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A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

YouTube is a game changing platform for the dance industry. Top dancers who were once nameless faces behind major music acts are now some of the world's biggest influencers thanks to social video platforms (most especially YouTube because of it's massive global reach and active music streaming audience).

At DanceOn, we are always tracking and collaborating with the dance influencers doing it best. Some of the names have been on the list for several years; others are relative newcomers. All are crushing the YouTube game scoring millions of views on average videos and tapping into a vast fanbase of dancers and non-dancers from around the world.


Nika is not only a top 10 dance influencers on YouTube, she's also the official Slovenian Ambassador of Dance! Originally from Slovenia, she now resides in Los Angeles and is known for her incredible classes in a variety of dance styles.

Her top video has over 18mm views: 

Check out Nika crushing it in her DanceOn Class to Sia's Move Your Body: 

And this video set to Enrique Iglesias' El Bano:


A long time top 10 influencer, Tricia is one of the most in-demand choreographers of this generation. Her #1 video to the tune of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" has nearly 60MM video views:

And if you haven't seen her version of "The Water Dance", you are missing out!

Check out Tricia's DanceOn Class to Taylor Swift's Ready for it?


French choreographer Yanis Marshall took the world by surprise as the man who danced (really really well) in heels... 

He may have stolen your heart in one of these early viral videos…

This amazing Spice Girls mashup:

Or this Beyonce medley:

Check out the NYC DanceOn Class taught by Yanis:

Get to know more about what inspired him to dance in heels:

And just for fun, check out Yanis as the tough-to-please casting director in this super fun Too Faced brand video: 


Will Adams aka WilldaBeast is one of the most sought after teachers in Los Angeles. Often working in partnership with his long time partner Janelle Ginestra, this pair has created some of our all time favorite viral vids.

Check out some of their epic dance classes here:

Will and Janelle dance together in Tyce Diorio's Artist Request video: 


Originally from small town Indiana, Caleb Marshall aka the Fitness Marshall is YouTube's most in-demand Dance Fitness Star.

Some of our favorite routines that will make you want to dance until you sweat:

Did you know DanceOn launched a reality series starring the Fitness Marshall, Life of a Fitness Pop Star!? Check out the trailer! 

And of course, Fitness Marshall got his very own DanceOn Class in LA: 


Nicole Kirkland has had quite a year. A long time YouTuber, 2018 brought her significant viewership and subscriber growth. Known for heels as well as hip hop, Nicole is a powerhouse choreographer who draws top digital personalities to her class.  

We love seeing Tessa Brooks get down in this Kirkland class: 

Check out Nicole Kirkland’s DanceOn Class:


One of the best influencers at creating both dance-centric and lifestyle content on her channel, Dytto is currently the top female dancer on YouTube. 

Fall in love with her style here:

Ditto’s rendition of Barbie Girl is a must-see:


Known for winning Season 1 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and for their long running live shows in Vegas and Los Angeles, the Jabbawockeez can't help but win on every platform. 

Check out their top performing video filmed at the NBA's finals 2017 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA:

Throw back to one of the most amazing dance collabs of all time created in partnership with Coca-Cola to raise money and awareness for RED. This video features the Jabbawockeez, Les Twins, Harry Shum Jr, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Jasmine Meakin aka Megajam and more! 


Leveraging his 3. 3MM subscribers, Kyle created the #2 video ON ALL OF YOUTUBE in 2017!!!! Check it out here: 

Check out one of our early collaborations with Kyle. This concept video stars a young Larsen Thompson and features Charli XCX's new track Boom Clap: 


Matt Steffanina reigns above all with over 13MM subscribers across 4 YouTube channels. His style is Hip Hop, and he's known for teaching and mentoring some of the most incredible young talent in the biz. His #1 video has over 70mm views: 

Check out Matt’s rendition of the beloved party track Watch Me Whip Nae Nae:

Matt has been a part of a variety of DanceOn original programs. Check out his choreography for our original series Boy Squad:

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

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These 3 Talented Dancers Turned Into Viral Sensations—And Movie Stars—Overnight



“I was a little late to the party,” says Mette Towley of social media. “But I owe a lot of the success I’ve had in the last six months to the viral dance world.”

Last fall, the 26-year-old Minnesota native was catapulted into the spotlight when she starred in the music video for N.E.R.D.’s infectious single “Lemon.” In the video, she had her head shaved by Rihanna to transformative effect, and introduced the world to a solo dance routine that would soon become a global sensation. The accompanying #LemonDanceChallenge hashtag invited social media users all over the world to reimagine the high-energy routine, originally choreographed by JaQuel Knight (the mastermind behind Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance), as their own. From celebrities, like Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake, to young kids recording live from their living rooms, dancers across the age and success spectrum got in on the action. “The video hashtag really asked people to participate and come up with their own dance, not just be passive observers,” she says. But prior to “Lemon,” Towley, who has toured with Pharrell since 2014, rarely posted on social media. “I didn’t understand that it’s not just about being seen, but being a part of a community that wouldn’t have been possible with this platform. It enriches the industry and, in a lot of ways, has made me fall back in love with dance.”

As is the case for most artists following the launches of YouTube in 2005 and Instagram in 2010, social media became increasingly fruitful for dancers, not just for exposure and prospective jobs, but also for chronicling their journeys along the way. “When you look back at these dancers who’ve been uploading [for] a couple years now, you can see the progress of their training and performance,” says Towley. “It’s really cool to scroll back and see where people were.” And for many, it’s not just about where you’re going, but the more humble beginnings you came from, spreading a sense of pride and community with each post.

One of the most famous examples of this is Miami-born, Atlanta-bred Dytto aka “breakdancing Barbie.” At 19 years old, the teenager, who started taking dance classes at 12, began uploading videos captured from inside a basement dance studio that was built by her dad. With her waist-grazing mane of dark curls and ice-blue gaze, she slowly and steadily started gaining recognition for her signature tutting (emphasized by her mile-long talons), animation, and popping styles. But it wasn’t until a video of her performing her signature “Barbie Dance” at the 2016 World of Dance competition went viral that her following skyrocketed. Now based in L.A., she has amassed over two million subscribers on YouTube and three and a half million followers on Instagram, as well as made multiple appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show flexing her popping and locking moves. “There was a time in the industry you couldn’t get in without knowing someone, having the right manager, or living in the right city,” she explains. “Now it’s a DIY industry. If you can’t get an audition, you just create your own short film and post it on YouTube.”

Photo: Courtesy of David-Simon Dayan

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For Brooklyn-based dancer and Major Lazer choreographer Mela Murder, the Internet, which most recently helped her parlay her career into acting with her breakout role in The Florida Project, has always been an effective space. A proud, self-taught member of the vogueing community, the 27-year-old’s first viral dance video found her spinning, dipping, sashaying down the streets of Manhattan amid the flashing red lights of a fire truck. “People went crazy over it,” she says. “I got recognized by one of my favorite vogue idols of all time, Dashaun Wesley, and gagged!” But while dancing will always be her first love, Murder’s life—and subsequently her online presence—has been completely transformed by motherhood and her 1-year-old daughter Amethyst. Throughout her pregnancy, Murder posted striking visuals of her robust, tattoo-covered physique and growing stomach on Instagram, from a portrait of her in a headstand to a video of her vogueing in an empty park garage at eight months pregnant. One of her biggest with-child power plays was collaborating with Chromat to choreograph their Spring 2017 show, with Murder, clad in a bikini with bondage-style straps, opening the show and death dropping at the end of the runway to mic-drop effect. “Pregnant woman are too often underestimated for what we are capable of doing physically,” she explains. “Dance allowed me to break the stigmas of pregnancy and motherhood.” A true force to be reckoned with, Murder continues to push the boundaries on social media with her new #LetsTalk initiative, which seeks to support the emotional and mental health of single mothers. From showcasing her self-expression through movement, to empowering her to launch her own community-minded enterprise, the platform continues to help transform her life. “I’m grateful for the people all over the world I’m able to reach and connect with on a daily basis,” she says. “I’ve been blessed with incredible supporters that have been following my journey for years.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dytto

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Needless to say, the dance community continues to thrive on its newfound democracy. From thrusting a rising star into the limelight overnight to adopting new audiences, the possibilities of this new landscape are bright and boundless. “As long as it’s a catalyst for people to become more interested in movement and start moving themselves, it’s always going to be positive,” says Towley. So too agrees Dytto: “It doesn’t matter whether someone is trained professionally or not, you just want see someone innovate. It’s like anything else, it’s meant to evolve.”

Video by Bardia Zeinali.

Ditto in Pokémon GO - How to find and catch Ditto in 2022

Where to find Shiny Ditto

Ditto is a regular type Pokémon from the Kanto region that can transform into many other Pokémon, and Pokemon GO is no exception . Since its inception, several special quests have been released, requiring to find Ditto . Therefore, many trainers are stuck on the Catch a Ditto quest, as the purple Pokémon's elusiveness makes it difficult to complete. This guide contains small life hacks that will help catch Ditto with minimal effort.

In addition, the most successful players will be able to find its radiant form:


Shaini ditto


ditto in Pokemon GO - November 2022

The list of Pokemon is located, which are necessary catch to find Ditto in 2022 :

Ekans – Ekans ✨

Gastly – Gastly ✨

How to catch Ditto?

Ditto can only be found disguised as another Pokémon. The list of Pokemon under the guise of which he can hide is not large and they are all listed in this article above. Therefore, catch them constantly and do not pass by.

For example, if this Pokémon is disguised as Gulpin on the map, it will appear and act exactly like Gulpin. The only way to know if it's really Ditto is to catch it. If it turns out to be Ditto, there will be an animation that reveals it when captured:

  • How to find Ditto

  • Pokémon Ditto

Visually no difference is visible and it is not clear who is who until the Pokémon from the list is caught. However, if a Pokémon that is usually an easy target is difficult to catch, then there's a good chance it's the elusive guy. This is because the Ditto has a lower catch rate.

You can also ask other trainers to help. The Pokémon disguised as Ditto is the same for all players. Therefore, if someone catches this rare Pokémon, then another trainer will also be able to get it:

  • Ditto

  • Where to find Ditto Video review of the meeting with Ditto and his capture.

    Video guide from 2021-03-22

    Shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO - video review

    Video guide from 2021-07-13

    How to find Ditto - video guide

    Ditto in Pokemon GO and how to find it

    How to get Pokemon Ditto. Video clip of the meeting with Ditto.

    Video review from 2020-05-14

    A small life hack. This Pokemon is not very good in combat. It transforms into other Pokémon and copies their powerful attacks, basic stats, and types, however, it cannot copy their health points. Therefore, he is very wadded in battle. Also, don't put him against another Ditto in a tower fight. This fight will take a long time.

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    Travel the world of Pokémon GO in safety.

    Dancer enters "Barbie Girl" and performs a robot dance that has 15 million views on YouTube

    Jan 04, 2020 by apost team

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    The World of Dance is an American reality television show that has grown in popularity over the years. The show, produced by Jennifer Lopez, brought together talented dancers who want to make it in Hollywood. Among these dancers is the beautiful Ditto with curly hair and blue eyes, who recently appeared in a video that has garnered a lot of views on the Internet.

    Ditto was born in Miami, Florida and raised as Courtney Nicole Kelly. As a child and teenager, she was involved in gymnastics, as evidenced by the page with her biography. It was this discipline that helped her find her dance form and reach her current level. Her popularity grew along with the variety of dance performances.

    The audience squeals with delight when Ditto's name is announced, and she takes the stage and calmly does her job.

    During a performance in 2015, Ditto performed one of the most unique dances ever. Selecting the catchy tune "Barbie Girl", she poetically danced her robotic moves in a particularly eye-catching artistic manner. Her movements echoed the opinion of society about Barbie and demonstrated the incredible dexterity of the girl.

    The robot's movements were shown to be easy and effortless, and she had perfect control over her body.

    At the end of the performance, the presenter and her friends brought balloons and a birthday cake to the stage.

    Learn more