How much do club dancers get paid

Dancer Money, What to Expect and How to Get Paid More.

The are strip clubs all over the world and not all are created equally. There can be many variations in client base, selectivity of dancers, atmosphere, commission structure and management style. There can be jobs found for the vast majority of women in the industry or those wishing to enter. If a club doesn’t work for one dancer, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for another.

The right combination of dancer and club can reap high rewards. A stripper salary can range from hundreds of dollars per week to thousands. Sometimes even a couple thousand a night. A stripper salary has many variables and it can be hard to predict. The best nights for a dancer are a perfect storm of luck. A client who can afford it and the same client having a mental connection. With the dancer as well as finding her physically attractive.

Which girls earn the highest stripper salary

It is a misconception that only dancers that look like glamour models. Can profit from the industry and earn the highest stripper salary. There are girls of all kinds of shapes, sizes and personal styles that find the industry incredibly financially rewarding. The most successful dancers are those that are highly professional and treat it as a business. They are focused and do not get distracted by partying and treating work as a night out.

In addition to a professional attitude. The successful dancers maximise what they have physically as well as create a solid sales attitude.

They can adapt to any client and be exactly the type of entertainment the individual desires. Whilst this is happening, a great dancer can read the situation. And correctly assess what the client can afford and how to get it. Sometimes, this is by not taking no for a dancer and approaching it aggresively. Other times, this is by selling gently as to not provoke the client into feeling pressurised. The fun disappearing and, consequently, the money to dry up.

What exotic dancer salary should a performer expect?

Salaries can vary hugely throughout the world. It is common for dancer expectations to evolve throughout their dancing career. A dancer’s career tends to work through 3 stages. Many girls enter the industry with a naive understanding of the earning potential. And the tactics that are possible to maximise earnings.

Therefore, very few dancers make their best money in the first stage of their career. Like any job, there is a probationary period whilst the lady adjusts to her new environment. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Dancers that find the adjustment easier are those with a sales background. It is often a surprise, to those outside of the industry. How much of the job can be classed, quite simply, as face to face sales.

After this period, dancers have a period where they peak in their earnings.

The drive is there and there is a greater understanding of the industry with more experience. This is where dancing can change the direction of a dancer’s life, depending on how she approaches it. Unfortunately, there are sometimes girls that struggle to work in a positive way in the industry. It can be easy to get caught up in the fast living lifestyle. Reputable and responsible clubs will keep on top of this behaviour and limit drinking and enforce strict rules.

Those that work smartly, save or invest their money wisely and approach the job as a true business. Can create a great set up in a relatively short amount of time. This is why picking the right clubs and getting the correct guidance can be crucial.

Stripping can be a tough job. It is anti-social hours, there is social stigma and can physically take a toll. There is massive variation on how long a dancer stays comfortably in the industry

Will a stripper’s salary always stay the same?

Stripping can be a tough job. It is anti-social hours, there is social stigma and can physically take a toll. There is massive variation on how long a dancer stays comfortably in the industry. For some it can be months and, for some, it can be decades. Eventually, every dancer with have a period where they struggle with motivation and enjoy the job less. This can be down to new relationships, life changes or maturing into a different stage of life.

Dancing is the kind of job where commitment to the job is what reaps the greatest rewards. When earnings start to significantly drop and it is causing stress, it is time to exit the industry. Whether that be temporarily, for a break, or on a long term basis to pursue other projects. It is very hard to adjust this state of mind and pushing the situation tends to make things worse. 

Things to consider when choosing a stripper job.

The variation in clubs and locations can be very helpful. A dancer needs to establish what the end goal is for each contract. This can be maximum financial rewards, a great experience in a new location or a combination of both. Once the motivation for the contract is established it is then helpful to acknowledge where compromise can be.

Some clubs are in very remote, quite boring areas but be extremely lucrative. This can be down to local industries or events happening. Conversely, there are other clubs that may not have high traffic, but be located in really spectacular places. Baring these elements in mind. Whilst deciding on a club can save a lot of time, money and energy by not wasting a trip.

How to approach calculating an exotic dancer salary

When calculating a stripper salary, it is best to work on a weekly or monthly basis. This is because there can be huge differences to salary, night to night. A quiet period can be very disheartening. Therefore, if an average is taken. It can show a dancer she is on the right track without focusing on the negative nights. As mentioned, state of mind has a direct impact on earning power. The happier and calmer a dancer can stay, the more productive her work.

Stripping is a very seasonal job whatever the location. This is why there has been a surge in dancer recruitment agencies.

That help clubs find dancers and dancer find clubs to work. Sometime, those seasons are very clear. Ski season in winter resorts. Summer season in beach areas, regional festivals, sports events and large business conventions. Can all bring a rush of business to a club or locality. Conversely, there can be periods where there are definitely reasons for a lull in business. These often include school holidays and just before exceptionally busy periods like Christmas. A good agent would be able to advise on when would be good to go to a specific region.

In what club can you earn the highest stripper salary?

Local economies have a direct impact on exotic dancer salaries. For obvious reasons, large cities. Wealthy areas and popular business and tourist destinations will provide the biggest potential to reach a great client. However, not all dancers work well in these kinds of clubs. They will often have more competition and a larger number of dancers. And they will have more foot traffic but a larger proportion of people passing through with no intention of spending. The dancers working in these clubs are required to have more patience. And more drive to work in the fast paced environment.

Some dancers just prefer smaller, quieter clubs and can earn more money. Accepting that and sticking to the more rural areas quieter towns. There is no one size fits all. Recognising individual preferences can be incredibly helpful for maintained a high standard of work life and earning power. The mistake many girls make is trying to force an issue when it simply doesn’t work. Hearing about a friend making thousands every weekend in one club doesn’t automatically translate across the board.

Which areas pay the highest lap dancer salary?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are some solid situations to consider when picking a club. Expanding on that, certain countries provide higher earnings than others. This can be down to strength of local currency, local attitudes to the industry and legalities with work. For example, citizens of the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Have an extremely open minded attitude to strip clubs in . There are venues in many parts of these countries. and it operates fairly openly. The local governments set strict licensing requirements to operate. As a result, they are not as taboo as in other countries. Clients understand what is required of them on a larger scale and the earning potential can be significant. The downside with this is that some parts of these countries are oversaturated. With clubs and there can be hundreds of dancers working in one locality in a single night.

Scandinavia has a strong reputation worldwide for being a very popular place to work.

The currencies in Norway, Denmark and Sweden are incredibly strong. And there is a high standard of living, as well as high level of living costs. Clients are used to paying more for every aspect of life and strip clubs are no different. Dances and drinks are often more expensive in Scandinavian strip clubs. So girls get paid more for the same amount of work. Scandinavian countries put a huge emphasis on human and worker’s rights. Consequently, girls are often treated better with enhanced living conditions.

Stripper salaries can always be surprising

Whilst there are some things to consider when picking a strip club for the highest stripper salary. There are times when it is just pot luck. There is a phrase amongst dancers. ‘It only takes one guy’. This is true and very significant. The industry in this age is very temperamental. A dancer can work Friday and Saturday. In a capital city, next to a sports stadium on final day and make decent money. She can then go to work on the Sunday night, meet one rich client that takes a shine to her. And she makes more than the busy nights put together. 

The subject of stripper salaries is so subjective, girls have many different opinions on what they are looking for and their experiences.

What dancers say about their stripper salary

The subject of stripper salaries is so subjective. Girls have many different opinions on what they are looking for and their experiences. Here are a range of different outlooks to illustrate how much this can vary.

Here's How Much Strippers Actually Make

  • The amount of money a stripper makes on any given night is unpredictable and influenced by factors ranging from the weather and the economy to a dancer's mood and costume.
  • One dancer who was working on New Year's Eve received $500 for talking to a man about neuroscience for 20 minutes.
  • Another dancer said it's possible for strippers to lose money in a night if they can't cover their tip out and house fee.

The number one thing that dancers like about stripping is the money. Most women expressed that, at least in the beginning, to be given rolls of cash for making conversation, drinking freely, and giving the occasional private dance was very exciting.

For many dancers, like Laura, who is 19 years old, money made from stripping also allowed them much needed financial security, and the means to provide some luxuries for their children. Laura said:

I have a little boy and I’m married. It's helped our life a lot because financially speaking — I moved out when I was 16, had my little boy at 15. Financially, I was making $7.25-an-hour and things were hard. Whereas now, in two weeks I'm doing a big haunted house for all the kids in the neighborhood. I've put thousands of dollars into it just for the kids, and we're still okay. So we’re able to relax a little more. Things aren’t as stressful outside of here. Birthday parties, Christmas, wanting to just go to the zoo, or do something — that's a possibility now, and it's really not that hard for me to achieve because our work is so flexible and we can work as much as we want. So I can just work an extra night and these things are possible.

Some of the women I interviewed also shared stories of men who gave them a large sum of money without expecting any sexual favors in exchange.

These experiences are important to dancers not only because it is gratifying to receive a gift of money but also because they reaffirm the woman's belief in the generosity of some clients. Dana's story is typical of these lucrative encounters with clients:


I had a really good customer come in, a younger guy, and I totally didn't trust him either. He always wanted to go out, and I thought he was married. I still wonder to this day if he was married. But he came in, and on my birthday last year he brought in seven or eight hundred dollars: here you go, no strings attached, no anything. I thought that was really neat. Most of them are just like that, people just being nice. An older guy — he was a car dealer — he came in around Christmas time, and I sat with him for a little bit, and he asked me what I bought for my daughter. And I said I hadn’t bought her anything yet. I wasn't able to. And he said, "You need to get that baby something, here," and he slaps two hundred dollars on the table. "Tell her this is from me." And I had just met the guy. So it’s just people who do nice things out of the blue, out the ordinary. I know it’s money things, but it's just the thought that went behind it giving you the money.

Some dancers have encountered customers who come to strip clubs not expecting dances in return for their money. via Before The Door Pictures

Recently single, and working on New Year's Eve, April was feeling a little blue until she danced for a generous customer:

I was single and I was kind of depressed. He comes in and we go up to the VIP room. We’re up there twenty minutes, and he has to leave because he’s having a New Year’s Eve party, and he gives me $500. So that was pretty cool. That doesn’t happen as much as people think—20 minutes of work—$500. And I didn’t do anything. I was a neurology major at the time, and we were talking about the structure of the brain while I was dancing for him, and it was really weird. It was actually the least sexual dance I’d ever done. We were sitting there talking about serotonin levels and dopamine levels and neurons and the limbic system, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe, all this stuff. I’m sitting here dancing for him, and he just gives me $500 and leaves.

Like Dana, April appreciated that this customer recognized her as a person and, in her case, as an intelligent woman, in addition to giving her a large gift of cash.

The desire for money, the need for money, and the impact of money on dancers' lives cannot be overestimated. But, as April’s reflections indicate, the meaning of money for dancers goes beyond its purchasing power. It may signify, as it did for Dana, that a customer appreciates and can empathize with her struggles.

At the same time, the amount of money a woman makes on any given night is unpredictable, and influenced by uncontrollable factors like the weather, the economy, the time of the month, and the number of other performers working, as well as elements under a dancer’s control, like her mood and costume.

Beverly, who is 24 years old, has made as much as $500 and as little as $3 in a shift. Beverly also described nail-bitingly stressful days when she made no money at all for four hours and then, at the very end of the night (1:30 a.m.) collected $250 from last-minute table dances.

Stacy, who is 32 years old, wonders how girls working day shifts even survive. She said, "I’ve seen day shifts where we've had one guy come in here and buy one dance." It’s particularly distressing for a dancer to leave work owing money if she does not earn enough to cover tip-out and her house fee.

Jenny Cheng/INSIDER

STRIPPED is an INSIDER series featuring adapted excerpts from the book "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" by Bernadette Barton. Bernadette Barton is an author and Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Morehead State University. To read more from "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" you can purchase the book here.

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How much do dancers earn and how to become a professional - November 1, 2018

Ivan Slavinsky



It is never easy, but wildly interesting.

Members of the FAM Factory dance team told Sport24 about the difference between a professional team and an amateur one, how much coaches earn and how long it takes to become a good dancer from scratch.

Our team is called FAM Factory and has been around for a very long time. We regularly perform at the largest dance championships throughout Russia, we work at major events. Our choreographer, Yevgeny Kevler, is one of the top choreographers in Russia, staged dances for "Dances" on TNT, "Dance" on Channel One, and has brought up more than one generation of dancers. Our team is diverse - students, office workers, teachers and coaches, but they all have one thing in common - an unimaginable love for dancing.

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A post shared by Evgeny Kevler (@kevbrave) on

At first, technique is not so important, it comes with experience. It is worth paying attention to physical form, especially if you prefer styles that are characterized by frequent level changes or powerful energy: you may simply not have enough strength. The breather also needs to be developed: fast choreography cannot be danced to the end if the volume of the lungs is not enough. Many dancers take up running to develop their lungs. And for the development of physical strength, functional training or crossfit are suitable - of all training, these will probably be the most useful in our business. If there is no time for this, then you need to at least minimally pump the press, do push-ups, squat. We sometimes conduct physical training classes at team training.

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A post shared by Nadia Gera 🐾 (@gerandosina) on

and year, everything is very individual here. Many schools have their own reporting concerts and parties. As a rule, at such events, students go on stage for the first time.

If we talk about more complex numbers, then it takes a month and a half to set them up with 3-4 workouts a week for 2-3 hours. The mode of training in a serious team changes, especially if the number is complex and many dancers participate in it. A fairly common occurrence is night workouts. As you might guess, they take place at night, and, as a rule, last 5-6 hours. It's not easy, especially at first and if you have to go to work in the morning, but it's also more efficient in terms of the speed of staging the show, and the result is definitely worth it.


In the dance world, the year can be conditionally divided into two seasons - spring and autumn. All this time, championships of various levels go one after another, the most "fruitful" in this regard are April and May, as well as November and December. As a rule, all groups put on a performance a month or two in advance, but it all depends on the level of training and available time for the dancers themselves.

In general, championships are a separate and very entertaining cuisine. Dancers are constantly preparing for some kind of competition, it rarely happens that you just come and hang out aimlessly. Everything is almost like in the movie "Step Up": the whole season is the process of preparing for the competition, and in the off-season, everyone either rests, or pumps, or shoots a video.

At dance championships there is always a division according to the level of training and age: children are separated from adults, beginners are separated from professionals. And within these categories, there is also style: hip-hop, ladies, contemporary.

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A post shared by F.A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on

Our favorite nomination is best dance show. The name speaks for itself: there are no style bindings here, the main thing is the idea and combination of styles. At some major competitions, the styles used in the show must be declared in advance, at some there are no restrictions, only creativity. Now even in some championships there is a separate Show nomination, and a separate Performance nomination. In the first case, the show should have a story and plot, in the second case, it is important who dances stronger, more powerful and cooler. And there are also solos with duets, which are not limited by styles at all, only by timing. In general, there are a lot of nominations. Beginners or people unfamiliar with dancing can get confused. But as soon as you immerse yourself in this world, everything becomes clear pretty quickly.

Refereeing at championships is always represented by top dancers: sometimes Russian, sometimes foreign, but always super authoritative. The evaluation criteria, like the judges, are also different, but they look primarily at choreography, technique, synchronism and creativity. You can earn money at good status tournaments. On average, you can get about 30 thousand per team for winning such a tournament. But it is not at all necessary that there will be prize money for winning any championship: somewhere the organizers limit themselves to cups and gifts from sponsors.

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A post shared by F.A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on


Nutrition is a matter of personal preference. Most dancers are ordinary people, so until their legs start to fall off, few people even think about nutrition and injury prevention. Many are killed in training, and few people know how to recover, they do not take care. If you don’t eat normally, you may not have enough strength for the whole season. Protein and BCAAs often help out, but in reality, for some reason, few people use them.

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A post shared by Nadia Gera 🐾 (@gerandosina) on

A: Regular exercise is usually enough to stay in shape. Although, of course, you need to take care of yourself, but adults who have survived a couple of injuries or dancers who work in commerce are already thinking about this.

"Sneakers kill instantly"

As for clothes, this is a separate topic of conversation, which will take more than one hour. Firstly, the style of dance and what you dance in are very closely related. No one will go dancing popping in leggings or short shorts, twerk in sweatpants, too, you know, I don’t rub, like a strip in a baseball cap. Things are, of course, very important. You can't really train in Chinese sneakers. Not even because they are uncomfortable, they just fall apart in a moment. In general, if you danced at least once in shoes, then you can say goodbye to it - it only kills if you train often and for a long time. Especially for us, jazzfunkers, because a lot of techniques are combined, the foot is actively working. And it’s good for contemporary people in general: they dance barefoot in socks, and with simpler things - they put on something very wide and similar to oversized pajamas - and you are the most fashionable in the class.

Income and expenses

As for the payment for training for teams, it is similar to amateur sports sections: in many teams, participants pay a monthly fee, which includes the rent of the hall and the work of the choreographer.

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A post shared by F. A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on

Is it possible to make money from dancing? Of course, there is plenty of work. First, dance schools. There are now ten of them at each metro station, a novice teacher, if desired, will quickly find a job. But if you want to get into a top school as a teacher, then you need to work hard, have a name, constantly upgrade, be socially active, shoot videos and shine at the same championships. The main thing is not to be lazy.

There is also such a great thing as commerce - these are corporate parties, working with stars, large events and the like. Such projects are well paid, and it is always interesting to participate in them. We somehow opened with our show a major event of stylists - Wella Trend Vision. There was so much creativity and creativity behind the scenes that we ourselves were inspired by the most do not indulge. It was very interesting to watch all this behind-the-scenes turmoil and the process of creating images.

On March 22, 2022, by a court decision, Meta, the social networks Instagram and Facebook were recognized as an extremist organization, their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation are prohibited.

Is it possible to make money dancing on the Internet on Onlyfans

Home » Earnings in OnlyFans » How and how much can you earn dancing from the comfort of your home with Onlyfans?


Creative people whose income directly depends on performances and concerts are thinking about their future after the coronavirus pandemic. Many lost their main income and began to look for alternatives. One of them is the new Onlyfans platform, a social network with paid subscriptions and other earning tools.

How and how much can you earn dancing from the comfort of your home with Onlyfans? In this article, we will explain in more detail what this project is, as well as present examples of successful dancer authors. Even famous personalities became interested in this site, accounts are created by musicians, actresses, singers, athletes, bloggers and more.

Is it possible to earn money by dancing on the Internet?

The most popular option is how to make money as a dancer online, this is to create accounts in regular social networks. You can gain subscribers and look for advertisers, conduct online performances, even virtual lessons. The Onlyfans platform will help you work in all directions at once and get good money .

The project was launched several years ago, its main task is to conveniently interact with fans. Here, subscribers have to pay every month to access the idol's account, and he, in turn, publishes exclusive content and exchanges messages with fans. In addition, there are other ways to earn money.

Detailed instructions - how to sell photos and videos on Onlyfans, will help you understand the interface, it is only available in English.

Registration on the site takes a few minutes, you must pass verification. After that, you can maintain a page, in many ways the project resembles Instagram, only with additional features. Thousands of dancers are already earning here, but there is one important feature.

Dance styles and what is more suitable for Onlyfans?

The site is not heavily censored like other social networks. Therefore, each user must be verified. Subscribers connect bank cards, authors upload passport data. The project belongs to the category for adults, mainly erotic content is posted here:

Don't jump to conclusions, successful authors don't always post nudity. Many post the same photos as on Instagram and attract a lot of attention. However, a pinch of frankness certainly does not hurt. Therefore, the service is ideal for all those who are engaged in sexual dances:

  • twerk;
  • pool dance;
  • plastic strip;
  • belly dance;
  • Club Latina;
  • contemporary.

If you work in other styles, register anyway. The attention of a large audience is attracted not only by a beautiful naked body or sexual movements. Fans can be offered something more - an exclusive from the life of a dancer. Something that is not in ordinary social networks (training, everyday life, different interests and much more).

How much does a dance choreographer/coach make at Onlyfans?

Every experienced dancer knows how much a dance teacher earns on average. Of course, a lot depends on his fame, style, skill level. It is not realistic to raise millions, so it is worth considering alternative options. Success on Onlyfans was Simone Rix, she provided dance lessons directly on the Internet:

This English dancer has been teaching fitness and pole dance classes for 5 years. I went to several studios at once, there was always not enough time. The Onlyfance website started bringing her from $5,000 a month after six months. In addition to her attractive photos, the girl shared other content:

  • from the gym;
  • from training at home;
  • from yoga classes;
  • on pole;
  • with fitness lessons.

Dancers and dancers have attractive appearance, only due to this you can attract attention. Show your talent to the fullest and collect paid subscriptions. In addition, it is possible to find clients for online training on this platform, just keep in mind that these will be foreigners (you need to communicate with them in English).

It's real to make money dancing

Thousands of dancers and dancers already earn money on Onlyfans, they work in different styles, share different content, not all of them post candid photos. Some of them earn more than $10,000 per month:

Yaela Vonk

Former dancer trained in ballroom dancing but moved into the "adult" niche. She found out how much they earn in ballroom dancing and chose a different direction. A subscription to her account costs $ 6, where she posts too explicit content, but her main income comes from selling her underwear.

Link to the page -

Yaela Vonk is 36 years old, she is from the Netherlands, she was looking for herself in the field of dance for a long time, but chose a different direction. Only on Instagram she has almost 900,000 followers, in an interview she said that Onlyfans brings her more than $100,000 a month. Jokingly, she also said that she did not need a washing machine, because second-hand clothes could be sold at a profit.

Dani Steel

Exotic World Champion, a title she won in 2019. Lives and works in Vegas, but started out as a figure skater. Professionally builds a dance career since the age of 18. She left for Las Vegas in 2013, where she began to practice pool dance. Now he is touring all over the world.

Link to the page -

In parallel with work and travel, she maintains a page on OnlyFans. For $15 a month, her fans can see sexy photos and videos. Free sample content is featured on her Instagram.

Holly Gibbons

Develops in several directions at once, is a model, fitness trainer, professional dancer. She became famous all over the world for her glamorous photographs from fashion magazines. Her appearance is just one of the attractive features, the girl has a lot of talents.

Link to the page -

Maintains an amazing figure, has been pole dancing since the age of 14, has his own aerial photography studio. He runs a page on OnlyFans not for the sake of money, but to become even more popular. Her subscribers pay $4 a month, and for a fee, she is ready to fulfill fan requests.

Anna Eggleton

Professional powerlifter in the weight category up to 52 kg. The girl shows that pole dancing is strength and sexuality at the same time. She participates in various championships, demonstrates an incredible level of physical fitness, although in the photo it may seem that tricks are given to her without much effort.

Anna herself says that the gym is her second home. She loves to do weightlifting and is fond of dancing. There are many more bodybuilding competitions in the plans. She signed up for OnlyFans because Instagram followers asked her to. Access to backstage life costs them $13.

Valerie Sebestyen

American model - photographer, musician, yoga instructor. She uses all her talents and even launched her own website. Through OnlyFans, she showcases her life and work. He is trying to expand the possibilities and his subscribers. Has been dancing since 2019years, but already acquired serious skills.

Communicating with fans, she said that only dancing combines her main hobbies - yoga and physical exercises. Plus, they help to loosen up and keep in excellent shape while having fun. The name of this beauty is quite well-known, so she takes $ 33 from subscribers per month.

Want more examples? See what beauty bloggers on Onlyfans make decent money.

The content of these authors is different, as well as the earning strategy. Some are selling, others are providing services, some even run free pages and just get promoted on the new platform.

How can a dancer make big money on Onlyfans?

How much do dancers earn when they have no projects, no one invites to the studio and no one to train? In order not to waste time, sign up for an account on a rapidly growing platform and try to succeed. And to make everything work out, listen to the advice: