How should i wear my hair for a dance

4 Adorable Quick Up-Dos to Stay Ready for a Great Dance Practice

Dance Class Hairstyles | 4 Adorable Quick Up-Dos to Stay Ready for a Great Dance Practice

The beauty of the art of dance is the ability to express yourself! Whether you’re finishing a move on stage during a competition or practicing in class… your main focus should be on performing to the very best of your ability and not what that one stray hair in your eye is doing. 

At Dansations, we want our dancers to excel in every way possible, part of that is making sure we prevent all of the mishaps we can. As a dancer, your hair should be pulled back, out of your face, and most importantly represent you! Don’t worry, just because your hair has to be up doesn’t mean it can’t still look pretty, there are endless choices.  Here are 4 quick adorable hairstyles that will have your hair looking cute, and allowing you to have a great practice!


The Classic Ballet Bun 

This style is very common because it’s simple, classy, and always looks good in any dance number, but it’s simplicity does not mean it is easy to do. There are a couple of different ways to make a dance bun, with a sock or donut, but we think the original way is best. 

Here’s How!

-Start by bringing the hair into a high ponytail. Brush the hair back completely flat, with no flyaways (a teasing comb helps with this), and then use gel or hairspray to make sure it all stays in place. 

-Twist the ponytail into a coil and wrap it in a circle flat to the head. Then tuck the end of the coil into the dance bun. 

– Use a few bobby pins around the bun to hold it in place, but make sure it stays flat. 

-Wrap a thin hair net around the bun a couple of times and then load the dance bun with bobby pins. You don’t want a strand to move during a performance or dance class. 

-Finish with hairspray, and more hairspray. 

Check Out This Pinterest Board for More Inspiration


An Elevated Ballet Bun 

-This time start by french braiding a section of hair from the top of the head and bring it back to the middle of the head, where a high ponytail would start. 

-Smooth down the rest of the hair and again make a high pony with the braid pulled into it. 

-Make your dance bun the same way as before. 

-This dance hair style is very simple, so it can be manipulated slightly and look completely different for another class or dance number. Try changing where you put the braid, add accessories to the bun, or wrap a braid around it instead of ending it in the ponytail. 


In Dance, a Ponytail is Not Just a Ponytail.

– Decide where your pony is going. It could be up high, down low, or to either side. 

-Always brush it back and lay down fly aways. Use hairspray and hair gel to keep them down. If it’s for dance class use a little, if it’s for a dance recital use a lot. 

-Again your ponytail can be completely different with one simple change. 

-Add two french braids to the top of the head or two on the bottom. Add two regular braids, one on each side. Curl the pony tail. Use a dutch braid wrapping around the head to make a crown. Put gems into the braids, but nothing that will fall off in a dance recital. Wrap a piece of hair, or braid, around the ponytail. Braid the ponytail or just a piece of it. 


A Braided Dance Bun with a Twist

Start by sectioning off a piece of hair near the part, on the side of the head. Dutch braid the piece all the way around, to the other side, keeping it flush to the back of the neck. Tie that braid off. 

-Section another piece in the back of the head close to the middle. Take the hair from right above the last braid and make sure some of it will show outside of the dance bun. Braid that piece all the way down and tie it off if it helps you. 

– Twist the two braids together and wrap them flat like you did with the ballet bun. 

– Take the elastics off, if you used them, and tuck in the ends. 

-Bobby pin all the way around and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray. This dance bun is looser because of the braids and has a higher chance of falling out or becoming unsecured. Use more bobby pins than you think or get some that are specifically designed to hold hair for dance. 

Look Good = Feel Good, Feel Good = Dance Good

We want our dancers to wear their hair up for safety of themselves as well as others, but we want them to style it to brush away the competition. At Dansations we love all of our dancers and want to see what you can do with your dance hair. We offer dance classes for kids of WNY ages 18 months up to 18 year! We are truly a family here at Dansations and we love adding new members to the family. If you or someone you know wants to join our dance family you can sign up for Summer enrollment starting March 15!

How to Style Your Hair for a Dance Competition

The dance floor is very demanding. Including women's hairstyles. This demand applies both to the rules of dance competitions, and the ability to show your image in detail. Moreover, agree, a suitable and comfortable hairstyle is very important for the quality of your dance and performance.

Certainly, there are different requirements for costumes and hairstyles for different styles of dance. For example, ballroom dancing competition rules require the strictest possible hair in the form of slicked-back hair. Dance competition hairstyles can be formal or casual and can be styled in many different ways. For a formal dance competition hairstyle, a dancer should make sure her hair is neat and tidy. The top section of the head should be pulled back from the face with either a clip or elastic band. For an informal dance competition hairstyle, any style that doesn't damage the hair will do such as braids.

Nevertheless, in this article, you will find a variety of ideas and examples of many different hairstyles. Here are some suggestions on hairstyles that will work well with your hair and costumes. Many of these can be done in a hurry, so don't worry about spending a lot of time on them.

Twisted Bun

The bun is a classic dance hairstyle, which is suitable for ballet classes and for other styles of dance. Let's see how you can diversify this hairstyle for dance competitions and classes.

This is a pretty and easy updo that looks great for many different dance styles. But when it comes to ballroom dance competitions this hairstyle is the most popular there. No wonder - it's easy to do, and it looks more beautiful and original than a usual bun.

Pull the hair into a ponytail. Choose your own height of ponytail. Separate the hair into three parts. Lightly gel each strand to make it easier to twist. Then slowly twist it around itself. The more you twist the strand, the less voluminous the bun will be. Then you can twist the strand around the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. Do the same with the rest of the strands. The more pins the better! It is hard to be very specific here since everyone's hair is different. But it's important that the bun holds very firmly during the dance!

Pass the Ponytail

You'll need hairspray, a comb, an elastic band, and a couple of minutes for this procedure. This style works well with most kinds of costumes and performances, including jazz, ballroom (if your hair is not too long and thick), contemporary, disco, and so on.

Separate all of your hair into a high ponytail and a lock of hair at the base of the ponytail. Pull the hair back to make a single ponytail in the middle of your head. Secure with an elastic. Separate one of the locks and wrap it around the elastic securing the ponytail. Secure it with a bobby pin. This will cover up your hairband and give a more finished look to your hairstyle.


This hairstyle is cute and easy to do! You'll need hairspray, a comb, an elastic band, and one minute for this style. Pull all of your hair back into a ponytail. Brush it very well till it is completely smooth and free of knots and tangles. Then put the hair up in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Slightly tease the hair Spritz the teased part with hairspray to set it.

Naturally, hardly such a comb is suitable for the ballet stage or ballroom competition. However, for less conservative dance routines, a comb and voluminous ponytail will look just fine!

Important! Older dancers are allowed more freedom in terms of hairstyles. Styles for young ballroom dancers should be as simple and elegant as possible.

French Twist

The French twist is a classic hairstyle that is perfect for any dance competition. It is a very simple style to do, and it will make you look very elegant.

To do the French twist, start by gathering all of your hair into a high ponytail. Then, take the ponytail and twist it around itself until it forms a tight coil. Secure the coil with a hairpin. Then, take the remaining hair and wrap it around the coil until it is completely covered. Secure with additional hairpins.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are small, twisted, decorative hairstyles that can be created on natural hair. They are named after the Bantu people of Africa, who are known for their elaborate and creative hairstyles. Bantu knots can be created on any type of natural hair, including curly and kinky hair. They are a great way to add texture and volume to your hair, and they can be worn in a variety of styles.

Separate all of your hair into two symmetrical parts. Then separate your hair into more parts depending on how many Bantu knots you want to twist. Take a strand from the first section and twist it into a rod shape by rolling the hair around your finger. Secure the tip of the Bantu knot with a bobby pin. Do this to all of your hair in each section. This is a cool hairstyle idea for hip-hop, breakdance, or other street dance styles. You can also braid Bantu knots if you are a disco dancer. Well, why not!

Low Chignon

A low chignon hairstyle is a bun style where the hair is gathered low on the back of the head. This style is often used for formal occasions because it is both elegant and formal. This hairstyle is also often used for dance competitions because it stays in place and does not move around a lot. This is important because when you are dancing, you do not want your hair to be in your face or flying around.

To do a low chignon hairstyle, start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail. Next, twist the hair around the ponytail holder to form a bun. Tuck any loose hair underneath the bun and secure it with pins. Finally, spray the hairstyle with hairspray to hold it in place.

Dutch Braid

A dutch braid is a type of braid that is formed by crossing the middle section of hair over the top section and then crossing the left section of hair over the newly-formed middle section. The right section of hair is then brought over the new left section. This process is repeated until the braid is completed. As the dutch braid is elegant and stylish, it stays in place well, it is a popular hairstyle for dance competitions.

Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid hairstyle is a type of braid that is created by crossing two sections of hair over each other and then weaving them together. The braid starts as a normal french braid and once you reach the end, you flip it upside down and weave the two sections together.

A fishtail braid hairstyle is often used for a casual look, but can also be styled into a more formal hairdo. You can make your fishtail braid as long or short as you want, but it's usually worn halfway down your back. This hairstyle is fairly easy to do on yourself, but it can be difficult to get the hang of at first.

The fishtail braid is a versatile style that can be worn for many occasions, including dance competitions. It's a good option because it's not too formal or too casual, and it can be styled in many different ways. You can make your fishtail braid as tight or loose as you want, and you can add accessories to make it look more special. If you're looking for a dance competition hairstyle that is easy to do and looks good on everyone, the fishtail braid is a great choice.

Small Curls

A striking choice for the competition is the hairstyle with goffer curls. It creates the illusion of a beautiful wave in the style. The size of the curls and their density depends on the choice of tool attachment. Hairstyles with crimped curls look chic and make the dancers stand out from the crowd.

Mixed Hairstyles

Final Words

There are many different types of dance hairstyles that can be worn during competitions or classes. Some of the most popular hairstyles include the twisted bun and the pass the ponytail. These hairstyles are easy to do and they stay in place, but you can style them differently if you want your dance hairstyle to be more unique. Another great option is the Bantu knot. For a formal look, try a low chignon or fishtail braid; both styles look elegant and will stay in place. You can also style your hair into an updo if you want to keep it away from your face and neck, but you still want to look stylish. If you're looking for a new dance hairstyle that is special and easy to do, try one of the hairstyles above!

One of the biggest benefits of taking aerial fitness is that it's fun for all involved. While adults may take pole dance as a form of serious exercise or performance art, kids are generally just interested in having fun. Aerial classes allow them to play with gravity and their own strength in a fun and exciting way that they can feel great about.

Aerial arts is a relatively new art form, and many studios are still learning what works best for children. It's important to speak with the instructor before enrolling your child in any classes to make sure that their level of fitness will be appropriate, you will both understand the goals for the class and how to accomplish them, and that you can communicate any issues or problems. If your child is already incredibly physically fit, the instructor may be able to provide more challenging options for them so they don't get bored and lose interest.

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Hairstyle for ballroom dancing

A special code of hairstyles has been developed for dancers, which must be followed not only by women, but also by men.
The hairstyle must match the shape of the face, dance program, costumes, individual style of the couple and at the same time be original, bright and memorable. And everything else - reliable to last the entire program.

The appearance of the couple on the floor is very important. Often it is a spectacular hairstyle that helps to distinguish a partner from the crowd. Therefore, most women use bright and fashionable elements in classic styling: rhinestones, sequins, feathers, flowers.

But the smallest participants are not allowed to wear stones and feathers in their hair.

This rule applies to categories below Junior-2.

The most popular children's hairstyle for ballroom dancing is an ordinary bun: the hair is lifted up and tied into a neat ponytail. The tail is combed, cleaned in a hair net, fixed with hairpins or invisible and fixed with varnish.

This hairstyle will suit the European and Latin American programs.

Shape of the face
The hairstyle should bring the face closer to its ideal shape - an oval.
A shell is suitable for a round face, and a straight or side parting and long bangs for a triangular face.

Style of the couple and partner's dress
If the competition dress is bright in color, then the hairstyle should be restrained. And if the dress is of gentle tones, a more complex and elegant hairstyle will do.

The proportions of the couple
A big difference in the height of the partners can be compensated by a high bun on the head of the partner. And if the partners are of the same height, then it is better to refuse high hairstyles.

Partner's and lady's head measurements
Simple math: the size of the partner's head together with the hairstyle should not be larger than the partner's head, otherwise the couple will look unbalanced at the dancesport tournament. That's it!

European Ballroom Dance Program Women's Hairstyle

The European Ballroom Dance Program Hairstyle is elegant, strict and restrained.

Long hair partners are lifted up, either braided or laid in the form of a French shell or bun so that a beautiful neckline is visible.

Short hair of the partner is volumized by backcombing or curling with a curling iron and styled. The ball hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Men's haircut for the European program

Men's haircuts in the Italian style with short sides and nape look best in the standard. This allows the partner to look stronger and more confident. The back of the head is cut higher to visually extend the line of the spine, emphasize the long neck and smooth support lines.

Women's Latin Hairstyle

Women's Latina Hairstyle is bright and seductive.

Partners with long hair prefer to tie it in a ponytail or pigtail. This hairstyle looks best on straight hair. But they also need to be trimmed and combed well just before the tournament the day before the tournament. Next, the hair is licked with gel and varnished with a wet sheen.

If you prefer haircut , then the hair should be well washed, have a bright and uniform color. Before going out on the parquet, it is enough to spray your hair a little with varnish - so that they do not stick together.

Men's hairstyle for the Latin American program

can also be neat, and therefore it will take some time for laying.

Men's hair styling

Cut your hair, wash your hair, evenly apply strong hold foam. With a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle, lift and style the hair roots, starting from the back of the head. The back of the head is back, the lower part of the temple is back, the upper part is from top to bottom. Parting is done either in the center or on the side. The classic side parting starts from the middle of the eye and goes to the top of the head.

Varnish can also be used. First, spray your hair with it, then style your hair with a sparse comb and hairdryer.

Fill the finished hairstyle with hair gloss from a distance of 30-40 cm. Repeat the operation several times. When the hairstyle is ready, you can not touch it with your hands, otherwise it will not shine.

Women's competition hairstyle

Divide hair into sections.
Treat them with gel or wax for smoothness and manageability.
Lift the strands at the top and tie into a neat ponytail.
Comb the tail and style it in a bun, shell, or any variation thereof.
Fix the tail with strong hold hairspray and dry with a hair dryer.
Twist the remaining strands with tongs and style with curls, securing with hairpins, bobby pins and hairpins.
Fix the finished hairstyle with varnish and dry with a hair dryer. Wet gloss can be used.
Competitive hairstyle is decorated with feathers, ribbons and rhinestones.
Rhinestones are glued to the finished hairstyle with eyelash glue or special hair glue. You need to glue rhinestones only at the very end, otherwise they will stop shining.
Often, to add extra volume to a ball hairstyle, bun overlays, artificial strands or chignons are used.
If you are using hairpiece make sure it is light enough.

Decide on which side the hairstyle will be done. Separate the bangs.
Pull all hair away from the seam.
Pin up with invisible pins vertically so that all the hair is on one side. Comb your hair. Transfer them to the right side, tuck the ends inward and pin them vertically with hairpins. At the top, wrap the ends with a “snail”.
Style your bangs in a beautiful wave. Fill the hair with varnish and decorate it with rhinestones.

P braid
Easy and quick hairstyle. We make a perfectly even parting. We collect the tail at the bottom of the head. The height is such that the future bundle or bun does not cover the neck of the partner.
We gel the hair near the parting and up to the tail (if the girl is a brunette) or simply comb it smoothly and fill it with varnish (if the girl is a blonde).
Combing the tail. Further, our actions are divided depending on what hair the partner has: long or short.
L long hair : put the tail in the form of a bun, fix it with hairpins. From above we put on a mesh in the color of the partner's hair.
K short hair : make the bouffant stronger, remove all the hair under the net and fix it with hairpins, giving the desired shape to the bun.
Just before entering the parquet, we fill the hair with hair gloss.
If there is no shine, freshen with varnish.

What you need to make a competition hairstyle

  • Varnish
  • Gel
  • Double-ended comb
  • Hair dryer (1600-1800 W)
  • Elastic band (strong but elastic)
  • Large and small studs (or invisible)
  • Hair net
  • Hairpieces or extensions (if you use them)
  • Decoration stones
  • Stone glue
  • Time: a complex competitive hairstyle takes from 1. 5 to 2.5 hours.

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2021 Ballroom dance hairstyles for boys


  1. How to make a boy's ballroom dance hairstyle?
  2. What should be the ball hairstyle: basic requirements
  3. Which haircuts are suitable?
  4. Boys' ballroom hairstyles can be easily done at home with some preparation: combs of different sizes, flat tools, wider teeth and more, and a brushing comb.

    When clipping correctly, you only need to lay the strands to the right or left, lightly applying a fixing agent.

    Styling products should be used carefully, little by little, because the baby's skin is still very delicate, sensitive to chemical components. If the curls are more than 2-3 cm long, varnish or mousse will fix the hair well, allowing them to look neat, no matter how fast and moving the dance numbers are.

    • Hair can be styled by combing it from the forehead to the crown, dividing it with a parting line (in the middle or with a shift to the side), combing the bangs, and if it is missing, combing the front curls.
    • If the hair is unevenly elongated, for example, short on the side, longer on the crown, the best effect is to comb it up, fixing it in this position.

    Hairstyles for ball boys are styled differently, depending on which number the child performs.

    Latin American rhythms of samba, jive, paso doble, rumba, cha-cha-cha are popular now. Haircuts for these numbers are made in soft lush proportions. There is no clear occipital line in them, some waviness is allowed.

    A similar oblong nape is laid with a small curl upwards. Graceful hair adds height to the owners of a long neck. Other teenagers should refrain from long curls and a collar, avoiding a visual shortening of the neck.

    The best option is to create your own unique personal image.

    For reference! In the European program (waltz, foxtrot, tango), the Italians create a short haircut and a clear straight silhouette on the head. The areas of the temples and the back of the head are shaved almost to zero. Further, the elongation increases, a high straight line is formed up the head to the occipital region. It turns out an organic, expressive silhouette.

    Appropriately designed hair is also an opportunity to level the difference in the growth of a boy and a girl. When he is about the same level with his partner or a little lower, styling his hair, they are slightly lifted, combed, and the girl's are laid low. But when a girl is very small, her strands are laid high, licking the guy's curls.

    What are the secrets of covering hair to keep it strong before entering the floor and during the performance?

    Choose your fixing varnish carefully. This is the main way to stay strong. Apply sparingly, spraying from a distance of about 30 cm from the hair. Also apply the gel in moderation. It makes the strands heavier, but if sprayed in advance, the hair may lose its shape by the time it comes out.

    Guys in dance performances, as a rule, are forbidden to create overly creative dance haircuts (mohawk, gavroche, bob). The rationale is correct, since such an appearance is inappropriate for the nature of the performed number.

    Be sure to use mousse. The tool lifts the roots, settling them in the right direction, stiffens the structure of the curl, keeping the desired shape longer. But how to style them with a hair dryer?

    Get a high power hair dryer with a fine nozzle. By choosing a nozzle wider, it is more difficult to arrange a point settlement, you can only dry the curls. Wash your hair first. Then apply mousse to the roots of the entire elongation. Settle the strands from the back of the head, starting to lift, direct the roots.

    Then work on the ends of the hair for the finishing touches. The curls are lifted, pointwise directing the hair dryer to the roots, passing along the curls with the comb up.

    What a ball hairstyle should look like: basic requirements

    • Speaking professionally, in the sports genre, first of all, comfort is important. The hair should not interfere with sharp turns, long active movements during different numbers.
    • They must look nice with the rest of the image, brightly decorating, complementing it. Emphasize the advantages of appearance, make “sins” as unsightly and hidden as possible.

    For reference! The requirements of the IDSF (International Dance Sport Federation) state that children and young men of different ages are recommended to cut their hair short for ballroom dancing. Long hair is allowed to be worn provided that it is gathered in a ponytail.

    Strand resistance is important. No matter how long the performances last, for any period of time the hair is obliged to maintain an ideal look.

    The distinct sheen of the finish gives it a luxurious feel. This is done with the help of bryolin, which, in addition to radiance, perfectly fixes the haircut. Strictness, clarity of lines must be observed.

    How to make a ballroom dance boy's hair more voluminous with medium curls, read below:

    • Apply a hold foam to clean curls. Wash your hair with shampoo only, no conditioner.
    • Blow dry with a high power hair dryer with a narrow nozzle. Now you can play with the volume of the hair, choosing the side of the styling.
    • Create a parting. It can be performed from the middle of the right or left eyebrow up to the top of the head. A double brush will help you recreate the variation, making the parting even, while maintaining the splendor of the hair.
    • If you have bangs, decorate it with a cornice by combing it from bottom to top. Comb slightly to the side.
    • Model the strands with the wet gel. Spread it over your head with your hands. It will not affect volume.
    • Fix your masterpiece with lacquer to keep it beautifully long and secure.

    When creating hair suitable for performances, take care of a properly styled haircut. Overgrown, unevenly cut strands will complicate the creation of an elegant look.

    Start designing only on clean curls.

    Which haircuts are suitable?

    Stylists who style the hair of a famous dancer do not give specific names for ballroom dance haircuts. Explaining this by the fact that an individual approach is extremely important here. Therefore, it is advised to explain to your hairdresser in detail what kind of haircut you want for ballroom dancing.

    Be sure to tell us how the hairstyle will be styled and what effect you want to achieve after styling, so that you get exactly what your dancer needs and likes.

    The most difficult thing is styling

    Making a beautiful hairstyle for going out on the parquet is not an easy task, which includes several important steps. But first, it is worth getting acquainted with some secrets.

    A dancer's arsenal should include mousses, varnishes, super-strong fixation gels.

    • Lacquer has the highest fixing value. Therefore, his choice must be approached carefully. When using varnish, remember: do not regret, but do not overdo it.
    • Do not overdo it with gel , as it weighs down the hair and by the beginning of the performance your hair may simply fall off.
    • Mousse is a must, it will allow you to lift the roots and lay them in the right direction. Its use will make the hair stiffer, and they will hold the desired shape longer.


    For styling, you need a powerful hair dryer with a fine nozzle. If you choose a wide nozzle, then it will be very difficult to do spot styling, with such a nozzle you usually just dry your hair.

    Before styling, be sure to wash your hair, apply to the roots and along the entire length of the hair mousse.

    Start styling your hair from the back of your head. The roots of the hair in styling are of paramount importance, so they are first laid - lifted and directed. But the ends of the hair play the role of additional strokes that complete the overall picture.

    To lift the hair, point the hair dryer towards the roots, using the comb to lift the hair up.

    Beautiful parting

    Parting is the second step. Traditionally, it runs a little to the side, it is considered a classic to part from the middle of the eyebrow (left or right as desired) to the top of the head. To make a parting, you can use a double brush, it allows you to put the hair in the right direction.

    You can fix the result with a hair dryer, directing it to the roots.

    When parting, pull the hair at the bottom of the temples back, and style the hair from top to bottom at the top. In the parietal zone, the hair is laid back, with the exception of the bangs. Her stylists recommend laying from the bottom to the top and directing it slightly to the side, so that a cornice is obtained.

    Although you can always experiment and find what suits your boy best.

    Hair styling

    The first stage is over, it's time to give the desired shape. For these purposes, we use a gel (quite a bit), which we distribute along the entire length of the curls - from the bangs to the back of the head.

    The final stage of modeling is fixing with varnish. At this stage, in addition to varnish, a comb with rare teeth and a hair dryer will be required.

    First, spray the roots on the back of the head with varnish and leave. We model parting and whiskey. We sprinkle the latter with varnish and lightly smooth it with a comb, directing the hair back. After we fix them with varnish, and dry them with a hairdryer (at minimum power) in the direction of laying.

    Parting and bangs are also sprayed with varnish, laid with a comb and finally fixed with varnish.

    The back of the head is modeled last - sprayed with varnish, combed, fixed. The final stage is fixing the entire hairstyle and blow-drying. It should be such a crispy crust.

    Shine is an important element

    A dancer's hairstyle must shine! Fortunately, styling products manufacturers today offer a variety of products for hair shine. But they must be used wisely so that the hair shines, and does not seem greasy.

    Here are some professional tricks:

    1. Glitter is sprinkled from above.
    2. It must be sprayed from a long distance - from 30-40 centimeters.
    3. Be careful not to get your hair directly under the shine.
    4. The only condition to keep the shine of the hairstyle for the entire duration of the performance is that after using it, in no case should you touch your hair.

    Base for creating hairstyles

    • Based on the above, it is clear that the basis for styling is precisely the boy's original haircut, which must be beaten in one way or another.
    • If girls can endlessly fantasize and create various hairstyles on long hair, then guys, as a rule, are more limited in their choice, but the requirements for them will be somewhat different.
    • For a boy, before doing a haircut for sports dances, you must first take care of the quality of the haircut.
    • Overgrown curls and fuzzy lines will be enemies in creating a beautiful masculine image, giving an untidy effect. Therefore, the young man must definitely cut his hair before an important event.
    • Before styling, make sure your hair is clean and well-groomed - this is a good start to work on the image.

    If the hairstyle is done at home, then you need to prepare in advance and purchase all the tools to create it.

    And ideally, you should also do trial hairstyles in advance in order to fill your hand, decide on the styling method and not fuss, wasting time on the day of an important event.

    Combs of different calibers can be useful in creating styling for ballroom dancing - these can be flat, of different frequency, and brushing combs, with which you can add volume and give curls the necessary direction and a slight curl, and others.

    By experimenting in advance, you can more specifically determine the necessary accessories.

    Styling products are a very important detail for creating looks.

    Moreover, if in ballroom hairstyles for girls and girls, the presence of hair-fixing agents should be made as invisible as possible (because otherwise the image of a girl may become overweight and age-related because of this), then boys do not have such a requirement.

    Of course, the hairstyle of a young man must be fresh and neat, but often a special glamor is given to boyish ballroom hairstyles with the help of special products that give shine and a special brioline effect or the effect of wet strands.

    So, in order to be able to experiment with this, you need to purchase special gels, varnishes or mousses in advance.

    The boy's hairstyle, unlike women's styling, in which something can be masked or hidden in a mass of voluminous curls, is all in sight and the slightest elements and shortcomings are clearly visible in it.

    Therefore, it is very important to do everything as carefully as possible, and the fixing means must be reliable and strong. Just for such cases, gels and varnishes with super strong fixation are suitable.

    Boys' Ballroom Dance Program

    European Program

    Depending on the dancer's program, different hair styles for boys can be recommended. So, the European ballroom dancing program assumes that the partner will wear an Italian haircut, in which the back of the head and temples are cut very short, and not very, but lush hair remains on top.

    Why do dancers choose this Italian minimalism?

    This haircut gives a masculine and serious look to the boy. But, more importantly, this way of cutting will emphasize the line of the back of the head, and this, in turn, will allow you to achieve a beautiful, even dance line - from the feet to the crown.

    Latin program

    But for the Latin ballroom dance program, a high back of the head is not so important, there are much less requirements for dance lines. Therefore, when creating hairstyles for such dances for boys, you can cut off a low and even elongated nape.

    The main thing is that the hairstyle does not visually shorten the neck. You can lay a long back of the head with a kind of curl up.

    How to make a boy's hairstyle - step by step

    Making a hairstyle for a guy seems to be simple, but at the same time difficult. If the haircut is done correctly, then you just need to lay the hair in the direction in which it is necessary, fix it and the hairstyle is ready.

    But if the length of the hair is slightly longer, then it will be difficult to style the hair, here you need to think about how to do it right.

    Perhaps the easiest styling option is to comb all the hair back and fix it very well with varnish. The hairstyle can be made smooth, with a uniform wave over the entire surface. The effect of wet hair is also quite popular.

    Here are some tips to help you create more volume.

    1. Apply a strong hold foam to clean hair. In this case, the hair needs to be washed only with shampoo, the conditioner does not need to be used.
    2. Hair is dried with a powerful hair dryer with a narrow nozzle. As a result, the hair can be given volume and styled in the direction you want.
    3. The next step is to create the parting. Parting should be done from the middle of the eyebrow, going to the crown. For this parting option, you must use a double brush. Such a brush will easily make an even parting and will not remove the resulting volume.
    4. If the boy has a bang, then it should be done in the form of a cornice. The bangs need to be combed from the bottom and up. But at the same time, the whole comb should go a little to one side.
    5. The final stage is hair modeling. In this case, wet gel will help. It must be distributed over the surface of the hair with the help of hands, while the created volume will not disappear.
    6. Lacquer is the finishing touch. With it, the hair is fixed, so it can retain its beauty for a long time.
    7. Hairstyle for ballroom dancing can be done by yourself and at home. Hairstyle for a girl is also not difficult to do on your own. The tips above will help you get the perfect look.

    Examples of ballroom dance hairstyles for boys

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