How to finger a girl while dancing

How To Hook Up With Girls On The Dance Floor | by Brad Holiday

Dance Floor Game:

Jane Hotel


January 1st 2019, 1:00AM

It’ s lit as fuck in here.

Groups of girls are here dancing in tight knit groups and are very drunk and wild.

I emerge through the crowd, lipstick smeared across my mouth above my nose and a semi-hard cock slightly protruding from my pants.

I’m horny, and ready to stick this cock into a cute chick’s wet pussy and gape it.

She’s about 5'3, dark caramel colored skin, blonde highlights, nice well shaped nose, tight petite 110 lb frame, no fat on her except for her bubble butt and C cups.

I have made out with about 3 other women tonight and had one suck my cock in the bathroom for a couple minutes.

Now, I am in state as it has been said. (happy, fun, horny. -Jason James)

I approach calmly, expecting she is going to go along with my antics…

She’s gently gyrating her onion booty in her black cocktail dress… I can see the curves and crevices of her ass in the fireplace luminiscence. So fucking hot.

Without hesistation and full expectancy I extend my forefinger and pinky finger like a devils horns to her.

She locks eyes with mine, her chest rises and falls, she is physiologically shifting. Her breath becomes more intense as I approach… her neck tightens…

Too strong, I slow up and become more gentle in my physiology… she relaxes as I smooth out moment to moment.

I extend my left arm as we are locking gaze and scoop her up underneath her delicious ass.

I pick her up… we’re spinning in the air. “You’re Monica my new wife for the next 5 minutes.”

The throws her head back laughing… I take the opportunity to lick her neck. She deeply moans… I slide my hand up underneath her skirt and peel her underwear back from her moistened pussy.

I slide my index finger into her and begin fingering her in my arms… she digs her nails into my neck and pushes her hips into me hard. She’s really digging in. I’m really digging this one too.

This is a very typical result for those people who can really begin to implement the nature of male/female polarity.

When we deal with dancing girls… we don’t view what she’s doing as particularly important in the traditional sense. We are looking at the overall optics of the situation and her physiology and state at the moment.

We must learn to trust our intuition and know how to give her what she needs moment to moment.

Here’s 3 simple approaches you can use to take girls home from the dance floor.

Pre Approach: Dance, Laugh, Have Fun, Smile, Relax. Happy Fun and Horny The LuxLife State.

Hand Of God: Head Tilted Back, Smirk On Face, Hand Extended High, Take Up Space… Extend your hand out to the girl, fully expecting she is going to take it, she will take it, pull her in, spin her and kiss her. Pull her over to another corner/isolation.

The Tap: Girl walks past you or is dancing, tap her 2–3 times gently so that she doesn’t feel intruded on but also can definitively feel your tapping. She can ignore verbals, but she can’t ignore physical communication. Once she feels you you can begin to run your normal game… pull her in close and talk to her closely.

The Lift: Open with a tap, or hand of god, then put your left forearm underneath the back of her knees, your right forearm under her low back/butt… lift her up like a 1920’s detective and spin her around… she will be cradled in your arms. Curl her like a barbell with weights on it… she doesn’t weigh as much as you think… kiss her like this… carry her away from her friends to isolation proceed to run attraction and pull.

Girls are dancing for one of three reasons: 1. To Pump Their Emotional State 2. To Gain Validation/Self Image Enhancement 3. To Potentially Meet A Guy.

The dancing isn’t the primary motivation… If you come in strong and run your game well… she will appreciate it and prioritize you over the dancing.

Learn to do physical escalation stacks and execute.


finger over mouth while dancing



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#stitch with @trishlikefish88 Basically Trisha called someone out for putting a finger over their mouth during a dance when a song said the n word.

TikTok video from ok (@bradyscommentary): "#stitch with @trishlikefish88 Basically Trisha called someone out for putting a finger over their mouth during a dance when a song said the n word.". original sound.


original sound - ok



It’s the finger in the mouth for me @nsg.papii 😂 😅 #dancechallenge #bobrisky #tipinnaitchallenge #radio

TikTok video from jourds_ (@jourds_): "It’s the finger in the mouth for me @nsg.papii 😂 😅 #dancechallenge #bobrisky #tipinnaitchallenge #radio". Tik Tok Mashup Challenge.


Tik Tok Mashup Challenge - jourds_


Chloe Sweetman

here’s a brief tutorial of my dance! can’t wait to see yours:) #fyp #newdance

TikTok video from Chloe Sweetman (@chlosweetman): "here’s a brief tutorial of my dance! can’t wait to see yours:) #fyp #newdance". 🤭(hand over mouth) 🤷🏼‍♀️flick hair back 👐🏼hands like a rainbow 🤛🏻 🤜🏻 hands over head 👏🏻 clap twice 👆🏼point forward slice neck with head movement point at head 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ ⏰clock movement and woah!. Classic.


Classic - rapidsongs



this dance is already going crazy so here’s the tutorial <3 i love you all #dance #dancechallenge #tutorial #ItStartsOnTikTok #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

3.2K Likes, 47 Comments. TikTok video from lasanja (@itslasanjaa): "this dance is already going crazy so here’s the tutorial <3 i love you all #dance #dancechallenge #tutorial #ItStartsOnTikTok #fyp #foryou #xyzbca". ✨rules dance tutorial✨ | finger over mouth, cross arms | point forward, hit hips | .... Ur ugly.


Ur ugly - cece



the finger over my mouth is 100% a joke plz dont come for me lmao #fyp #foryou #goth #altgirl #emo #dance #squishmallows #makeup #gamer #altstyle

93 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Rae (@stinkraae): "the finger over my mouth is 100% a joke plz dont come for me lmao #fyp #foryou #goth #altgirl #emo #dance #squishmallows #makeup #gamer #altstyle". original sound.


original sound - Rae



First vid 😘🥰#fyp #foryoupage #dancetutorial #heyboytutorial

TikTok video from hmwhoami (@hmwhoami): "First vid 😘🥰#fyp#foryoupage#dancetutorial#heyboytutorial". Hush (finger on mouth)🤗 | CLAP CLAP ✋🤚 | Wave 🥰 | .... whats my name.


whats my name - majestic.


Shane gilbert

#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tutorial #dancetutorial follow for more tutorials

17. 9K Likes, 28 Comments. TikTok video from Shane gilbert (@shane_gilbert): "#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tutorial #dancetutorial follow for more tutorials". No Idea X Candy.


No Idea X Candy - rapidsongs



Tiktok dances have been lacking so here’s a tutorial for the dance I made yesterday go try it and tag me so I can see it 🏴‍☠️ go snap for me🔥

169.3K Likes, 572 Comments. TikTok video from zach (@undos): "Tiktok dances have been lacking so here’s a tutorial for the dance I made yesterday go try it and tag me so I can see it 🏴‍☠️ go snap for me🔥". new “comments” dance challenge tutorial 💢 | arms 2x 🙅🏽‍♂️ | hand over mouth 🙊 | .... Comments.


Comments - Brokeasf



Hope this helped #fyp #viral #dance #tutorials #foryoupage

TikTok video from 👉👈🥺 (@dancextutorials567): "Hope this helped #fyp #viral #dance #tutorials #foryoupage". Hand over head | Snap | Snap | .... Just like that come my way.


Just like that come my way - ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀɴᴀᴜᴅɪᴏᴢᴢ 🦋



here you go for the tap dance!! @itsmesammyblm66 !! thank you all for the support i love you all!!

TikTok video from tiktok_tutorial.sssssss (@tiktok_tutorial.sssssss): "here you go for the tap dance!! @itsmesammyblm66 !! thank you all for the support i love you all!!". bang, pop hips | finger over mouth🤫, cover face with hands | fake giggle😆, tap 4x | .... Tap In.


Tap In - Saweetie

Slow dance and seduce a girl

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    The best way to seduce a girl is slow dance.

    Let's say you managed to meet a girl in a nightclub. Having a nice conversation with her at the bar, hearing a slow dance, immediately lead the beauty to the dance floor.

    Success in slow dancing depends on your confidence, delicacy and courtesy.

    Before you take the first step to seducing a girl in a dance, you must be sure that the woman is ready for it, and do not take any sexual actions until the woman begins to feel aroused and almost, literally, go crazy with the anticipation of sexual proximity. Stroke her back with your hand and be attentive and watch her reaction. If the girl does not show a reaction, then continue as slowly as you can, snuggle closer to her. Maybe she's just very shy. Then just invite her to look into a quiet secluded corner where you can have a romantic chat.

    But if during the dance she starts stroking your shoulders, chest or neck, then press yourself against her tighter so that your bodies touch. Start kissing her neck towards her ear. Do not stop, shower her with gentle kisses on the lobes, cheeks and finally lips. You could say you're half way to getting a girl into bed. Most importantly, forget about talking.

    And now it's time for you to think about whether to call a taxi.

    Basic rules for seducing a girl on the dance floor:

    I am sure that it will not be difficult to seduce and seduce a beautiful girl in a dance if you follow these recommendations:

    3 minutes).

    2. Bring your hand close to her shoulder and then slowly move your hand back towards her back. Do all this in time with the music looking into her eyes. With your right hand, hug the girl behind her back, then hug her with your left hand, but do not press her hard against you (duration: about 2 minutes).

    3. Then slowly stroke her back and gently press her against you. Stroking the girl with your hands, carefully lower your hands down to her waist. By moving your hands down, slow down a little. In response to your movements, the girl will answer you in the same way. (duration: approximately 4 minutes).

    4. Now put your hands on her hips, slowly lowering your head to her neck, but do not kiss.

    5. Slowly bring your hands back to her back and then back down. Press your head against her neck and breathe softly. Watch her reaction. She will close her eyes to better feel all the sexual touches. (duration: approximately 3 minutes).

    6. Gradually pull the girl closer and closer. Run your hands over her thighs. From such touches, the girl should languish with pleasure. (duration: approximately 3 minutes).

    7. Hug her behind her back so that the girl can raise her arms and hug you back. And now pull her to you as tightly as possible, hugging her waist. If you did everything right, then the girl should enter a state of great pleasure.

    8. Stroking slowly move your hands to her shoulders. Stop suddenly and move your hands to the side - they should seem to hang in the air. The girl should understand this hint and, in turn, start stroking your body.

    9. Turn the girl around so that her back is in front of you. Then bow your head over her and gently kiss her neck, whisper gentle words in her ear. Moving and touching bodies, you have never spoken words up to this point. Therefore, your whisper should intoxicate her.

    10. Repeat everything you did before. Don't touch her breasts. Let her freeze in anticipation of the upcoming pleasures.

    11. Again turn her around to face you and hug her tightly. Continue to slowly dance clinging to each other.

    12. Tease her by approaching her lips, but don't kiss her. This will intrigue her. The girl will not know what to think about, whether she should kiss first, or wait for your kiss. This way you will intrigue her. After that, your lips should literally come closer to a distance of one millimeter, and your breath will sound in unison.

    13. You merge into a deep kiss, and it lasts forever.

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