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Drake – One Dance Ft. Wizkid & Kyla Mp3 Download

Drake – One Dance Ft. Wizkid & Kyla - Download Drake – One Dance Ft. Wizkid & Kyla Mp3 Song Music to your devices with 320kbps ultra high quality audio for Free at Mp3Juice. You can also find the complete lyrics of Drake – One Dance Ft. Wizkid & Kyla and video clip as well. All the songs provided are belong to YouTube, we do not host any single of songs and music on our website, Happy Downloading!

Title One Dance
Artist William Singe
Album One Dance
Year 2016
Duration 3:21
File Size 3.07 MB
File Type MP3
Audio Summary 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 192 kb/s
Source YouTube Music
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Lyric of William Singe - One Dance

Baby, I like your style

Grips on your waist
Front way, back way
You know that I don't play
Streets not safe
But I never run away
Even when I'm away
Oti, oti, there's never much love when we go, oti
I pray to make it back in one piece
I pray, I pray

That's why I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me
I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me

Baby, I like your style

Strength and guidance
All that I'm wishing for my friends
Nobody makes it from my ends
I had to bust up the silence
You know you gotta stick by me
Soon as you see the text, reply me
I don't wanna spend time fighting
We've got no time

And that's why I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me
I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me

Got a pretty girl and she love me long time
Wine it, wine it, very long time
Oh, yeah, she steady on grindin'
Back up, back up, back up and wine it
Back up, back up and wine it
Back up, back up, back up and wine it
Oh, yeah, she steady on grindin'
Back up, back up and wine it, girl

Tell me, I need to know, where do you wanna go?
'Cause if you're down, I'll take it slow
Make you lose control
Where, where, where
Where, where, where, where
Oh, yeah, she steady on grindin'
Where, where, where
Back up, back up and wine it, girl
Where, where, where, where
'Cause if you're down
Back up, back up and
'Cause if you're down
Back up, back up and
'Cause if you're down
Back up, back up and

I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me
I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold on me

Drake – One Dance Ft.
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CLASS/studio POLICies

    • Please be punctual. As a courtesy, we hold class for a few minutes if a significant number of dancers are tardy. It is our goal to begin class on time so your dancer doesn’t miss a moment of fun!

    • Please take your child to the restroom before class. 

    • Please use quiet voices while in our waiting area. Our studio adjoins the waiting area, and noise carries. Our dancers must be able to concentrate on class instruction.

    • Please leave the waiting area as you found it. Dispose of trash and return books to the studio library. 

    • Studio One is a NUT-FREE FACILITY - We ask that you do not bring any products containing peanuts or tree nuts into the studio or lobby. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in keeping our space safe for everyone.

    • All dancers must be of age for their desired class by December 1st, 2022

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    • Dancing Together and Magical Movement classes are for one adult and one child. We require full participation from parents/caregivers.

    • If you are bringing your infant along to class that requires your participation, we ask that you have them in a sling or infant carrier, or car seat/stroller bassinet.

    • No strollers or street shoes on the dance floor. Before entering the studio, please remove your shoes and place them in a cubby.


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    • Studio One Dance offers a 10 percent discount to siblings and to dancers enrolled in multiple classes.

    • Studio One Dance does not require an annual contract, nor do we charge a cancellation fee if you withdraw your child from class.  

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    • Makeup classes are available for students who have missed a class due to illness or emergency. These classes must be scheduled and approved by email at least 24 hours in advance.

    • We allow five makeup classes per child per Dance Year.

    • Classes must be made up during the season that the absence occurred. Makeups are not offered during the month of June due to preparation for Recital.

    • Make up classes are nontransferable to another family.

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    • Due to space restrictions within the studio, we ask that families limit themselves to two attendees. 

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An incendiary story in all respects about those who cannot imagine their life without music and movement. "Street Dancing 2" continues to tell about young non-professional dancers who compete with each other, fall desperately in love and do not stop going towards one goal - to become the best in their field and gain recognition. They are driven by passion – passion for dance, passion for life and just passion. The sequel to the film "Street Dancing" can be watched online in our Internet cinema. This time, the main character of the story is Ash, who was defeated in the Streetdance competition. Now he wants to win back and for this he is assembling a team that will outshine the competition in the belt, a team consisting of the best dancers in the world. He travels almost all over the world to find stars for the team of his dreams, and in the process of searching, he falls in love with Eva, who is an impeccable salsa dancer. Ash loses his head, and along with a long road to victory, a difficult path begins for him to win the beauty's heart. nineOl000 )

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Chief GERA - Simple GERAI - Simple Gary Ash. He is a good dancer and makes a living selling popcorn. One day he gets to a master class for dancers who are preparing for a grandiose competition - street dancing. After Ash's poor performance, the Invincibles, led by Vince, kick him out in disgrace. But the dancer was noticed by Edd, who will soon become his producer. nine0003

Eddie and Ash travel all over Europe looking for new ideas, styles to create their own street dance team. In Paris, they meet a sultry, beautiful girl, Eva, who dances latin. And then Ed comes up with the idea to combine street dancing with Latin. The team rebels: they are used to dancing hip-hop and other street styles, Latin is unacceptable for them. Because of this, disputes and disagreements begin. The girl refuses to participate in the competition and does not want to work with a team where she is not respected. nine0003

Ash, of course, falls in love with such a beautiful and brave dancer. He tries to explain to the girl that the guys are not used to this direction, but they really need her.

Training begins, only six weeks left before the competition. The team prepares to take on their rivals The Invincibles. The dance competition takes place in Paris, the city of love, where they achieve their goal - victory.


Very energetic film!! I personally liked it a lot! nine0003

4 July 2013


For once, if you don't mind the time..... Usually dance movies are more addictive!!

June 29, 2013


Cool movie))

September 27, 2013

Everyone is lucky who watched this film

5 December


Class film



Clearly weaker than the first part, but still looks easy

5 July 2013


I liked it.

July 6, 2013


the end is good, but everything else is bullshit :(


The film is just bombing))

March 18, 2017

  • When Ash fails at the first meeting with the Invincibles, he is thrown out of the room along with popcorn. In the next frame, he is lying on the floor, and there is no popcorn either on the ground or near him. nine0222

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    Zoya was a happy woman. She had a husband Anton, a daughter Zhenya and a favorite job in kindergarten. But she lost all this due to mental problems. She has been treated by a psychiatrist for two years. During this time, she repeatedly experienced memory lapses and even suicide attempts. At the moment, Zoya's condition has improved, but her husband divorced her and married another, her daughter moved away, and after this she is unlikely to be returned to work. nine0003

    Next, the action of the mini-series is transferred to the familiar investigators Pavel and Tatyana. After the events of Dancing in the Sand, Pavel left Pogorsk and began working with Tatyana. The attitude of the authorities towards the latter also improved. Thanks to the successful disclosure of the case in Pogorsk, Tatyana became interested in Moscow. But while Tatyana is not interested in moving to the capital.

    Tatiana starts investigating a new case. In the village of Tuchino found human bones. Pavel is entrusted with investigating the murder of a young guy Yegor Rudko. First of all, Pavel interrogates Olga and Galina, the sisters of the murdered. They said that Yegor took the death of his mother hard and became addicted to drugs. The tablets were supplied to Egor by Yura Sotnikov, his former classmate. The sisters briefly examined the apartment and found that their mother's earrings had hit. There is a suspicion that Yegor sold them a long time ago to buy pills, but Galina is sure that he could not do this. nine0003

    Arriving in Tuchino, Tatyana learns that the grave was filled with cement. In the past, bears had a habit of digging up graves, which is why they were filled with cement. The bears died out, but the tradition survived. Tatyana understands that the local is responsible for this. The medical examiner examines the body, but he was only able to establish that the bones belonged to a man. They pierced his skull. One of the fingers was broken, but they did it after his death. Someone had dug up the grave before the police arrived. Now it remains to establish the identity of the deceased. The medical examiner proposes to raise all cases of missing persons from two years ago and take a DNA sample from relatives. It is also necessary to find the anonymous person who reported the corpse. The police managed to find out that this anonymous person contacted the antiquary Faleev. In addition, Tatyana had a reason for jealousy. Nadezhda, the head of the surveillance department, became interested in Pavel. Venya, Tatyana's assistant, reassures her that Nadezhda is interested in all new men, but then she quickly gets bored with them. nine0003

    Sotnikov was quickly found. He is in a state of drug intoxication and it is useless to talk to him. However, this leads Pavel to the idea that Yura is not the killer. It is unlikely that in such a state he could get rid of the traces of the crime. In addition, it was Sotnikov who gave the pills to Yegor, which means that he has the money to buy them, and it makes no sense to kill a former classmate for the sake of earrings.

    Zoya maintains friendly relations with Mira, Anton's current wife. Together they come to Anton's parents at the dacha in Tuchino, where the whole family has gathered. This is an exciting moment for Zoe, because she will be able to see her daughter. nine0003

    Colleagues recommend Pavel to talk to Faleev. Officially, he is the owner of an antique salon. But at the same time, he does not disdain buying stolen items. The antiquary was not arrested just because he turns his clients over to the police. Pavel realizes that he might know something about the earrings.

    The antique dealer does not know anything about the earrings, but said that he was contacted about a new product. Faleev invited Pavel to wait outside for this client. Tatiana also meets with an antique dealer about the call. He claims to know nothing, but Tatyana realizes that Faleev is lying and threatens to close the salon. Only after that, Fallev admits that a man named Ilya called him. He digs up valuables and sells them to an antique dealer. After that, Faleev declares that he will no longer cooperate with the police. However, he also advises Paul to find Elijah. Pavel invites Tatyana to join forces again. The problem is that Tatyana tries to avoid Pavel at work so that no one finds out about their affair. But now they should work together. After all, the fate of Sotnikov depends on the result of their work. nine0003

    Tatiana and Pavel find Ilya. They quickly reconstruct the picture of the incident. Ilya explored the area with a metal detector, found the grave, dug it up, removed the ring from the corpse (and thereby broke his finger), and then called the police. Only after a promise that he will not be prosecuted, Ilya gives the ring. However, he knows nothing about earrings. Faleev lied.

    Pavel interrogates Sotnikov again. He states that he did not kill his friend, he saw the earrings, but did not steal them. He wanted to give these earrings to Galina, but at the same time, they were clearly needed by someone else. Meanwhile, Tatyana established the identity of the murdered. It turned out to be Oleg Sviridov, a resident of Pogorsk. At the same time, the police were also looking for Oleg, as drugs were found in his car. nine0003

    Pavel finds evidence of Yura's innocence. He also studied the surveillance cameras at the entrance and noticed a suspicious woman. Tatyana interrogates the residents of the village and soon finds Zoya's family. The latter understands that she saw Oleg, but remembers nothing else. Anton asks Tatyana to leave his ex-wife alone, but the investigator does not intend to do so. After all, Zoya can lead her to the right track.

    The next day another murder took place. Mira is the victim. Tatyana decides to return to the village, but her boss, Boris Petrovich, does not want to send her there because of Faleev's complaint. Mira's case is received by Pavel. nine0003

    The medical examiner determines that Mira let the killer get too close and he stabbed her without difficulty. A kitchen knife was also found in the house, which could presumably have been used to stab her. Meanwhile, Tatiana is looking for a man named Victor. He rented an apartment with Oleg. She also decides to talk to Vasily, Oleg's father. He remembered that a month before his disappearance, Oleg said that he would soon have children.

    Pavel takes Zoya for interrogation. The latter immediately declares that she did not wish evil to Mira. Moreover, it was Mira who helped Zoya in difficult times. At the same time, she recalls that Mira had a strange relationship with Petya, Anton's brother. However, she decided not to tell the investigator. Pavel understands that she is lying, but is forced to let Zoya go, since he has no other evidence of guilt. nine0003

    When Zoya meets Tatiana, she says that if she did something, she didn't remember it. She also tells the sad story of her life. Finding her husband with Mira, Zoe had a blackout. She woke up in the hospital with her wrists cut. From this, Zoya concluded that if she wanted to kill Mira, she would have done it then. Tatyana believes her and again tries to find out about Oleg, but Zoya does not remember anything.

    Pavel decides to talk to Zoya's psychotherapist. As it turned out, Zoya had a miscarriage two years ago and now she will no longer be able to have children. After that, she began a serious depression, which is accompanied by hallucinations, memory lapses and suicidal thoughts. The psychiatrist is sure that Zoya could not kill a person and forget about it, but she suffers from sleepwalking, can fall out of reality and behave aggressively, although she is a kind and non-conflict person by nature. nine0003

    Tatiana continues to claim that these cases are connected. They found drugs in Oleg, and Pyotr was treated for drug addiction. Therefore, she believes that he should be included among the suspects. However, Tatyana did not manage to convince either the boss or the partner. Therefore, she agrees with Pavel that everyone will mind their own business.

    Pavel decides to talk to Andrey, Mira's ex-fiance. He said that he was ready to marry her. But then the relationship between them deteriorated sharply. Mira began to avoid the groom. He eventually found out that his fiancée was prostituting for a living and had a drug problem. nine0003

    Tatiana finds Victor. He knows nothing about drugs, but he could take up illegal work. His girlfriend got pregnant and Oleg needed money. Pavel finds earrings. Olga tried to sell them to Faleev. She admitted that she stole the earrings, but she did not kill her brother. Pavel does not believe her and recommends writing a sincere confession.

    Tatiana tries to talk to Peter, but fails. Pavel visits the brothel where Mira worked. Manager Nona did not tell him anything interesting, but as soon as the investigator left the brothel, he heard her arrange a meeting with someone. He is forced to turn to Nadezhda to establish surveillance of the brothel. nine0003

    Tatiana finds Peter again. He suffers from withdrawal symptoms, is very aggressive and is not in the mood to talk. Therefore, nothing interesting was found. Zoya was locked up by Anton's mother for the night. While trying to open the door, Zoya accidentally finds a cache of drugs.

    Tatyana decides to ask Zoya's neighbors. She finds out that Oleg often visited her and brought flowers. At this time, Zoya again quarrels with Anton's mother and the latter sends his ex-wife to the clinic he runs for an examination. There Zoya notices Peter. He tried to steal medicines, but Anton himself noticed him and recommends Zoya to go to the doctor. nine0003

    Tatyana's official check has begun, but Faleev unexpectedly withdraws his application. She quickly realizes that Paul had a hand in this. Pavel also learns that Zoe did not have a miscarriage. She had an abortion.

    Zoya gave Tatiana the drugs she found. It also gives you a list of phone numbers. Zoya recognizes her handwriting, but does not remember ever writing it. As it turns out later, all the numbers belong to drug dealers. Tatyana finds one of them. She finds out that Vera, Oleg's fiancee, was looking for him. Tatyana understands that she must be found. nine0003

    Zoya remembers seeing Oleg. He comes to her home even when she was married to Anton. Tatyana shares her conclusions with her partner. She believes that Vera and Zoya are one person. It is possible that she even has a split personality. At the same time, both individuals do not know about each other.

    The image of Oleg's corpse appears in Zoya's memories. She decides that she killed him. Outdoor surveillance noticed that Nona went into the forest with some dubious type to dig something. Paul tried to stop them, but failed. But he managed to unearth what the suspects were looking for. There were human bones. nine0003

    Tatiana decides to find out more about the drug and wants to talk to Yura's dealer. Finding him, Tatyana witnesses how Peter quarrels with a drug dealer. As it turned out, Peter did not want to buy, but to sell the drug. At the same time, he used to send Oleg.

    Zoya wants to commit suicide. She leaves Tatiana a confession message and prepares to open her veins, but then the memories return. There was another person next to Oleg's corpse.

    Tatyana and Pavel start searching for Zoya. They find her in Peter's apartment... next to his corpse. He died from an overdose. Nevertheless, the police have reason to accuse her of Oleg's murder. Zoya admitted that she remembered another person, but she did not know who it was. nine0003

    Pavel asks Peter's neighbors. They said that his brother and Mira visited him mainly.

    Pavel sent a photo of Mira to Andrey, and he did not recognize her. At the same time, the one who pretended to be Mira changed her passport two years ago. Nona was detained and sent to Pavel for interrogation. During the interrogation, it turned out that the bones belong to the real World. She died from an overdose. Nona said that she was interrogated by a certain mysterious woman. Mira took the drug with her and died. The mysterious woman suggested a deal whereby she takes Mira's papers and Nonna disposes of the corpse. For this, the mysterious woman promised to rewrite Mira's apartment for her. Nona does not know the woman's name. But Denis, the realtor with whom Nonna was in the forest, knows this. nine0003

    Tatyana learned that a strong psychotropic substance was found in Zoya's blood. While Pavel was arresting the realtor, Tatyana found these substances in Zoya's apartment. She was prescribed them under the guise of a mild sedative. Zoya admitted that she had not taken these pills for the past two weeks, as she believed that she could do just fine without them.

    The investigators determined that the mysterious woman was Vera, Oleg's fiancée. After drugs were found in Oleg's car, she had a miscarriage. She began her own investigation and contacted Peter. Taking the name Mira, Vera became part of the Peter family and continued to investigate. However, you still need to find out who poisoned Zoya and why? It is also unclear why Oleg came to Zoya with flowers and how it happened that the drug dealer Peter could not find a drug for himself. Tatyana has an answer to the last question. Peter is not a drug dealer. They are Anton. He owns his own clinic, which is a good cover for a drug lab. In addition, there you can make psychotropics for your ex-wife. nine0003

    Tatyana decides to take Zoya to the dacha so that she can remember everything. Pavel decides to inspect the clinic and interrogate the psychiatrist. The latter was forced to cooperate and show the laboratory.

    Zoya remembers the moment when she found her husband in Vera's arms. He gave her water, after which she lost consciousness. He also cut her veins. He was almost arrested and therefore he began to threaten Anton.

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