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13 Practical Tips to Dance Like BTS –

Video Transcript

Today we will discuss the talent we know as BTS.

I will break down why you love them, why the world loves them and share practical tips you can apply to your own dance training. 

BTS is an international performance group comprised of seven talented members. 

We love BTS because of their catchy tunes and smooth moves, but the question is how do they do it?

Let’s examine their A.A.T their 



and Technique

to learn how to dance like BTS.

1. Legs up

If you watch BTS you will notice they have high jumps and kicks. 

I watched a few fan-made dance covers and I noticed a lot of the fans struggled to jump as high as the BTS dancers.

If you want to jump as high as BTS members you need to lift your knees up higher when you dance jump and kick, especially if it’s a jump-kick combo move.

Get those knees up.

When you put your attention into getting your knees high and then put your focus on performing a big kick

your moves will look more dynamic like the moves you see in a BTS dance video.

2. Embrace 3d

BTS dancers are dynamic and multi-dimensional. 

If you want your dancing to have power and electricity like what you see in a BTS video then I challenge you to perceive your dancing as a 3d experience versus a 2d experience.

There are many ways to do this but one thing you can try the next time you dance is

imagining that you are standing in a sphere

interact with the entire sphere around you when you move and dance.

A lot of dancers have low energy and low charisma when they dance because they only put effort into the parts of their body and moves the audience will see.

To break this habit I challenge you to be like BTS and dance as if you were on a rotating stage with people watching you on all sides that way all your body demands energy and full out dancing.

3. Joint dancing

BTS dancers are clean.

Crisp, sparkling, clean.

But do you ever feel sloppy when you learn a new BTS dance?

A trick to make sure your dancing body matches what you see on screen is to match your elbow and knee placement with the elbow and knee placement of the BTS dancers.

Watch the angles of these body parts watch the symmetry and linear placement of these body parts.

In general, the elbow and knee joints are crucial for moving the arms and legs, and for this reason, these body parts make great visual indicators of your movement accuracy.

4. Hands are everything

BTS dances are accented with powerful hand gestures.

To dance like BTS you must position and place your hands with purpose throughout the dance.

BTS choreographers don’t want cookie-cutter dance team hands.

Simply having clean uniform hand placement won’t suffice.

BTS dances demand expressive hands that tell a story, so play with hand dynamics.

I was over the moon when I found a video of Mr. Son teaching “Permission to Dance” to a dancer.

The way he directed the dancer validated my theory that hands are super important in his BTS choreography.

Mr.Son spoke passionately about hands while directing, so add detail to your hands when you dance and preserve that aesthetic when you remake your favorite BTS dance video

5. Stay light on your feet

BTS members are always light on their feet, they glide and fly around the dance floor.

A technique you can try to stay light on your feet is shifting your bodyweight off your heels and more towards the balls of your feet.

This will help you have faster footwork cleaner footwork and more efficient gliding

6. Be like Mike…Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is revered as the king of pop for a reason and his influence will be forever felt on the pop entertainment industry.

Observing different BTS dance videos I noticed a large chunk of the BTS choreography is inspired by Michael Jackson’s stylings.

If you want to learn how to dance like BTS it will do you well to study the work of Michael Jackson.

7. Learn Hip-hop

BTS is a k-pop group with hip-hop dancers.

Many commercial dancers learn hip-hop dance as hip-hop dance techniques are crucial for commercial dancing.

All things considered, hip-hop dance is a branch of artistic expression that is and should be observed as a developed and multi-faceted style of dance and an element of the all-encompassing culture known as “hip-hop culture.”

Because of the commercialization of hip-hop dance styles, much of the historical and cultural elements of hip-hop dancing have been overlooked.

With that being said, if you desire mastery dance skills like that of BTS members, take the time to learn true-to-the-source hip-hop dance techniques in addition to learning modernized hybrid hip-hop dance techniques.

If you take on this challenge you will study old techniques and new methodologies to develop a well-versed movement vocabulary.

Earlier I stated BTS is a k-pop group with hip-hop dancers


the small attention to detail and elements of the BTS choreography stem from original hip-hop dance techniques, subtleties, and aesthetics with their stylized choices.

8. Create your own world

Great entertainers have the ability to take their audience on a journey, otherwise known as the ability to “move the audience.”

BTS is no exception.

When you watch BTS, you are transported to the world of BTS. How is this possible?

It’s possible via the magic of storytelling.

When BTS members dance they aren’t merely going through the motions of choreography but telling a passionate story with every step.

Telling a story through song and dance is best known as a 


Every BTS music dance video is a mini-musical sequence full of theatrical pizzazz, dedicated acting, and a storyline you can follow from the beginning, middle, to end.

If you want to move your audience the way BTS moves their audience, you should experiment with borrowing musical theater practices.

The next few points in this video will be examples of musical theater practices and techniques BTS uses that you can add to your performances.

9. Break the fourth wall

Breaking the fourth wall is a theatrical technique that refers to a moment in a performance when performers break the imaginary wall that separates the audience from the story.

I will argue that watching a BTS dance video feels like the fourth wall is shattered.

The members of BTS are constantly performing for their audience.

They are watching you, watch them, watch you. but in a non-intrusive way.

The show is always “on” with BTS and the audience is a part of the performance.

BTS wants the audience to feel like BTS is performing just for them.

As someone who is watching BTS videos for the first time, I get the sense this group is very passionate about their fans and audience, every second that the eyes are on them they do not want to disappoint their viewers.  

At this moment I can’t think of another relevant popular group of this level of fame that brings this level of passion. 

So often you hear famous individuals talk about their fans as if there’s some accessory to their life they say “I love my fans” and “I’m thankful for my fans” so often with mere words


BTS shows their love for their fans and their love for their craft through their raw energy and delivery. 

Their consistent display of passionate energy is something that can be challenging to deliver even for trained professionals. 

Now I may be under the BTS spell, I  did just finish watching their dance videos for hours in preparation for this script,  but, honestly as someone who is watching this group for the first time, and I’ve seen a lot of performers in my lifetime, I’ve studied a lot of performers, and this group of artists does not drop the ball when it comes to showmanship and it’s truly inspiring. 

To backtrack BTS breaks the fourth wall in their dance videos, they do this by always having a conversation with the audience.  

From start to finish the audience is the center of attention in a subtle way. 

Your takeaway is that you should try creating work with your audience in mind,  set aside vanity and self-indulgence, and try to imagine what your audience experiences and feels when they interact with your art 

10. Mind your placement

In musical theater cast members are almost never on stage without purpose and reason. 

 An amateur mistake for new performers is that they don’t know how to be present on stage while seemingly doing nothing. 

It’s the performing artist’s job to figure out why they’re on stage at any given moment and know how they can wholeheartedly contribute to the show even when they aren’t the focal point of attention. 

This is something BTS members do very well. 

BTS members will have plenty of moments when they are off to the side of the stage or their back is to the audience but they still are fully invested in the storyline. 

they know that they must commit to every moment of the show even when it’s not their spotlight moment because they understand that when you uplift the other members you are uplifting yourself and you should treat people the way you want to be treated.  

the group victory is your victory and your victory is the group’s 

11. Embrace your inner actor

BTS members are actors they have the dedication and energy of an acting troop and they are in character all the time, even if the character is themselves. 

I believe a group of musical theater students could recreate a BTS music video better than a group of dance students because the musical theater students would capture the characterization of the BTS members. 

characterization drives the narrative the storyline of the musical, your character will set you apart from others. 

Embrace your inner actor to get in relations with your true character and true being. 

Something else that trained musical theater performers have that many untrained performers struggle with is the ability to command a room.

The ability to use your raw life energy to capture people’s attention is what the thespian must master. 

It is an art that can be trained under the right guidance so if you want to channel energy that commands a room an exercise that will help your journey is watching some videos on “how to nail your next audition” or “musical theater improvisation exercises. ” 

I believe BTS members are directed like a musical cast and I believe they studied acting you should try an acting class. 

At the very least I believe theater can help anyone, with any background, reframe and or challenge their perception of society, life, and humanity

12. Everyone matters

Something Bts does well that many groups struggle with is spotlighting each artist and allowing each member to shine at some point in the program.

Media outlets and some creative directors have a history of singling out one individual, who was a contributor to a group effort and, labeling them as more valuable than other team members.

I don’t know enough about BTS to know their social dynamics at this time but as someone observing their artistic works, no one member is more valuable than another

and it is a breath of fresh air.

Creating an environment where everyone matters to some extent will help you foster healthier long-term relationships and increase productivity on all your ventures.

13. Study influences

Well, it’s not so secret, that the secret to success is mixing previous successful practices with an original twist.

You see this everywhere in the entertainment industry even if you don’t know it.

That’s why there are so many remixes of songs and remakes of movies great pop artists rarely reinvent the wheel and are usually a modernized combination of previously successful individuals, for example;

I believe the image of the younger Beyonce, Queen Bey, was originally molded after the likes of Tina Turner and Diana Ross.

and I believe this sentiment is true for BTS as well. 

While l cannot confirm who influenced BTS or who inspired them and their image, 

but if I had to take a guess I would surmise that the image of BTS is a combination of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, New Edition, The Temptations, and John Travolta.

I see resemblances between BTS and the artists I listed.

They are very popular artists who have had a global impact on many creative individuals I recommend.

You check out these artists yourself learn about them and see if you agree or disagree with my claim

Much Peace, 

Deja Cherese aka: Dance Deja 

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You couldn’t wait to watch the K-pop group BTS perform on “Saturday Night Live.” You caught the septet’s sold-out concert at the Rose Bowl. And you sing along to “Boy With Luv” whenever and wherever it plays.

But no longer do you have to watch BTS music videos in the privacy of your bedroom, practicing the group’s moves in the mirror and using your hairbrush as a microphone.

For the record:

2:15 p.m. July 8, 2019An earlier version of this story included the wrong phone number for Uno’s Dance Fitness Center.

No, there’s a class for that, and it’s full of K-pop fans just like you.

A dance-fitness studio near Koreatown helps you set aside your self-consciousness and learn to strut, spin and swagger like your favorite K-pop stars.

There’s no need to be intimidated; the judgment-free class is open to all ages and abilities. (Hint to Mom: This might be a way to bond with that teenager living under your roof.)

Best of all, it’s an intense workout that hardly feels like work — and one you might actually stick to because it’s so much fun.

Dancers learn the dance to a popular K-pop music video over about 8 classes (or 4 weeks), and when they’re finished, they dress up in costumes and film a video as a keepsake at Uno’s Dance Fitness Center.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Students in the K-pop dance classes at Uno’s Dance Fitness Center meet twice a week to sweat, laugh and learn the choreography to the latest K-pop music videos. (BTS is a fave.)

When students finish learning a routine — which studio owner Uno Lee says takes about four weeks — they come to class dressed up like the real stars and record a video to commemorate their work.

We tried it, we loved it, here’s what happened:


Uno’s blends into a cluster of buildings on Wilshire Boulevard. But you’ll know you’re at the right place when you hear the distant thumping of “gogobebe” by Mamamoo, “Killing Me” by iKon and other K-pop hits from the parking lot.

Lee’s students range from teens to people in their 30s (and there are kids’ classes on Fridays). While many of them have taken her class for years, you won’t feel like an outsider if you’re new. Before a recent Tuesday-night class, the high school crowd looked up from their phones to greet a newcomer, and the 20-somethings chatted while stretching.

Dancers practice their moves during a K-Pop dance class that happens twice a week at Uno’s Dance Fitness Center.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Lee keeps the vibe just as friendly, greeting people as they walk into her studio, happily answering questions about choreography and welcoming students’ spontaneous bursting into song. (Listen to Blackpink’s “Kill This Love,” and you’ll find it pretty hard not to belt out the chorus.) Students take Lee’s class seriously, but at the end of the day, it’s all about fun.


Fun, yes, but you don’t learn a three-minute dance routine without breaking a sweat.

“I lost 30 pounds the first year I was here,” said Shannon Locke, pointing to a before-and-after photo of herself pasted on Lee’s client wall of fame, which includes photos of several other body transformations. Locke, a 31-year-old from Hollywood, has gone to Lee’s class twice a week for the last three years. “This class is not a joke; I’m in way better shape now than I was when I was 21.”

Aside from weight loss, Lee said she has noticed many of her students standing taller, looking stronger and becoming better dancers — especially after they’ve taken her class for a month or two.

If you’re new to dancing and have trouble keeping up during your first class, don’t worry; you’ll get better at moving your body and remembering choreography with time. (And you can always practice at home since the music videos are on YouTube!) Just be sure to call Lee before you go so you can plan to join the class on the first day of a new routine.


Uno Lee, right, in white shirt, leads dancers as they practice their moves during a K-Pop dance class that happens twice a week at Uno’s Dance Fitness Center.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

The cardio begins in the first few minutes of class. After a lively warm-up, Lee’s students bust out three previously learned dances back to back. This gets everyone’s muscles warmed and minds relaxed, since they get a good laugh when they forget a step or their spot in the formation.

For the rest of the hour-long class, you’ll learn about 30 seconds of choreography. Lee often splits the group in half so everyone has a chance to practice the dance with plenty of space and a view of themselves in the mirror.

About eight classes later, you’ll have mastered the routine, and it will be time to perform it in small groups in front of a camera. Lee said many students have made friends in the class by this time, and they like borrowing each other’s clothes to create the perfect K-pop ensemble.

“Taking a video, I think, is a very big deal,” Lee said. “Later on, students might forget the dance routine, but then they see the video [and think], ‘Oh yeah, I’m kind of good!’

“And that feels good.”

From left: Yujin Lee, Uno Lee, Angelica Davila, Shannon Luke practice their moves during a K-Pop dance class that happens twice a week at Uno’s Dance Fitness Center.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Uno’s Dance Fitness Center

Where: 4049 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. Free parking available in a lot behind the studio

When: Adult K-pop class meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. K-pop class for both teens and adults meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Kids’ K-pop classes are on Fridays: 3:30 p.m. for boys ages 5 to 11, 5 p.m. for girls ages 5 to 11 and 6 p.m. for boys ages 12 to 18.

Cost: New students pay a one-time enrollment fee of $25. Teen and adult K-pop classes are $125 for four weeks. Kids’ classes are $80 for four weeks.

Info: Contact Uno Lee at (310) 383-7554, [email protected] or on the studio’s Facebook page

Korean culture and arts researcher analyzes BTS dances

Cho Youngin , a specialist in Korean culture and arts, analyzed BTS dances and what meaning they carry.

See also: Jungkook became the producer of Japanese drama OST

Performances created in the era of globalization are the result of a mixture of different cultures. In our time, when the geographical boundaries between cultures are blurred, intercultural creativity, which takes on new forms through the unification and harmonization of different cultures, has become inevitable. On this side, BTS's choreography is notable for the phenomenon it has created in the music industry. The group conveys messages through their music and lyrics, and expresses emotions through dance that overcomes language and geographic barriers.

For example, in the choreography for "Blood Sweat & Tears" , the right-left-up-down movement is very similar in shape to sabangjigi, a traditional Korean dance. Sabangjigi is the aesthetic structure of Korean dance performed in stages according to the principles that define its movements. The simplest step is interaction with heaven and earth; the meaning of humanity can be explained by the flow of qi interacting with the sky, earth and other surrounding objects. When this happens, people communicate with heaven and earth and become a microcosm of interaction with the sun and moon. We can't be sure if sabanchigi was meant when the choreography for "Blood Sweat & Tears" , but sabangjigi has long added a tangible style and technique to Korean dance and is well known to Koreans. Similar moves can easily be found in the K-pop choreography catalog, but merged with other choreography elements, these once-familiar moves look completely new.

Dance "Boy with Luv" is notable for the same reason. Among the dance moves in this song is one circular motion in which one member stays in the middle while the others bend over and surround him, moving in a circle. The movement of this choreography is very similar to the tilt seen in the traditional ganggansullae dance, and although the movements within the circle are different, the former clearly resembles the latter in simple movements that are used to express excitement. According to the definition based on the theoretical origins of the primitive ballad dance, ganggansullae is the sound of many people dancing in a circle and people in a circle playing noisily, holding hands and dancing. In ganggansullae, the dancers in the circle bend down to allow a better view of the movements performed by the dancer in the center. Dances in which the performers surround one person in the middle are also well known to Koreans, even apart from the ganggansullae.

The similar choreography of BTS shows an important cultural phenomenon happening all over the world today. BTS mixes different musical genres and harmonizes them with other cultural characteristics, and through this process creates new ideas, freely integrating various elements of other cultures into their own.

During solo dance Jimin in "Spring day" his movements are similar to those found in modern and Korean interpretive dance. At this point, it becomes especially noticeable how much he was influenced by the fact that he studied dance as his specialty, and we see him combine his dance prowess with K-pop sensibility to show new possibilities.
According to French theater and cultural exchange researcher Patrice Pavis, "when the experience of expanding cultural boundaries is accumulated in the body, that is, when this body encounters new cultures, the number of experiments increases." BTS entered the world of K-pop with bodies that have mastered their cultural traditions, which include a variety of modern popular music and Korean dance, and therefore their culture and the culture of those who watch them are undergoing expansion.
This is just one of the cultural trends on the internet where people from all over the world interact with each other. BTS is a product of an era where different cultures are integrating without favoring one particular culture, but rather retaining the unique characteristics of each. From the perspective of a student of Korean culture and art, it is rewarding to see how the distinctive Korean style naturally fits in with the direction this new era is taking.

Little Unicorn ©

Allowing BTS to dance on stage in Peru: time and theaters to watch the concert

ARMY, THE WAITING IS OVER! Peruvian fans of BTS don't have to wait anymore to see the big screen mega concert "Permission to dance on stage live" from Seoul . This show is especially for the members and the fandom because it marks their return to the stage after taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.and infections occurring among "Kpop idols".


Cineplanet released an official statement on their website to fans: "On March 12th, we'll see you get permission to dance."

Performances only at 13:00 and 17:00.

These are the cinemas where the live concert will be shown: Brazil, Mall del Sur, Norte, Primavera, San Miguel, Villa El Salvador, Centro Civico, Chiclayo, Trujillo Real Plaza.


Cinemark became the first cinema chain in Peru to confirm the screening of the film Permission to Dance on Stage in Seoul in some of its theaters, through a post on their official social networks. To find out the time and place of the check, you must visit their website.


In February, BTS concert tickets went on sale live from Seoul on the big screen. Army in Peru surprised everyone by buying all the tickets in record time. Phone companies even put on pranks to cheer up the fandom.

The sale was made online on Cinemark and Cineplanet platforms. The latter company provided new locations for cinemas, so fans tried to get access to one of them.


According to information provided by ARMY, this is show lasts for about 3 hours , during which the artists took to the stage to perform their best songs, making all their fans sing in different parts of the world.


These are the confirmed dates for shows to be hosted by members of the Kpop group in South Korea, which can be seen around the world through cinema screenings and live streaming online.

Thursday, March 10: PTD on stage in person + live stream

Saturday, March 12: PTD on stage in-person concert + broadcast in select theaters

Sunday, March 13: PTD on stage in-person concert + online broadcast as a concert hall in Seoul, South Korea on March 10, 2022. REUTERS/Kim Hong-ji


Although BigHit and Hybe have not announced an unofficial link for fans to watch the concert, ARMY has taken a number of steps so that those who failed to get a ticket can watch the show on social media.

So you can find clips, live songs, comments and more by hashtags #BTS #PTD #PTDOS #BTS2022. On Twitter and Facebook you will find entries, although they are not visible with good image quality.

Learn more