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  • African Dance - Bambara, focodoba, gbegbe, kasa, kuku, mandiani, nago, sinte, soko, soli, sowu, telefone, triba, umoya, yamama, yole, yonwalu.

  • Ballet Videos and DVDs 1 - Ballet routines, choreography, steps, turns, leaps, lifts, barre, center floor work, adage, pirouettes, allegro, Lyrical. Bring a ballet class right into the privacy of your living room.
    • Ballet Videos and DVDs 2 - Finis Jhung barre, center and pointe technique DVDs.
    • Ballet Videos and DVDs 3 - Classical Ballet lessons, great Russian tradition in Ballet schooling.
    • Ballet Videos and DVDs 4 - Ballet workout and fitness workout videos and DVDs. Video Dictionary of Ballet.
  • Ballet Music CDs - Piano Music for Ballet Class, Pas De Basque, Between the Barres, Lisa Harris Collection, Music for Barre & Centre ...
  • Ballroom Videos and DVDs - Ballroom dancing lessons and Latin dance. Waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, merengue, swing, quickstep, tango, jive, rock 'n roll, samba, mambo, Lambada, paso doble, bolero, bachata, cumbia and jitterbug.
  • Belly dance Videos and DVDs - Middle Eastern dancing. Bellydance fitness, belly dance workouts and weight loss.
    • Bellydance Videos and DVDs - Instructional Belly-dance and fitness videos and DVDs.
  • Breakdance Videos and DVDs - bboy videos, b-girl dance videos. How to break dance videos and DVDs.
  • Buck Videos and DVDs - Clogging, flatfoot and buck dancing videos and DVDs.

  • Cajun Videos and DVDs - Cajun dancing videos and DVDs and Zydeco.
  • Children's Videos and DVDs - Kids dance and fitness videos and DVDs - Hip Hop, Hula, Fitness Routines.
    • Children's Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance Videos & DVDs 2
    • Kids Exercise and Sports Videos & DVD 3 - Kids basketball, tennis, golf, karate, soccer, Pilates, Yoga and jump rope.
  • Club Videos and DVDs - Nightclub, party and line dance videos.
  • Clogging Videos and DVDs - Appalachian Clogging, Buck dancing and Flatfoot dance.
  • Clowning Videos and DVDs - Krump dancing, the hottest street dance since BreakDancing.
  • Contemporary Dance - DVDs
  • Country Western Videos and DVDs - Country dancing and line dancing.

  • Dance Music - Cheer, breakdancing, Ballroom, Latin dancing, swing, hip hop, line dance, party dancing, square dancing, Irish dance, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Bellydance, Classical Ballet and exercise music.
  • Dance Teams Videos and DVDs - dance techniques most commonly used by dance teams.
  • Disco Videos and DVDs - Disco hustle is back & hotter than ever!

  • Exotic - Spice up your love life and a workout that conditions & strengthens the body.

  • Flamenco - Learn footwork; hand movements; Flamenco arm action; hand clapping; and proper body movement.
  • Flatfoot - basic steps andTennessee Walking Step.
  • Funk - funky freestyle dances; dances of the 90's.

  • Hip Hop Videos and DVDs - Learn sexy dance moves for the club and impress your friends. Learn the hottest hip hop moves so that you can be relaxed and confident when you're dancing. Top hip hop choreographers Laurie Ann Gibson, Cris Judd & Eddie Garcia, Darrin Henson, Kelly Peters, Jermaine Browne, Rhapsody, The Groovaloos.
    • Hip Hop 2 - Hip Hop fusion and hip hop for kids.
    • Hip Hop 3 - D's Hip-Hop Aerobics, Hip-Hop Workouts and hip hop music.
    • Hip Hop 4
  • Historical Social Dances - Learn the dances from the Italian renaissance, Baroque, Victorian Era and 19th and 20th century dances.
  • Hula - Hula dance lessons and fitness workouts.

  • Irish - Learn Irish set dancing, Ceili and Irish step dancing.
  • Instructors

  • Jazz DVDs and Videos - choreography and routines for jazz, lyrical & funk, turns and jumps.
  • Jive Videos and DVDs - Jive and swing.

  • Kids Videos and DVDs - Videos for kids; fitness, hip hop, Sesame Street and Zoe.
    • Kids 2 DVDs and Videos - Children's Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance.
    • Kids 3 DVDs and Videos - Kids basketball, tennis, golf, martial arts, soccer, baseball, pilates, yoga and jump rope.
  • Krump DVDs and Videos - hottest street dance since Break Dancing.

  • Latin - Salsa, merengue, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and more.
  • Lindy hop - Lindy Hop videos by Frankie Manning.
  • Line Dance - Country line dance, Macarena, Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Slappin' Leather, Cadillac Ranch, Boot Scootin' Boogie.

  • Modern -  Modern dance technique by Lester Horton, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn.
  • Multicultural - Tinikling, African Dance, Persian Dance.

  • Oldies - Jive & Rock 'n Roll, Retro Hustle, 1950's Sock Hop, 1970's Disco, Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.

  • Party - Party Line Dances, romantic and party dancing and wedding dance.
  • Persian - Classical Persian Dances.

  • Salsa - Salsa lessons.
  • Senior - Senior's dance aerobics, armchair fitness, yoga, healing exercises, line dancing, swing, walking, aqua aerobics and tai chi.
  • Square Dance
  • Steppin' - Chicago Style Steppin'.
  • Striptease - Learn strip-tease dancing, pole dancing, lap dances, erotic dances.
  • Swing - Single-Time Swing and East Coast Swing, Jitterbug and Jive

  • Tahiti - Tahitian fitness and Hip Hop.
  • Tap
  • Theatre Dance - Musical Theatre Dance

  • Wedding
  • West Coast Swing Videos and DVDs - sugar push, left side pass, right side pass, outside turn, cut-off pass, reverse pass, whip patterns, left side pass, underarm pass, tuck turns, and the starter step.

  • Zydeco dance.

Benefits of Buying Dance Instruction Videos and DVDs:

  • Learn from the experts in their field.
  • Use your dance video tape or dancing DVD as many times as you'd like.
  • Learn in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.
  • Get the most for your money.
  • Increase your retention.
  • Use as a valuable aid with dance lessons or arrive at your first dance class prepared.
  • Learn the latest dance moves, dance steps and dance routines.
  • Convenient and fun way to stay in shape and burn 260 calories per hour.
  • Dance studios use video tapes to teach instructors.
  • Christmas and birthday gifts - gift wrapping available in shopping cart.
  • Ability to shop at any time of day or night.
  • No crowds.
  • Convenience of shopping online.
  • Dancing videos and DVDs are easier to find online than in stores and a bigger selection.
  • With the cost of gas climbing, why drive from store to store, shop online and save fuel.


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Learn How to Line Dance DVD's

There is no substitute for going to line dance lessons but, for many reasons, it may not be the most suitable option, and the next best option is to learn from a line dance DVD.

In this post I am going to suggest some things to look for / look out for and some recommendations for purchasing a line dance DVD.

Why Learn To Line Dance In The First Place.

Any or all of these may be reasons to take up line dancing as a hobby/sport/interest.

  • It’s FUN
  • It is great exercise
  • You will meet other like-minded people
  • Lose weight
  • If you just love to dance
  • You don’t need a partner
  • And many more…

Reasons you May Want to Learn From a DVD

  • Lack confidence to go to a line dance class.
  • The local class has already started and you need help to catch up.
  • No classes nearby.
  • Local classes aren’t compatible with your schedule.
  • Having trouble keeping up with your line dance class.
  • Don’t have time or transport to get to class
  • etc

What to Look for In a Line Dance DVD.

As you will discover there are quite a few options to learn to bootscoot, so my best advice is to check them out carefully and if there is not much information, well, there just may be a reason for that! Follow the hints below and you should be good.

  • An instructor who speaks clearly.
  • Instructions that are comprehensive but simple to follow.
  • Gives you enough information to be confident to purchase from them.
  • Been around for a while – not a fly by night.
  • Good customer service – shoot them an email with a question and see how readily they supply the answer.
  • See if there is some genuine social proof about them – testimonials etc.
  • A sample of how they teach in a video.

What to Avoid

Here are some tips on what to avoid when looking for DVDs:

  • Sales hype (it is probably just that)
  • Instructor facing YOU while teaching (I can’t tell you how many videos show the teacher facing YOU. What this means is every time he/she moves his/her right foot (for example) you have to move your left (opposite) foot. How confusing!
  • Too much “Hollywood”. – Yes they may have the latest technology, flashy gimmicks, show you moves from different angles and picture in picture but it may not help you to learn. Keep it SIMPLE.
  • Beware of Cheap DVDs on eBay. Yes they are great price but there is usually very little, if any, product information, such as how many dances, who the instructor is etc. In my experience there is a reason they are cheap, and unfortunately the experience may even turn you off learning to line Dance.

Where to find Line Dance DVDs

  • The best way is to do a Google search on the internet.
    You will soon find there aren’t many available and even less good ones.
  • You can look on eBay (Beware – see last section “What to Avoid”)
  • Amazon has quite a few DVDs

The Best DVDs on the Market – (But I am Biased)

My good friend Liz Collett and I make line dance DVDs, so you could say I am biased in my opinion of our DVDs, but from the comments and testimonials we get from people who have purchased from us, since 2005, we know we have a great product that makes it easy to learn how to line dance.

*Watch the video sample at the bottom of this page, it shows you how Liz teaches BootScootin’ Boogie taught on DVD Vol 1.

Liz chose each line dance to teach you different patterns or moves that make up popular line dances starting off nice and easy and gradually building up to harder moves. Even if you don’t do a particular dance on our DVD in your area, the individual moves and techniques you learn will definitely be found in many other line dances.

Check out what people are saying about “Line Dance With Liz” DVDs.

Read the following testimonials in full…

“I Have a Secret Teacher in My Lounge room”

“No hesitation in recommending these DVDs”

“Improves my blood circulation…”

“I am Going To Get Hooked…”

“Exercise and Brain Food are Both Bonuses…”

“…Wish I Had Found It Earlier…”

“I am enjoying your dvd…”

“A Helpful Tool to Learn the Dances…”

“The instructions are terrific!!…”

“Your video motivates me…”

“I am having the time of my life…”

“Liz is a brilliant teacher…”

“my dancing skills are improving rapidly…”

“you have made the dances very easy to follow…”

“extra confidence booster…”

“What an inspiration you are…”

“My Exercise Routine at Home…”

A little about Liz

  • Liz has been a full time line dance instructor since 1993 (She was my first teacher)
  • Liz has been making line dance DVDs since 2005
  • She lives and breathes line dancing
  • Voted Line Dance Instructor of the year 2011
  • Invited to choreograph and teach a line dance for Big Brother.
  • Choreographed many dances including her very popular Line Dance ““When The Last Beatles Gone”(Mp3) –
    Learn the Dance for free. Intermediate level.
Watch Video And Learn BootScootin’ Boogie.

The video below is from Liz Teaching BootScootin’ Boogie from her DVD Vol 1

Note: Video quality on DVD is much higher than sample below

List of Line Dance DVD’s

(if you know of others please let me know)

Liz Collett – Line Dance with Liz, Beginner DVDs (1, 2, 3 & 4)
Shawn Trautrman – A Quick Start Guide
Dance off the inches – Country Line Dance Party
Country Dance Wii – Video Game

If you go to the right, they will teach you to dance, to the left, you will explore the world...

From July 3 to July 6, the territory of the educational and health camp of the Volgograd Social and Pedagogical University "Marathon", which is located in the Sredneakhtubinsky district of the region, was filled with active, creative, cheerful, responsible, purposeful and intellectually developed young people. Some of them formed the "Dance Village", others came to the "School of a young researcher-2013". Naturally, photojournalist Viktor Yashukov and I wanted to talk to them. We invite you to join us!

Where hip-hop coexisted with break, and Afrojazz coexisted with Cossack dance

“Each element of the dance means the action of the god Shiva,” Oksana Vishnevetskaya, head of the Shining Star Indian dance studio, enthusiastically told her students and even casual viewers. - We show by actions how Shiva opened his eyes after meditation, his energy woke up, he took the Ganges River on his hair. We also learn from the dance that he is a warrior, he kills enemies with a trident, but at the same time he is very gentle towards his wife Pavoti ... In general, the Indian temple dance is an amazing mosaic in which the foundations of Indian philosophy, religious studies and even stories. By the way, this statement is true for any dance, because in its process there is an attachment to new knowledge and experiences at the level of the body! There is even a saying: “If you want to know the people, dance with them!” So dance! By the way, the project "Dance Village" from the Volgograd Social and Pedagogical University is a huge contribution to the popularization of various areas of dance among young people. Arriving at the "Dance Village", we were able to show ourselves, to look at others, and most importantly, to get great pleasure from everything. It's a pity that we're already parting tomorrow...

According to the organizers of the Dance Village, such a project was held for students for the first time: dancers, choreographers and ballet masters gave master classes in seven dance styles: Arabic dance, Indian temple dance, break dance, hip-hop, male trick dance and combat Cossack.

The “parents” of such an original project were Lyudmila Dolgopolova, head of the department of choreography at VGSPU, Elena Zudina, vice-rector for youth policy of the university, and Larisa Storozhenko, director of the VGSPU culture and leisure center.

“The project turned out to be a useful pedagogical find in many respects,” Lyudmila Alexandrovna shared with the newspaper “Gorodskie Vesti”. – For the first time, all of us, choreographers of our university, choreographers and students who study with us and dance either professionally or amateurly, have united within one time period on one large dance floor. There was an exchange of experience: the guys dancing, for example, the Indian temple dance, learned to dance hip-hop, the break dancers - Afrojazz, and the boys dancing the male trick dance, risked mastering the Cossack combat.

— Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, what is the most important result of this experiment?

— The students who participated in the "Dance Village" found out for themselves that not only each of them is worth something, but their colleagues in another dance direction are also great masters. It turned out that everyone has something to learn from the other. And, for example, it is no easier to dance an Arabic dance with dignity than a combat Cossack or trick dance. This must be learned, and any heartfelt work gives rise to respect. Therefore, a very inspiring and cozy atmosphere formed in our “Dance Village”: there was no evil competition, just active, deep and creative work was going on. From here, many friendships, new interests and ideas appeared ...

— And what did the teachers find out for themselves after living in the Dance Village?

— For all of us, choreographers and choreographers of VGSPU, the project has become an occasion to unite and work in one team. And if we take into account that two ballet masters from VGIiK were involved in the “Dance Village”, which, we are sure, their other colleagues will also follow, then we have every reason to unite a huge number of dance masters of various directions around our university. Can you imagine what scale projects can be done then, how much new to learn and how many interesting things to share?!

— Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, if we return to plans for the near future, then…

— Since the project of the department of choreography of the VGSPU “Dance Village” was approved by the rector of our university, Professor N.K. Sergeev, who came here, to the training camp, then we will definitely hold it next year. There are already applications for new master classes: the guys want to learn tap dance, Irish dance, flamenco, salsa and mamba.

— This year, 60 students from your university took part in the Dance Village project. And if future doctors, lawyers or journalists expressed their desire to learn to dance, then . ..?

- Welcome! Moreover, already this year we began to involve high school students in our project, who are engaged in dance groups in the Volgograd region. So far, only the Kalachians have responded. But this is only the beginning!

- Today will end in the "Dance Village" with a huge dance flash mob, in 20 minutes of which all 60 participants will concisely, brightly and in an original way give out the luggage received here to the audience. And it will be an extravaganza of emotions and skill! And what will they be able to brag about to their relatives and friends after leaving the Dance Village?

- Certificates. And each of our residents takes with them a DVD disc with cuts from master classes, where the most lively, original moments are captured.

Listen to a science story and... write your own!

The "School of a Young Researcher" project, which, by the way, is being carried out by the university for the 12th time, attracted almost fifty VGSPU students who are interested in scientific work to the Marathon camp site. Tutors, graduate students of VGSPU and teachers involved in scientific activities worked to their fullest to help them.

Thus, the most active participation in the "SHMI-2013" was taken by: Head of the Department of Pedagogy for Research Professor S. V. Kulikova, Professor I. V. Vlasyuk, Associate Professor E. E. Chudina, Associate Professor V. K. Pichugina, Associate Professor V G. Malakhova, professor, candidate of psychological sciences N. Yu. Chizho.

— The guys got three topics to study, work on which will later help them in their profession: “Problems related to the support and implementation of gifted children”, “How to organize a student portfolio” and “How to build a mechanism for self-education”, - said the newspaper "Gorodskie vesti" Victoria Malakhova. The guys chose different forms of presenting their research: there was a traditional scientific research, as well as a scientific presentation and even a fairy tale. Moreover, children worked in different age groups.

— Victoria Grigorievna, in your opinion, what is the most important result for the guys who came to ShMI-2013?

- There are several of them. Firstly, they learned to interact in new conditions and a new team, which develops flexibility and purposefulness. Secondly, communication with teachers in an informal setting inspired and inspired many. Thirdly, when a lot of people who are passionate about science gather, many new ideas and worthy solutions are born. And our "SHMI-2013" once again confirmed this!

— New tasks that will now be set by the participants of "SHMI-2014"?

— In order not only to maintain interest in science, but also to solve new urgent problems of our society with the help of students, postgraduates and teachers in the way that is inherent in young people: in an original, dignified and economical way!

As we have learned, the traditional summer psychological school, the Student Marathon shift, the Resurs research school for defectologists and the Summer Akhtuba Readings are ahead in the Marathon educational and health camp. An exciting summer continues!

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TP Link

TP-Link Blog Networking *Wireless *Networking

This is our first version of the hardware wireless controller for the Omada EAP line. It supports access through the cloud, mobile application and network. And all this without paid licenses and monthly deductions. For remote network management, all you need is a connection to our cloud. In general, everything as you like.

Under the cut, an overview of the interface plus a bunch of details on connecting, configuring and deploying.

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LANIT Group Blog Setting up Linux **nix *

The purpose of this article is to show and explain the variety of Linux distributions. Show the main similarities (for some reason they are all called "Linuxes" or even more correctly "GNU / Linux") and the main differences (if there were no differences, they would not exist so much).

Plus, consider some of the most common questions newbies ask:
- How many are there (Linux distributions)? Why so many?
- Based on another distribution" - isn't it piracy?
- Paid Linux - How can you sell something that, by definition, is distributed free of charge?
- What is "domestic Linux"?

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Plarium Blog Programming *GitHub *IT Learning Process Hacks for Geeks

Translation In it you will find links to useful repositories with which you can upgrade your software development skills.

Photo from Unsplash. Author: Vishnu R Nair

GitHub is the best platform for sharing frameworks, libraries and technical solutions. However, it is difficult to find really useful repositories among this variety. Therefore, I decided to make a list of ten interesting repositories that, in my opinion, will be useful to any developer.

Each of them has many stars on GitHub, which only confirms their popularity, relevance and usefulness. Some repositories will teach you something new, others will help you create some cool stuff. In general, using them, you can thoroughly pump the skill of software development.

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HFLabs Blog Information Security *IT Standards *Data Storage *Software

HFLabs products process data on an industrial scale: addresses, full names, company details and more. Naturally, testers deal with this data every day: they update test cases, study the cleaning results. Often, customers provide a “live” base for the tester to set up the service for it.

The first thing we teach new QAs is to keep data in its original form. All according to the precepts: "Do no harm." In this article, I will tell you how to work neatly with CSV files in Excel and Open Office. Tips will help you not to spoil anything, save information after editing, and generally feel more confident.

Basic material, professionals will definitely get bored.

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PHP is one of the most widely used languages ​​for creating websites. PHP frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc and open source classes and libraries have made development easy.
Whether you're an experienced developer or a beginner, the tools you use have a direct impact on your productivity. Here is a list of really useful utilities and extensions for PHP developers that will help speed up development and improve the final quality of the code.

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Data storage *Data stores *

From the sandbox

The idea of ​​organizing a small network storage at home came to me for a long time. For what? First of all, for photos, and a few more files that I would not like to lose. Well, since such a dance has gone, then the organization of a human media library.

I looked at the models of famous brands, such as Synology and QNAP Delhi, I even almost took the QNAP TS-469 Pro, but the toad did its job.

I began to surf the Internet in search of publications with options for building storages with my own pens, it was interesting and then it seemed to me that it was cheaper Comments 153


Testing IT systems *Development of mobile applications *Development of communication systems * eventually made it. Let me share with you how it was. It began with the fact that two years ago we completely switched to IP-PBX and almost exhausted analog phones, including, as a result, DECT. However, portable handsets are needed and in addition to desktop SIP phones, we bought several Wi-Fi phones from Tecom. I myself, as the person responsible for the technical part in the company, constantly walk around the office with various Wi-Fi devices, and managers too. Many people have the mentioned Wi-Fi SIP phones in their hands, + the warehouse has a couple of Wi-Fi terminals, they just have Androids and Apples with installed SIP clients from the PBX. Previously, everything was decided by several Wi-Fi routers, in principle, it was also acceptable (the office is small), but exactly as long as you are sitting still - go, that's it, the conversation is over, and the Skype connection flies even faster. This became pretty annoying for the management and managers, and there were attacks that wi-fi was not wi-fi. Attempts to simply increase the number of routers clearly did not solve the problem.

I began to read and still read that everything had long been invented before us. There are Wi-Fi points that can make a client transition between themselves without breaking or almost without breaking the connection. Moreover, there is a lot of such equipment on the market, it remains only to choose according to the budget and adequacy. It turned out that there are a lot of publications on this topic on the foreign Internet, we have fewer. The huge disadvantage of these systems is that they all want a controller that stands like a cast-iron bridge, and some especially greedy ones also require licenses to connect each point. I brought the estimate to our office on one such respected equipment, the general's eyes widened and the answer was visible on his face even before he had finished reading this calculation.

In general, as the task was studied, sports interest woke up - is it possible to make a smooth WiFi coverage (just like on the forums) for real money and so without these controllers? It turned out it was possible.

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Piter Publishing House Company Blog Professional Literature *

The book is specifically designed to teach beginners how to work with Linux. The main advantages of the book:

• contains thematically grouped lessons, which will quickly help you find what you need and jump to a specific chapter where this topic is covered in detail;
• describes the basics of the Linux operating system, including its distributions, types of open source applications, free software, licensing, navigation, and more;
• explores working with the command line, including navigating it, turning commands into scripts, etc.;
• teaches you how to create user types and user groups.

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Information security *

First the news, then my thoughts on this topic.


Remember last year's leaks about vulnerabilities in Cisco and Fotrinet (one, two, three)? The trend continues. On March 7, the media published information about another secret data about the developments of the US intelligence services in the field of network technologies - Vault 7. Among the vendors was MikroTik. Representatives of MikroTik worked quite quickly. They themselves analyzed these documents and commented on the data on vulnerabilities. At the same time, releasing an updated version (March 8), which closes the vulnerabilities.

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Company Blog VK

Many people don't know what a nervous job system administrators have: something constantly breaks down, and users freak out without any measure. Every day you have to solve dozens, if not hundreds of tasks related to maintaining the health of servers, network infrastructure, a fleet of user computers, all kinds of equipment and electronics. Not to mention all sorts of simpler tasks like setting up software and maintaining office equipment. There is a lot of routine in our work, and we wanted to bring a little variety and fun to the workflow. No sooner said than done: after thinking a little, we built a special system of notification, management, control and domination.

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The educational process in IT

Today, when information has become more accessible than ever and getting new knowledge is easier than ever, we have another problem: how to focus and structure new knowledge if there are no external restrictions like an exam or the need to prepare for a lesson?
And again, developers and the Internet save us, where there are more and more open universities, online courses, lectures and services for organizing your own learning.
I decided to collect in one place links to distance learning resources and other useful services in English and Russian, most of which are free. There was no goal to cover everything, but if you think that something needs to be added to the list - please write in the comments.

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Popular Science Phototechnics Astronautics Physics

(Supposed view of Pluto)

Have you ever wondered why the Hubble Space Telescope creates incredibly detailed images of the millions of galaxies from us light years, but can't get a close enough picture of Pluto and other planets in our solar system?

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Gadgets Computer hardware

ZM-VE400 is a 2.5” hard drive enclosure with data encryption (256bit) and CD\DVD\Blu-ray drive emulation.

What kind of animal?

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LampTest company blog Gadgets Computer hardware Smart Home

I am glad to announce that the website lamptest.ru (aka lamptest.com), which we have been working on for half a year, has been launched today in "combat" mode .

The site contains data on LED lamps that I have tested. Now there are 102 of them, but a couple more dozen will be added soon. The site already has data on all Ikea bulbs, on a large number of Thomson, Navigator, Gauss bulbs.

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System administration **nix *Networking*

From the sandbox

What will every user always notice? That's right, no internet. But how? "Vkontakte" is not loaded - it means that there is no Internet. But it happens that the director or the brave heroes from the information security department want to ban something, collect something, control it somewhere. And then the administrator starts dancing around the gateway to the Internet. If there is a lot of money in the company, then the dances can be long and with gallant gentlemen (Mar Checkpoint, Mr. PaloAlto, Mr. SonicWall). But what to do if there is only money for hardware, they want a lot of functionality, but you need to do it quickly? Run . Mr Proper Pfsense comes to the rescue, a heavily maintained free, flexible, and easy-to-configure FreeBSD-based firewall.


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Tibbo Blog Algorithms *

One of the important technologies of any serious network monitoring system is the method of detecting network element links at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the OSI model.

From the point of view of algorithms, this problem is one of the most interesting we encountered during the development of our system.

We decided to share our experience a little so that you can imagine how a beautiful graph of connections between nodes appears on the dashboards of your monitoring system.

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System Administration *


Have you seen the cockpit? Everything is at hand, no unnecessary gestures. In order to take off, the pilot does not go to the other end of the plane to turn on the engine.

Same with MMC consoles. You create a “control panel” for yourself and, in certain situations, press the necessary “buttons”.
The publication is intended for system administrators who want to get acquainted with the method of creating Windows management consoles by using mmc.exe.

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Learning process in IT

From the sandbox

Topic of online courses (MOOC, Massive Open Online Course) has gained such popularity over the past couple of years that probably only the lazy one has not heard of this form of education, and many have already tried it. I myself came to the topic of online learning last year when I realized that for current work tasks I urgently need to pull up some technical knowledge, partially forgotten and partially scattered, and even learn something from scratch. Since then, I have managed to master the two largest MOOC platforms - Coursera and edX (the "big three" also includes Udacity, as well as many small educational projects of various formats). There I successfully completed several courses (in particular, R programming from John Hopkins University, Machine Learning from Stanford University, Statistical Learning from Stanford Online) and do not intend to stop there. In my article, I want to share my thoughts and impressions of the distance learning process, talk about the pros and cons, and simply inspire those who have heard and want to, but do not yet know how to approach online learning. This is not a review of specific courses and platforms, but rather personal impressions of the classes. This will focus mainly on Coursera and edX, as the main providers of distance learning.

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For more than 3 years I have been designing and layouting mailing lists that are focused on English-speaking users. During the work, we shoveled a huge pile of information, tried many layout options, filled a sufficient number of cones. Typical bugs were found and fixed, which were repeated in one way or another in all mail clients. There were also problems with some CSS properties - different email clients interpreted them differently. Each letter was tested on the most popular email clients: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Android, iOS, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat. Newsletters go to hundreds of millions of users and bring very good results. So, let's start studying.

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