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Pokemon Brick Bronze(REWRITTEN) - Chapter 24-The Final Showdown - Page 2


"Oh no-"

"Now, Decidueye, use Brave Bird!" Cypress orders. Decidueye flies up, up to a height where diving down would deal serious damage. It then folds its wings back, shooting down at an angle right at Cinderace.

I did have something to counteract this. "Cinderace, use Overheat!" Thank god I had that TM. Cinderace raised her paws and managed to burn Decidueye before Brave Bird hit her and unlatched her from Spirit Shackle. Decidueye flapped its wings to get itself in the air again.

"Steel Wing!"

As Decidueye dove down again, I had Cinderace use Pyro Ball right at it.

"Eat this, Decidueye! Pyro Ball!" Cinderace then kicks that overpowered flaming pebble at one of its wings, damaging it so bad that Decidueye loses trajectory and is sent crashing into the ground. It gets up, but struggles to do so due to a second supereffective attack.

"Spirit Shackle!"

Thankfully, the wing Cinderace put out of commission was the one used as a bow, so when Decidueye tried to prepare the bow and arrow, it couldn't and instead lowered its left wing in pain.

"Damn...that means almost all my attacks are hindered...then use Sucker Punch!"

"Dodge using Flame Charge!"

Decidueye is interestingly slower on ground than it is in the air. Cinderace was able to dodge Decidueye's punch with a little bit of Flame Charge. I then tell her to flank it and use Flame Charge. Cypress, however, tells Decidueye to block it with its good wing using Steel Wing.

And grab her too. By the foot.

Too bad, looks like it's going down to Overheat. Decidueye did as told, and while Flame Charge did do a lot of damage, Decidueye still held firm. I then tell Cinderace to use Overheat, which is virtually undodgeable at this close of a range. Decidueye faints as well, and fairly quickly too. Cypress returns Decidueye and sends out Incineroar.

Incineroar gives me Mega Houndoom flashbacks. I return Cinderace and send out Absol, Mega Evolving it almost immediately. Cypress smirks for whatever reason.

"Use Darkest Lariat!"

"Dodge using Aerial Ace!"

Absol flew up just as Incineroar whizzed past, spinning past me and falling down the lift.


"Use Flare Blitz!"

Incineroar springs up, arms outstretched and one leg propped in a ballet leap position.

I gotta say, that terrified me.

"Absol, prepare to use Detect..." I mutter, but Absol still heard me. Flames dance over Incineroar and suddenly I'm so glad Cypress doesn't use Z-Moves...

Incineroar lands on the ground and speeds towards Absol, letting her pinpoint her enemy.

When Incineroar jumped up again, I yelled, "Now use Megahorn to block it!"

Absol's horn glowed, just in time for Incineroar to hit her with fire. Cypress smirks again.

"Now...Cross Chop."

A Fighting-type move. He's using supereffective moves against me. Good call.

Incineroar hits Absol directly, throwing her out of the air and onto the ground. The result was many rocks falling out of place, so I had Absol buck them at Incineroar. The latter managed to dodge all of them, but it got distracted as a result and didn't see that Absol had disappeared.

Pokémon Shuffle Pokemon Brick Bronze Deoxys Walkthrough, assam, lottery, table Of Contents, evolution png

Pokémon Shuffle Pokemon Brick Bronze Deoxys Walkthrough, assam, lottery, table Of Contents, evolution png

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Gyms Battles Help Center - Pokémon GO

Gyms Overview

Gyms are locations scattered around the world. Here are battles with Pokémon of opposing teams. Trainers from opposing teams fight for control of the Gyms. Each Gym is protected by up to six Pokémon. Attackers can bring up to six of their Pokémon to fight defenders. In case of victory, Gim goes to the attacking team.

Pokémon's chances of winning largely depend on hit points (HP) and combat strength (BP). HP is a measure of a Pokémon's health, and BP is its attack power. Pokemon with high BS and HP not only have powerful attacks, but are also able to withstand the blows of opponents.

Every Pokémon in a Gym has a specific motivation, a measure of desire to protect that place. Trainers from offensive teams fight to demotivate defensive Pokémon. Over time (and also due to defeats in battles with attacking trainers), Pokémon gradually lose motivation. As a Pokémon loses motivation, its BS also decreases, making it weaker in combat. When a Pokémon's motivation reaches zero, it will leave the Gym and return to its Trainer as soon as it loses a fight.

The job of Trainers whose team controls the Gym is to keep the defender Pokémon motivated. To do this, you need to give them treats. If the Gym belongs to the opposing team, you need to deplete the motivation of the defender Pokémon, after which the Gym will pass under the control of your team.

Gym Battles

A Gym controlled by the opposing team can be captured by defeating all defender Pokémon. With each defeat, the Defender Pokémon loses motivation. When a Pokémon's motivation reaches zero, it will leave the Gym and return to its Trainer as soon as it loses a fight. Once all Defender Pokémon have left the Gym, it can be captured.

As for Gyms with more powerful Pokémon, you'll have to work with other trainers to defeat them. Gym can be attacked by several trainers at the same time. Coaches from two different teams can even join forces to defeat the Gym of a third team.

Defender Pokémon are fought in the order they were assigned to the Gym. The Pokémon that is designated as the protector before everyone else will fight first.


To start the battle, you need to approach the Gym, which is under the control of the opposing team, and touch it to enter inside. To select a Pokemon for battle, you need to click on the button combat . You can field up to six Pokémon.

As a rule, Pokémon with high BS and HP are a great help in the battles for Gyms. Certain types of moves and Pokémon are more effective against other Pokémon. Water-type Pokémon (like Vaporeon) deal more damage to Fire-type Pokémon (like Arcanine).

To help you pick a strong group to fight with, the game will automatically recommend six Pokémon from the collection based on the strengths and weaknesses of the Defender Pokémon. You can change the Pokémon in the group or use one of the pre-assembled groups. After gathering the group, you can go to storm the Gym - to do this, you need to press the button TO BATTLE .

Moves and Attacks

You can perform one of three different actions in combat.

Quick Attack

Touch anywhere on the screen to perform a quick attack. Fast attacks charge the powerful attack bar.

Powerful Attack

As soon as the powerful attack gauge is full, its button will become active. To perform a powerful attack, you need to press this button. Powerful attacks do a lot of damage.


Swipe left or right on the screen to dodge enemy attacks.

If an opponent's HP drops to zero, the opponent is knocked unconscious and you win the round. After each round won, you can either move on to the next round or end the battle.

If all six of your Pokémon pass out, you will lose the battle. To heal an unconscious Pokemon, you need to use Revive, and potions will help restore lost health. If you lose the battle, don't be discouraged. You can always try again!

Capture an empty Gym for your team

Empty Gyms are available for coaches of any team. If you see an empty Gym on the map, approach it and assign a Pokémon to capture it for your team.

Teams can assign up to six Pokémon to protect a Gym, but only one can be assigned per Trainer - so you'll need the help of your teammates to protect the Gym. You cannot assign two Pokémon of the same type to protect the Gym. For example, if Gym is protecting Pikachu, no other Pikachu can be assigned.

Capturing an empty Gym

  1. Approach the gray Gym.
  2. Touch the Gym to enter it.
  3. Press the button to add Pokémon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose a Pokémon to defend the Gym. A Pokémon will not return to your collection until its motivation drops to zero, so choose wisely!

When a Pokémon goes to defend the Gym, it will change color from gray to your team's color. A Pokémon only defends a Gym if it's happy, so remember to keep your Pokémon motivated with treats.

Friendly Gym Pokémon Treats

Gyms that have your team color are controlled by your teammates and are known as friendly Gyms. A friendly Gym's defenses can be strengthened by giving the defending Pokémon Berries. This will increase their motivation and make it harder for rival teams to capture the Gym.

Berries can be given to any Defender Pokém in a friendly Gym. Pokémon can be given any type of berry: Golden Razz Berries, regular Razz Berries, Nanab Berries, and Pineapp Berries. All berries restore the same amount of motivation, with the exception of golden Razz Berries, which restore it completely. In addition to buffing a friendly Gym's Pokémon, feeding berries will give you extra experience and stardust.

How to give a Pokémon a Berry

  1. Visit a Gym controlled by your team. His Defender Pokémon have a motivation bar.
  2. Click on the Pokémon you want to give a berry to.
  3. Click on the berry you want to feed to the Pokémon. With each berry eaten, the Defender Pokémon's motivation will increase.

How to give a Pokémon a berry without entering the Gym

You can treat your Defender Pokémon with berries without even being in the Gym, although the effectiveness of the berries decreases with distance.

  1. In map mode, press the main menu button .
  2. Press button Pokemon .
  3. Find and touch the Gym-assigned Pokémon.
  4. Press the button Go to Gym to give the Pokémon a berry.

Tip: You can check your Protector Pokémon's Motivation Bar at any time by viewing your Gym Badge.

Other features Gimov

Raids: When a Gym is invaded by a Boss Pokémon, you can participate in a Raid to defeat this powerful Pokémon.

Gym Badges: Trainers earn Gym Badges by fighting in the Gym, defending the Gym for a certain amount of time, and feeding the Defender Pokémon.

Collect Items: Spinning the photo disc in the Gym can get pokeballs, potions, and other items.

Season of Light - Pokémon GO

Welcome to Season of Light

Sep 1 2022, 10:00 - 1 Dec. 2022 10:00 am

What are Seasons?

In Pokémon GO, Seasons are periods of time that feature new events, Pokémon debuts, and surprises that all follow a certain theme.

As the Seasons change, you may also find different Pokémon appearing in your area and hatching from Eggs. Make sure to explore during each in-game Season to collect and train as many different Pokémon as you can! You'll also enjoy special bonuses as you do.

You never know what new surprises you'll find during a new Pokémon GO Season. Why not check out what the latest one has to offer?

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Season of Light Special Quest

Available from Thursday, September 1, 10:00 AM to Thursday, December 1, 2022, 9:59 AM Local Time check out the quest tab!

Season of Light Special Quest

Available from Thursday, September 1, 10:00 AM to Thursday, December 1, 2022, 9:59 AM Local Time !

Sep 1

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Avatar themed items

Don't miss out on the new Cosmog-inspired avatar items coming to the in-game store very soon!

Themed Stickers

Seasonal stickers will be available for purchase in the shop and can also be obtained by spinning PokéStops and opening gifts.

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