How to play dance with my father on guitar

Dance with my father - Chords Easy - Luther Vandross (Version 1)


[Bb] [F] [Gm] [Eb]


[Bb] Back when I was a [F] child

[Gm] Before life removed all the [F] innocence [Bb]

My father would lift me high [Dm]

And [Eb] dance with my mother and [F] me and then [Bb]

Spin me around till I [Eb] fell asleep

[Cm] Then up the stairs he would [Bb] carry me

[Cm] And I knew for sure I was [F] loved


If [Bb] I could get a-[Dm] nother chance

Ano – [Gm] ther walk, ano- [Eb] ther dance with him

[Cm] I'd play a song that would [Gm] never, ever end

How I'd [Cm] love, love, love to [F] dance with my father [Bb] again


[Bb] [F] [Gm] [Eb]

[Bb] When I and my mother would [F] disagree

[Gm] To get my way I would [F] run from her to him [Bb]

He'd make me laugh just to [Dm] comfort me, yeah, yeah

[Eb] Then finally make me do just what my [F] mama said [Bb]

Later that night when I [Eb] was asleep

[Cm] He left a dollar under [Bb] my sheet

[Cm] Never dreamed that he would be [F] gone from me


[Bb] If I could steal [Dm] one final glance

[Gm] One final step, one [Eb] final dance with him

[Cm] I'd play a song that would [Gm] never, ever end

[Cm] 'Cause I'd love, love, love [F] to dance with my father [Bb] again



[Eb] Sometimes I'd listen out- [F] side her door

[Bb] And I'd hear her, mama [Gm] cryin' for him

[Eb] I pray for her even more [F] than me

[Eb] I pray for her even more [F] than me

[Bb] [F] [Gm] [Eb]


I [C] know I'm prayin' for much too [G] much

But [Am] could You send back the [F] only man she loved

[Dm] I know You don't do it [Am] usually

But [Dm] Lord, she's dyin' [G] to dance with my father [C] again

[Dm] Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream



Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father fingerstyle guitar cover by Waniis J
It's arranged in standard tuning with CAPO on the 1st
Download the TAB below



- Capo on the 1st -










 etc . ..



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How a girl with bone disease conquered the world by dancing

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Photo copyright, Audreys DBA Photo Booth

Photo caption,

Audrey loves dolls as much as other children of her age

Seven-year-old Audrey Netheri from the US state of Kentucky was born with a rare disease of the bone marrow - Diamond-Blackfan anemia. Despite the illness, she loves to sing and dance, and her unusual appearance only helped her become a YouTube star.

A girl was born prematurely with a cleft lip and a heart murmur.

Most of all, a girl suffering from the rarest Blackfan-Diamond anemia loves to dance Zumba, a dance invented by Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez.

Zumba workouts are a mixture of fitness exercises and movements to Latin American rhythms, featuring simple choreography.

Video " Karaoke Monday" with a girl - more than 750 thousand views on YouTube. In this video, she performs the super hit of the Anglo-Irish boy band One Direction What Makes You Beautiful and dances spectacularly.

An animated gif with the movements of young Audrey has spread through social networks like a separate "virus".

The first videos of Audrey and her father Scott playing the guitar appeared over a year ago and attracted over 3 million views. Total Her father's YouTube channel has attracted over 18 million views.

"Like any other child"

At the same time, the girl usually perceives the fame that fell upon her at the tender age of six positively: according to her parents, she is glad when she is recognized on the street and photographed.

Audrey's favorite musicians are Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and the Beatles.

Her father supports her daughter's hobby in everything and runs a Facebook group Audrey's DBA Photo Booth ("Photo booth Audrey with anemia Blackfan-Diamond"), which is signed by more than a million users.

Photo copyright, Audreys DBA Photo Booth

Photo caption,

It was Father Scott who brought baby Audrey to the stage

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Through funny photos and videos of the girl, Audrey's father hopes to contribute to the fight against aplastic anemia in the same way that the #IceBucketChallenge flash mob fought against amyotrophic sclerosis.

Two years ago, a flash mob with dousing yourself in ice water to raise funds to fight this disease, which affects, in particular, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, boomed all over the world.

The Neteri family itself actively supports the American fund to fight this anemia. "We don't get any money [from the views]: everything goes to the fund," says the girl's father, Scott.

The overwhelming majority of commentators who write about the girl speak about her in extremely positive terms.

Only a small number believe that the Neteri family is "promoting" or trying to "make a celebrity out of their daughter" in this way. However, Scott treats such statements philosophically.

According to the girl's parents, Audrey spends most of her time as an ordinary happy child of her age: she does well in elementary school, makes friends and plays with dolls and soft toys to her heart's content.

Blood and hormones

According to various estimates, there are only 700 to 1 thousand people with this disease in the world.

At the Rogachev Institute of Pediatric Hematology, the BBC Russian Service was unable to quickly name the number of carriers of this disease in Russia.

According to representatives of the Medical Genetic Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, such statistics should be maintained by the Russian Ministry of Health.

Photo copyright, Audreys DBA Photo Booth

Photo caption,

Audrey is very happy with the gift of plush toys

This ailment, described by geneticists Louis Diamond and Kenneth Blackfan in the 1930s, causes abnormalities in the blood, causes abnormal growth of bones, and also provokes problems with the cardiovascular and other systems.

All this means that little Audrey needs regular blood transfusions and injections of corticosteroids, hormones that her body does not produce enough. In her seven years, little Miss Netheri has already had about 20 blood transfusions.

Most patients, like the new Internet star, are diagnosed with Blackfan-Diamond anemia in their first year of life. In many of them, with timely treatment, remission may occur by adulthood.

In some severe cases, patients decide to have a bone marrow transplant. At the same time, geneticists have recently discovered mutations in the protein that lead to similar failures in the body, which gives hope for the imminent emergence of more advanced therapy.

Dmitry Kadnay danced with his father on the dance floor "Dancing with the Stars"

On the Dancing with the Stars family air, Dmitry Kadnay danced an energetic Charleston with his dad.

On the tenth broadcast devoted to the topic "Family Evening", Dmitry Kadnay danced with his dad, who at the age of 58 was not afraid to make his dream come true - to dance on the dance floor "Dancing with the Stars".

READ ALSO: "My mother wore the same jacket for 10 years so that I could make music," Dmitry Kadnay told about my mother at the Evening of Kumirs on "Dancing with the Stars"

Dmitry tells about his father:

Dad worked as a carpenter all his life, I still remember this smell of wood. Thanks to my dad, I can do a lot with my own hands. But the most important thing that my dad laid in me is, of course, the creative component. My dad is also a musician.

Dmitry's father remembers that he taught his son to play the guitar, piano, and now he gives a lot of advice on creativity. And Dmitry adds that he first got acquainted with the dance at home, from his dad's cassette with Irish step.

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Papa Kadnaya says:

We found old shoes, I made aluminum slips, screwed everything with screws.

And Dmitry adds:

We went out into the corridor on our floor and rehearsed, and I remember how my father's eyes burned.

Watch as father and son make their dream come true on the Dancing with the Stars floor. This is a dance against ageism, about childhood and memories.

This family number received today the second 30 points from the jury on the floor! And who got the first? Read here:

READ ALSO: First 30 points this season on Dancing with the Stars: who impressed and moved the judges

Watch Dancing with the Stars on Sunday at 21:00 on 1+1. Air tickets can be purchased by clicking on the link.


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