How to dance longboard

How to Start Dancing in Longboard

Looking to get started with longboard dancing? Look no further, today’s article is a longboard dancing guide to help you figure out what you need to do.

I’ll cover everything from the sorts of boards you need, and I’ll even direct you to some useful tutorials.

What is longboard dancing and how to start?

Longboarding dancing is essentially stepping on your board in various ways, throwing in some flashy moves, and making it all flow in a graceful way.

For a good example of what longboard dancing is, check out the video below.

There are loads of different types of longboards and they’re all suited to certain types of disciplines. If you get an inappropriate board, you won’t have enough room to do footsteps, the deck might turn too suddenly, the wheels might roll too slowly, and it might not even have a kicktail.

In short, you need to be careful about what you pick. Check out my guide below to find out more about the right type of deck for dancing.

What board do you need for longboard dancing?

The deck should be the right size

Most longboards come in sizes between 36-40 inches. Longboards for dancing are usually much longer and tend to fall between 40-48 inches in length. They tend to be this long so you can have enough room to do cross-steps and all sorts of moves on the deck.

Finally, this added length gives them a smooth turn. They aren’t very nimble, but they have a gentle sort of turn that makes them easy to balance on and ride.

For freestyle, most decks are about 40inches in length. This gives you some room to dance on them, but more importantly, makes them lighter and easier to pick up to flip and throw around.

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The deck also should have a bit of flex

Flex is when a board flexes under your weight. Most dance boards will have a bit of it.
How much flex you want in a board is down to personal preference, but most dancers favor flexy boards. This is what you should go for as a beginner.

Flex allows you to do a ton of footwork without really putting any input to your trucks. It allows the board to feel stable and not too twitchy when you’re doing quick footwork across the board.

Board manufacturers will often have different flexes for the same board. This is because flex varies depending on your weight. If you’re light, you’re going to want the softest flex. If you’re heavy, the stiffer flexes will be more suitable. Be sure to check the product guides when buying a relevant board.

How do trucks affect the ride?

The best trucks for longboard dancing are gonna be about 180mm wide and will have a baseplate angle of 50*. These two things will give the trucks a lively feel. They’ll be able to turn a lot but will have a very smooth lean. It will be easy to hold turns on these and the trucks won’t suddenly twitch when you’re doing quick foot steps.

What about the wheels? Will any do?

For dancing, you’re going to want a wheel that will roll quickly and that will roll forever. Wheels that can do this have two main features – they tend to have a large diameter and are made with a high-quality urethane (urethane is the rubbery material that the wheel is made from).

A large diameter means that a wheel can keep its speed and momentum. It will roll forever even after pushing it a little bit. This will allow you to do a ton of moves without your board slowing down too quickly. You’re going to want a wheel between 66-70mm in height.
Finally, a high-quality urethane will allow the wheels to roll fast and maintain their speed. Low-quality, low-rebound wheels don’t allow this. Low-quality wheels behave almost like flat tires, and this prevents the wheels from picking up speed and going fast. High-quality wheels are like tires full of air. They will pick up speed easily and maintain it. Most wheels from reputable brands will be high-quality and good for dancing.

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What about the components?

If you manage to buy high-quality boards, the components will likely be premium – you won’t have to worry about replacing anything. The only real customization you might have to do is upgrading the bushings – but that isn’t super important for most people. And though I’ve mentioned this, it isn’t something to worry about – unless you’re a super light rider.

What are good tutorials for longboard dancing?

Now that you’ve got your board, you should get started learning to dance. But before you get too far, you should make sure you have the riding basics down first.
Check out the video below. Learning to push and carve are keys to skating. They’re essential building blocks to dancing.

Easy longboard dance tricks to learn

Once you’ve mastered cruising, an easy trick to move on to is the cross step. Check out Hans Wouter describing how to do it below.

Where should you practice?

What you need is a smooth flat space, that has enough room for you to turn and skate a considerable distance. Here are some good spots think about:

  • Empty parking lot.
  • Empty basketball court.
  • Empty roads in your neighborhood.
  • Empty school yards etc.

What are good boards for longboard dancing?

1. Seething 42 Inch Longboard

Seething 42 Inch Longboard Complete


Coming in at a price just under $80, this is an affordable board. It will be good for beginners getting into dancing on a budget. It will also be good for cruising and other types of riding too.

Check Price Here

The deck is made from 9plys of Canadian maple. It is on the stiffer side of flex and will be better for heavier riders wanting a more sturdy ride. It has a length of 42inches and a width of 10inches. It has twin kicktails.

This board will be good or both freestyle and dancing. It has a ton of room so footwork won’t be difficult to do on it. 

It comes with 7inch trucks and 70mm wheels. The trucks are a bit on the narrower side, giving this board a quicker turn. 
All in all, this isn’t a decent board. It is best for someone who wants a hybrid board good for other stuff (think freestyle) as well as dancing. I have to say the components aren’t the best, but you get what you pay for. If you want something affordable, it is hard to pass up.

2. AODI 46″ Longboard Skateboard 

Costing just shy of $80, this is the best budget board for dancing on my list. It comes in the traditional dance shape, with twin kicktails and an appropriate length.

Our Pick

AODI 46" Longboard Skateboard Complete


With a deck 46 inches long and 10 inches wide, this board will have a ton of room. You’ll be able to pull off cross-steps with no problem as that length leaves nothing to be desired. What might hold it back is the 7plys of construction, meaning it won’t be super flexible. This is fine as it will probably flex under heavier riders (it has a max weight of 250lbs), but won’t flex at all for lighter riders.

Check Price Here

When it comes to the wheels, this board has 85a hard 70mm wheels. These are quite appropriate for dancing, they’ll roll forever and will give a good feel when dancing.
Whilst the flex holds it back this board is quite good for the money. It is a great option for a heavier rider looking for a board on a budget but will be good for a lighter rider if they don’t mind the stiffness.

3. Movendless YD-0016 Longboard 7 Layer

Another board more suited for freestyle and cruising, this one comes in at 41.75inches in length and 10inches in width. It has a single kicktail and features a tiny bit of flex. It costs slightly more than $130 so it’s on the expensive side of the spectrum. 

Movendless YD-0016 Longboard


The board comes 6 inch wide trucks and 60mm tall, 80a wheels. These are great if you’re looking for a fast-rolling board that has a nimble turn. The wheels on this board light up when you roll them, so it’s a nice feature if you plan on skating at night or to stand out when you’re skating with others.

Check Price Here

I would say this board isn’t worth the money. It is better suited to freestyle with the smaller 60mm wheels and smaller trucks, but you get about the same with the Seething above. The Seething is also better value for money I feel, where this is expensive. But this board has a better graphic and would be my pick if I was doing more cruising than freestyle.

4. Magneto longboard

Coming in at just over $130, this is a great board for dancing. Unlike the AODI above, this one is made with bamboo and will have more flex. It will be good for a lighter rider looking for a flexy board, or a heavier rider looking for a REALLY flexy board.

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards


The deck comes in at 46inches in length and 9inches in width. Whilst a bit narrower, this narrower width won’t hold it back - only people with really long feet might suffer but it should be good enough for most people. As I mentioned earlier this deck is made from bamboo, this gives it a nice bounce and flex which is pretty good for dancing. It will also be nice for cruising and will give a comfortable ride.

Check Price Here

Component wise, the Magneto is pretty good. It has knock off Paris trucks, and whilst they won’t be as good as the originals, they will feel pretty good when skating. When it comes to wheels it has 70mm wheels, these are the best for dancing as they will roll for a long time and you won’t struggle when pushing them.

This has to be the best overall board on my list. It should fit most budgets and will work well for both heavy and lighter riders. If you’re on a budget and need something decent, this is hard to pass up.

5. Volador 40inch cruiser

If you’re interested in cruising more than dancing, this is a good option. You’ll still be able to do some footwork and dance moves, but it will be limited. The deck on this isn’t very suited to dancing.

Volador 40inch Maple Longboard - Basic Cruiser


Coming in at 40inches in length, this board has a drop-through style of mounting. This means the trucks are mounted on top of the deck as opposed to underneath as they are on the other decks listed here. This mainly changes how they turn, making them turn a bit slower but smoother. This often feels a bit weird for dancing as the turning can feel delayed and awkward, but should be ok once you get used to it.

Finally, the drop-through mounting lowers the board to the ground. This makes pushing, foot braking, and just generally riding the board easier. It’s ideal for cruising.

Check Price Here

If you want a board primarily for cruising, this is a good choice. The drop-through mounting makes it ideal. It will be stable and easy to ride. However, it isn’t the best choice for dancing. You’ll do better with the other options above.

What do you think? Which board is best for you?

If you’re still mulling over which board to pick, I highly suggest the Magneto or the Aodi. The Aodi is great if you’re on a budget and if you want a stiffer board. The Magneto is the better option, but it will cost you a bit more. You can go wrong with either though.

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How to do tricks on a longboard?

Even if you initially purchased a wheeled board for calm and safe walks, over time you could get bored with monotonous riding. This is especially true for owners of longboards, elongated shells that you can walk on even while riding. And now you already want to master some tricks from freestyle.

In this article we will show you how to do tricks on a longboard. But first, let's figure out what a projectile should be, suitable for performing various kinds of "feints".

Which projectile is suitable?

Longboards suitable for freestyle are stronger than standard boards. But, in addition to strength, there are several other distinguishing features of a projectile suitable for tricks.


Unlike skateboards, longboards do not have clear requirements in terms of shape. This applies to both boards designed for calm riding, and those devices that are created for tricks.

The main thing is that the platform is symmetrical.

Bends are made at the ends of the board. They are necessary so that the board can be thrown up and overturned.


The platform of the longboard is noticeably longer than the platform of the skateboard. The boards on which tricks are performed are typically 37 to 48 inches long.

The diameter of the freestyle long wheels is between 65 and 70 millimeters.

Other items

When it comes to freestyle skateboarding or ripstiking, it is always recommended to use hard suspensions. However, when it comes to long, the stiffness of the suspension does not matter.

This is due to the fact that serious jump tricks are practically not performed on a longboard, which means that the endurance of suspensions is not so important.

So what kind of tricks can you do on a longboard?

Features of tricks

You need to understand that the projectile we are talking about is much longer, and therefore heavier than the skateboard. Therefore, most of the tricks that are performed on compact boards are simply impossible to perform on a long one.

But this projectile has a whole individual direction that attracts many riders with its grace. This direction is called "dancing".


As the name implies, the essence of this direction is that the rider performs various dance elements while riding.

It is not known for certain who first began to dance on the board. However, the names of those who first reached the heights in this direction are very popular.

This is Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski. Not only did they make dancers famous among professionals, but they also made a lot of video tutorials designed to help beginners learn tricks.

How to learn to dance

The key skill of long dancers is riding in two stances. For example, in skating, riders, as a rule, use only one, the most comfortable for them, rack, which they call “their own”.


Stance is the position in which the skater rolls with both feet on the platform of the board. Before getting on the skate for the first time, the athlete determines which leg is leading, and then stands on the board in such a way that this leg is in front.

Since dancing is associated with a constant change of feet on the platform, the rider will not be able to use only his stance. Therefore, the first element that needs to be studied is changing the stance.

Stand change

In order to learn how to perform this element, first try to ride calmly in different stances, and then try to change them.

Change is carried out as follows:

  • First, the athlete rides in his stance. Both feet are perpendicular to the movement.
  • Then the front foot is placed approximately in the middle of the platform with the toe in the direction of movement.
  • The hind leg is thrown forward and placed perpendicular to the movement, with the toe in the direction opposite to the original one.
  • The leg with the toe in the direction of movement is set back also perpendicular to the movement.

As a result, the athlete should turn his body in the direction opposite to the original one, while the long does not change the direction of movement.

When you begin to perform these movements mechanically, you can speed up the pace of changing stances. This process itself will already look quite impressive.

Changing stances is the basis of dancing. Many more complex tricks are made based on this element.


Manual is another common long trick. It is associated with the tilt of the board in motion. It can be done with one or two feet.

  • To do manual with both feet, stand in your stance. While moving, move your back foot closer to the center of the board, and put your front foot on the nose of the platform. Slowly transfer your weight to the front leg, which is slightly bent at the knee to do this. The tail of the board should start to come off. Catch the balance so as not to “scoop” the asphalt with your nose. Ride for a while in this position.
  • To do a manual with one foot, first learn how to catch the balance when doing this trick with two feet. Put your back foot closer to the center of the board, put your front foot closer to the nose of the projectile along the board. Raise your back leg and take it to the side. Bend your front leg slightly at the knee and slowly shift your weight onto it. After that, the tail of the board should come off the ground. Ride on the front suspension.

Both of these elements can be tried first in static, and then in the rental.


Perhaps not a single dance is complete without spectacular turns. Long dance is no exception. The most popular turn on this projectile is called the pivot. This is a 180 degree turn that is performed on the front suspension. It is advisable to start studying this element after you have mastered the manual.

To do this, place your front foot close to the nose of the board and your back foot roughly in the middle. With your lead leg slightly bent, shift your weight onto it so that the tail of the board rises a little.

When turning, move your shoulders first, then your torso. The legs complete the turn.

To perform this trick, you need to be able to keep your balance well. Otherwise, you run the risk of hitting the asphalt with the nose of the projectile and falling.

There are many more tricks that can be done on the long. Some are really hard to learn.

We have told you only about the main elements of which you can already make a very spectacular rental.

Tell us about your favorite tricks and discuss them in the comments. We wish you productive learning.

Can you dance on a longboard?

Competition "Can you dance on a longboard?" ("So You Think You Can Longboard Dance?") is an annual contest held every year in Holland (Eindhoven). Dozens of enthusiasts of riding a four-wheeled board gather there to demonstrate their skills in handling a projectile. Read the story of the event posted by the All Around Skate website team.

"Do you know how to dance on a longboard? - this is a flatland competition organized by the company "Sport N Locals", which invents various contests in Holland. This year longboard fans from South Korea, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, France and other countries. sports fans, which indicates an increase in the popularity of the longboard - it is growing every year.0003

After registration, boarder races began. In order to demonstrate the level of skill, each rider was given 60 seconds. The non-sponsored riders started first, then the girls skated (and skated very well!), followed by the pro riders. Everyone "danced" according to the general rules. After a few rounds, it became obvious that some of the best longboarders are on the German team.

Photo: Maria Arndt

Photo: Maria Arndt

There is a world record!

In addition to the standard program, each rider had the opportunity to impress the jury in the "Hippie Jump" and "Best Trick" competitions. And already at 10 pm, after a busy day of skiing, the winners were determined. Geoff Ellis from Germany became the king of the dance floor; but the main achievement was the establishment of a new world record! Stefen Coster (also from Germany), the winner of the Hippie Jump contest, jumped 1.

Learn more