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How "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" Took Over the Internet and Beyond

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How the most infectious song of the year “watch me (whip/nae nae)” took over the internet and beyond.
Words Kris Ex
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of of XXL Magazine, on stands now.

This past October, Jeff Horning, the owner of a used car dealership in Wichita, Kan. posted a video to his company’s Facebook and YouTube accounts. The 45-second commercial starts seriously—with Horning boasting about his selection and financing options—before taking a quick step into the silly. Twenty seconds in, Horning suggests that you “pick out your whip, so you can nae nae,” while doing a set of dances that bare only passing resemblances to the moves he’s calling out. It’s intentionally hilarious and knowingly absurd, and it’s garnered the Priority Motorsports the most exposure the company’s ever had, simply by tapping into the latest viral dance craze. It would be easy to suggest that Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” is the latest in a line of ironically fun dances like the Cha-Cha Slide, the kind of dances that find themselves at home with bros and soccer moms, playgrounds and dorm rooms, country clubs and cookouts, pre-schoolers and grandmas. But that would overlook the unique space, which “Watch Me” occupies in pop culture. It’s grown into the biggest dance moment since the “Macarena,” but was birthed from the same circles that brought us closer-to-home movements like milly rocking, jerking, the dougie and the shmoney dance; and it’s seriously eclipsed its source material—We Are Toonz’ “Drop Tha NaeNae” and Famous to Most’s “Whip” (amongst others), while ingesting them. “Watch Me” is a symbol of an age where social media “content” is largely based on repurposing the originality of others, turning it into something new. It’s the perfect song for this pop culture moment.

The renditions of “Watch Me” are too many to name, and used car dealerships weren’t the only ones using the song. When Nikki Taylor of Carbondale, Ill. was eight months pregnant, she shot a video of her dancing to “Watch Me” with her 6-year-old daughter on Facebook and garnered 13 million views in one weekend. A YouTube account registered to Lindsay Jones, also posted Taylor’s video as its sole upload and garnered 4.7 million views. The official video has garnered over 400 million views on YouTube and everyone from Hillary Clinton and Alvin and the Chipmunks to cancer patients and father/daughter combinations have been caught on video doing the dance, with many of them raking up astronomical view counts. And it all started from a 16-year-old kid in the metro Atlanta area making things up as he went along outside of his chemistry class. “It was all just like a science experiment,” Silentó (born Richard Lamar Hawk) the now 17-year-old artist behind the song. “I tested a hypothesis that I had and it all did well.”

“Really well” is an understatement, and the song’s popularity is hard to overstate. Though it only reached as high as No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100, its prevalence online dwarves the two million accredited sales. “This is one of those type of songs that every week there’s something virally that happens with that song,” says the song’s producer, Tim Mingo, also known as Bolo da Producer. “Even now that the radio numbers are down, it’s still like top on Spotify, it’s still being searched every day on iTunes Music—it’s one of those song that’s just infectious.”

Part of the song’s power is in its sly usage of the first person and its show-and-tell usage of call-and response. “It’s a individual song,” says Silentó. “It’s an each person song. Everybody has their own feel or their own position to my song, ’cause it’s like, ‘Watch me—ooh, ooh, ohh.’ You know, like watch me. No other dance song says watch me do it. It just be telling you to do it.”

“Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” also benefitted from shrewd marketing that capitalized on the ownership baked into the song. Much of the songs virality began long before Silentó inked a deal with Capitol Records this past spring, thanks to a campaign launched by online music distributor TuneCore in conjunction with DanceOn, a YouTube multichannel that serviced the song to key dancers in its network. The move was so successful that by the time Silentó’s official video dropped at the end of June, it opened up with a collage of teams, teens, preschoolers and everyday people dancing to the song.

“Watch Me” was originally shot as a Vine clip back in November of 2014 and immediately, Silentó knew he was on to something from the reaction of his friends. (Though he’s still fi nishing his senior year at Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., he continues to handle all of his social media accounts himself. He’s also a relentless self-promoter. At the end of this interview, being conducted by phone as he kills time in a Las Vegas mall, awaiting his fitting for that night’s Soul Train Awards, Silentó meticulously and clearly runs down all of his social media accounts, just for the record. (He’s @TheRealSilento on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and SoundCloud; Silento TV on YouTube.)

Photos of Model Jessenia Vice Dancing From the XXL Winter 2015 Issue

Then and now, he would make up songs while banging on tables and share these ideas with his classmates through his phone, using them as sounding boards. When they gravitated to what would become “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” he began to pester Bolo to make the sketches into a full song.

“He kept begging me for like two months like, ‘Man I got this song,’” recalls Bolo. “All the kids in school they like it, they like it, they like it. I’m sitting there thinking and I’m like, ‘Man, he crazy. Nobody’s not gonna dance to two other dances that’s already been out already.’” One night in the studio, Bolo decided to just whip up quick beats so he could just hush Silentó up. “Let’s do this little concept, just get him out the way, so we can go ahead and work on this other record that we was working on that night,” he laughs. Bolo helped construct the song, switching around the hook (it was originally “watch me nae nae, watch me whip”), creating for pre-hooks and freestyle dance, vetoing the thought of actual rhymes on the song and encouraging Silentó to add in more dances like the Stanky Leg, the Bop and Silentó’s own invention, the Duff , which was the song they were supposed to have been working on. “When I heard it, the first thing that came out my mind was like, ‘Shit, this is crazy we got something,’” he says. “I don’t let him put songs up on his SoundCloud that we do ’cause a lot of times they’re not ready, but this was the one time out of any time I was like, ‘Go ahead, you can put it on your SoundCloud, that’s no problem.’ So he put it on there and immediately I just seen the reaction of it. In three days it had like 15,000 views and then it just doubled like every day. It just kept doubling on SoundCloud.”

Bolo had seen near-successes with his production work—the original version 2 Pistols and T-Pain collaboration work “She Got It,” the late Grand Hustle signee Doe B and a local college student Tiara’Nicole, who racked up two million views on YouTube for “Real Man” in 2009)—not living to fruition due to his lack of business acumen. This time around, he made sure that all dealing was right. He got the song coded under his ISRC and made a $9.99 TuneCore—a move which paid extreme dividends as the DanceOn campaign kicked in. “Every time the song was in any digital format, except for a few places, we got paid for that,” he says. “We were getting paid for every time somebody used that song on YouTube until we got signed through Capitol and they took over that.” Bolo splits all earnings with Silentó 50/50 and has secured his own deal as a producer with Capitol.

Jeff Horning, the used car salesman, didn’t actually use the song in his video, so there’s likely no revenue for the song makers there, but you’d be hard-pressed to find them complaining. With “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” they’ve created a song that’s mostly based off of dances that already existed, but has become something new and will go down in history as emblematic of the state of pop music in 2015. And, to hear Silentó tell it, it’s because the meaning of the song is universal and timeless.

“‘Watch me,’ you could use that for so many things,” he says. “Like watch me sell this car, watch me read this book, watch me make this money, watch me do my thing, watch me be an individual. It’s so many things you can use ‘watch me’ for. Watch me tell the weather, watch me tell what happened today. You can just stick it into everything.”

He’s right. People have stuck it into everything. And millions of us have watched.

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Talent Day - russian-with-peppas Webseite!

English version: Talent Day

- Peppa's kindergarten is ending.

- Kids, tomorrow is Talent Day.

- And what is "talent"?

- Talent is what you love to do and do well.

- I like to watch TV and do it well.

nine0005 - Come up with something that others would be interested in seeing. My talent is playing the guitar.

- Oh!

- Parents came to pick up their children.

- Don't forget to come up with something for tomorrow's Talent Day.

- It's time for Peppa and George to go to bed.

- I can't go to bed yet. I don't know what talent to show tomorrow.

nine0005 - But you have so many talents, Peppa.

- Yes, I can ride. I can sing. "Twinkle, twinkle my star." I can dance. It's hard for me to choose one talent. I am good at doing many things.

- Don't worry! You can choose tomorrow.

- Good!

- My talents are jump rope, singing and dancing. I rehearsed them all last night.

- And I was practicing watching TV all last night. nine0006

- But that's not a talent. Madame Gazelle said so.

- What should I do then?

- What wants to be the first to show us his talent? Dog Danny?

- I beat the drum. I can beat even louder.

- No! That's enough, Danny. Pony Pedro, what's your talent?

- Magic tricks. There is a glass of water in front of you. It is wet and transparent. nine0006

- Ah!

- Now I will make the water suddenly disappear.

- Wow!

- Please close your eyes! Open your eyes!

- Oh!

- The water is gone.

- Thank you! Elephant Emily.

- I will play the flute.

- What talent do you have, Rebecca? nine0006

- I can make a special sound. It only happens when I stand on tiptoe.

- This is very cool!

- Yes! So what can I show you?

- Candy, what's your talent?

- Rope!

- I was going to jump rope. But I can still dance or even sing.

- My talent is singing. "Twinkle, twinkle my star." nine0006

- I can still dance.

- Susie the sheep, what talent do you have?

- Dancing!

- No, you can't dance.

- Oh God, dancing was Peppa's last talent.

- I am so pleased that each of you showed us some new special talent. So who do we have left? Peppa?

- I was going to jump or sing or dance, but these talents showed. nine0006

- Talent can be anything, Peppa.

- Just watching TV is not a talent.

- Think about what you really like to do.

- Invented! I have a talent that I am very good at.

- I wonder what talent Peppa remembered?

- My special talent is what I can do better than anyone in the world. I love jumping up and down muddy puddles. nine0006

- Peppa loves to jump up and down muddy puddles. Everyone loves to jump up and down muddy puddles.

How did Maria Abashova get seriously injured, audition for the Monastery on crutches, and then dance Arkadina in The Seagull?

Prima ballerina Maria Abashova, having recovered from two serious injuries, triumphantly returned to the stage of her native Boris Eifman Theatre: she danced the epic Arkadina in the premiere of The Seagull and received the Golden Soffit Award for this role. And the Honored Artist of Russia, the mother of three children (and the main ballet blogger of the country!) made her film debut - in the series "Monastery". To celebrate the anniversary - 20 years as the leading soloist in the troupe of Boris Yakovlevich Eifman! We invited Maria for a glass of wine. Well, now we know why Anastasia Ivleeva left for Monastery. By the way, the interview is spoiler-free (almost!). nine0006

Earrings Mercury from the Classic collection

Either you get the Golden Soffit, or you have a movie premiere, or you have an operation. What are the endless traumas of the last two years?

During the lockdown, we did not rehearse - the theater was closed for quarantine. When they came out, I jumped - and immediately tore the ligament. The operation was done in Germany. And a year later, on the set of the series "Ballet" - another injury!

That is, we can't congratulate you on your debut at the Monastyr - it turns out that you made your debut at the Ballet. nine0006

In my fantasies, I made my film debut with a scoop and a bonnet: I’m not five years old, and when I see the camera, I shout: “Mom, have they filmed me yet? Will I be in the movie? Therefore, when at the beginning of 2021 I was called to the mini-series "Ballet" for the role of the leading ballerina Sofia, I thought that the fairy tale had become a reality: Bondarchuk, Dapkunaite, Malkovich (!) And only twenty shooting days during my vacation. "Of course yes!" I answered.

And here comes the night shift, and we, the ballet dancers, explain to the director's assistant: it would be better for us to dance in the frame first, and then to walk. But everything was adjusted to some actor and it turned out the other way around: we walked at night, and in the morning we had to dance. Imagine: the final double, a million people on the stage of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, I do the final entrecha-katra, and on the last jump - wow! It felt like I was hit in the leg with a golf club. "I tore something" - food. “No,” everyone around convinces, “it’s just brought down.” But I step on my foot, and it gives way - the calf is torn. nine0003

I do the final entreche-katra, and on the last jump - wow! It felt like I was hit in the leg with a golf club.

The impression that you restored yourself not only with medicines, but also with the power of thought.

I just decided that this is from the ballet - not from the series, but from the stage! - I don't want to leave. Eifman called - he put on "The Seagull", realized that he needed me, and asked if I could recover. "I'll try," I say. And I think to myself: "I have to." At that moment, I also had not signed a contract with the theater! nine0003

An interesting movie!

When I started filming in Ballet, Eifman said: "Give it up." “Boris Yakovlevich, I thought you would be proud! The artists of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky auditioned, and from the entire casting they chose me! Only 20 shooting days, none of our performances will suffer!” But he was adamant: "Until you refuse, I will not sign a contract with you." Only later did I find out that Eifman was very worried when he found out that I had been injured. I even found the number of Fyodor Bondarchuk, called him: “You broke my ballerina!” And he asked: “Mary? Who is Mary? nine0003

But everything worked out with The Seagull: you danced Arkadin, you received a theater award for the part. What do you say, what is your role?

I will say that this role meant a lot to me. First, it was a return to the theater. I left with a torn leg that refused to work: as I later found out, bets were placed in the theater on whether I could lose weight, get in shape and dance. Secondly, I dreamed of Arkadina: bright, chic, dominant - mine! After all, I once danced Zarechnaya and its character: to leave, to surrender is not my story at all. It would seem, happiness! And now Boris Yakovlevich introduces me to the staged performance - and I understand: Arkadina in the new "The Seagull" is a supporting party. nine0003

Earrings and bracelet Mercury from the Classic collection, dress WOS , trousers House of Leo , top Shu

Hitchcock suspense.

And for me, the full Cronenberg. And now Eifman comes up to me after the rehearsal, praises: “You learned everything so quickly, well done.” And my tears begin to flow.

— What is it? I do not understand!

- Boris Yakovlevich, I so dreamed of this role! And I can't even dance here! nine0003

The next day he returned to the rehearsal room in a bad mood: “It turns out that I can't stand these female tears of yours at all. I didn’t sleep all night thinking about what to do with the role. Let's start your monologue!"

Somerset Maugham!

But the role turned out great!

And what, what is the fate of the series "Ballet"?

Shooting was postponed all the time: to August, to September, then to October-November. During all this time I had two shooting days. And when at the beginning of 2022 they wrote to me, saying, continue, I refused: “I have neither the opportunity nor the desire. After the injury, you didn’t help me in any way, you didn’t fulfill our agreements.” Later I was informed that all the scenes with Dapkunaite were re-shot without me. And they added: “We also want to insert into the final cut the moment when you are torn! It will be great, you broke - and therefore could not participate. I really don't want this footage to come out. nine0003

And you ended up in the Monastery. How?

— Hello, I'm Alexander Molochnikov, have you heard about me?

— Yes, of course, you are a friend of Catherine Barnabas.

That's how it turned out. But Alexander remembered this conversation for a long time. (Director Molochnikov left Russia after the start of the SVO. The series with the participation of Philip Yankovsky, Maria Mironova, Nastya Ivleeva and Mark Eidelstein was released on the Kinopoisk platform in November 2022. - Note ed.)

I dreamed of Arkadina: bright , chic, dominant - mine! nine0003

How can I forget that! And detail?

I come to Moscow for an audition: traffic jams, I didn’t have time to change clothes, make up, I ran to the studio on crutches, all wet, my leg in a cast. And Molochnikov looks so thoughtfully at me, at the cast, and says: “You will have a stage in a disco. Come on, let's see how you dance!"

Didn't you think: “Why did I even hobble here?”

After the trial, Alexander offered to take me to the hotel — and that's what I was thinking about all the way. He also asked: “Listen, why do you need a movie? It's too late for you to learn acting. You can, of course, collect all the money, strength, go to New York, take a course. But you are fine anyway!” - “Yes, everything is fine ...”

In the end, we say goodbye, I try to joke: “Thank you, I probably won’t see you again.” - "No, well, why, if you want backmarks, write." He puts my suitcase outside and leaves. If only I could carry him to the hotel, I'm still on crutches. I hobbled to the room, I called a friend: “They humiliated me, smeared me, drove over the fact that I’m old!” In general, when we washed Molochnikov's bones, it was already two in the morning, and then a message came from Sasha: “You are talented. I liked you". And in the morning: “You know, the producers liked you too. You have been approved." nine0003

It's good that Ekaterina Varnava warned me that Molochnikov might mock artists. To be honest, I thought that she would be my partner in the "Monastery". I found out later that we were going to travel to Africa with Nastya Ivleeva.

The first shooting day was in the suburbs. There were gloomy scenes ahead - I had a heavy monologue according to the script. I go in, I see - the director Nastya Ivleeva is setting her up so that she does not talk to anyone on the set and enters into the role. And I used to switch with Eifman on click: he said die - you're dying, go crazy - you go crazy. It’s hard for me to understand the technique when you think about the worst all day, so that tears drip onto a sandwich that you eat during a break. I kept forgetting I was wearing a microphone and trying to giggle. And all the time I heard: “Abashova, get ready! Are you here to rest? Why are you reading the text like “Google translate”? Do you even know what he's talking about? You are not dancing ballet here!” I'm not used to being talked to like that. “I’m just leaving now,” she said. And to this Molochnikov unexpectedly: “Yes, I myself will leave now!” It made me so happy! And what do you think? After all this, I get a message: “Well done, you surprised me, you played so well. ” All the time I remembered Barnabas. Thank you Catherine for letting me know. Because in Africa it was even worse. nine0003

But it was well played.

Now I will tell you the whole truth about sex in movies. In "Ballet" I also had a scene of a sexual nature: I hit the actor Beschastny in the face, then a kiss, a scene of passion in the car and a blackout. Cold, November, I'm in three pants, I have hot insoles in my boots, and I'm sitting on a partner whom I see for the first time in my life. "This is Arthur, this is Masha - start." I think: “Horror, but I still arose in ballet!” After all, I know my partner in the theater as a native, I see his worn-out ballet flats every day. Arthur cheered as best he could: "I have never had such a beautiful partner." But, friends, when you look at the screen and think: “Oh my God, there was a spark between them,” you know, the actors are ready to play anything, if only they would be released and they could take off those damn insoles. In a word, I must say a huge thank you to the director of "Ballet" Evgeny Sangadzhiev - he is an amazing actor, human being and director! If it weren’t for Zhenya’s approach to working with actors, I wouldn’t be able to do anything in The Monastery. nine0003

Mom was told: “You know, your daughter, most likely, will not grow up like everyone else, something is squeezed there.”

Tell me, did your mother see "The Monastery"?

The first episode comes out, well, I think my Judgment Day has come. And gently call like this: “Mom, how are you?” And you need to know my mother - she is a gorgeous woman! She is called the "Queen Mother" behind her back. And they call it in the eyes: we sometimes see the train and the crown quite realistically. I immediately want to be equal to my mother, everyone always calls her “you”. And she always calls everyone “you”, even three-year-old children: “Vasily, did you wash your hands?” They get lost in this. But adults are also lost, that's already there. I'm sure Mom could advise on some issues on The Crown, especially the fifth season. And my mother said: “Of course, I could not watch everything ...” Pause! “You, Masha, still need to work on your diction.” A curtain! nine0003

Mom can not only advise The Crown, but also go to film critics!

And ballet critics, trust me! In fact, my mother is a software engineer, and if it were not for her programming, which went beyond the professional sphere and invaded reality, I would not have seen the stage. After all, I was a rather sickly child with very severe scoliosis. One leg is shorter than the other, subluxation of the cervical vertebrae. Mom was told: “You know, your daughter, most likely, will not grow up like everyone else, something is squeezed there.” Then my mother threw all her strength (and work!) To make me not just a normal girl, but more than developed. nine0003

To strengthen the muscular corset of the spine, my mother took me to rhythmic gymnastics. Two months later, I took first place in the competition. But my legs tucked up all the time, and in order to strengthen my feet, it was decided to put me on pointe shoes. So at the age of 12 I got up to the machine, and at 14 I already danced the part of Nikiya in La Bayadère at the Lviv State Opera and Ballet Theatre. They even wrote about me in the newspapers.

Then I won the international competition at Artek and left for Austria at the invitation of the ballet conservatory. nine0003

Cool, that's where you get your penchant for modern ballet.

Not everyone thought it was cool: when I arrived in St. Petersburg and came with an Austrian paper to enter Vaganovskoye to get a higher education, they asked me: “Excuse me, Maria, but do you have something normal, essential?”

Earrings Mercury from the Classic collection, cape Coeur1989

Well, of course, people in a closed school gnaw on granite exercises, and here you are, eighty meters. nine0006

Subject: “Do you have any documents?” haunted me for years. In the Lviv Theater, ballerinas have been waiting for the role of Nikiya for years - and here I come and at the age of 14 I get a part. Where? From sports. In St. Petersburg, everyone looked down on me, saying: "We actually studied in Vaganovka." Even my former partner Yuri Smekalov said: “I had the best duet dance teacher, but you didn’t have such a subject at all. What are you telling me here that I'm knocking you off your feet? And then I saw how the prima ballerina was falling with him right on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater, and I thought: “Let's dance on!” nine0003

It's hard to imagine how even technically you can be looked down upon.

When I was eighteen, I told my mother: "They don't take me anywhere, I'm too tall." It’s good that in Austria they didn’t take me into the modeling business either. When I saw Eifman's performances, I was amazed and decided that I would only join his troupe. The avatar ends up on Pandora - that's how it was when Boris Yakovlevich took me to the theater: everyone is tall, beautiful and very, very passionate about dance.

I want to know from the source: is beauty a terrible force?

“Ugh, how much hair you have, such long legs,” that's what I heard when I was studying. I could be proud that I was non-standard, but no - I was embarrassed, I hid my braid. She won first place in the competition: “Oh, well, look at this beauty. It is clear how she got this place. And since the husband is wealthy, then “Honored Artist ... Husband bought it!”

Looking at such concentration and super effort, you simply cannot afford to relax. nine0003

All this glass in pointe shoes, "stuffy theatrical world" - it seems that ballet dancers faced hate and bullying before it became fashionable. What about toxic directors and choreographers?

Do you know what Eifman admires? He may not leave the rehearsal room for eight hours, he will work, jump up, correct, force you to go on. Looking at such concentration and super effort, you simply cannot afford to relax. Somehow I was sitting, my back hurts, I already wanted to internally poke - and then it pierced me: “Boris Yakovlevich just performed an operation on his thigh, and here I feel sorry for myself.” And so everyone in our troupe thinks - and they give all the best. Yes, Eifman keeps you in suspense, in strictness - but, honestly, I can’t imagine how else to stage a big ballet, how to do something in art without any effort at all. It's like with Princess Diana, I have my own opinion about her. You are part of a royal family where foundations have been formed over the centuries. It's like going to a monastery with its charter, because it doesn't suit you here, you don't like it here, and everyone should feel sorry for you. Why? Or maybe it's you who are toxic, and not everyone around? In cinema, in ballet, too, there are rules. After all, each artist sincerely believes that he is better than others. This is made clear by the viewers, subscribers - the ego is inflated. At some point, you stop evaluating yourself objectively, you lose touch with reality. But you are an actor, your task is to act, and therefore, including obeying the decision of the director. I can think as much as I like that I would like to dance this role with other movements, but there is Boris Yakovlevich. This is his ballet, he stages it, the choreographer is his profession. nine0003

They say that actors are given the first family at birth, and the second when they enter the theater.

Yes, absolutely. This is how we live - a bunch of infantile dancing people.


Everyone has their extremes. Imagine: at the age of 7 you were sent to a ballet school, where every day you are told what to do. You look at the schedule: “So this is what it is, my day for today.” The same way in the theater. You live in a closed system, you hardly meet reality, just like Shakespeare: “All life is a theater!” Money, relationships, communication - no one teaches you how to deal with it, and in many ways you remain a child. nine0003

Bracelet and earrings Mercury from the Classic collection, BOA Coeur1989 , Pants Adidas , shoes Mach & Mach , TOP SHUK CIRGIA 9000 9000 9000 (Letsa GOT) bracelet Mercury from the Classic collection, dress WOS , trousers House of Leo , top Shu , headpiece Getman Jewelry (Let's Go Dress)

infantilism? nine0006

I am a perfectionist maniac, I go to the other extreme. I remember my mother’s mantra: “There will be no dancing if you don’t become an excellent student.” Well, that was the motivation. At school, I won math olympiads, over the summer I solved 400 problems, at the age of twelve I was unable to support teenage topics: what kind of boys and clothes are there - only algebra and gymnastics. This frantic rhythm has been with me all my life, every day I load to the fullest. At night, I flew in from a tour, then immediately rehearsals, shooting, then something else. If suddenly there is a break, I begin to suffer: that's it, I'm not in demand. nine0003

Social media is where you live your second adolescence! Who could have imagined, looking at the fatal beauty, that the comedian is disappearing in you! And with self-irony you are more than okay.

I recorded my first funny videos together with Lyuba Andreeva, at first no one believed that I could even be a clown: “You are all such Karenina!” In quarantine, I began to shoot more often, already alone: ​​new and new stories appear in my head all the time, the further, the more. Even Eifman did not believe that I could be funny - he does not have social networks. nine0003

You probably have the most non-standard ballet blog.

In ballet schools, I would allow social networks only for senior classes, because children's perception is deformed. They lifted the leg, put the handle out, photoshopped it - and that's it, they think they are cool. Subscribers grow, likes are put, but they cannot dance. You look at the stage, and there is a frightened look, some poses, and you understand: it was better on the Internet!

Masha, maybe you should go into teaching? nine0006

The role of a teacher in ballet is the most important, but so far I am not ready for it, although I have already completed two courses in my specialty.

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Now artists want to realize themselves in several genres. ballet can expect to work multimedia? nine0006

Ballet is a profession that requires total service. Yes, my body is quickly recovering, yes, rare filming does not harm. But I missed rehearsals, gained weight - and your legs, ligaments, knees, Achilles can't stand it. Lack of sleep - lost coordination. You will not be a prima if you go to restaurants in the evenings or allow yourself a couple of glasses of wine. Impossible. The cruelest discipline.

Do you have to maintain your health in some special way?

I give pain-relieving injections when I am absolutely unbearable. We have to admit that we, ballet dancers, are very despotic about our bodies.

This year is 20 years since you became the leading soloist of the Eifman troupe. "Golden Mask", the main parts, tours around the world - the front side. What events in the theater divided your life into before and after?

First, I left the theater when my father died. After the decree, I tried very hard to get into shape and return to ballet so that dad could see me on stage. But he didn't make it. Died the day before. And so I go out to Anna Karenina and feel how irrelevant everything we do. Then something broke in me: I packed my things and left. The director shouts after me: “Something hurts?” I say, "No, I just don't want to dance anymore." The second shock - six months later, I still returned! I asked for a free pass to the premiere of Rodin, the curtain opened, and I realized that I should not be in the hall. I should be on stage! It was a pleasant shock when they gave me a well-deserved artist. I found out by accident - subscribers reported. I call the theatre: "HR department, hello, did they give me a well-deserved artist?" "We have not received such information." A day passed before the information was officially confirmed. It was very nice, now people's artists are difficult to give, only five a year from different theaters. And, of course, I was shocked when I saw my name in the first composition of Karenina - to introduce a twenty-year-old girl without a real diploma and stage ballets on her - in all the years of work, I have never seen Eifman take such a risk. nine0003

I heard that Boris Yakovlevich has just taken up Crime and Punishment.

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