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Easy Beginner Burlesque Dance Choreography To Try At Home

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We’re getting sexy and saucy with some Burlesque style dance choreography today. Spice up your dance routine with Erica, Kelli and myself and get those leg warmers ready babes. It’s going to get hot, hot, hot in here.

I have to be honest, the idea of burlesque dance is intimidating to me. I’m not really used to feminine moves and to be honest I get intimidated trying to bring my sexy out. I’m pretty awkward and nerdy to be honest. So channeling my inner fierce takes time. I’ve taken Erica‘s pilates class before so I know that she’s a really good teacher but can she help me get over my anxiety on how to Burlesque dance? What I love about Erica is that she really takes care of you on the dance floor. She lets you be you and guides you through a sexy, burlesque journey. I learned that Burlesque is not really intimidating at all. The moves are super easy to learn and feel very organic. Burlesque dance makes me feel so fierce and very in touch with my body. I think I even gained some confidence after the class. It helps a lot that we are wearing these cute leg warmers. Who else is obsessed with leg warmers right now? Get the ones we’re wearing HERE. If you’ve never tried Burlesque dance before, come learn these 5 easy steps with me and get your sexy on babe! PLUS, show off your moves on instagram and use #hipshaker so we can give you some love!  

Oooh this move is so hot, I love it! Spin for me babe and then tease the floor with your little toes. Pull that leg back up and back down and work it. This move is so flirty and fun, you can add it to any choreography or add it as flair when you’re walking down the street!

Hairography is back on the menu, babes. These flips are dangerously sexy because you’re using the momentum from that leg down move to flip your hair back. So flip it real good and release that inner wild side in you.

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Sexy divas let’s walk it and throw it! I know you’ve perfected your diva walk from our hip hop dance classes, so now add a little sweep of the hair and throw your sexiness to the ground.

This is my new favorite dance flavor. Arch and tease to reach the floor then swirl your hips to one side. It’s such a spunky move and you can put your own spin on it like making the arch slow and the swirl small.

I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, but I also loved having two legs. This move gives me the best of both worlds. I’ll be doing this mermaid roll EVERYWHERE, then I can show off my leg warmers– I definitely have some stretching to do before this.

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Burlesque Dance Moves You Should Know

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Have you ever wanted to try Burlesque dance moves? You’ve come to the right place babes. We’ll go through some moves on the floor, standing and even how to fake a split!

There’s something about Burlesque dance moves that just make me feel so proud to be a woman. It makes me feel sexy and empowered at the same time. I think all babes should have a few burlesque dance moves in their pockets. It’s super sexy to be able to show off some tricks anytime you want. By taking burlesque dance classes, you’ll learn new dance moves and you’ll be able to pick and choose moves that you really want to master. One of my favorite moves in the Fan Kick because it makes my legs look so long even though I’m a shorty 🤫 Find your inner goddess with the help of burlesque moves below. Show off your burlesque moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love

Here’s a little taste of a burlesque routine with a couple of moves stitched together. You’ll learn the Fairy Flick, the Arch Back, Hips and Hair Throw. I really love the Arch move because there are so many ways to make this move your own and learn how to tease the eyes with it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to learn how to do a split? I know I’ve been wanting to learn since I was little, but of course I’m not as flexible anymore so I’m happy there’s a hack for it. The most important thing before you try this out is to stretch first and Erica will go through some stretches before teaching you how to fake a split.

This one’s for the badass babes who knows their worth! In this routine, you’re going to learn some floor moves like one of my faves, Floor Fan Kick. It’s so sexy, fierce and it will kick your confidence right up. Plus, you get to use some of the moves you learned from the Beginner Burlesque Dance Moves video.

Now this burlesque choreography is much faster, all standing and will give your legs a good burn. I love the song Dance Monkey by Tones And I and now I have choreography to go with it. The Drop will take a little bit of practice to get the balance right, but it’s totally worth it.

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7 great dancers who conquered the world

What do you associate burlesque with? We are willing to bet that the first associations are beautiful women with scarlet lipstick, in sparkling suits and with feather fans. In our material, we will return to the past of this exquisite genre and introduce you to the divas of burlesque.

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A look into the past

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Past affairs

Burlesque first appeared in Europe in the middle of the 19th century. You will be surprised, but in those days the girls did not yet dance on stage, instead they read poetry and made the audience laugh! The word itself comes from the French "burla" - a joke, a mockery.

It was often a humorous parody of some serious dramatic work or classic work. nine0003

Burlesque in the form we are familiar with was popular in London from the middle to the end of the 19th century. American burlesque involved small stage sketches that were witty, provocative, and sometimes obscene.

And the first elements of striptease appeared by the 1930s in the USA. It was then that the stars of the genre began to rise one after another: Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dixie Evans and others.

The performances became more and more revealing, the clothes on the actresses became less and less. The artistes successfully compensated for the inability to dance with scenery and unimaginable costumes. nine0003

Burlesque theaters offered the audience performances for every taste: trained birds, underwater numbers or trapeze performances were used.

Sally Rand

The blonde beauty became famous in 1933. Having run away with a traveling theater as a teenager, she sold cigarettes in line, and also worked as a dancer and model. Once she was even arrested for allegedly indecent appearance, however, this arrest only attracted spectators who wanted to admire the performance of Lady Godiva, as she called herself. nine0003

Sally became famous for dancing with huge fans and "bubble dance" - an erotic dance technique when a bubble is placed between the audience and the performer, which does not allow to see the artist's nudity.

However, Sally never performed naked - she always wore a skin-colored suit.


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Gypsy Rose Lee

Considered one of the greatest striptease dancers in the history of burlesque. If you find her videos, you will never guess from the very beginning that this charming girl is going to undress. Her career started by accident. Once, during a performance, the strap of her dress broke and it fell to the floor. The audience went berserk, and Rose Lee liked it. Then she thought that combining the performance with a striptease was a great idea. nine0003

Rose Lee is often referred to as an "intellectual dancer" because her sketches on stage are full of witty jokes and subtle allusions.


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Blaise Starr

Blaze herself remembers how she got into show business: “I was 15, I worked as a waitress in a donut shop in Washington. One day a man named Red Snyder approached me. He told me that I was beautiful and that I simply had to get into show business. I was sure that dancing was a sin, but I knew how to play the guitar. He said he would make me a star. He asked me to dress up as a cowboy, play the guitar, and then undress. I had never heard of striptease before. nine0003

Red spoke to me very kindly, he assured me that only the most beautiful girls undress. When you have never even shown your navel to anyone, the thought of being naked is scary. So the first time I just covered myself with the cowboy hat I was wearing. But at the end of the show, she threw it away. I was overwhelmed with emotions, I realized that there is nothing wrong with undressing.

Although she is not the most graceful burlesque dancer, she is certainly one of the most beautiful performers of the "golden era" of burlesque. nine0003


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Rosita Royce

Dance came into her life suddenly. When Rosita (then Marjorie) was still a little girl, doctors discovered she had heart problems. Then the girl's father suggested that she take up dancing as an exercise. She traveled and performed all over America, until one producer told her: "Rosita, it's just a shame to cover a body like yours." She took this into account and decided to do something unusual. This is how her dance with pigeons appeared. Calling each bird by name, she trained them in such a way that they take turns removing elements of her clothing. nine0003


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Betty Roland "Fireball"

So called Betty for her fiery red hair, which captivated the audience from the first minute. Betty had a hard life. She and her sisters wanted to go to college, but because of the Depression they were thrown out. Their father could no longer pay for dance classes for Betty, and she was forced to go dancing burlesque in order to somehow help the family with money. There were times when, due to the arbitrariness of the police, who fought against the immoral behavior of dancers, she worked for dinner, and not for money. nine0003

Betty retired from burlesque in the early 60s after she got married, but she still gets fan mail.


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Dixie Evans

She is called the "Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque" - the artist skillfully used the image of a sex diva for her performances until the death of the actress herself. Although Dixie's youth was far from being so frivolous: having fallen during the Great Depression, she had to earn a living by dancing, including in nightclubs. nine0003


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Dita Von Teese

The modern burlesque icon has been performing with her show since 1992. According to Dita herself, she wants to return playfulness to striptease. One of its signature numbers is the famous "Martini Glass".


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Step PN across in front of LN, step LN to the side, step PN across behind LN, rond LN across behind the right, step PN to the side, step LN forward to the right diagonal - 56i7i8

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The dance starts over. During the second pass, only three eights are performed, the fourth is skipped and immediately transition to the third pass. The third, fourth, fifth passages are danced in full. Sixth pass: first eight without changes and ending. nine0003

Ending: first, a break is performed, almost coinciding with measures 5678 of the third figure eight: lunge on the LN, return to the RL with a 90" turn in the CW Turn on the LN 180 ° against the CW with a rond with the right foot and step on the RL, attach the LN,

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