How to do the scarecrow dance

How to Do the Scarecrow Hip-Hop Move | Street Dance

  • What's up, y'all? This is your boy Jino Fort, yet again, coming at you with some new dance

  • moves. I'm going to show you how to do the scarecrow. The scarecrow is very loose, as

  • well. It's not like you're puppeting exactly, but it's close to it. Well, for some people

  • it's not. It's whatever you think. But it's very loose as well and it's very loose leg-wise,

  • as well too. The scarecrow in general is a peculiar technique in a way, because you're

  • really like a scarecrow. Like you're literally in a scarecrow position. You're stuck like

  • this. So we have different versions.

  • It could be you're just hanging off to the side. It's mostly used in popping. So when

  • you do it it's like a rotation of your arms and legs, but it's going inward. So we're

  • going to try to go inward. Make sure the movement looks like so. One-two, you can take and go,

  • three and four. The scarecrow is very unique, because not a lot of people use it, but it's

  • very awkward and odd. But it's really cool at the same time, to me anyways. So I'm going

  • to show you a quick routine with the scarecrow.

  • Your first movement is going to be - you're going to bring your arms - as well as your

  • legs in at the same time. So separately it's going to look like, one-two, you're bringing

  • them in. So try to do that at the same time. Five, six, seven, eight and one-two. That's

  • two counts; on your third count you bring your right arm up, three-elevate, go down.

  • Four and five, left over right. So let's try it again, five, six, seven, eight; one-two,

  • three-four and five. Let's try it again. Five, six, seven, eight; one-two, three-four and

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@The Arts Unit Creative Classes – Scarecrow dancing

@The Arts Unit Creative Classes

Creating dance with a scarecrow stimulus

Student dance resource developed by The Arts Unit

Years 1 and 2 dance and visual arts

What will I learn?

You will:

Welcome to the class

Duration: 00:31

Video full screen - Welcome to the class
Video transcript - Welcome to the class

Before you begin

I hope you have lots of energy today and are ready to discover more about dance!

You'll need:

Watch the students in this dance.

Try and answer these questions:

  • Name 3 shapes they make in this dance.

  • Draw these shapes on a piece of paper.

  • What makes the dancers look like scarecrows?

  • Who were the other characters in the dance?

State Dance Festival 2019 – Scarecrows in the Dark

Duration: 04:25
What happens when the sun sets on the farm? The scarecrows wake and it's time to play. Students from Years 5 and 6 at Bilgola Plateau Public School perform Scarecrows After Dark. Choreographed by Bree Turansky.

Video full screen - State Dance Festival 2019 - Scarecrows in the Dark
Video transcript - State Dance Festival 2019 - Scarecrows in the Dark

2. Dance

Watch this video and dance and sing along to the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song.

Maybe you can teach this dance to others!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

Duration: 01:20

Read the lyrics to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with someone else.

Create some actions for the verse about the dogs.

You might like to make up your own verse!

3. Draw

Can you draw a scarecrow?

Select the scarecrow drawing to learn to draw this scarecrow in a field.

4. Create

Think of 3 different shapes a scarecrow might make.

Can you make your shapes on different levels.

Here are some examples to get you started.

How do you think a scarecrow might move around? Are they strong and hard, or are they floppy and soft?

Watch the video of Dorothy meeting the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz to get some ideas for how to move like a scarecrow.

If I Only Had A Brain - The Wizard of Oz

Duration: 02:42

Now it is your turn to be a scarecrow and create your own scarecrow dance.

Let's start in one of your scarecrow shapes and then make your scarecrow come to life. Perhaps you fall off your scarecrow post!

Dance around your space like a scarecrow. Try to include:

If you are dancing with your class, be sure to be careful and not run into any other scarecrows that are dancing with you!

Try creating some movements with a scarecrow partner. Can you mirror each other?

Perhaps you could dance along to the If I Only Had a Brain music from the video.

Have fun dancing like a scarecrow!

Fantastic work!

You were an amazing scarecrow!

You have completed this

@The Arts Unit Creative Class.

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How the Scarecrow Boys Befriended the Crow — Children's Theater of Elena Evdokimova

The music hall is decorated in autumn. A riot of colors and colors. Magical music. The children enter the room. They are met by Autumn

Autumn. Hello, I am very pleased to meet you.

It's always nice to meet friends.

I am golden autumn.
I came to visit you
I decorated the hall with golden leaves
I beg you guys.
Accept me as a friend.
I will be glad for friendship.
I can't live without her.

Presenter: Today we gathered all the guests together for a reason,
Dances, games, jokes, songs will be in this hall.
We are starting the brightest and most beautiful holiday,
Autumn! Autumn has come to us! The holiday is starting.

Song about autumn. 1


Autumn festival in the forest,

Light and fun!

These are the decorations

Autumn has hung it here!

Each leaf is golden

Little sun

I'll put it in a basket

I'll put it on the bottom!

I take care of the leaves

Autumn continues

I have a long time at home

The holiday does not end!

The wind is playing with the leaves

The leaves are torn off the branches

The yellow leaves are flying

Right under the guys feet!

In the morning we go to the yard

Leaves fall like rain

They rustle under our feet

And fly, fly, fly!

Autumn song -2

A crow suddenly appears .

Vorona Karpovna: Car, car, what are you doing here, sing! Carr, carr! I'll ask everyone to leave. The autumn music hall closes in a minute.

Autumn: Why is it closed? What are you, Vorona Karpovna, croaking here.

Vorona Karpovna: Kar-r! She croaked, yes, judging by the forecast, heavy rain is expected here, turning into snow, and therefore everything here will get wet, and guests, and girls, and boys will get wet. Kar! Get out of the rain before it's too late.

Master . And our children are not afraid of rain!

They sing and have fun in the rain.

Autumn editing 2 (6-7)

Splashed rain from the clouds,
A ray of sunshine smiled…
Since childhood, such rain
We call it “blind”!

We know: not in vain
We are not afraid of rain!
We are going for a walk in the rain,
We are growing under the rain!

Together with us — here and there —
Different flowers grow!
Rain! Rain! Lei! Lei! Lei!
Don't feel sorry for us raindrops!

Wet us all through:
Let's grow up faster, maybe!

The first drops of rain fall on the roofs.

It started to rain harder and then calmer.

Wet all the streets and paths in the garden.

We are not afraid of rain, because we have boots!

And there is also an umbrella, the raincoat does not get wet.

A man is not sugar, he does not melt in the rain!

FUNNY DANCE “WE ARE NOT AFRAID!” everyone is dancing

Vorona Karpovna: Car-r, car-r! Bravo! You danced beautifully, but your concert

is over, it's time for you to hibernate. You can't go outside! puddles, you know what they will be? Wooooo what! (shows with hands).

Presenter: Calm down, Vorona Karpovna, firstly, girls and boys are not squirrels and bunnies, and dads and mothers are not bears, we are not supposed to hibernate in the winter

Autumn: You better look at the colorful leaves! What a beauty!

Crow: L true! Well, why should they? Only fall and fall, all the tracks fall asleep.

Leader. That's not true, the leaves are very beautiful! Here's a look at how you can play with the leaves.

Musical game "Autumn Leaves"

Autumn: You can also read beautiful poems. (7-8 people)

A. Pilatov

If it's autumn, everyone knows,
the leaves are walking in the sky,
The color of the leaves is different:
yellow and red.

G. Klyuchnikova

The leaves are falling, spinning
And they lie at my feet.
I will stretch out my hand
And I will take one piece of paper.

And then another and a third…
They are good, believe me!
Hello from autumn
I will collect in a big bouquet!

D. Gerasimova

The leaves sparkle with bright colors -
The wind blows - they fly around ...0013 They rustle under our feet -
Everyone is talking about autumn soon

T. Pogorelova

I have an autumn bouquet,
Multi-colored and last.
It has a carved maple leaf,
Painted viburnum leaf.

Crow: Oh, how good! Mentally, how. Karrr. You are so kind, good, funny. Do you help everyone out of trouble?

Autumn: Of course!

Crow: Maybe then you can help me too?

Leader. Let's try. But first, tell me what happened?

Crow: I flew over the forest-fields, I didn’t find a single grain anywhere, I harvested the whole crop. And then I saw a large vegetable garden, just wanted to land, as if out of nowhere a miracle Yudo appeared, how it waved its hands at me, something thundered. So I had to leave with nothing. But winter is coming….cold….hungry…

Host. Well, Vorona Karpovna, if you show the way, then we are ready to get acquainted with this "monster".

Crow: But how will you end up in the garden - you don't even have wings!

Autumn: We have our magic leaves! That's where we'll fly!

Flying on magic leaves.

The Scarecrow appears, the children sit down.

Scarecrow: Shoo! Shh! And who are you? Well, shoo!

Presenter: Guys, let's say hello! (children say hello)

Scarecrow: Sorry I didn't notice! Hello dear!

Hello, Sasha, Liza, Sveta and other kids!

Gentlemen, adults, my respect! (bows)

Let me introduce myself - Scarecrow. This is my name. And the surname is Ogorodnoye.

Autumn: Hello, Garden Scarecrow! Are you tending the garden?

Scarecrow: That's right, me! And in general, if it were not for me, in this past hot summer, crows and sparrows ruined the entire garden! And what is there in my garden! (bends fingers. ) No melon, no pineapple, no bananas either! (sobs) You know what hurts me?

It's time to harvest, but no one is in a hurry.

Autumn : Don't Cry Scarecrow! The guys will help.

Outdoor musical game

“We are harvesting!”

Girls pick fruits, boys pick vegetables.

Scarecrow: Well done! Done quickly! Now you can dance!

"Merry dance - game"

Scarecrow: Wait, who is this? (points to the crow).

Autumn: Wait, Scarecrow don't be angry. Look, we have collected the whole garden. And if they left something, then let the birds feast on it.

Birds are our friends!

Scarecrow. So it's a bird?

Crow: I am a bird! Crow Karlovna!

Scarecrow. A I was a scarecrow, surname Ogorodnoye.

Vorona: And I'm just Vorona Karpovna.

Scarecrow. So these guys are your friends ?

Crow: Well, yes ...

Scarecrow. And my ... and a friend of my friend and a friend of mine too. Let's go, Vorona Karpovna, I'll treat you from my garden.

Crow; What about the guys?

Scarecrow: And I will treat the guys too ... (takes out a basket of fruit)
Chew your presents, and we should go and rest.
All gardens have been harvested, until next year!
Do not get sick, be strong,
Both parents and children! (arm in hand with VK)

Autumn: It's a pity to part with you, but it's time to say goodbye.

Now it's Zimushka's turn, and I'll come to you in a year.!

Narrator: Sweet autumn is generous and beautiful.

Let's say Autumn together:

Children: Thank you!

Presenter: And we'll give you a beautiful song as a farewell.

Presenter: What has autumn brought us?

Autumn: What did autumn bring to you?

Children: Ruddy apples, sweet honey,
Multicolored leaves, motley round dance!

Presenter: What has autumn brought us?
Autumn: What did autumn bring to you?

Children: A garden full of various vegetables,
People are happy with juicy fruits
Presenter: What has autumn brought us?
Autumn: What has autumn brought us?

Children: Golden bread for the whole year,
And a glorious transition to the fluffy winter.

Farewell song

Autumn is leaving, children are flying home.

Who is behind the scarecrow mask - the show “Mask. Dances, STS, assumptions, conjectures, versions


  • Scarecrow Performance
  • Hints
  • Assumptions of the jury
  • Viewer Versions

In the fall of 2022, the costume show Mask. Dancing". The release date is October 9th. The numbers of the contestants hiding in costumes were evaluated by Maria Gorban, Sergey Svetlakov, Timur Rodriguez, Klava Koka, Egor Druzhinin. Guesses of the jury and the audience about who dances in the image of the Scarecrow in the show “Mask. Dancing, ”- in the material 24SMI.

Scarecrow's performance

The dancer's performance turned out to be one of the highlights in the program. The hit Dance Monkey by Australian singer Tones and I was chosen for the number.

The choreography of the participant was liked by the audience in the hall. After the performance, the applause did not stop. Svetlakov noted the artistry of the Scarecrow in the show “Mask. Dancing”, which gracefully began the number.

Scarecrow. Photo: frame from the program

Maria Gorban appreciated the artist's ability to keep attention on himself. “ I only looked at him ,” admitted the celebrity.

And Yegor Druzhinin stressed that he could not determine whether the performer was engaged in choreography professionally. But at the same time, Yegor noted that the movements were performed accurately, and the dance steps turned out to be formalized, sharp and with good amplitude.

You are very musical ,” Druzhinin complimented.


Program host Yuri Muzychenko greeted the contestant with the words “What kind of a good miracle has appeared on our stage?”.

The first impression of the hero did not disappoint. Scarecrow in the show "Mask. Dancing ”turned out to be a talkative and cheerful character. The clue revealed that the contestant was between 25 and 30 years old. The life of the project participant is connected with dancing.

The participant admitted that he considers himself the most beautiful monster in sight. So do the crows, who claim that the character is like from the picture. The performer is sure that every summer resident dreams of putting such a garden figure in her beds. It also became known that the dancer's straw mop used to set fashion trends.

Among the character's magical abilities, the ability to scare away troubles stands out. So, it is worth saving the hero until the finale.

In a conversation with the judges, it turned out that the participant in the dance show chose the costume himself, because somewhere inside the performer there was a scarecrow hidden.

An interesting detail surfaced in the conversation: the contestant does not drink alcohol. The hero also has a TikTok account. These clues, the dancer assumes, should narrow down the list of candidates that might be hiding behind the mask.

Read also“Mask. Dances”: conjectures and assumptions about the personality of the Frog

Assumptions of the jury

In the versions of the judges, the name of Nikolai Baskov was mentioned. This conjecture was put forward by Timur Rodriguez.

The next suggestion appeared after Scarecrow's number in the show “Mask. Dancing". Svetlakov remembered Sergei Bezrukov. “ Only such an actor could get off the cross so gracefully,” said the comedian.

Learn more