How to do mother son dance

6 Quick Tips to Mom for a Successful Mother-Son Dance

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Todd Russell

Dear Mother of the Groom,

How proud you are! It seems like only yesterday you were changing his diapers and now look at him, your handsome little boy has become a strong man, who is about to get married. Yes you will always be there for him and yes there is a new woman in his life, but before you give him to his beautiful bride, there is one more tradition you must take care of…the mother-son dance!

Whether you have never danced or been dancing forever, and even if your son has two left feet, here are 6 great tips to help all moms create a fun and memorable mother-son dance.

#1. Choosing the Right Music

This can be very challenging. A lot of times people choose music for the wrong reason. They select what they think others would like or the song they think is appropriate for dancing. This can be a huge mistake! You will be dancing with someone special, so the song should be something special.

If you are tasked with the responsibility of choosing music, select three songs you love, songs that remind you of your relationship. When deciding on songs be sure they represents the personality of your son and you. Ultimately the song you pick should be something you both agree on. Remember, pick the song and the dance will follow, there is a dance you can do to any type of music!


#2. How Long Should the Dance Be?

This is a great question because on the big day all bets are off. It is very likely you will be a sobbing fool all day and more than likely you will not be able to stop the water works for the dance. So, instead of crying out of control for the extended version of “You raise me up” –by Josh Groban, take your song to your DJ, or in some cases your dance instructor, to edit to the appropriate length. The ideal length for any mother son dance should be about 90 seconds to 3 minutes tops. Even though your favorite six-minute song seems like a short amount of time, it can feel like an eternity in front of your friends and family.


#3. What Should I Wear to My Lesson?

Don’t worry you will not need to wear your mother of the groom dress to every lesson. However for practice, what you should do is wear something that will be similar to the attire, in style and length, that you will be wearing on the wedding day, and this includes shoes. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a wardrobe malfunction.


#4. Know Your Dance Floor

It’s good to be prepared for anything! Call the venue to get the dimensions of the floor. This way your dance teacher can prepare you to dance within the set floor. If you have the opportunity, give it a try at the venue so you can get a feel for the floor under your shoes as you dance. Being aware if the floor is tacky or slippery ahead of time is something you wouldn’t want to be surprised with on the day of.


#5. How Do We Make the Dance Look Good?

This is simple. You may not have a clear vision of how the dance should go, but you know how you want to feel and how you don’t want to feel. So whether you want a fully choreographed routine with 3 acts, a fog machine and pyrotechnic highlights at the end or a simple yet heart-felt dance with your son, your dance instructor can help.

Be open and honest with your instructor because whether you are easy going or very particular, they can work to find the perfect outcome for your son and you on his big day.


#6. The Moment You’ve Been Preparing For

For the mother-son dance, most moms are crying. Some cry to the point where they don’t remember the song, don’t remember where to be when the music starts, don’t remember any of their dance training, and most likely don’t remember anything they read in this guide. But if you start learning early and building that dance connection with your son, all will be okay. Even though your mind cannot think clearly, the time you put into training your body will pay off! You and your son are sure to look stunning as you move around the floor.

Remember this moment only happens once, so the most important thing is to have a good time. The mother-son dance will be one of your biggest responsibilities for the day and by using these 6 tips it can be a lot of fun, and more importantly a great memory!


Planning your Mother-Son Dance - Lake Shore Dance Academy

November 25th, 2019

Planning a wedding will be one of the most important days in you and your spouse’s lives.  Not to mention your family’s lives too!  Our families have shaped you as the person you are today, especially our mothers (or motherly figure).  Something I really value in weddings is the time couples take to dedicate to their parents; it is the special moments where a mother and son (or father and daughter) share some time together on the dance floor.   For this particular blog, I am hoping that these 7 suggestions will help create the perfect dance, with just the right amount of fun, between you and your mother. Let’s plan your Mother- Son dance together!




#1 Choosing the right music

You may not know this, but it is very possible your mother has been thinking about this song since you were just a few months old.  My advice would be to give Mom a call and ask her about what she enjoys in music and if any songs are important to her.  This conversation is likely to go in one of two directions: 1) your mother has a few songs already picked out 2) the two of you will need to peruse some playlists.  If you find yourself heading down the second path, here is a playlist I have found extremely helpful when working with mother-son couples. 




#2. Song length 

Keep in mind that your wedding day is about you and your spouse, so the dance between you and your mother should not overshadow the first dance.   I normally recommend for these dances to be in between a minute and a half to three minutes.  Keeping it to this particular length will help create a memorable time for you and you mom. 


#3. Dance Lesson Attire

When coming to dance lessons in Evanston, Northbrook, or Mundelein with you mom, it is important to dress up and have the right shoes!  Wearing the shoes and similar clothing you are planning to wear on your wedding day will pave the pathway to success.  The phrase, Dress for Success, also comes to mind because when dressing up for something it emphasizes the significance of the event.  Plus it will naturally make the dance lessons between you and your mom all that more special!

#4 Start early. 

Here at Lake Shore Dance Academy, we embrace the idea that progress takes practice.  Or in other words, learning how to perform the special dance between you and your mother takes time.  It is best to start your lessons at least 3 to 4 months before the big day.   Starting earlier means a couple important things.  First, it creates more time that you and your mother get to spend together before your new chapter of life.  Second, you won’t feel as rushed or stressed in the last few weeks prior to your wedding day.  

#5 Size matters. 

The floor size, matters of course!  Believe me when I say this because I have heard of couples almost bumping into their guests during the first dance.  Be sure to call your venue to get the dimensions of the floor.  That way, your dance instructor can create the same measurements in the studio.  I would also encourage you to practice your dance at the venue once so that you can get a feel for the floor under your shoes.  Knowing whether the floor is sticky or slippery ahead of time can surely be a stress reliever on the day of.


#6 Making the Dance Look Good 

Leave it to the professionals at Lake Shore Dance Academy in Evanston, Northbrook, or Mundelein!  We love working with mother-son couples!  All we ask is for you to come ready to share some amazing ideas and/or things you’ve found online.   And your instructor will take care of the rest.  As a dance instructor, we aim to help you, the groom, look and feel calm, confident, and in control for your big day. 


#7 Showtime! 

As you create and learn your dance at Lake Shore Dance Academy in Evanston, Northbrook, or Mundelein, Mom may not appear teary-eyed during the lessons, but that will certain change on your wedding day.  On your big day, Mom is going to be quite emotional, so be ready to help her along and have a tissue at hand, especially during the mother-son dance.  With all your hard work it will make for an incredible day for both you and you mom!



As you are off to your dance lessons at with your mom, I hope that you keep these seven tips in mind.  Following these tips can help lead you to the path to a memorable mother-son dance.  We cannot wait to see you Lake Shore Dance Academy in our convenient locations of Evanston, Northbrook, or Mundelein! 







Dance of mother and son at the wedding and mother and daughter: music, video

At any wedding there should be a lot of fun, music and dancing, and some moments of the celebration stand out especially brightly. Along with the first dance of the newlyweds, guests remember the dance of the groom with his mother at the wedding. This is a touching moment, so some prefer to prepare for it rather than let things take their course. The groom needs to discuss with his mother the nuances of their joint dance number, select the music and, if possible, rehearse the movements at least once.

The tradition of doing a number with parents

The role of parents at the wedding of their children is one of the main ones. It was the mother and father who raised and raised the bride and groom, and it was thanks to these people that the newlyweds became who they are. To a certain extent, thanks to the parents, the girl and the boy met and fell in love with each other.

In addition, it is the parents of the newlyweds who, in most cases, help organize the wedding, both financially and with good advice. Dancing with parents is a kind of gratitude for all good things what they did for their children, including for their marriage.

The bride dances with her father, and the groom dances with his mother. This stage is best inserted into the script at the end of the banquet. Some prefer to organize this moment before or immediately after the first dance of the newlyweds. In the first case, after the completion of the dance number, the parents join the hands of their children together, blessing them, and then enjoy the mesmerizing spectacle. In the second case, the bride and groom, completing their performance, walk, holding hands, to their parents, and then take them to the middle of the hall to express gratitude in the process of dancing.

Interesting! Read about how to decorate and make the number brighter and more memorable, as well as what wedding dance to choose for the bride and groom.


The dance performance of the groom with his mother is not inferior to the first dance of the newlyweds or the performance of the bride with her father. This is a touching and crucial moment: the mother releases her son into adulthood, blesses him and wishes well-being in his own formed family. This does not mean a complete break in relations and estrangement, the groom only has more of his worries, he becomes responsible not only for himself, but also for his family.

In the classic version, the dance of mother and son at the wedding is an ordinary slow dance to lyrical music . Waltz or other ballroom compositions are best used for the performance of the newlyweds themselves, as these are more romantic and sensual options.

In addition, mom must have had a lot of trouble during pre-wedding preparations, and the usual slow version with simple movements that do not need to be memorized will allow you to relax and have fun.

The groom, who probably had to prepare for the first dance with the bride, is also very likely to appreciate the performance, in which he does not have to think about where to put his foot in the next moment or how to hold his partner correctly.

Subtleties and nuances of tradition

No one forbids the groom to deviate from the usual version and dance an incendiary and energetic number with his mother. You just need to choose the right music and learn simple movements that best suit it. You can do it yourself, but it will probably take a lot of time to train. It is better to trust an experienced choreographer who will show and tell you how to quickly and easily put on a particular dance number.

Important! It usually takes at least 5 rehearsals to learn the energetic dance of the groom with his mother.

When the participants of the tradition have decided on the concept of their performance, they need to choose music, which then needs to be superimposed with movements that will form the dance of the groom and mother at the wedding. Music should please both the groom and his mother at the same time . In this case, the movements will be harmonious, and the participants will enjoy what they are doing.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • Yuri Amosov - "Parents' House";
  • Harrison Craig - "You Raise Me Up"
  • Takhtakhunov Boris - "Thank you, mom";
  • Irina Dubtsova - "Sleep, my sunshine";
  • Bon Jovi - "Thank you for loving me";
  • Alexey Maklakov - "Mother's eyes";
  • Scorpions - "Maybe i maybe you".

If the choice falls on a foreign song, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its translation. In some cases, the words sound beautiful, but in fact, the song is about things that are not suitable for a dance performance of mother and groom or the whole wedding as a whole.

It is also necessary to think over the clothes and shoes, , which the performers will wear during the performance. It is easier for the groom in this sense - you can stay in a classic suit and shoes, and his mother should think over her outfit. This applies to those cases when an energetic dance is staged, and not a simple slow composition. If preference is given to the classics, then the mother can stay in her main dress without changing clothes.

Important! When choosing a slow dance number, you need to rehearse at least once, and do it in the banquet hall in the same clothes and shoes that will be at the wedding.

Useful video: performance example

The groom and his mother can surprise and delight everyone present with a dance surprise. At first, they dance a classic slow dance to lyrical music, and then it abruptly changes into an energetic composition and dynamic ones come to replace smooth movements.

This is exactly the dance of the groom and mother at the wedding. You can use the video with an example of this option to create your own speech. Of course, all the guests were delighted with the result. It's great that such a wonderful dance of a mother at her son's wedding will keep the video for a long memory for the newlyweds and their parents.

What to do if the parents are not in full force

At the wedding, the bride can express gratitude through dance not only to her father, but also to her mother. The dance of mother and daughter at a wedding can be relevant, especially when the parents are not in full force at the celebration. But even in the presence of both parents, the mother's dance at the daughter's wedding always looks appropriate and is performed very often.

Sometimes the guests present a song as their congratulations, to which the bride can invite her mother to dance.

As in the case of the groom's dance, the composition can be lyrical or incendiary. The bride and her mother can surprise everyone present at the wedding with well-coordinated energetic movements or bring tears to the touching slow performance. How to choose the dance of the bride with her mother at the wedding depends on many nuances: on the outfits of the hero of the occasion and her mother, on their personal preferences, as well as on the direction of the performance of the newlyweds themselves.

Interesting! Read also how to choose the right music and dance style for a bride and dad performance.

Additional tips

For parents, the wedding of their children is extremely important, almost more than for the newlyweds themselves. A mother wants the best for her son and tries to help in any way she can. To please her and express your gratitude, you should not abandon the tradition of dancing with her at the wedding. In this case, the following nuances must be taken into account.

  1. You need to choose the dance number itself and the music for it in accordance with the character of the mother. Some prefer lyrical and touching moments, others do not want to burst into tears once again. Therefore, you should not persuade your mother to an incendiary performance if such a prospect does not please her.
  2. Mom shouldn't feel awkward, so don't try to learn difficult moves if they don't work out. In this case, it is better to give preference to the classic slow version - this will save mom from possible stress.
  3. When choosing a song, you can consider any symbolic compositions that accompanied important moments in the life of the groom and his mother.
  4. The performance can be supplemented with a slide show with joint photographs of the groom and his mother.
  5. After completing the dance number, the groom can give his mother a bouquet of flowers.

Every woman feels loved and beautiful in the dance, so don't give up an extra way to remind your mother of your feelings and gratitude. This moment will be remembered by all those present at the wedding as tender and touching, it will perfectly fit into any concept of the celebration.

we select a song for the dance of the groom and his mother

Any wedding ceremony is happiness, joy, a whirlwind of dances and movements. If you think about it, then the dance itself at the marriage ceremony comes from the very beginning. Even in the registry office, young and young dancers perform a beautiful number in front of future spouses.

At the banquet you can perform the dance of the son and mother, little is known about it. Only a small number of grooms decide on such a performance. In fact, with the help of such a number, you can please your mother, the closest person, please your wife and touch the guests.

How to choose the music for the groom's dance with his mother?

Before the celebration itself, the groom should discuss with his mother their joint performance, in what form it will take place. Women, as a rule, do not like surprises of this kind. Therefore, they will enjoy the opportunity to discuss every detail.


One of the defining moments in such a performance will be the choice of the musical composition itself. It entirely depends on a number of factors. The idea itself is paramount.

Dance at the wedding of the groom and mother.

In general, a wedding planner can offer several interesting options. According to the first of them, the mother dances a slow and lyrical dance with the groom.

This is the simplest option, since it does not contain a deep thought in itself. In order to convey it in the most accurate way, it is worth choosing a more original plot.

It may be the following interpretation of events - the mother is dancing with her son, at the same time the bride is dancing with the father.

At some point, the parents of the bride and groom step into the background and join the hands of the bride and groom. After that, they stand a little apart and watch their children spin around in a beautiful dance performance.

This option is considered deeply symbolic. It turns out that parents lead their children through life, then at a certain moment each of them takes a step back and lets the grown-up people go into independent life, but each, if necessary, will always be not on the sidelines, but very close and nearby.

Surprisingly, it is the dance of mother and son at the wedding that can be considered the most sensual and sentimental. As a rule, the dance with the bride is rehearsed in advance.

All movements are clearly calibrated in it. Young people have to think about how not to forget which way to step.

It can be very tiring. Therefore, you can rest and relax in plenty only in the hands of your parent, with whom you don’t have to think about anything.

This gives once again the opportunity to simply look your loved one in the eye and say thank you for all that he has done for you.

  1. Lyrical music - the simplest slow dance of mother and son for a wedding can be easily performed to a lot of touching melodies.
    You need to choose the one that suits your taste. The Russian melody with characteristic words sounds especially impressive. They do not necessarily focus on the wedding. Emphasis should rather be placed on the relationship between parents and children.
  2. Waltz is a lyrical melody whose movements are known to absolutely everyone.
    You can perform a simple waltz by doing only simple steps with squares and circling around yourself.
  3. Incendiary melody - there are no strict rules regarding the performance of the son's dance with his mother.
    If you have a warm and trusting relationship with your mother, and both of you are not from the category of modest people, then performing an incendiary number will be a worthy alternative to the classic slow dance. Guests may be surprised by this turn of events. But do not catch frightened glances. Such a performance should be enjoyed first of all by you and your mother.

TOP-10 best dance songs

Modern musical rhythms are not always suitable for people of more mature age. Therefore, when choosing compositions, one should be guided by general taste preferences. If you try, you can certainly find those songs that are liked by both young and more mature people.

  1. Yuri Amosov - "Parents' house".
  2. Irina Dubtsova - “Sleep, my sunshine.
  3. Scorpions - "Maybe i maybe you".
  4. Karimov Rinat - "Thank you mom."
  5. Marseille - Hello Mom.
  6. Alexey Maklakov - "Mother's eyes".
  7. Karen - "Mom".
  8. "About mom".
  9. Tatyana Nesterova - I bless.
  10. Zhenya Topol - "My son".

Most of these songs are slow and sentimental. Therefore, a calm waltz or a lyrical dance of the bride and mother is ideal for them.

TOP-10 instrumental melodies

Instrumental melodies enjoy special attention and preference at celebrations, as they are distinguished by lyricism and touching. It is enough to listen to only one song to feel it to the end. And if you also look at the accompanying dance, you can be completely moved to tears.

  1. Stas Mikhailov - "Who created you like this."
  2. Violin - "Love Story".
  3. Fausto Papetti – Abrazame
  4. Dave Koz
  5. Candy Dulfer – Wish You Were Here
  6. Heal the World – Michael Jackson
  7. Joe Satriani - Heartbeats
  8. Julian Sas – Blues For J
  9. Benny Golson - Autumn Leaves
  10. Dexter Gordon - Cry Me A River

In the event that the groom decides to choose a foreign musical composition, then he urgently needs to familiarize himself with the translation and read the text carefully. It is necessary to choose a text that will be appropriate for the situation with the dance. Of course, it is immediately worth rejecting the options about broken love and heart, a difficult fate.