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Just Dance Unlimited 1 Year Subscription

  • Diverse catalog of more than 600 songs
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Unleash your inner dancer

Get access to a diverse catalog of more than 600 songs and new content via Just Dance 2021, and to over 400 songs via Just Dance 2020, Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2018, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2016 for the duration of your subscription.

*New content added to the Just Dance Unlimited catalogue will be accessible only if used in conjunction with the purchase of the newest edition of the game. Use of Just Dance Unlimited is linked to the platform on which it is originally activated and requires permanent internet access, creation of a Ubisoft account, and the acceptance of Ubisoft's Terms. Age and territorial restrictions may apply. More details here:

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Product ID228123
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Product Specifications
Brand NameUbisoft
GameStop ExclusiveNo
Vendor Part Number108157

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Publisher NameUbisoft
Developer NameUbisoft
FranchiseJust Dance

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It helps when you want to dance and explore more songs

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Can I purchase & play Just Dance Unlimited by itself? Or do you HAVE to buy Just Dance 2021 (or whatever year) AND Just Dance Unlimited?

ohmiamy1 year ago



You cannot use Just Dance Unlimited without one of the base games.

UbisoftProductExpert1 year ago

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Is there a Just Dance that includes all the dances?

Viv271 year ago



Hey Viv! Each Just Dance comes with its own set of songs with newer releases giving you the opportunity to get Just Dance Unlimited to enjoy more options.

UbisoftProductExpert1 year ago

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Does this subscription come in the mail or do you email it to me?

Samara03304 months ago



Does just dance unlimited have the older songs from early just dance? It’s raining men, toxic, when I grow up, etc.?

Kv1234565 months ago

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Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It [Review] – G Style Magazine

There’s a reason why Just Dance is the most popular dance game year after year and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a fan. Just Dance 2020 was my first experience with the series and it’s what got me hooked. What I should say is that my family and I got hooked because this is one of the most fun games you can play as a family or a group of friends where it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. It’s just plain, simple fun. Since this is a yearly series, Just Dance 2021 was just released and again, we’re checking out the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

For those who have played the previous version of Just Dance, such as Just Dance 2020, you’ll be hard-pressed to see any real differences between that version and the new version of the game. Just Dance 2021 basically just adds 40 new songs. If you want access to the 500+ songs in the Just Dance library, you’ll have to shell out some money for Just Dance Unlimited subscription. A subscription can last 1 day, 20 days, 90 days, or 365 days. Prices will be $2.99, $3.99, $9.99, and $24.99 respectively. Luckily you’re able to try it out for a month before committing.

Gameplay wise, Just Dance 2021 plays exactly like the previous version. It is played mainly with the Joy-Cons – one for each player. If you want to play with more people, you’ll need extra Joy-Cons. If you don’t have extra Joy-Cons, you can get everyone with a smartphone to download the Just Dance Controller App on their phones and you can play like that. The only weird thing about this is that you can only play with all Joy-Cons or all smartphones. You can’t mix play with both which is still a disappointing aspect of the game.

Once you decide how you want to play, you’ll now have to decide what song you want to dance to. There’s a pretty good variety of songs in the included  40 and they range from easy to hard difficulty. What’s neat here is that easy songs can be played to unlock higher difficulty versions of those songs, and each has its own set of dances.

Just Dance 2021 scores your moves based on how accurate they are with what’s happening onscreen. It’s not too hard to follow along as you just do all the moves as if you’re looking in a mirror and the game will preview what’s about to happen at the bottom right corner. Technically, you only need to be accurate with the hand you are holding the Joy-Con with, but that’s no fun at all if that’s all you’re doing.

Just Dance 2021 will have you shaking your whole body to the music. This is especially true if you’re playing with friends or family and it just makes the experience that more enjoyable. My kids loved the previous game and this new version is no different. We’ve literally been playing this almost every day as a family and while it is fun, it’s also a way to be more active.

It’s not just the dancing either that has my kids playing. They’re also trying to Super Star and Mega Star each of the songs so they can unlock the harder versions of them. Not only that, they want to earn coins so they can use the capsule machine to get new avatars, skins, and stickers. These are just little extras that keep you coming back for more. It also helps that we have access to Just Dance Unlimited and the hundreds of other songs available and not just the base songs.

If you’re new to the franchise, Just Dance 2021 is a good starting point. The Nintendo Switch version is actually pretty good thanks to the fact that the Joy-cons are tiny and easy to hold. You could use your smartphone, but just be careful not to lose your grip on it and throw it across the room. In terms of song choice, there’s a good variety of different genres, though 40 songs really isn’t that much once you work your way through all of them. You’ll want to shell out a bit extra for Just Dance Unlimited. I suggest just paying for one month first to see if it’s worth it to you and decide after that what’s best.

Owners of Just Dance 2020 may want to wait for the game to go on sale because it’s literally almost the same game. It just has a different set of base games. If you’re a die-hard Just Dance fan though, you’ll probably want to pick it up regardless. It’s still fun and the formula seems to work as there’s no stopping the popularity of the Just Dance franchise.

You can pick up Just Dance 2021 here on Amazon or Best Buy

7 tips for those who want to learn how to dance

September 9, 2020Reno5Life

Dancing is a great way to make friends with your body and gain self-confidence. And yes, they can be mastered at any age.



1. Choose your style

The idea here is the same as with sports: if you secretly hate yoga or iron exercises, you are unlikely to go to workouts week after week. To achieve noticeable progress in dancing, a beginner will have to practice a lot and regularly, so it’s better not to torture yourself and choose a direction that really ignites.

You can focus on the music that you like - you need to catch the drive from movements to it. It is music that forms the style of dance and its energy, so decide what is closer to you: for example, funk lovers should try popping or locking, folk fans may like Irish dancing, and if you respect jazz, swing and everything like that, take a closer look at lindy hop.

Another criterion is the nature of the movements. Some are closer to dynamic, as in hip-hop, others are smooth and sensual - for this in tango. There are also health restrictions to consider. So, twerk is not suitable if there are problems with the lumbar spine, with sore knees it is better not to get involved in shuffle, and it will be difficult for an aged person to master house.

2. Set a goal

Photo: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

You can start dancing at any age, but it's important to keep in mind why you started it in the first place. It is perhaps too bold to expect that in half a year of classes it will be possible to reach the level of international dance championships from scratch. But if you want to try dancing in order to develop plasticity and learn to feel the body better, great, go ahead.

Don't expect everything to work out the first time. When you learn from scratch, difficulties are absolutely normal, the main thing is not to score in classes. Over time, both the correct posture and a beautiful gait will be developed, and as a bonus you will also get self-confidence - with freedom of movement, freedom from complexes will come.

3. Don't forget about sports

Some dances in themselves make for a good workout. A vigorous shuffle will replace cardio, and a break can give a load to almost all muscle groups. And yet, without preparation, it will not be easy. A more or less good stretch is needed in any type of dance, and, for example, strong arms and strong abdominal and back muscles are also useful for pole dancing. You can combine dancing with strength exercises, but you need to give the body time to recover and not plan classes in a row, but allocate at least a day of rest between them.

And don't forget to warm up before dancing. So that the training does not end with an injury, the muscles and joints need to be prepared for the load. You can allocate 10–15 minutes for a warm-up, it should include simple articular gymnastics (at least elementary rotational movements of the shoulders and knees), tilts and dynamic stretching.

4. Take some lessons from a trainer

Especially if you have never danced before. Those with experience can learn new styles at home with video tutorials, but that's because they already know how to control their bodies. Beginners are unlikely to succeed, but disappointment in themselves and demotivation are guaranteed - if you can’t repeat elementary movements, then there’s no point in doing it.

Nothing really strange here. Without preparation, it is difficult to just take it and start moving freely. At least the basic elements are better to master under the guidance of a pro, and when you feel that you are coping, supplement these lessons with home workouts.

5. Learn something new in every class

When you repeat the same set of exercises and movements over and over again, classes turn into a good way to pass your free time, only you can forget about progress. Acquaintance with new elements is the same mandatory part of any workout as a warm-up. It doesn't matter if you work with a mentor or on your own.

Do not immediately try to copy cool dancers. First, study the basic movements, then try to combine them into bundles until you hone them to automatism, and then experiment and improvise, creating something new based on familiar elements.

6. Record yourself on video

You don't need to record the whole workout from the warm-up on, it's enough to record only those moments with which you have problems. These can be separate movements or bundles that are not given in any way. Review the video and, if possible, objectively assess what is wrong: perhaps there are technical problems that are difficult to notice in the process. When you understand what's wrong, try to repeat the movement and record it on video again - and so on until you achieve a good result.

This approach will help you find errors and track progress. You can not even limit yourself to memorized ligaments, but improvise - then see how it looks from the outside.

7. Find like-minded people

Photo: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

If you need an extra reason not to miss classes, then meeting new people can be a good motivation. It is easier here for those who train in a group. Often the dance school becomes the center of a close-knit community, where people come not only for the sake of classes, but also just to spend time together at dance parties.

Finally, the more partners around, the more experience. Do not limit yourself to dancers of your level of training and practice with those who are stronger or weaker than you. In the first case, you will be able to improve your skills, and in the second, you will try yourself as a coach - this, by the way, is a good way to learn to take more initiative and understand the very principle of movement in dance, and not just memorize the alternation of chords.

Stay fit and connected with the OPPO Watch. They have two powerful processors, a bright AMOLED display, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC modules. And more than 90 training modes, including those designed specifically for ORRO. Work out cooler with music, you can listen to it in streaming services or download tracks to the memory of your watch.

If you want to enjoy clear sound, the OPPO ENCO W31 Wireless Headphones are for you. Two-level noise reduction system, easy operation and stable connection will make listening to music and talking on the phone as comfortable as possible.

Show smart watch and headphones!

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Where to learn to dance in Moscow

Where to learn to dance in Moscow
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Photo: brooklynstreetbeat. com






Unusual concerts in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. 12+

Jazz, medieval and classical music on the organ.

See schedule

Dance School TSEKH 6+

Big dance plans and ambitions will help to realize in the dance school TSEKH. The studio teaches to dance contemporary dance (contemporary). Team spirit is especially important here - in the classroom, groups move towards staging their performance. In joint work, dancers not only hone new movements, but also learn to act harmoniously.

3rd St. Yamskogo Polya, 2, bldg. 3
School "Planetango" 0+

Tango has long been a symbol of passion. At the Planetango school you can attend not only individual or group classes, but also take dance lessons for a specific event. The school also holds festivals and tournaments in which students take part.

st. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 35, building 59
Ballet school-studio Balleta 0+

There is an opinion that in order to achieve results in ballet, you need to study it from childhood. But the experience of the Balleta studio proves the opposite: with regular training, it is quite possible to learn this high art even in adulthood. The choreographic school conducts individual and group classes for children and adults. In addition to ballet, they teach oriental and folk dances, teach acting skills and conduct Pilates classes.

st. 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 8
Studio of historical dance "Trianon" 0+

Historical dances are beautiful and interesting. In the studio "Trianon" they are engaged not only in staging and practicing movements, but also give lectures on the culture, art and history of dances from different eras. The school teaches many directions of dance, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Sibirskiy pr-d, 2, building 5 Ostapovsky pr-d, 3/11
Devi Dance School 0+

If you want to learn something unusual, try the passionate and mesmerizing gypsy dance, which has absorbed elements of many cultures. At the Devi Dance School, they know from experience that almost everyone is capable of gypsy dancing, and the teachers create a friendly atmosphere and increase self-confidence. You will definitely surprise and delight your friends with the gypsy dance at any party or holiday. School students can perform on stage, taking part in festivals and commercial projects.

Bolshoi Kiselny lane, 7, building 2
School of dance and stretching "Marte" 0+

This school has 40 directions for children from three years old and for adults without age restrictions. These are Latin American dances, and ballet, and hip-hop, and jazz-funk, and flamenco, and dances with fitness elements, and much more. The most important thing is the desire to dance. In addition to dance training, there are simply useful master classes for a healthy back and proper weight loss. Classes are held both in the morning and in the evening, so you will definitely find time for dancing in your busy schedule.

st. Sushchevskaya, 21, building 10 st. Bakuninskaya, 14, building 10
MainStream Dance Center 0+

The teachers of the school in the center of Moscow focused on popular modern destinations. Therefore, if you want to comprehend the skill, for example, sirtaki, then it is better to look for another hall. Here - only drive, energy and challenge. Teachers with great pleasure will teach you dynamic popping, assertive krump, impressive dancehall and other fashion trends today. From time to time, trainings are conducted by specially invited foreign dancers, but among the full-time teachers there are winners of international festivals, the strongest dancers of the CIS and Europe, who still take an active part in the championships. However, the students are also not a blunder and show good results in competitions. But if you are not ready for world recognition, you can check the level of your skills at intra-club championships and battles.

trans. Krivokolenny, 14
Fire Ballet Stretching and Dance Studio 16+

The studio has a huge selection of all well-known modern trends - from classical choreography for beginners and salsa to reggaeton and strip plastic. In addition to dance lessons, there are special fitness programs.

3 pr-d Maryina Roscha, 40, building 1
Dance Studio Urban Academy 0+

Urban Academy invites everyone to try sensual kizomba! Kizomba is a pair dance built on improvisation. But the main thing is new acquaintances and friends, and also a hobby that can change your life.

st. 1st Dubrovskaya, 1, bldg. 3
Dance Arts Lab Model-357 16+

The founders of the school do not hesitate to say that over the two decades of its existence, the Model-357 has become unique and even elite. You can only check this for yourself, but what you can definitely vouch for is a sufficient number of spacious halls and a convenient schedule, thanks to which the laboratory can provide work for 120 groups and guarantees suitable conditions for the full development in dance, creativity and the manifestation of one's inner qualities. . Clients can choose from 22 styles plus fitness classes. You can find out which one suits you more than the others at the Open Days, which are held here regularly. Walk the path from beginner to dance floor star under the strict guidance of teachers who have earned their place in the dance firmament.

st. Pravdy, 24, building 7 Goncharny pr-d, 8/40
Mary Singal School of Irish Dance 0+

An army of dancers, in unison, beating the rhythm, is able to captivate the audience from the first movements and sounds. Irish dancing in Russia quickly became popular. But how long can you look at artists when you want to perform something similar yourself? Moreover, there are places in Moscow where you will be taught this art. Mary Singal School is one of the first in the country where the spirit of Ireland reigns. Recruitment in children's groups is carried out from the age of five, in adults - from 11 years. There is no upper limit, as well as restrictions on the level of training. The school teaches the main types of solo and group dances according to the standards adopted by the professional international commission.

st. Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 19, bldg. 1
School of Modern Dance StepUp 0+

A school where you will not only have fun learning new movements, but if you wish, you will be able to join a team of professionals and take part in competitions with them. For several years of the existence of this studio, teachers have gained enough experience to conduct classes in different areas. Here they give lessons in literally all modern styles, and groups are recruited from the age of three. The smallest are taught the basics of choreography and children's pop, and for adults - club dancing, hip-hop, strip plastic, street dancing, break dance, R'n'b, Bollywood and much more. There are professional children's and youth dance groups, individual lessons are possible in all areas at a convenient time.

st. Brateevskaya, 16, bldg. 3, st. Borisovskie Prudy, 26, bldg. 2, st. Generala Belova, 18, st. Voronezhskaya, 10
Dance School Dance First 0+

Dance First dance studio is located in the center of Moscow not far from the metro station. All conditions for the development of students and teachers have been created here. Teachers promise to teach anyone who comes to move perfectly. And at the same time you will get the opportunity to put yourself in order, participate in competitions, not to mention the emotions and impressions when you go on stage. In addition to regular workouts on a schedule, from time to time they organize master classes from world stars, trips to dance camps and theme parties.

st. Malaya Dmitrovka, 5/9
Dance school of Roman Kovgan 0+

A relatively young but promising studio opened in 2015. Masters teach 20 directions and strive to find a personal approach to each student, depending on their abilities. For each direction, specialists have developed effective training programs, thanks to which it is easy to achieve high results in a short time. There are classes for kids, dancing for beginners, group and individual classes, fitness development programs and a Pro-Am program where the dance couple consists of a professional and an amateur. In addition, the school holds themed parties for its students with the participation of guests and teachers.

st. Khersonskaya, 43 (RC Rozmarin)
Pole dance studio Avrora Dance 16+

Pole dancing combines sports, fitness and dance art, and helps those who perform it to maximize their femininity and plasticity.

Learn more