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The Best Beginner Dance Classes for Adults in Boston

This total-body workout not only gets you into tip-top shape, but your brain function and mental health improves too.

By Tessa Yannone and Jamie Ducharme·

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Illustration by Jeannie Phan

Did you know dance may be the best form of exercise? From a quick-paced dance routine alone, a Harvard study estimates that people can burn about 200 calories in just 30 minutes—now, you can call your nightly jam sesh a workout. Not only does it have resounding physical benefits, but dance has also been shown to improve brain function and mental health. Luckily, with these dance classes for adults in Boston you don’t have to twirl alone—drop in now, and let your body feel the rhythm.

Custom soundtracks mixed by an in-house DJ. Copious amounts of twerking. No, it’s not Saturday night at the hottest new club, it’s TrillFit’s signature dance-cardio class, which incorporates hip-hop-inspired choreography and high-intensity interval training into one intense sweat session. Actually headed out for a night on the town after class? The new Mission Hill studio boasts an on-site hair salon.

Starting at $18, 1484 Tremont St., Boston, 617-544-7690.

Ever watch an episode of Dancing With the Stars and wonder how the amateurs learned to waltz, cha-cha, and foxtrot only days before? This 100-year-old studio in the Back Bay will teach you. Master the intricacies of ballroom dancing with an introductory program that focuses on the three most important elements: foot position, rhythm and timing, and leading or following—BYO sparkly costume.

Complimentary first private dance lesson, 20 Park Plaza, Boston, 617-426-3335.

If you want to try a little bit of everything, The Dance Complex is the place for you.  The studio offers an enormous range of classes that can be taken on a drop-in basis, such as hip hop, African dance, tango, flamenco, funk, and more.

Starting at $10/class, but may vary. 536 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge, 617-547-9363.

If you’re looking for a fun (ongoing) date idea, the Boston Center for Adult Education offers several four-session packages for couples’ dance lessons. Classes include ballroom, swing, and first wedding dance workshops.

Prices vary. 122 Arlington St., 617-267-4430.

Indulge your childhood ballerina fantasies with classes taught by professional dancers at one of the Boston Ballet School’s three locations. Drop in for open adult classes on a pay-as-you-go basis, or attend more structured ballet workshops.

$20/class or $160 for 10. 19 Clarendon St.; 617-456-6260; and others.

Party like it’s 1920 with Lindy Hop and swing classes open to all levels. The Balboa, the Charleston, and other related dances are also mixed into the classes, which run for six-week long sessions at its Boston and Newton locations.

$65 for a six-week long session. Lower Falls Community Center, 545 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls and Ruggles Baptist Church, 874 Beacon St. ; 508-435-2363.

Students must be at least 18 years old for all classes, meaning you’ll never have to share the floor with giggling high school girls. Classes include ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, Broadway, contemporary, lyrical, pop jazz, and belly dance.

$18/class or $160 for 10. 1404 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-879-2732.

Flamenco Boston offers classes at a range of experience levels, all offered on an ongoing basis. Contact the studio for pricing.

Green Street Studios, 185 Green St., Boston.

This studio, located in Cambridge, offers group and private lessons in a variety of styles, like ballroom, club salsa, swing, and Argentine tango. Choose to drop-in, or take your studies a little more seriously with programs meeting twice a week.

Starting at $15/drop-in or $130 for 10. 26 New St., Suite 3, Cambridge, 617-492-2122.

Pretend you’re basking in the Hawaiian sun with the help of Polynesian Dance Arts. You can start from scratch with the company’s hula and Tahitian classes for beginners, and then move up to intermediate and advanced options as you progress.

$15/class, $60/5-pack, or $100/10-pack. Deborah Mason School of Dance, 32 Cottage Park Ave., Cambridge; 781-729-2252.

Dancers at Urbanity must be at least intermediate level, but those who are can take contemporary lessons from this company. Yoga classes are also available.

$15/drop-in. 1180 Washington St., Boston, 617-572-3727.

At this fitness dance studio in Fenway you don’t have to be a dancer to have fun. Touted as an “addictive cardio party” you’ll sweat through 45-minutes of high-flying fun including signature moves like the V-Up and the Bird. You can also take strength and conditioning classes plus yoga as well.

$26/class, 506 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-603-2522. 

Dance Boston | Home | Lexington, MA

West Coast Swing Dancing 
With Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan

West Coast Swing Dancing 

With Bill Cameron & Yuna Davtyan


Upcoming 2022 Dates:

Tuesday, November 8th 

Tuesday, November 15th - meatball cookoff

Tuesday, November 22nd

Tuesday, November 29th

'Dance Family' It's a term we all use – and we all understand without explanation.

Our dance family is our 'chosen family.'

In Boston, we are especially lucky. Our dance family is deeply connected, exceptionally generous, and known for its ability to come together to support one another in times of need.

Recently, many of you opened your hearts and wallets to support a local dancer whose family wrestled with the financial burden and medical costs resulting from a brain tumor diagnosis.

This generosity made a difference and we thank you all for stepping up.

There is now another in our dance family facing a cancer diagnosis – in fact, she is facing it for the 3rd time.

Anne Fleming is a survivor and a fighter. Her strength, spirit, smile, and laughter are known not only within our local dance community but around the world.

She has welcomed many of us into this dance family we know and love so much – and she continues to bring people together everywhere she goes.

Anne teaches because it is her passion – and she gives all of herself every time, to every student, in every lesson, class, and workshop.

It is time, now, to give back.

Anne's health insurance ended – prior to her diagnosis – and she has been in the midst of a required waiting period before her new insurance begins (although even then, it will not cover all of her treatment.)

Unfortunately, cancer waits for no one.

We ask you all to step up once again – to open your hearts and your wallets to help.

Additional donations of any size are welcomed – and will make a difference – just as dance has made a difference in all of our lives.

With love and gratitude,
Yuna & Bill


For those of you who don't have Venmo account, you will be able to help by getting the eGift Card from Whole Foods Market. Anne's email address is: [email protected]

Anne Fleming



Tuesdy Nights


West Coast Swing group lessons and social dance every Tuesday!

7:15 PM Intermediate group lesson

8:15 PM Int/Adv group lesson

8:15 PM Beginner Group Lesson (Downstairs) 

9:15 PM to 11:30 PM Social Dancing

The intermediate lessons are taught by former U. S. Open Champion Bill Cameron and his remarkable partner Yuna Davtyan.

The beginner lessons are taught by DanceBoston staff members who have been personally trained by Bill and Yuna.

Please bring shoes with clean leather or hard plastic soles that will slide on hard wood floors.

We offer a cash bar and free nibbles.

You only pay when you attend: no pre-registration is required.


Saturday Nights


Monthly WCS Dance Party!
Typically the first Saturday of the month. Check dates at the top of the homepage for our next one!
We provide two Intermediate/Advanced lessons at 7:15 PM and 8:15 PM. There is only one hour beginner lesson at 8 PM. Social dance is 9 PM to 11:30 PM.

In addition to Bill and Yuna, we offer a range of nationally-recognized instructors throughout the year as guest teachers on Saturday evenings.


Sometimes we have special workshops that start in the afternoon. Our monthly dances include group workshops and social dancing.

Please bring shoes with clean leather or hard plastic soles that will slide on hard wood floors.

We offer a cash bar and free nibbles.

You only pay when you attend: no pre-registration is required.


Private Lessons


Bill Cameron, Yuna Davtyan, and DanceBoston staff members are available for reasonably-priced private lessons.
The special attention you receive in private lessons can catapult your dancing to the next level. Private lessons help you learn more quickly and effectively by focusing on your individual needs. The instructor can spend ample time dancing with you, one on one, to quickly and accurately assess your skills and identify problem areas.

Private lessons are typically for 1 or 2 people and can be taught by 1 or 2 instructors.


Small private group lessons (for 3 or more people) can also be arranged.




Snapshots from Kelson Gent, Lindsay Mistretta and Alyssa May Schoeller!

Follow us on Instagram: danceboston_wcs

Follow us on Facebook



The greater Boston area has become a hotspot for West Coast Swing dancing.

We have a great program of West Coast Swing lessons and dances... come and see for yourself!

Join us for Boston-area lessons and social dancing in West Coast Swing; 

Tuesdays (weekly) and Saturdays (monthly). We have lessons followed by social dancing.


Tuesdays: Join our accessible lessons for dancers of all levels.

Brand new beginners welcomed warmly.

Monthly Saturday night lessons/dances are friendly and fabulous.


What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance that combines the hottest elements of traditional swing, Latin dances, and Hip-Hop, creating a smooth, subtle movement that suits every age.

Our goal is to spread the joy of dance to as many people as we can.



If it's your birthday and you let us know in advance, you come for free! Plus we'll bring you a cupcake and have a birthday dance jam for you! Don't know what that entails?

Come find out!



We use a range of DJs who each have their favorite playlists; including the blues, R&B and Top 40.


The venue has both air conditioning and a bar!


Kieffer Q.

"Bill & Yuna have an incredible passion for spreading their knowledge & love of this art. Their lessons have helped my dancing improve dramatically both in competition & the social dance floor. This dance community they've created has attracted many talented, kind, & supportive people from a wide variety of backgrounds & origins. It feels like family. The hour-long drive from my house is always worth it to me.




959 Waltham Street

Lexington, MA 02421


Bill Tel: 860.268.1968

Yuna Tel: 401.477.3805

Carpooling? The driver gets in free!

Waltz-Boston - the beauty of the slow waltz

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| ballroom dancing

Sports ballroom dancing (photo, video)

Boston Waltz – the beauty of slow waltz

Waltz is one of the most beautiful and romantic dances. It is popular all over the world, but in some countries one or another type of waltz may have a little more fame. So in the United States of America, the Boston Waltz is considered the most favorite version of this dance. nine0003

Waltz Boston appeared at the very end of the nineteenth century. For the American version of this ballroom dance, a free composition is characteristic. Especially noticeable are the differences between the Boston waltz in comparison with the Viennese waltz, which is classical for Europe. The musical accompaniment of the slow waltz, as well as the dance itself, has some features. In particular, you can pay attention to the fact that instead of the usual “bass-chord-chord” scheme, “bass-chord-pause” is used. This is largely why another name for the Boston waltz is the slow waltz. nine0003

Boston waltz figures

Boston waltz is performed with a wide step. The closed position and the promenade are considered the most common positions in this dance. The closed position involves the dancers holding an even body, without any refractions. The promenade starts from a closed position. The shoulders of the dancers form an acute angle, the free leg is placed on the toe and straightened out to the side. Partner and partner look to the left. Waltz-Boston can be found in some classical productions. For example, in the ballet "The Red Poppy" by Gliere. nine0003

The Boston Waltz or Slow Waltz looks great and is made for pairs. Of course, mastering it at a high level is not so easy, but everyone can achieve serious success as an amateur.

waltz boston, waltz, slow waltz, slow waltz, ballet

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    Basic moves of the Boston waltz. First lesson (photo, video)




    | ballroom dancing nine0003

    Sports ballroom dancing (photo, video)

    The main movements of the Boston waltz. First lesson (photo, video)

    The Boston Waltz was born from a slower version of the Viennese Waltz. The nature of the execution of movements is quite free, and the movement pattern is arbitrary. The basic step is three simple steps forward along the line of dance.

    Basic Boston waltz movements. First lesson (photo, video)

    Open recess

    This basic Boston Waltz dance move is performed in a straight line, turning right and left, and in an arc. It is also used to move from one movement to another. Most of the Boston Waltz movements are built on the basis of an open change. An open change always consists of three steps, performed forward and backward with the right and left foot. Forward movement is done from the starting position - facing the line of dance, at the expense of "one" step with the right foot forward; at the expense of "two" - step with your left foot along the line of dance; on the count of "three" you need to repeat the step forward with your right foot again. nine0003

    Open reverse and pair

    . Moving backwards is done from the starting position - with your back along the line of dance - similar to moving forward, only all steps are taken backwards. For an open change in a pair - the initial position is closed. When the partner begins to perform an open change from the right foot, then the partner starts from the left, and vice versa. When the movement is performed with a turn, the degree of turn may be different. It depends on the starting position of the subsequent movement. nine0003


    This dance element consists of three steps, performed in an open change pattern with a 90 degree turn to the right and left. The zigzag can be performed forward and backward, from the right foot and from the left foot.

    From the first lessons, you need to remember that progressive movement prevails in this dance: forward, backward, with a wave, delay, turn, etc.

    Learn more