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Using Devices in Fortnite Creative

Devices are your Creative tools for setting up specific interactive experiences on your island.

Different devices do different things, and many can be combined with other devices to build unique functions that enrich your island experience.

By customizing devices, you can build complex components that you can then combine again for your own unique game mechanics.

Find devices in the CREATIVE inventory on the DEVICES tab.

![](using-health-powerup-devices-in-fortnite-creative/health-power-up-device-in-fortnite-creative. png)



![](using-shooting-range-gallery-devices-in-fortnite-creative/shooting-range-gallery-device-in-fortnite-creative. png)


9 Fortnite Dances Everyone Should Know

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A history of the Fortnite dance trend, and the top 9 Fortnite dances you should check out. - by Rhys McKay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard of Fortnite. It’s made appearances all over the news, millions of children play it day in and day out, and it’s even gotten cameos in massive blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame. There’s no denying that Fortnite is one of the biggest cultural phenomena of our generation. In this article, we’re going to take a look at one of its most noticeable cultural artifacts: The Fortnite dances.

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What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a multiplayer third-person shooter video game by publisher and developer Epic Games. The game was released in 2017, and consists of three separate game modes: Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Battle Royale is by far the most popular of the three modes. It’s a free-to-play battle royale game in which 100 players battle for survival in a large open-world map. 

Players start in a ‘Battle Bus’ that transports them high above the battlefield. They can drop at any one of a variety of locations on the map. Once they hit the ground, they have to scavenge for supplies, build fortifications for defence, and fend off other enemies, all while being pushed ever inward by a storm that spells certain death for players caught in it.


Fortnite has achieved mass popularity, with an estimated 250 million registered players. The game is available on virtually all current-generation gaming platforms, including Windows, Mac, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and even iOS and Android.

What Are Fortnite Dance Moves?

Like many multiplayer video games today, Fortnite features ‘emotes’, which allow players to pose their characters for other players. These emotes range from simple gestures like waving your hand, to complex animations that mimic dance moves.

Some Fortnite dances came with the game when it was new, and more have been added over the past few years. Each Fortnite dance can be purchased with V-bucks, an in-game currency that can be purchased for real money. They don’t give competitive advantages in the game, but they’re fun to pull off, especially when taunting your enemies.

Even without any real gameplay use, the dances have become an incredibly popular part of the game, and in last year’s ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event, players were invited to visit gargoyles throughout the map, where they’d strut their stuff with the game’s dance moves in order to complete extra Challenges. 

How Did The Trend Start? 

While Fortnite dances have been around since the game was launched in mid-2017, the trend of actually dancing these moves in real life only really came around in 2018.  

It began on March 30, 2018, when Epic Games launched a contest called the ‘Boogiedown Challenge’, in which players would upload videos of themselves on social media with the hashtag #BoogieDown. The winner of the contest would get their dance recreated in the game as a dance emote, while other winners got V-bucks and cosmetic customisation items for their game characters.

Because of the contest, social media was flooded with videos of children and teenagers showing off their dance moves. Video game media outlets were first on the scene in covering the phenomenon, and then it exploded into the mainstream news.

Today, Fortnite dance videos are incredibly popular, with many dance challenge videos and GIFs of people trying to mimic new dances whenever they come out.

The Fortnite Dances You Need To Know About

Boogie Down

How To Do The Boogie Down Dance In Real Life (Fortnite Dance Tutorial #15) | Learn How To Dance

The Boogie Down emote is the winning submission to the Boogiedown Challenge by Twitter user populutus. This move is acquired by simply securing your Fortnite account with two-factor authentication.

Best Mates

When You Go Out With Your Best Mates

With its wide, high-kneed steps and weird stance, Best Mates might look more like an exercise routine than an actual dance. Best Mates is based on a dance invented in 2016 by Viner Marlon Webb.


How to Do The Backpack Kid Dance (THE FLOSS) | Deepak Tulsyan Dance Tutorial

The floss dance, also known as flossing, is exactly as its name suggests. Its swinging arm motions from back to front and side to side resemble the act of flossing a giant tooth. The dance was invented in May 2010 by YouTuber Ryan Mayall, and was popularised by ‘Backpack Kid’ Russell Horning, who performed it on an episode of Saturday Night Live alongside Katy Perry.

Turk's Dance

Scrubs - Turk Dance HD

Fortnite’s default dance is known as ‘Dance Moves,’ and is lifted from the dance moves of the character Turk from the series Scrubs, who performs the funky dance in one episode.

Electro Shuffle

BTS and Jimmy Fallon Do the Fortnite Dance Challenge

A classic street dance that made the rounds in Parisian nightclubs, the Electro Shuffle is one of Fortnite’s most iconic dances. It’s popular enough that Jimmy Fallon and K-pop group BTS actually performed it on air!


The Robot Dance In Fortnite

The jerky, mechanical, and highly flexible moves of the Fortnite Robot dance are a tribute to a dance of the same name that originated in the 1960s. The original Robot became popular when Michael Jackson performed it in 1973 as part of the Jackson 5.

Fresh Dance

Fresh - Fortnite Battle Royale (Dance Emote)

Fans of the classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would instantly recognise Carlton’s wacky moves in Fortnite’s Fresh Dance. The Fresh Dance pays tribute to actor Alfonso Ribeiro’s original dance, which was inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Murphy’s moves. 



The Flapper dance is named after the flapper, a generation of women in the 1920s who disregarded the conservative norms of the era, rebelling with makeup, cigarettes, an extravagant lifestyle, and sexual liberation. Flappers were associated with a dance known as the Charleston dance, which involves wide arm movements in sync with dainty, carefree steps, just like the Fortnite Flapper dance.

Orange Justice

The REAL Fortnite Boogie Down Winner: Orange Shirt Kid (Original)

The Orange Justice dance was invented by ‘Orange Shirt Kid’, who submitted the dance as his entry to the Boogiedown Challenge. He didn’t win the actual contest, but his dance was vastly more popular on social media. After much clamouring by fans, Epic finally included the Orange Justice dance in a later patch.

Dance Off!

All these Fortnite dances are fun to pull off, and some require a surprising amount of coordination. You can never go wrong with a bit of exercise in your life, so if you’ve taken a liking to any of these dances, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff!

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Rhys McKay

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Fortnite Update 22.

20: Have a blast in the Fortnite Nightmares 2022 Event


Who: Fortnite Developers

In Fortnite Update 22.20 DJ will have Lyka trees waiting to turn you into reality a wolf-like monster... with wolf-like abilities.

The ability to transform into a monster isn't the only new feature in the Fortnite Nightmares 2022 event . You can also complete quests for generous rewards, fight Cube monsters in Rush of the Horde without building, have a party with returned items and more. Fortnite Nightmares 2022 runs until November 1, 9:00 Moscow time!

Monster claws, heightened senses

When you get tired of dancing to DJ Lyka's mixes, stand on one of the transformation altars of the Tree of Reality to be able to activate ritual emotion . Is the tree of reality far away? Don't worry, altars can be found in other places too! Complete the ritual to receive Monstrous Claws . Equip this supernatural item to gain the following wolf abilities.

Ability "Wolf Sense"

Howl when using monster claws to activate "Wolf Sense" ability with a limited duration. Wolf Sense transforms you into a true hunter and marks nearby enemies. If there are no enemies nearby, Wolf Sense will immediately start reloading.

Are you being tracked by another animal ? If someone is hunting you, the sixth sense will inform you with a heartbeat that will get louder as the enemy approaches you ...

Monstrous claws.

Wolf Claws Ability

You won't believe it, but monstrous claws give you... claws. And these claws are not some sharp nails. Break free and use Wolf's Claws to unleash a 4-move vicious melee attack.

Air Strike Ability

Can attack with claws and while in the air . Activate Airstrike ability to double jump and damage enemies on landing.

No buildings, lots of monsters

Horde Rush is back! But this time, the Cuban monsters prepared in advance: in this "Horde Rush" , you cannot build . Team up with allies and fight the hordes of monsters. Will you be able to collect score multipliers, score combos, survive in different locations and defeat the final boss without building? Play Horde Rush without building: it will be available in the Search menu until the end of Fortnite Nightmares event (that is, until November 15, when preparations for the installation of update 22.40 begin).

That's right, Rush of the Horde without building will be temporarily available after November 1st. When the Halloween event ends, complete the Rush of the Horde quests to earn special rewards.

Challenge Your Nightmares

We've discussed Rush of the Horde, but we haven't mentioned the Main Quests of Event Fortnite Nightmares ! Among other things, as part of these tasks, you will have to activate the transformation altar, visit various Fortnite: Nightmare locations, such as the Nightmare Mines, and use the items returned from the vault: sweets , pumpkin thrower and others. Complete Fortnite Nightmares missions to earn XP and surprises.

Fortnite Nightmare Sweets and Pumpkin Launcher.

For 14 days, two objectives will be opened daily. Completing 5 of them will unlock Hang Glider "The End of Everything" , completing 13 - Chrome Skeleton Back Bling , and completing 25 closed quests will earn you Pickaxe "Unraveler" . All Fortnite Nightmares Objectives will be available until November 1st at 09:00 AM BST.

Islands Beyond Paradise

Want to extend a spooky holiday a little? Want to continue the party? Luckily, this year we ran a competition dedicated to the Fortnite Nightmare event, in which participants were asked to create spooky, funny, or spooky-funny islands. Our favorite works are displayed in section Trick or Treat Search menu. Check it out during the Fortnite Nightmares 2022 event!

Tremble! After all, these are not concepts anymore. Both of these outfits were inspired by concepts from the March Royal Concept winners @Dreowings and @kitsunexkitsu! Be sure to check out our interviews with these talented artists; in it, we discussed their inspirations, creative experiences, the feeling of winning the Royal Concept, and more.

Other new features in version 22.20: custom diagonal values ​​for keyboard navigation

In the 22.20 update, the "Custom diagonal values ​​for keyboard navigation" option was added to the mouse and keyboard settings tab. With it, you can set your preferred diagonal movement angle.

To use this setting, go to the Mouse and Keyboard tab and enable the Change Diagonal Value option. Then specify your preferred values ​​for the Diagonal Forward Angle and Diagonal Backward Angle.

About competitive modes

Major fixes
  • Respawn cards no longer sink if the player is defeated in water.

  • Players can once again check the progress of chrome weapons in competitive modes.

  • You no longer navigate menus when tilting the right stick on a controller or gamepad.

  • In the mobile version, a bug has been fixed due to which it seemed that water was floating above the ground.

Rumor has it that during the Fortnite Nightmares event, an unknown enemy appeared on the new floor of the Nightmare Mines... If you defeat him, you will receive a mythical weapon! It is strongly recommended to enlist the help of other players!

Oh, some wild animals have disappeared from the island… have the zombified creatures gotten to them? Or maybe they escaped on a boat, which also disappeared somewhere ...

Challenges Summer without the hassle - cheat cards and walkthrough

The “Summer without hassle” trials, and if we turn to traditions, then 14 days of summer, have already begun. Contrary to all expectations, there are few free items. It is understandable: the developers have been very generous lately, what is the cost of a free skin, which you can still get.

In total, we have six awards and many more challenges. Is it worth it to pass - you decide!

If there are no V-bucks or problems due to sanctions, then we recommend the founder! Our store without cheating and with good prices is

If there are no V-bucks or problems due to sanctions, then we recommend the founder! Our store without cheating and with good prices is

Items awarded based on the number of challenges completed (some items are also awarded for specific challenges):

  • 3 Hassle-Free Summer Challenges - Backpack
  • 7 challenges "Summer without the hassle" - umbrella
  • 14 Hassle Free Summer Challenge Emote

Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the Hassle Free Summer event

This action is performed one way or another by everyone who started the game with the goal of survival and shooting. Just start the match, jump out of the bus and don't forget to land. I don't know what the explanation is for, but you never know!

Pick up the Don't Worry Agency Sign

To complete this task, you just need to land on one of the marked points and pick up the sign from the shelf. After that, run with a sign in your hands to one of the highlighted points.

The best way to complete the task is in a team brawl.

Complete a lap on the speedboat race track after the countdown has started

A timed speedboat track has been added to the east of the island near the Mighty Monument. Take a boat, if the track does not have one, wait for the countdown and follow from point to point (semicircles, and buoys nearby).

Make the character dance with the Boogie Bomb

Boogie-woogie bombs are back on the map, and now you can make anyone dance! Even the characters. It is enough to find a bomb (in chests or on the floor) and throw it at any character.

boogie woogie bomb in fortnite

Character Map:

Use emotes in areas with different names

The party continues and you need to dance in the areas that are close to the stage. Locations are marked on the map.

Ring the doorbells until they break

An old fortnite challenge that requires you to scare the hell out of the residents of a random house. Arrive, for example, at the Plombirny crossroads. There, almost every house has a bell that you need to ring until it breaks.

Just press the action button (most often E) on the bell until it breaks.

Stay airborne in a boat for 3 seconds.

To stay in the air for 3 seconds on a boat, use the airbags that the Monument has. If you accelerate, you can almost fly into space! And don't forget the trampolines.

The best places are marked on the map:

Throw an ice cream cone in different named areas

Ice cream is a new item added to the game after update 21.30. It can restore health, shield or impose some kind of effect.

Ice cream can be found in chests and freezers. After finding them, head to any named location and start throwing sweet treats around!

Remove agency signs "Don't Worry!" for recalled products

to complete this task, you just need to fly to the points marked on the map and pick up the signs. In total, you need to raise 3 different signs and the task will be completed.

Use emotions on different promotional dance floors

Just dance on the dance floors marked on the map below:

Place Don't Worry Agency Signs into the official waste bin

Now we need to place the signs in the waste bins. Garbage bins, by the way, are official, so you can’t throw them into any bin. Points with official tanks are marked on the map, and their appearance is next so that you do not get lost.

Pop inflatables "Summer without the hassle"

Inflatables are located in the same east of the island. It's full of inflatable palm trees and other things that you can easily burst.

Kick the regular and giant beach balls

Beach balls, who would have thought, can be found on the beach in the east of the island. It's time to get used to the fact that the summer of the developers is associated with this particular area.

There are a lot of small balls in the location, here's one for you, from which it's a stone's throw to a huge one. There are also several huge balls, but I will show you one so that you can navigate and quickly complete the test:

To push the ball, just run into it.

Jump on the beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas are another must-have item for summer holidays. Fortunately, the developers understand this and poked them in every suitable place.

Land at the Vile Pond or the Mighty Monument and start jumping with umbrellas.

Deal damage to enemies while swimming in water

Grab a weapon, dive into any body of water and start shooting enemies. It is better to go to a team brawl, because there will be many times more chances to survive.

Destroy the giant buoys by firing missiles from the boat

Sea buoys are an essential part of any human beach. Fortnite also has them, and our task is to destroy them with a boat.

The objects we need are located in the east of the island near the Mighty Monument and in the central reservoir called the Sneaky Pond.

You can take a boat from any pier:

Next, swim up to the buoys on the boat, click on shoot and destroy them with missiles!

Fire a salute flare gun at the Mighty Monument or Abandoned Towers

The flare gun we need can be found in chests or on the floor.

Learn more