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Davay Picasso

#hiphero back again, y’all needed this tutorial bad… #davaypicasso #newjersey

236.5K Likes, 701 Comments. TikTok video from Davay Picasso (@davaypicasso): "#hiphero back again, y’all needed this tutorial bad… #davaypicasso #newjersey". This is a JERSEY DANCE Not Phili | How to do the One Leg | Most of your weight is on your front foot Your back foot is there to give you that bounce up | .... Just Wanna Rock.


Just Wanna Rock - Lil Uzi Vert



Killenci (@hikillenci) on TikTok

19.1K Likes, 196 Comments. TikTok video from Killenci (@hikillenci). the right way to do jersey dances ! | sexy walk | running man | .... Back It by JuiceTheGrand.


Back It by JuiceTheGrand - Baltimoreclub


Davay Picasso

Please gentrify these Jersey dances… Sike nah but I love to see it #fyp #skiiicrew #rockyourhips #uacrew #shakethaatchallenge

224.7K Likes, 1.7K Comments. TikTok video from Davay Picasso (@davaypicasso): "Please gentrify these Jersey dances… Sike nah but I love to see it #fyp #skiiicrew #rockyourhips #uacrew #shakethaatchallenge". I’m tired of y’all doing this wrong | How to rock your hips | Stop popping your hips up | .... JERSEY STARTED ROCKING YOUR HIPS.





Reply to @christianbih Jersey Club Dance In 15 Seconds #dance #movement #freestyle #hiphop

6. 2K Likes, 39 Comments. TikTok video from 1nduh (@1nduh): "Reply to @christianbih Jersey Club Dance In 15 Seconds #dance #movement #freestyle #hiphop". Lesson #77: Jersey Club Dance | In 15 Seconds ✨ | 1) Front Foot Forward, Back Foot Sideways | .... Jade .


Jade - LilC4



Another tutorial for y’all, TAP IN🤝 | copylink 3x pls | @liluzivert

3.2K Likes, 34 Comments. TikTok video from M (@marktutorials): "Another tutorial for y’all, TAP IN🤝 | copylink 3x pls | @liluzivert". jersey rock | jump | jump L🔀 | .... Just Wanna Rock.


Just Wanna Rock - Lil Uzi Vert



Learn These Moves 😂🔥 #jerseyclub #fypシ #fyp #jersey #dance #explore

1. 6K Likes, 20 Comments. TikTok video from RichGotti (@jerseymaderich): "Learn These Moves 😂🔥 #jerseyclub #fypシ #fyp #jersey #dance #explore". Learn the JerseyClub Moves before it too late 😂💯 | Get Low🔥 | Wave it Up 🌊 | .... i likeeeee.


i likeeeee - BRIL



Teaching my friends how to dance to jersey 🔥

TikTok video from king.jodey🦁 (@king.jodey): "Teaching my friends how to dance to jersey 🔥". Teaching my NYC friends how to jersey dance | Copy me challenge . original sound.


original sound - king.jodey🦁



been getting request for a while how to jersey club🔥🔥follow for more#fyp #fypchallenge #newjersey #jerseyclubremix #jerseyclubremixs #dance #dancer

3. 1K Likes, 56 Comments. TikTok video from Al1of1 (@altaronnn): "been getting request for a while how to jersey club🔥🔥follow for more#fyp #fypchallenge #newjersey #jerseyclubremix #jerseyclubremixs #dance #dancer". How To Jersey Club !! | Running Man🔥 | Footwork🔥🔥 | .... Silk by retroj.


Silk by retroj - CK



JerseyRock Tutorial🔥🕺🏽 #fyp #explore #jersey #jerseyclub #dancetutorial

6.4K Likes, 20 Comments. TikTok video from RichGotti (@jerseymaderich): "JerseyRock Tutorial🔥🕺🏽 #fyp #explore #jersey #jerseyclub #dancetutorial". How To JerseyRock JerseyClub Tutorial🕺🏽 | Step out Then Step back in | Alternate and Speed up | .... original sound.


original sound - RichGotti


Omo Aston🖤

Reply to @kiriko774 Can someone please tell me what this dance is called?😂 #jerseyclub #dance #fyp #tutorial

492 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Omo Aston🖤 (@ast10n): "Reply to @kiriko774 Can someone please tell me what this dance is called?😂 #jerseyclub #dance #fyp #tutorial". Say lesss🖤 | Jersey Dance (Part 1) | Step 1: watch the feet 🦶🏾 ‼️ | .... Chicago (Jersey Club).


Chicago (Jersey Club) - DJ Smallz 732

Dance Team Jersey -

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Dancewear | Useful articles and tips from the 🕺dance studio - Under Stand (Anderstend)💃 in Voronezh.

When you come to the ballroom, it is important to dress correctly. Not just beautiful, but right. And not because they are greeted by clothes, but because each type of dance requires appropriate equipment - comfortable, suitable for a particular type of movement, and also reflecting the unique style of dance. In this article we will tell you how to dress if you are dancing...

Clothing for this bright dynamic dance should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Lockers often wear wide trousers or comfortable stretchy jeans, leggings, loose T-shirts, shirts, trowels. Hats, caps - any attributes of lockers. If you are not yet ready for such a bright “suit”, stop for now on comfortable sweatpants, a T-shirt or T-shirt, sneakers or sneakers.

Traditionally, poppers dress in a rather formal style: they wear strict (but rather loose shirts), jackets, shoes and hats. However, finding such extravagant outfits for everyday training is not so easy, because more and more often dancers can be seen in simple, wide clothes, without deliberate formality, in sneakers or sneakers.

House is a trendy club dance, so clothes for it should not only be comfortable, but also reflect fashion trends. It is not surprising that the dancers wear tight pants, then wide ones. In addition, house is a dance of communication with those who are close to you. In clothes for house you should be comfortable and cozy, you should feel confident and neat.

Hip-hop is a very democratic dance: perhaps any loose clothing is suitable for it. Sweatpants, T-shirts, caps (optional!), soft comfortable sneakers. And, of course, do not forget about knee pads that protect against injuries - this may sometimes be required (on the recommendation of the trainer).

Graceful girls dancing this dance prefer shoes with high stable heels, as well as light-fitting (and a little spicy) clothes made of elastic fabrics that do not restrict movement (these can be shorts, trousers, leggings - what you will be comfortable). To start classes, sneakers or light sneakers are suitable for you.

Clothing for Contemporary, this plastic and emotional dance, should be as comfortable as possible: as a rule, these are elastic suits (trousers, shorts, T-shirts, leggings). The dance is performed barefoot or in socks.

Attire for Latin dances is usually a mid-length dress or skirt with wide, flowing edges, shoes with low heels. Of course, comfortable shorts, trousers or leggings are also suitable for training!

All staged dance directions require maximum comfort from clothing. Lightness and freedom of movement is the main thing to look for in dancewear. In directions with staged choreography, much attention is paid to the self-awareness of the dancer - he must feel in the dance as if on stage - brightly, confidently. In jazz funk, it's even extravagant. You can experiment with outfits. Once you find yours, you will feel it!

Dancehall is a social Jamaican dance, so the clothes in the class should create a feeling of summer and warmth. Dancehall dancers often wear bright t-shirts, t-shirts (often both at the same time and preferably in different colors!). Multi-colored leggings and shorts of various styles - the main thing is to create an image!

Vogue dancers usually like to try on different outfits, experiment, surprise and even shock. Any of your fantasies can be realized in training or at Vogue balls! Style is about vogue.

Waacking is a bright style, memorable for its presentation and imagery. Each workout is an opportunity for self-expression, including with the help of a suit! Dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts - you can change each session. If all this is complemented by neat low-heeled shoes, you are already ready for the stage. 😉

Breaking is a very energy-intensive, technically complex style. It is very important for a dancer to take care of comfortable training clothes. We advise you not to wear clothes with large metal or plastic elements (locks, buttons on clothes) and remove accessories (bracelets, rings on your hands) - everything can interfere with you. Comfortable sportswear, sneakers or sneakers, knee pads - everything you need for training. Also, the trainer may advise you to purchase a hat (when you move on to learning elements using the head =).

The style that originated in hot Africa requires powerful energy inputs from the dancer: you will dance to rhythmic and very energizing music. We advise you to wear comfortable sportswear and shoes. You can even take a spare training t-shirt!

A dance that should help the dancer find his individual style and express himself in movement. Whatever helps you in this, you should use. Your image is included. Comfortable and suitable clothes for you - plus a fad to your confidence in training.

Non-dance directions involve active physical activity during the class. You will need comfortable leggings or sweatpants, a T-shirt or a trowel, comfortable shoes (for functional), socks for stretching, yoga stretching and classics. If you want to use your own yoga and stretching mat, you can bring it with you, but be aware that the studio has mats, blocks, straps - the necessary equipment for training.

Author: Karina Morkotenko

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To an unfamiliar with choreography, it seems to the layman that the main role of T-shirts and T-shirts is small - to be training men's clothing. Indeed, partners most often rehearse in sports tights, black T-shirts and trousers, T-shirts and shorts. However, it is T-shirts and T-shirts that give the convenience of training, in which dance skills are honed, it is they who take the blow of the athlete's daily training. In addition, special T-shirts and t-shirts made of elastic tight material are a full-fledged top of the costume for an incendiary Latin American dance. The sleeve option above the elbow is suitable for amateur performances, demonstration performances, warm-ups and teaching, only long sleeves are in the tournament rules. In any case, men's T-shirts and t-shirts for dancing should be comfortable to use, durable and give freedom and confidence to the dancer. This is exactly what we want to offer you.

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The catalog of the For Dance store presents different models of the upper part of the men's dance costume, both for rehearsals and for performances. For convenience of choice, we divided them by name into three blocks.


The main difference of the T-shirt is the complete absence of sleeves. This is also its main convenience. T-shirts help out during long and exhausting workouts, they save you from overheating, especially if you know in advance that the classes will be held in a room with an elevated air temperature in the room. On performances, T-shirts allow you to clearly demonstrate the well-developed muscles of the forearm. In the company's catalog you will find men's dance shirts made of soft jersey, the most comfortable material for classes.


A dancer needs only practical things for training: non-restricting, resistant to sudden movements and repeated washing. Quality stitched men's T-shirts made of elastic material are ideal for this purpose. The assortment of our store includes T-shirts with round and triangular (v-shaped) necklines, from different types of knitwear and with different sleeve lengths.


In the dance version, this eye-catching turtleneck with a stand-up collar is available with short sleeves.

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