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He is a great warrior and owner of the Bata Drums, owner of dance and a great dancer himself; masters music and represents the need for and the joy of living; the intensity of life; the [...] [...]

beauty and virility of males; the riches and money.

Dueo de los tambores Bat, del baile y la msica; representa la necesidad y la alegra de vivir, la intensidad de la vida, la virilidad y belleza masculinas, la riquezas y el dinero.

There, in the middle of

[...] these hundred dancers, the only male dancer appeared.

All, en medio

[...] de cientos de bailarinas, apareca un nico bailarn.

Then there is the dancer who trained at the Ballet [...]

Rambert School.

Tambin est el caso de la bailarina que ensay en la escuela [...]

de balet Rambert.

Analysts believe voters confused

[...] him with the deceased dancer and movie star of the [. ..]

same name.

Los analistas creen que los votantes confundieron su nombre

[...] con el del fallecido bailarn y actor del mismo nombre.

Pea plans on dancing for years to come: "I

[...] always wanted to be a dancer, but I didn't have the [...]

support to make it happen.

Pea planea bailar durante los aos

[...] venideros: "Siempre quise ser bailarina, pero careca del apoyo [...]

necesario para lograrlo.

aarpsegundajuventud. org

In our Tradition the Goddess

[...] receives the title "The Dancer" while the God is called [...]

by "Conductor of the Spiral Dance of Ecstasy".

En nuestra Tradicin la Diosa recibe muchas

[...] veces el ttulo de "La Bailarina" mientras el Dios [...]

es llamado por nosotros de "El Conductor


de la Danza Espiral del xtasis".

Since she and her husband both work out


of home, they have more time to spend with their son and daughter, who

[. ..] want to be an engineer and a dancer, respectively.

Como ella y su esposo trabajan en casa, pueden pasar ms tiempo con su hijo e hija, quienes

[...] quieren ser ingeniero y bailarina, respectivamente.

I want to be the best actress, the

[...] best singer and the best dancer I can be," she said recently.

Quiero ser la mejor actriz, la mejor

[...] cantante y la mejor bailarina posible," dijo recientemente.

The president of the Provincial Council, Salvador Pendon, launched today the fifth edition of the 'Live folk song', held annually in the province since 2005 with


increasing success among the public, and this year it is dedicated to

[...] the singer and dancer from Malaga, Miguel [...]

de los Reyes.

El presidente de la Diputacin, Salvador Pendn, ha presentado hoy la quinta edicin del ciclo 'La copla en directo', que se celebra anualmente en la provincia desde el ao 2005 con


creciente aceptacin por parte del pblico y que este ao est dedicado

[...] al cantante y bailaor malagueo Miguel [. ..]

de los Reyes.

In the field of art, metal casting and making of bronze figures


developed to a speciality, an outstanding example of which is the

[...] beautiful sculpture of the Cosmic Dancer at Chidambaram.

Tambin destacaron en el campo del arte, del metal fundido del que llegaron a ser


especialistas en figuras de bronce, un excelente ejemplo de esto es la hermosa

[...] escultura de la bailarina csmica, Chidambaram.

But if I'm playing a

[. ..] physical character - a dancer or sportswoman for example [...]

- I have to prepare intensively well in advance.

Aunque si se trata de un

[...] personaje como una bailarina o una deportista s [...]

que hace falta una buena preparacin.

The screenplay of Falcons was for her but she has not made a film since Dancer in the Dark.

El guin de Falcons era para ella, pero despus de Bailar en la oscuridad no ha hecho ms pelculas.

cineuropa. mobi

The dancer and the tenor [...]

share a stage in a charity event against lukemia.

La bailaora y el tenor comparten [...]

escenario en una gala solidaria contra la leucemia.

On this occasion

[...] there was a performance by the flamenco dancer El Yiyo with his guitarist and various other [...]


En esta ocasin actu el bailaor El Yiyo, acompaado por su maestro y diversos msicos.

She's also a poet,

[...] an artist, a dancer, a juggler, a [...]

gardener, a cat lover, and not particularly tall.

Tambin es poeta, artista, malabarista, [...]

jardinera, amante de los gatos y no muy alta.

Ever since your book came

[...] out, The Grass Dancer, I've noticed that [...]

at night there's peace and quiet in the hallway.

Desde que sali tu

[. ..] libro, The Grass Dancer, me he dado cuenta [...]

de que hay paz y todo est tranquilo de noche en el pasillo.

So if you want to be sure to increase your mental activity,


you'll have to compliment your dancing with a class on the history of

[...] salsa or a book on your favorite dancer or musician.

De tal manera que si desea asegurarse de aumentar su actividad mental, usted


tiene que complementar el baile con una clase sobre la historia de la salsa,

[...] o un libro sobre su bailarn o msico favorito.

Ebru's greatest dream is to receive an engagement on Broadway with her dancing partner or

[...] to work as a background dancer for Britney Spears.

El mayor sueo de Ebru es recibir un contrato para bailar con su pareja

[...] enBroadway o trabajar como bailarinaparaBritney Spears.

Nats Nus was

[...] founded in 1987 by dancer and choreographer Toni Mira.

Nats Nus nace en

[. ..] 1987 de la mano del bailarn y coregrafo Toni Mira.

During his

[...] concert - she revealed - he will perform a selection of his latest works, and will be accompanied by the flamenco dancer Jos Maya, regarded by many as one of the principal heirs of authentic gipsy dancing".

En su actuacin -avanz-- interpretar una seleccin de sus ltimos trabajos, y le acompaar el bailaor Jos Maya, considerado por muchos como uno de los principales herederos del baile gitano autntico".

Sylvia, a former dancer, athlete and bodybuilder, [. ..]

found this physically challenging form of yoga a perfect way to recover


from a biking accident and years of athletic injuries.

Syvia que fu una bailadora, atleta y culturista, [...]

encontr esta forma de cambio fsico de yoga un camino perfecto para reponerser


de un accidente de bicicleta y de aos de lesiones atlticas.

The dancer Beln Cabanes and this [...]

chamber music quartet will be the stars of the next performance in the summer festival of Ciutadella.

artescenic. com

La bailarina Beln Cabanes y este [...]

cuarteto de msica de cmara protagonizan la prxima cita del festival de verano de Ciutadella.

Where is a Gades who

[...] gives you a role as first dancer?

Dnde est un Gades

[...] que te pone de primera bailarina?

Ms. Brenner,

[...] choreographer and lead dancer, prefaced the three dances [...]

with a comment on her experiences of performing them

[. ..]

in different countries and continents.

Janis Brenner,

[...] coregrafa adems de primera bailarina, se dirigi al pblico [...]

antes de cada una de las tres interpretaciones


para hablar de su experiencia de interpretacin coreogrfica en diferentes pases y continentes.

Born in Caracas, Albornoz earned the

[...] title of professional dancer at the Dance Workshop [...]

of Caracas in 2002.

Caraquea de nacimiento, Albornoz

[...] obtuvo el ttulo de bailarina profesional en El [. ..]

Taller de Danza de Caracas en el ao 2002.

We let ourselves be caught by

[...] the movement, like a dancer who gives in to the [...]

rhythm, and finds in it grace and freedom.

Nos dejamos envolver por el

[...] movimiento, como un bailarn que se deja poseer [...]

por el ritmo y encuentra en l gracia y libertad.

The goal is to make full use of already learned techniques and find, liberate and further nourish the

[...] potential capacity of each dancer.

El objetivo consiste en utilizar la totalidad de las tcnicas ya aprendidas y descubrir, liberar y nutrir

[...] el potencial de cada bailarn.

Together with a violinist and a harpist, a dancer forms a "cuadrilla" (team) that represents a given village or community.

Una caracterstica constante es la representacin del ritual por mujeres y hombres, colocados unos al lado de otros.

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