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List of Dance Moves Names

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Would you like to be the person who knows all of the best dance moves names and can execute all of them? At first, learning these steps may seem complex, even unattainable. In reality, almost everyone can learn to dance. It’s simply a matter of breaking each dance into individual steps and practicing until you get it right.

Most of us have watched in awe as an amazing dancer showed off their skills at a party. Have you also noticed that these dancers aren’t always the suavest or most athletic folks? Instead, they are often just normal people who enjoy dancing and having fun.

How do you gain the same skills and confidence? Take the first step by reading through this list of dance moves names and steps.

Why Learn How to Dance?

Dancing is a popular social activity that allows people to enjoy events and connect with others. When you can execute cool dance moves, not only will you have a great time. People around you will enjoy themselves as well. Of course, dancing is also an excellent tool for making romantic connections.

Here are some other benefits of learning dance moves names and their steps:

  • Great physical activity
  • Parties and events are more enjoyable
  • It’s a healthy and productive hobby
  • You can share dancing with friends or loved ones
  • Learning to dance teaches you about other cultures

Think of dancing like playing a musical instrument. Start slowly and simply. Many of the most popular dance moves are easy enough to be done by a novice.

Ready to Start Dancing?

Here is a list of dance moves you can start practicing today. Some of these cool dance moves names are popular classics. Others have just begun to trend.

The list mixes some dance steps that are designed to impress and others that are just for fun and nostalgia. Choose a few you’d like to start practicing today. You’ll enjoy the physical activity and impress your friends.

1. The Moonwalk

You can’t list dance moves names without mentioning the moonwalk.

To execute this move, start with your feet aligned. Then slide your right foot back until it is directly behind your left, ending with only the ball of your right foot touching the floor. Now, slide your left foot back, but keep it flat on the floor. As you do this, shift your weight to your right foot. This approach allows your left foot to glide across the floor.

As soon as your left foot is behind your right, snap your left heel up and drop your right heel down.

2. The Floss

The floss is one the most popular dance moves of the last few years. It was featured on Saturday Night Live and the game Fortnite.

Start this stationary dance with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides, and hands in fists. Bend your knees slightly.

First, move both your arms together to the left. Your right arm should be in front of your body, and the left behind. As you do this, swing your hips to the right. Now, sweep both arms in front of your body and back to the right. This move will reorient your body to repeat the first move in the opposite direction.

3. The Dougie

The great thing about cool dance moves is you can personalize them. That’s what makes the Dougie so popular.

Start by simply swaying side to side with the beat. Step down alternately with your right and left foot as you sway. Feel free to tap or double tap on the third beat.

Now, add in your arm movements. Run your fingers through your hair, or pretend as if you are. Change hands and slightly shift your upper body as you sway from one side to the other.

4. Two-Step

This simple move works with any song. Keep this in your list of popular dance moves names when you are trying to dance to music you don’t know.

Start with your legs together and step to the right with your right leg. Then step your left leg to the right, so your feet are together again. Repeat the move to the opposite side. Stay in rhythm with the music. Feel free to add arm moves like rolls, snaps, or claps.

5. Swing Dancing

One of the most popular dance steps names is swing. Swing dancing is full of acrobatics, leaps, and throws. However, you can get started with a few basic moves. Swing is a great dance to learn for wedding receptions and parties.

Begin with you and your partner holding hands. Now, let go of one hand and step apart. One partner will step with their right foot, and the other with their left.

Raise your hands that are still together. The leading partner can use their hand as leverage to spin their partner to the inside or outside. When the turn is complete, step back together and clasp hands.

6. Body Roll

When you think of dance moves names that are simple and a bit sexy, remember the body roll. This movement is popular in hip-hop dancing, Zumba, and club dance.

Start by looking up. Then, move your head, so you are looking at your chest. Pop your chest as you do this. Next, collapse your chest as you simultaneously push your hips forward. Now, bend your knees, and push your booty back.

7. Voguing

Start the vogue with your walk. The easiest move here is the catwalk. It’s simply a strut to the music on the balls of your feet. Now, add hands. Begin with simple face-framing movements and arm extensions.

8. The Robot 

 The robot, one of the most well-known dance moves names, is all about body isolation. Move one part of your body at a time, focusing on your upper body and head. Make each move sharp and precise, like a robot. Add a wobble after each motion to create the machinelike effect. 

9. The Hustle 

One of the iconic dance steps names, the hustle, is best learned through a video that breaks down the dance into easy to memorize steps. You can also look for a great dance instructor to walk you through things. 

10. Popping and Locking 

To learn to pop and lock, you should start by understanding what these dance moves names mean. Popping is a sharp move that you execute by tightening and relaxing your muscles as you move your body. Locking is stopping a movement abruptly then completing it. 

11. Whip/Nae Nae 

The whip begins with raising the left knee, forming a loose fist with the left hand, then punching forward. Now, pull your hand back and open it. It should be above your head to the side. Finally, step from your left to right foot while waving. Switch sides and repeat. 

12. The Monastery 

Start with your feet apart. Turn your knee in while twisting on the ball of your foot. Repeat with the other leg. Now, bounce down with each turn. As you do this, move your arms, so they accentuate each hip movement. 

13. The Box Step 

One of the fun and fitting dance moves names is the box step. This dance is the basic step for partner dancing. To lead, step forward with your left foot. Then step out with your right. Third, move your left foot so that it closes the distance between your feet.  

 Next, step back with your right. Then out with your left, and close the box you’ve drawn with your feet by bringing your right foot back in close. Followers start by moving their right foot back and mirroring the leader. 

14. The Woah 

Start this unique group of dance moves names with your hands in front of you, making alternating circles (counterclockwise and clockwise). Now turn to the side and make fists. Move your left hand down, and act as if you are grabbing a gear shift and downshifting. Form a fist with your right, twist back, and pull your fist down. 

15. The Billy Bounce 

Start the Billy Bounce with your feet apart, knees bent. Open and close your knees simultaneously. Once you get that, pick up each foot on alternating beats.   

16. The Humpty Dance 

One of the funniest dance moves names is the Humpty dance. Start the Humpty with a small jump as you crisscross your legs, then repeat. When your legs are apart, drop your butt down. Repeat the drop move several times before returning to the crisscross. Add in side-to-side arm waves. 

17. The Prep 

Start by turning your upper body to the side and rocking your shoulders back while slightly bending your knees. Now, turn on your heels, so you are facing the other side. The arm moves are palms up and raised just above your head level. Finally, push and pull your arms to and away from your body in an upward diagonal motion. 

18. Outside Partner Step 

The outside partner step is one of the popular dance moves names for couples. It begins with your and your partner’s upper bodies in close contact, but each turned to the left. Now, each partner steps their right foot forward and crosses it in front of their left. At the end of the step, the partners should have stepped to the outside of the other.

19. The Basic Cha-Cha 

The basic cha-cha is easy to learn. It is two slow forward steps followed by three fast steps. With a partner, one person does the same steps, only backward. 

20. The Bust Down 

The bust down is one of the recent easy, and popular dance moves from the rap and hip-hop genres. Grab the front of your waistband with one hand. Take your other hand and hold it over your head off to the side. As you wave that hand, bounce, swivel, and rotate your hips. 

21. The Hype 

Turn to the side and lift your outside knee to just below waist level. Now kick that foot forward in time to the beat. As you do this, lift the arm on the same side up and do an upward fist pump in time with your kicks. 

22. The Booty Pop 

This step is one of many dance moves names that has a lot of feminine energy. Start by bending both knees. Twist your upper body to one side, and grab your upper leg with both hands. As you twist, pop your opposite hip. 

23. The Something New  

The something new tops lists of TikTok popular dance moves names. Begin by putting one arm in front of your chest, elbow facing outward. Now, move like you are elbowing the person next to you. Drop that arm, and repeat with your other arm. Finish with a shoulder shimmy.  

24. Alors on Danse 

Like many cool dance moves, this is another TikTok challenge. The arm movements are simply in front of your body with your fists moving together and apart, and your elbows bent. As you do this, turn slightly from one side to the other. 

25. Jacking 

Jacking is simply leaning forward at the waist and rapidly shimmying your shoulders back and forth. Next, lean backward and repeat. You’ll see these popular dance moves in many choreographed videos.  

Learn Popular Dances Moves from a Skilled Instructor 

Now you have 25 of the best dance moves names to memorize. These are engaging, trending, or classic dance steps that are great fun to do solo or with a partner. How can you master these moves?  

You can get started by watching YouTube videos and copying the steps you see. It’s fun, and you will pick up some cool dance moves. However, to add polish to your dance steps, you might need help from a professional dance instructor. They will keep you motivated and provide you with the information you need to truly master some amazing dances. 

Easy Dance Moves You Can Use at a Party

Want to learn a few cool and fun dance moves to bust out at your next party? 


There are a lot of shy people who do not know how to dance and end up being wallflowers when everyone else is having fun. Don’t let that be you! We will show you easy-to-follow steps to master popular dance moves to wow your friends at the next party or on your latest Tik Tok video.


Did someone say Bollywood dance moves? Watch this video to learn an easy dance move right now.


The Two-Step

Let’s start with the basics: the Two-Step. The first dance move to master is as easy as they come. You can rely on the Two-Step to get you into any dance beat.


Start by stepping one foot to the side and bending your knees while bringing your other foot together with the first. Clap when your two feet come together. Next, step to the other side, in the same way. Then bring your feet together and clap. That’s it. You have the first move in your easy dance arsenal.

Once you are comfortable with each dance move, feel out which combination fits together the best.

The Biz Markie

This dance is named after rapper Biz Markie who made the move popular. It is an energetic dance move that will really get the groove going. 


This dance move requires your arms and legs to be working simultaneously. Start by hopping to the left side while raising your right arm. As you land from your hop, bring your arm down in front of your body with a snap. Then hop to the right while raising your left arm, and bring it down in front of your body and snap.


This may take a little bit to master. However, this dance move will look cool, and you will also be able to show off your knowledge of hip-hop history. 

The Bust Down

The Bust Down is a sexy dance move made popular by Blueface and the club hit “Thotiana.”


For this dance, it is all about swinging the hips. Grab your belt buckle area on your waist and raise your other hand in the air. Dip your hips and swing in a circular motion. Your body has to feel the groove for this one.


You can switch it up by raising the opposite arm and grabbing your belt with your other hand. Whatever you do, don’t stop swinging those hips.

Booty Pop

Another sexy move is the Booty Pop. When in sync with the beat, a variation of twerking, the Booty Pop should definitely get you noticed.


Start with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees. Swing your hips forward, then pop your hips back. Repeat to the beat. Get lower in a squat, placing your hands on your knees. Finally, pop that booty back, repeating 1-2, 1-2.


Depending on what track is spinning will determine the tempo. Putting the booty pop on your list is an easy way to add a sexy, go-to move.

The Monastery

The Monastery is easy to learn and looks great on the dance floor. 


Start by stepping in place, turning your knee towards the opposite leg. Alternate this movement with your steps. Let your hips follow your inward steps. Now the arms. Bring your two arms up in a circular motion opposite to the inward step. Repeat on the other side.


The Monastery may take a minute to master, but it will be a move you can play around with. Go low with it, bending at the waist while moving your arms. Before you know it, you will be bringing out this dance at the next party.

The Smeeze

Another dance that is part of hip hop lore is The Smeeze. It dates back to 2009, made popular by dancer Chonkie and his cousin, Smeeze.


It is an easy dance step to master. First, you stomp with one leg, followed by a bunny hop to the same side. Next, stomp with the other leg and hop to that side. Repeat from left to right to the beat.


Your upper body movements are freestyle. Do what you feel. Swing your arms or move them in a circle like in the Monastery. Either way, this dance is a good way to get the body moving and into the groove.

The Running Man

Another popular move that is easy to master when learning how to dance is the Running Man.


Start in a standing position and hop so that one leg goes forward and the other leg goes back. Hop back to the starting position, but lift the back leg bringing your knee up as you do. This leg now goes forward, the other leg going back. Return to the starting position by lifting the back leg/knee up. The result will be the illusion of running on the spot. 


You can pump your arms to mimic the running motion. When the music is thumping, this is not only an easy dance but also a decent workout.

Toosie Slide

Thanks to Drake’s video for his song, the Toosie Slide became a Tik Tok challenge. He does the Toosie Slide while dancing around his mansion. It proved to be rather popular, garnering billions of views.


As the song’s lyrics go, “left foot up, right foot slide, right foot up, left foot slide.” Furthermore, you can add a little shimmy for flair, but this is one of the easiest and most popular dances you can bust out at any party.

Fun and Easy Dance Moves

Now that you know the basics of these fun and easy dance moves, you are now ready to impress your friends. The next step is to join a couple of moves into a routine. 


Once you are comfortable with each dance move, feel out which combination fits together the best. Of course, your routine may change depending on the music played at your party. But having several easy dance moves under your belt will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

A girl with Down syndrome teaches people to dance and love life

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Sofia Svetlichnaya

A sunny person with luminous eyes and good plans for the future, dances and trains others, plays tennis and conducts master classes. Read the story of a girl with Down syndrome in the material.

Charming Leysan Zaripova is 22 years old, she teaches dance classes, prepares for table tennis competitions, loves to draw and knit. At the same time, in the first years of life, doctors assured the mother that her child would not be able to speak or walk, or would not survive at all. Leysan has Down's Syndrome and she copes well with all difficulties and even does more than many people. nine0003

The family of a sunny girl lived in an ordinary Tatar village. Parents raised four daughters, the youngest Leysan. There were many difficulties associated with both the development of a special girl and the financial condition of the family. But they coped, did not succumb to the tricks of the saying that children with Down syndrome are doomed. Relations with the school did not work out, so Leysan was with her mother all the time. Then she started crocheting and drawing. From the age of seven, the girl watched dances on the Internet and tried to repeat. Later, she began to perform on stage, participated in competitions, festivals. nine0003

Gymnast with Down syndrome - two-time world champion

Leysan's passion for dancing has grown into a favorite pastime. Now a girl with Down syndrome has two groups of wards in Kazan. She chose a difficult path - she teaches zumba classes for special children, this is the first group. And the second is the parents of these children and other adults, Leysan helps them achieve the figure of their dreams, since she herself once got rid of extra pounds through training.

Healthy lifestyle rules from a female model with Down syndrome: how to lose weight by 25 kg

An amazing girl leads a very active lifestyle. Her day is scheduled by the hour. At the same time, she manages to make unusual entries in her notebook-diary. Leysan refutes the existing myths about Down syndrome, which she personally encountered. Thus, she wants to make this world kinder.

Recall that earlier we wrote about how, with the help of proper nutrition and sports, a Ukrainian woman realized her dream - she went on a first date.

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29-year-old Las Vegas resident Cece Down shared her story of “weight loss” through breast reduction. The operation cost her 16 thousand dollars, but the young woman regrets only that she did not decide on it earlier.

Sisi was the owner of a gorgeous XXXL size bust for 13 years - this is the 44th American and Russian "hundred" with a maximum "H" cup - that is, 6+.

Life "before"

- My life with such large breasts was a torment, , Sisi admitted, writes the New York Post. - I suffered from severe pain in my back and shoulders, because most of the bras could not support the weight of my chest, I experienced constant physical discomfort, and all the time faced with unhealthy interest of men who sexualized my body, even if the chest was completely covered. I was embarrassed about my body, afraid to leave the house, my self-esteem was insanely low.

This was Sisi's chest before the operation

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Sisi also shared that her large breasts prevented her from sleeping - and not only because of her size, but because of the developed apnea. And the woman could not play sports at all. A bust of such a volume did not make it possible to do push-ups, or squat, or run, or dance.


A 29-year-old woman decided to have breast reduction surgery in June 2022. Sisi saved up for her for 13 years.

The operation lasted about 4 hours. After her, Sisi had to recover for another six weeks. Now the woman is happy - although her breasts have remained quite large, they have decreased to size D - "four". nine0003

This is what Sisi looks like after the operation

social networks

A young woman claims that the operation made her finally understand that almost all psychological problems and self-doubt were associated with huge breasts.

“Now I can buy and wear almost any clothes,” Sisi admires. “I no longer feel terrified when I go outside, although I still get stares depending on what I wear.

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