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Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military. Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.






    • Kevin Costner
    • Michael Blake(screenplay by)
  • Stars
    • Kevin Costner
    • Mary McDonnell
    • Graham Greene
    • Kevin Costner
    • Michael Blake(screenplay by)
  • Stars
    • Kevin Costner
    • Mary McDonnell
    • Graham Greene
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    • 577User reviews
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    • 72Metascore
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    • Won 7 Oscars
      • 51 wins & 38 nominations total


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    Top cast

    Kevin Costner

    • Lieutenant Dunbar

    Mary McDonnell

    • Stands With A Fist

    Graham Greene

    • Kicking Bird

    Rodney A. Grant

    • Wind In His Hair

    Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman

    • Ten Bears
    • (as Floyd Red Crow Westerman)

    Tantoo Cardinal

    • Black Shawl

    Robert Pastorelli

    • Timmons

    Charles Rocket

    • Lieutenant Elgin

    Maury Chaykin

    • Major Fambrough

    Jimmy Herman

    • Stone Calf

    Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse

    • Smiles A Lot

    Michael Spears

    Jason R. Lone Hill

    Tony Pierce

    • Spivey

    Doris Leader Charge

    • Pretty Shield

    Tom Everett

    • Sergeant Pepper

    Larry Joshua

    • Sergeant Bauer

    Kirk Baltz

    • Edwards
      • Kevin Costner
      • Michael Blake(screenplay by) (based on his novel)
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    Did you know

    • Alternate versions

      The 236-minute "extended version" or "Director's Cut" has been released on home video, altering the movie as such:

      • 38 x new scene
      • 15 x extended scene
      • 12 x alternative footage
      • 5 x alternative text
      • 1 x new text
      • 3 x postponed scene
      • 3 x altered arrangement of scenes
      • 3 x shortened scene.

      There is also a 233-minute version which cuts out the 3 minute Intermission at around 133 min featuring John Barry music.

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      Featured in At the Movies: Jacob's Ladder/Waiting for the Light/Tune in Tomorrow.../Vincent & Theo (1990)

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    The best film of all time

    Many people regard a lot of films as "top class" but I always keep a little shelf in my mind for the films that I regard as the best films of all time - films that are simply timeless masterpieces. Welcome to the top of that shelf! There are certain criteria by which films are judged and greatness is only obtained when all the criteria are satisfied in full. Dances with Wolves is the greatest timeless masterpiece of cinema to date because it satisfies all these criteria: 1) Cinematography: the sweeping landscape photography of the Frontier combined with the subtle night-time photography earns top marks. Aside from Oscars for Cinematography and editing, it also won the ASC award for Outstanding achievement in Cinematography - as well as a host of other industry recognition awards. In short - the cinematography is breathtaking.

    2) Sound/Score: the score is one of the best ever written. Again, awards rained from the sky for magical and moving score that combined seamlessly with the film/story.

    3) Screenplay: The dialogue and plot is magnificent. The film does not fall into the common plot formulas found in other films that attempt to pass themselves off as epics. The story combines as both of celebration of life and a somber rumination of the history of mankind.

    There are comical moments, dramatic moments and tear-jerking moments - that all make their entry (and exit) into the story with flawless timing.

    4) The Acting: for all that has been said about Kevin Costner, this was the peak of his career and he played the role of John Dunbar to perfection. A relatively unknown band of actors gave magnificent, heart-felt and down-to-earth performances in support. It was actually refreshing to see an "EPIC" where the producers didn't feel the need to throw famous actors in with cameo roles to improve it marketability. As far as I was concerned, there were no weak links in the chain on the acting side of things. Kevin Costner certainly proved his worthiness as a director by getting the best out of the cast.

    5) The ONLY film in history to.... Have an extended (director's cut) version that was better than the original. Due to concerns about the length of the film, Dances with Wolves was stripped back to three hours. Some complained that it was still too long, but I thought that the film was patient - it included good relevant detail but managed to keep the story moving at a good pace. The director's cut added an hour to the cinematic release and was, without a doubt, better than the original. It somehow added more intrigue to the story and included many sobering insights into the destruction of the American Indian race.

    Over all, I regard it as the greatest most masterful epic of all time.



    • mattrochman
    • May 28, 2006

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    • Is this based on any real facts? Did any European person live with natives as one of them?

    • Is it true that around that time the Sioux tribe was finished? Are the buffalo extinct?

    • Why did Major Fambrough act so strangely?


    • Release date
      • November 21, 1990 (United States)
      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • Official Facebook
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      • English
      • Sioux
      • Pawnee
    • Also known as
      • Khiêu Vũ Với Bầy Sói
    • Filming locations
      • Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA
    • Production companies
      • Tig Productions
      • Majestic Films International
      • Allied Filmmakers
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    Box office

      • $22,000,000 (estimated)
      • $184,208,848
      • $598,257
      • Nov 11, 1990
      • $424,208,848
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    Technical specs

    • 3 hours 1 minute

      • 2. 39 : 1

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    'Dances With Wolves'--the Really Long Version : Movies: A four-hour cut of the film opens in London. It features 52 minutes of footage that did not appear in the original release. The extra scenes help spell out the film's themes more clearly.



    LONDON — 

    For those of you who thought that, at 181 minutes, this year’s runaway Oscar winner “Dances With Wolves” wasn’t quite long enough . . . here’s the good news.

    A four-hour cut of the movie, titled “Dances With Wolves--The Special Edition” has opened in one West End theater here. It features 52 minutes of footage that did not appear in the originally released movie.

    But why? That is a question addressed in a letter to British film reviewers by the film’s director and star Kevin Costner, and producer Jim Wilson. “Why add another hour to a film which by most standards pushes the time limit of conventional movie making?”

    There were two main reasons, according to a statement from Costner and Wilson: “The 52 additional minutes that represent this ‘new’ version were difficult to cut in the first place, and . . . the opportunity to introduce them to an audience is compelling.

    “We have received countless letters from people worldwide asking when or if a sequel would be made, so it seemed like a logical step to enhance our film with existing footage . . . making an extended version is by no means to imply that the original ‘Dances With Wolves’ was unfinished or incomplete; rather it creates an opportunity for those who fell in love with the characters and the spectacle of the film to experience more of both.

    The film won seven Oscars, including best picture. Costner was named best director on his directing debut.

    “Dances With Wolves” is the story of John Dunbar, an idealistic young Civil War officer played by Costner who befriends a tribe of Sioux Indians and becomes one of them.

    The 52 minutes of extra scenes help spell out the film’s themes more clearly. Included in the new footage is a trek undertaken by Dunbar and his best Indian friend, Kicking Bird, in which they come upon a forest despoiled by white hunters. A new sequence that depicts the slaughter by the Sioux of white buffalo hunters sheds new light on Dunbar’s decision to return to white society. In general, the longer version portrays the Sioux more brutally and realistically.

    Additional scenes also sharpen the courtship and marriage between Dunbar and a Sioux woman (played by Mary McDonnell). The personal and cultural gap between them is now emphasized more strongly.

    London critics have mainly been supportive of the four-hour version. Those who liked the original film tended to like the longer film more, though dissenters have found the length of the special edition exasperating.

    Christopher Tookey of the Sunday Telegraph wrote: “Now revealed on the scale intended by its director, ‘Dances With Wolves’ is much richer, more complex and sophisticated. It deserves to take its place among the classic Westerns.”

    Philip French of the Observer commented: “The picture now has greater depth, and the length contributes to our appreciation of Dunbar’s isolation from the old world and of his absorption into a new culture.” The Guardian’s Derek Malcolm added: “Though four hours is the dickens of a long time in the cinema, this new ‘edition’ makes it seem like time well spent.”

    Among doubters was the Independent’s Chris Peachment, who described the film as “crashing on to our screens with all the heat and speed of a legless sloth. I defy anyone who saw the original a year ago to give me chapter and verse on exactly what has been extended. There’s an extra massacre in the middle, though not a very big one. Otherwise, it’s just the same scenes extended way beyond the limits of endurance.” Geoff Brown of the Times added: “An unnecessary revival.”

    The special edition is playing to two houses a day at the Odeon, Haymarket. Anne McAlpine of Guild, the film’s British distributors, said it was “doing good business,” though early box-office figures were not available. “It will definitely play into the New Year,” she added. “We are still deciding whether to open it in other theaters.”

    Carol Baker at Majestic Films, the British production company that co-funded “Dances With Wolves,” said that Orion Pictures had no contractual obligation to distribute the special edition. She knew of no plans to release it elsewhere.

    To date, there is no four-hour release on video, and none has been announced, although there are rumors. Nor has a four-hour theatrical version for release in the U.S. been announced.

    Movie Dances with Wolves (USA, UK, 1990) - Poster-Movie


    Dances with Wolves, USA, UK, 1990

    Provided by the user: Rockman Rock


    6) Similar

    Kevin Costner in an Indian tribe

    Lieutenant John Dunbar finds himself in an Indian tribe, where he discovers a completely new way of life. The Indians give him the name Dances with Wolves. The Trembling Bird becomes a close friend, and the woman Standing with a Fist loves Dances with Wolves more than anything. nine0003

    Severnasha, UK

    Exploration, Adventure, Drama

    Directories Costner

    Duration of 1 minute

    Date of exit March30, 1990

    Age restriction16+

    Kevin Kevin, Mary McDonnell, GREM, Spring Green , Robert Pastorelli, Tantu Cardinal, Charles Rocket, Maury Chaikin, Michael Spears, Tom Everett0005 2

    Kevin Costner

    67 years, films: 46

    American actor. For a long time I could not find a job in Hollywood. After he got a job in the theater, he began to attend numerous auditions. Kevin did not immediately, but noticed. In his first films, he was either an extra or just a "voice-over". After the film Shadows Are Always Black (1981), Costner began to work a lot in films: he starred in the films Night Shift (1982), Testament (1983), Fandango (1985), Amazing Stories (1985). "Star" for the actor was 1987, when he starred in the famous gangster action movie directed by Brian De Palma "The Untouchables". In 1989, Costner formed his own company, TIG Productions, with his friend, producer Jim Wilson; it was here that he began working as a director and directed his first film, Dances with Wolves (1990), which won seven Oscars. After that, Costner became one of the most popular actors in America. He starred in many box office films, among which were "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" (1991), "The Bodyguard" (1992), "A Perfect World" (1993), "War" (1994).

    Open scope

    2003, Western


    1997, Adventure

    The best reviews about the film "Dancing with Wolfs"



    768 Reviews, 9012 estimates, rating 2109

    7 9,000 new genre" - is called "if you have something to say".
    Kevin Costner is a popular, good, respected actor.
    What makes a person become a director? The desire to say something yourself. For example, Mel Gibson. To be honest, now I don’t know what he does better - acting or directing or beat your wife .
    Costner, to be honest, is better at playing.
    But the film is very, very good.
    Everything is as it should be, a moderate happy ending, yes, dragged out, yes, sometimes naive or somehow "raw", or something ... the film is very worthy, very.
    Again, done with soul! (how sticky these slogans are).
    It's a pity that Boot is being killed....

    April 21, 2011


    54 reviews, 59 ratings, rating 82


    The modern world really needs heroes. He terribly missed those Americans for whom the word "honor" has not yet become a burp from a hamburger. It became a day with fire not to find people with an open soul. We are all, long ago, prisoners of cast-iron slums, and although we live as a single community, we touch someone personally only in the frenzied crowd of the morning subway. nine0003

    Costner's Native American saga is filmed very tactfully and at the same time straightforward. Careful handling of the material is understandable - the director's experience is a waste of time, and the idea itself is painful for the target audience. Although, we must pay tribute to ordinary honest Americans - this is the first and only aggression of the world gendarme, which they are ready to recognize. But not out loud.

    Therefore, walking on unknown land for Dunbar is doubly dangerous. The hour is not even, or they will decide their own, or others. But as the short story unfolds on the prairies, it is easy to understand - the sincerity of the city takes. Before us is the story of Mowgli, told with love for historical details. And although Kipling would break out in a cold sweat from the events on the screen, "Dances with Wolves" is still the same fairy tale from a distant childhood, where the difference between good and bad has not yet been erased into a gray strip of dust scattered by the wind among the asphalt veins that pierced the scalp so and not a conquered country. nine0003

    Who are you, dancing among the wolves? Where is your real tribe?

    As for me, I'd rather dance the tango with the gray brothers than shake hands with some upright ones. You know exactly what to expect from wolves. They are fierce predators. They eat raw meat. They are not like us.

    And they are not capable of meanness.

    September 5, 2013

    Varvara Lis

    26 reviews, 26 ratings, rating 3

    6Costner's Triumph

    When I first saw the film, it seemed excellent to me. And I liked the main character, and his story is very interesting and full of various twists and turns. nine0061 But upon re-viewing, it became noticeable that Costner's hero is a bastard, what else to look for.

    In general, "A Dance with Wolves" is like a love story of people from different worlds. Indian woman and former lieutenant. And the whole story leads to their rapprochement and to what conclusions and conclusions the main character makes.

    The film lasts three hours, and this already leaves its mark on the perception of what is happening during the viewing. You can simply get tired of what is happening on the screen, and the actions on it are very stretched, by the way. I remember that this film, even at the time of its release, was sold on two discs due to the long running time. nine0003

    In principle, for its time "A Dance with Wolves" was good and exciting. Especially since there are fewer and fewer westerns being made.
    But now he will not surprise the viewer with anything. It will only take three hours of his life. March 10, 2019 And Costner during the period of his acting dawn, and with the role of the director coped quite skillfully. And the "wild west", shown unexpectedly cameral and natural. And most importantly, the Indian theme, displayed not in cardboard, but quite the first plan, that is, fully. And then it doesn’t matter how greedy and ruthless the white invaders were, including the formal heroes of the civil war - northerners in uniforms. Not very important, but rather just expected, and a romantic line in the plot. And even a cute wolf is just a decoration. To an ethnic, ecological, historical, adventure spectacle... You never know how many epithets can be found! nine0003

    April 28, 2018

    Yuri Artamonov

    256 reviews, 333 ratings, rating 94


    Kostner director.
    The film is really good, I recommend watching it to those who are interested in the culture of peoples, not only their own. Relationships between different peoples, somewhere probably communicative ability, somewhere the desire to listen and understand another person brought up in a different cultural environment. You can feel Kostner's handwriting in the manner of narration. Well, I can not believe that such a person is capable of meanness. Happy viewing everyone. nine0061

    October 13, 2013

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    9017 Abakan,

  • Azov,
  • Almetyevsk,
  • Angarsk,
  • Arzamas,
  • Armavir,
  • Artem,
  • Arkhangelsk, 9Turkmenistan . Independent media write about the total control of the population, endemic poverty and food shortages. The official press reports only on the successes of agriculture and the achievements of industry. "Mediazona" decided to talk with several Turkmen citizens who moved to live in Turkey about what is really happening in their homeland, and how they feel when they find themselves abroad. nine0003

    Khanum, 27 years old

    About a different life

    Mostly women over 40 go to Turkey, then they bring their children here. Turkmen women get a work visa or a tourist visa, and the children get a study visa. Although some of the Turkmen who come to Turkey on a study visa do not study here, this is a formality. Women work in the service sector: they clean, look after children, take care of the elderly, and send the money they earn to their families in Turkmenistan.

    I came to Istanbul on a study visa when I was 20 years old. Although I was already an adult, my mother accompanied me from Turkmenistan so that there would be no problems at the border control. At our border, the border guards clarified with us the purpose of the departure and asked my mother if she was going to sell me in Turkey. nine0003

    Upon arrival, I started working as a cleaning lady in a wealthy family, I was paid $750, I didn't know the language well and was afraid of everything. Taking advantage of the fact that I am so intimidated and do not know the laws, my employers once did not give me a salary and canceled my residence permit.

    Turkmens easily adapt to Turkey because the languages ​​are very similar. But when I came here for the first time, I had the feeling that I was in another world, because life was in full swing here at night, people on the streets smoke, walk and dress openly, talk noisily - for me it was all strange. nine0003

    Also in Turkey, I was shocked that people can openly criticize the president, divide into some parties. I didn't understand what a party was. There is talk in Turkish families: are you for CHP or MHP ? I sat and did not understand what they were talking about. There could be quarrels between family members due to the support of different parties. I became interested, I began to study what a parliament is. And there was a time when I met new people, I asked: “Which party do you vote for?” nine0003

    After the collapse of the USSR, Turkmen citizens began to leave the country en masse in search of work. Ashgabat does not disclose data on the migration of its citizens, claiming that the population has grown to 6.2 million people over the years of independence. According to Radio Azatlyk, only from 2008 to 2018, 1.8 million citizens left Turkmenistan - either for permanent residence or for permanent work, and the total population, on the contrary, decreased to 3.3 million.

    Turkey is the most popular migration destination for Turkmen citizens. If in 2010, according to the International Organization for Migration, more than 10,000 Turkmen citizens entered Turkey, by 2012 their number had increased to 137,000. According to the Turkish Migration Service, in 2020 alone, about 180 thousand citizens of Turkmenistan received a residence permit: short-term, long-term and student. nine0003

    In addition to Turkey, citizens of Turkmenistan go to work and study in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Northern Cyprus.

    I liked that Turks can just take a ticket, fly to another country and not worry that they will be detained at passport control or they will have to pay a bribe to fly out. I remember that I flew to Turkmenistan after living in Istanbul for almost a year. And when my mother picked me up from the airport, everything seemed so small, scary and ugly to me. People seemed so unhappy, gloomy. And I also noticed disrespect for each other, rudeness in communication. Probably, a difficult life affects: either unemployment, or a person plows and barely makes ends meet. nine0003

    Our country has been living under fear for more than 28 years. I am a man who was born inside fear. My generation does not know what freedom is, that life outside the country is completely different. Therefore, we are used to the need to be silent and endure, we are silent all the time, we are silent.

    About restrictions and prohibitions in Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan does not have such technologies as, for example, in China, but the whole country is a concentration camp: law enforcement agencies constantly control us.

    After I moved to Istanbul, every year I went home to visit relatives and friends. In 2016, when I arrived for the summer holidays, I had a valid study visa. I had to leave in August, but at the Ashgabat airport at the passport control they told me that I had no right to leave the country. nine0003

    I started asking why they wouldn't let me out because I have a study visa. They answered me: “You have a student visa for the last year, what if you don’t come back.” It almost came to a fight, I started yelling at them, and they at me. I was taken to a separate room, thoroughly examined, my bag was turned inside out, I was taken through x-rays three times. I stayed with the border guards until the moment when the plane was about to take off.

    Then I decided that I would not return anymore, because my study visa had also expired. I have not returned to Turkmenistan for four years. nine0003

    Article"Don't write to us about such things." How a Turkmen woman who staged a protest in Istanbul is being persecuted

    About corruption

    Ashgabat is a beautiful city, made of white marble on budgetary funds. Big money was spent, but for what? In order to enter the Guinness Book of Records, otherwise these houses are empty, no one lives there. The president and his associates do not allow people from the provinces to move to the capital, settle there, get a residence permit and look for work. nine0003

    To enter a university, you must pay a bribe at the interview. I tried three times to enter the Ashgabat University on my own, passed the entrance exams, but later they asked me up to 25 thousand dollars for enrollment.

    In general, our universities are free by law. A few years ago, paid departments were opened for those who could not enter the budget. At the time when I entered, this was not the case, but after passing the entrance exams, they still extorted money from you. nine0003

    Corruption in Turkmenistan at all levels. Before leaving, I thought that all over the world life is arranged in such a way that you pay to get a job or go to university. If the traffic police inspectors stopped you, then you must insert a bill between the documents, even if you did not violate anything.

    Even if you are standing in line for bread and want to get it out of line, you get to know a store employee or give you some money. Now the queues at grocery stores are huge because of the coronavirus. The country has a card system for the sale of products, before gas and electricity were free, but about six years ago they introduced a fee. nine0003

    We have a proverb “Tashlysan, yashysan”, that is, “If you throw money, then you live”. If you don’t have that kind of money, then you are nobody and there is no way to call you.

    About money in Turkmenistan

    Bank cards were introduced several years ago. Before that, we didn't know what it was. Forcibly, all employees of state institutions were forced to switch to cards where wages were calculated. Because of this, huge queues formed at ATMs. But even there money was constantly running out, people could not cash out their own salaries. nine0003

    Due to low wages, Turkmen citizens are often unable to buy in private stores, so queues constantly accumulate in front of retail outlets where essential products are sold at fixed prices.

    In the spring of 2020, cards were introduced in several regions of the country, according to which food products are dispensed in state stores at the rate of each family member. For example, for a family of up to four people, 500 grams of rice, 500 grams of flour, 500 grams of cottonseed oil and 500 grams of chicken legs are given out for a month. nine0003

    In addition, the country periodically experiences shortages of one or another product. At the beginning of this year, in connection with the closure of borders with Iran, prices for basic foodstuffs increased in Ashgabat, and potatoes completely disappeared from the shelves. Since spring, the country has also faced a shortage of vegetable oil: the residents of Ashgabat had to queue at state-owned stores for imported Oleina vegetable oil from 5 o'clock in the morning.

    You can put savings on the card, but not more than you earn. If the official salary is $300, then no more than this amount can be put on the card. Mom saved her money there for several years in order to cash it out in Turkey. nine0003

    Then they introduced a rule that only 160 dollars can be cashed out from this card per month. In Turkey, it is also difficult to cash out money from a Turkmen card, it is all done underground - as if you are buying something, they take some percentage for it and they give you the rest.

    Aman, 32

    About childhood and the periphery

    I was born in Ashgabat, but at the age of six my family moved to Lebap velayat. My parents are not from the capital, and my dad had problems finding a job after finishing his studies in Ashgabat. So we moved to my parents' hometown. nine0003

    At that time there were 650 thousand inhabitants in Ashgabat, and 20 thousand in our city. This is an old Soviet city that stands in the middle of the desert. No matter how we closed the windows, there was always dust and sand at home.

    At first, the people in the new place seemed wild to me. I was constantly asked where and why I came. It happened that they fought with me, found fault and asked: “What language do you speak?”. This city had its own dialect, which was different from Ashgabat.

    There were often fights among teenagers. Somehow, we, 15-year-olds, were taken to court to show how the trials of teenagers go. The ninth graders were judged, whose fight turned into a stabbing. The trial took place in the assembly hall of the House of Culture. The guys were given 4 years in prison, and one who used a knife was given 15 years. Then the term was reduced to 13 years, later he was completely amnestied. nine0003

    In our city, the boys used to say that if you don't have a walker, then you're not a man. There were a lot of people who did time for fighting. This began to embarrass me, and in high school I asked my parents to transfer me to a school in Chardzhou, a larger city with a population of over 500,000 people.

    Our relatives lived in Chardzhou, they helped to negotiate with the director of the school about my transfer, because without registration new students were not accepted in the city. The principal agreed on the condition that we buy paint to renovate the school. In Turkmenistan, you can solve any problem if you have money. nine0003

    About work

    I earned my first money as a schoolboy. I saved up the money my mom used to give me for dinner and bought myself a Kodak film camera. First I photographed classmates, peers, then neighbors and relatives. I spent the money I earned on photographs on new clothes and shoes. The fact was that from home to school I had to stomp three and a half kilometers, my shoes were torn all the time. With the money I saved up, I started taking English courses, because they didn't teach English well at school. nine0003

    After graduating from school, I got a job at the House of Culture as a dancer of national dances. When the president or other officials came, we danced in front of them. I danced in front of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov several times.

    Sometimes we were taken to perform on holidays in Ashgabat. Those were great years for us, because we walked around the capital.

    About military service

    When we were just taken to the unit, there were demobilizations on the train. I had long hair then, and people came up to me and asked why my hair was like that. I said, "What's the difference, it doesn't matter." And they answered me: “What are you, blue?”. There were many of them, they surrounded me in army clothes, and I was in ordinary clothes. One of the demobilized took my belt, the second took my shoes. nine0003

    Military service lasts two years. At first we were brought to some hole in the periphery. There we spent six months of quarantine, during which we were taught to walk, clean up and go to the canteen to dress up.

    Somehow we were selected to participate in the parade in Ashgabat to walk in front of the president. We prepared for three months. We got up for breakfast at six in the morning, then we walked until lunchtime, then lunch, after which we walked again until ten in the evening. Two thousand people were marching at the same time and preparing for the parade so that everything was in sync. nine0003

    If he made a mistake, he was forced to do squats with a machine gun. People fainted, they were brought to their senses and set to walk again.

    On the day of the parade, we were brought to the square at three o'clock in the morning, we were given machine guns, everyone was checked that there were no bullets in the shutters. It was the middle of autumn, and at three in the morning it was very cold, some were trembling, some were falling - they were removed and another one was placed from the reserve. We were not allowed to go to the toilet, neither small nor large, they said: “Do your business on the spot.” And many did, so that the smell was dizzy. And behind us stood students with flowers, who were brought in at six in the morning. nine0003

    At ten in the morning the President came and we walked in front of him for 15 minutes, shouting something like “Thank you President! Motherland is such and such!” . And for the sake of these 15 minutes, we prepared for three months and walked every day.

    After the parade, I was taken to the unit where I served. It was on the border with Afghanistan, 100 km around there is nothing, only desert. There was no gas or running water in the unit - water was brought to us. We cooked on a fire and heated water on a fire to bathe.

    At six in the morning there was a rise, then exercises, then breakfast, after which the territory was cleaned. During the cotton season, we went to the fields to harvest. Every month something happened in the unit: someone wanted to hang himself or shoot himself, or some soldier ran away, they caught him and put him on the lip for ten days - an army prison. It has already become a habit: to go to the desert to look for an escaped soldier. nine0003

    I had some money to get rid of the outfits - five manats at a time - but it was not easy for me either. For several months I was sent to a dining outfit - this is to wash dishes for 200 people, to clean up.

    We were badly fed: in the morning we were given a slice of bread and butter, tea and boiled rice, for lunch - pasta, for dinner - soup or rice. I separately bought food for myself: once a month a car arrived with a store in it. It was possible to buy cigarettes, sausage, cheese or gingerbread. nine0003

    After the army, I got a job teaching English at courses, but I had already decided to leave the country. Later, I sent an application for the position of a translator to a Chinese company, where I had to pay a bribe of $650 to a Turkmen accountant to get a job.

    I worked for more than a year and saved up for my studies in Ukraine. I studied there and got my bachelor's degree. During the holidays, I came to work in Turkey, and I liked it here: the mentality and culture of the Turks, and the language is similar to Turkmen. After graduation, I finally moved to Istanbul. Some of my compatriots returned to Turkmenistan after their studies and now tell me that they regret the choice they made. A friend asked me to send him $20 to buy food for his newborn baby. nine0003

    Life in Istanbul

    At first I worked as a loader. I did not like it - I worked an average of 15 hours, it was hard and badly fed. I lived then in the area of ​​Istanbul, where mostly Syrians live. If I wore shorts outside, people would come up to me and ask me to wear longer clothes so as not to "embarrass their daughters."

    In the first year I changed three or four jobs, now I got a job as an administrator in a restaurant. Until recently, I had problems with documents, and for almost a year I lived without a visa, as an illegal immigrant. I was often caught by the police, but released. They understood that I was here to earn a living. In general, it is not easy for foreigners to open a work visa in Turkey - the employers themselves are not interested in this, because you need to pay more taxes for a visitor than for a Turk. Also, to hire one foreigner, you must have five Turkish employees on your staff. Therefore, for example, in a cafe, Turkmen are often hired to work illegally, then they can be paid a lower salary and evade taxes. nine0003

    Maksat, 36 years old

    About the police state

    Life in Turkmenistan is now unbearable, a state project has been launched to control the population and instill fear of the government. The president gave enormous powers to officials and the police. Why the police? Because the police are mainly involved in control: they go, check, rewrite.

    The pressure on the regions is stronger, but the life of Ashgabat is tightly controlled. People are being tapped with the help of cellular operators. I personally saw the route sheets and data on my movements, that is, evidence that I am being followed. I cannot reveal the reasons for surveillance, but there is a layer of people in Ashgabat who are constantly being monitored. These are those who have even the slightest weight in society, government or in certain circles. nine0003

    I was always waiting for someone to come and take me away. I personally knew many people from the Mejlis, the presidential apparatus and some ministers, and therefore I expected some kind of catch. There was no compromising evidence against me, but even without this, something can be adjusted.

    About degradation and emigration

    I left because I was tired of total control and constant surveillance, I was tired of the insanity of the president, thoughtless praise of him, all these dances and false speeches. Tired of the degradation of the population - education is rolling into the abyss. If the president has to arrive somewhere at seven o'clock [in the morning], then children from three or four in the morning go out into the cold in thin dresses and shirts to meet him and dance around him at the opening of another stupid object. nine0003

    ArticleTransit Hulk. Why did the brightest dictator of Central Asia divide the parliament of Turkmenistan, declare an amnesty and arrange a holiday? Now people cannot afford to buy meat and other expensive products, because salaries are low. But in order to get such a job, you have to pay a bribe from a thousand to 5 thousand dollars. Where do people get that kind of money from? And in private companies do not take without education. The people are begging, but silent. Self-censorship began with the advent of the first president, with the advent of the second president it increased a hundredfold. Nothing more can be said. nine0003

    Turkmenistan ranks third in the top 10 countries with the most severe Internet censorship - North Korea leads the anti-rating. Social networks are blocked in Turkmenistan: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram do not work. The only messenger that is still not blocked is IMO . In addition, according to SpeedTest data, Turkmenistan ranks last in terms of Internet speed in the list of 175 countries. nine0003

    Many people from my circle, the cultural intelligentsia, have left. They are also tired of the insanity of the president, the planting of ignorance among people. I'm tired of schoolchildren getting receipts that they will not visit certain sites on the Internet, otherwise they will be punished and called to the police. How is it possible in the modern world to prohibit the use of the Internet, which we already do not have.

    When I arrived in Turkey, my feelings were humiliation and shame. From the fact that we, the Turkmen people, even people with higher education, are doing the most menial work here. I also had to work as an ordinary merchant. nine0003

    But still, the very first thing I experienced when my plane landed in Istanbul was a feeling of freedom, an understanding that you had escaped from prison.

    Ece, 46 years old

    About Berdymukhammedov's agents

    Since 2008-2009, people have been intensively leaving for work. And to this day, if the road had not been closed, they would have left. Each family has two or three migrants. And they don't want to come back - there is corruption in schools, corruption in hospitals, corruption in shops. Our people suffer, work, send money. nine0003

    When I arrived in Istanbul, I was 32 years old. And now I am 46 years old. I've been here for so many years. I have not been to children's birthdays, I have not been to weddings. There is no normal life, just work, work, work.

    And our president sent his agents to Istanbul and Ankara. He sent them to catch those who say something about their homeland, who oppose it. They are called "sibyls" in Turkey. They walk around in normal clothes, in civilian clothes. Kaenbeshniki it. He can stand, sell water, but in fact he is a policeman and eavesdrops. nine0003

    About children

    I do not regret anything for children. I send money every month. If they get sick, I say: "Don't stand in line, don't." According to the cards, how many will give - so much will be given. The daughter will make something out of flour. She tries to take food in the market so that she always has something to eat, so that her immunity does not go down. I followed my son's health - he was taken into the army in the summer. I couldn't see him because of our president. We have had an army for two years, and such an army ... There is hazing. And whoever gives money, he ends up in a good place. Whoever does not give money will be sent to the border with Iran, Afghanistan. Every mother is afraid. nine0003

    My son was very ill that summer, he was dying. He was in the hospital for four months, he scared us a lot. We've spent so much money. When you come to the hospital, the doctors look at your hands. If you don't give money, they don't even look. They are sent to one hospital, to another. In Ashgabat, he was only diagnosed. And I couldn't come.

    ArticleCamps, silence and hope for the burial ground. What is happening in Turkmenistan during the pandemic

    We talked to him every day, he says to me: “Mom, maybe this is the last time we talk.” Do you know how hard it is for a mother? And I couldn’t go — our roads have been closed since last year. You go and you won't come back. They didn’t let us out, although I work on a work visa and pay taxes every month. I wanted to go back in May when my son finished school. But there was a coronavirus. nine0003

    About patience

    Turkmens are a patient people. There is bread at home - thank God, if only there was no war. This is what we were hiding behind: “Hey, don't talk too much about the president. Do not speak". We have such a Stalinist dictatorship, any person can be taken for interrogation and beaten, fined. The next time this person is already silent. We are already tired. We already have two or three in each family who have served time for nothing, for nothing.

    Turkmens might have come out to protest, but our police are scary. They began to say that if you go on strike here or abroad, then you will not see your relatives, they are traitors to the motherland. We are now traitors to our homeland, because we left our country to work. nine0003

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