kid on hearing her favorite song play and the willingness of an adult happy to play along, has certainly warmed thousands of hearts all over the country.

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The work of the bus driver will be checked by the police after dancing on the roof of the transport in Karaganda


A frame from the video:

In Karaganda, the police intend to check the activities of the bus driver, who danced on the roof of public transport and constantly makes videos while driving, a NUR. KZ correspondent reports citing the press service of the Karaganda regional police department.

The Karaganda Police Department will study videos of public transport driver Aidos Arinov, who became a Tik-Tok star by dancing on the roof of a bus. Law enforcement officers intend to check how and under what circumstances this video was filmed and whether the shooting interfered with other road users.

Some netizens are also embarrassed by the fact that the driver constantly shoots videos while driving and at the same time uploads images of underage passengers to the Net.

"Currently, this video is being studied by the staff of the Local Police Department," the press service of the Karaganda region's DP reported.

The Karaganda akimat also commented on the activity of the driver of the fleet number 3. According to the department, it is necessary to conduct a preventive conversation with the driver.

"The management of the bus fleet was informed about the need to conduct explanatory work with the driver. He must be warned about preventing such situations in the future. Also, the management of the enterprise made a remark to the driver for the video where he danced on the bus," the department of the communal service, passenger transport and highways of Karaganda.

Earlier it was reported that a bus driver in Karaganda repeated a well-known trend from Tik-Tok and danced on the roof of the bus. The driver actively blogs and often makes videos about his work.

Original article:

Author: Elena BelenkoKolmakova Victoria
  • Karaganda region
  • Karaganda

The bus driver pleaded not guilty to the accident

The court began considering a criminal case against Vyacheslav Malyshev, who in the summer of 2017, while driving a bus, knocked down a boy who ran onto the road for a ball. The man pleaded not guilty, the child's mother supported him.

The accident occurred at the end of July last year on the Yagorbsky bridge. A bus moving at a speed of 48 km/h hit a boy who jumped out onto the roadway. A criminal case was opened three months later.

In court, 11-year-old Alexander recounts the events of that day sparingly: he walked along the sidewalk across the bridge with a friend, minted the ball when it hit the road, ran after him.

Olga Kulikova, senior assistant to the city prosecutor, asks leading questions: were there cars on the road at that moment and at what distance. The boy replies that he saw both the cars and the bus, but he thought he would make it in time. I was worried that if a car ran over the ball, an accident might occur.

According to Alexander’s mother Irina Maltseva, that day his son asked to go to the stadium to play football:

- I didn't know that Sasha left for the District, he didn't ask permission. At four o'clock my eldest son got a call, they said that there had been an accident. Sasha spent a day in intensive care, ten days in the hospital. Now there are no health problems, doctors only forbid playing football and dancing, and doing physical education. I believe that it is not the driver who is to blame for the accident, but my son. He broke the rules and ran out onto the road.

Stanislav, 15, told why a child living in the Industrial District ended up in the District. According to him, he met a friend in the courtyard of the house, said that he was going to buy a charger for the phone, Sasha asked to go along with him. We went there by bus, on the way back we bought lemonade, and there was not enough money for the fare.

- I walked a little ahead, Sasha - behind, minted the ball. When I did not hear the sound of the ball and turned around, Sasha was already on the road. He was hunched over with the ball when he was knocked down.

As the wife of the defendant Galina notes, for 18 years of work in the motorcade, there were no complaints about her husband:

- I work with him, the conductor. We drove off from the stop on the street. Embankment, and when the bus leveled off on the bridge, I went to pay the passengers. I felt a sharp jolt. I didn’t see the moment of the accident, but my husband said that when he saw the boy, he took emergency braking. The bus stopped, and I went out into the street, asked the passengers if they were safe, then went up to the boy. He wanted to get up, but I didn't let him. The traffic police immediately said that the driver was not guilty: the child climbed over the fence.

The examination, on the contrary, showed that the driver could have prevented the collision when he saw the ball on the road.

- The expert refers to the fact that 4.11 seconds have passed from the moment the ball was found on the roadway to the impact, - notes the defendant's lawyer Yulia Kovaleva. — I was watching the recording from the DVR, and the stopwatch on my phone shows almost a second less. In addition, the recording shows that the bus is moving down, and this affects the braking distance.

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