How much to rent dance studio space

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dance Studio


Dance Studios on Peerspace cost on average between $30 — $55 per hour.

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Hoping to rent one, but first want to know: how much does it cost to rent a dance studio? Dance studios are some of the most versatile spaces you can rent. Yes, you can hold a dance class or performance within its wall. But you can also rehearse a play, choreograph a music video, have a meditation workshop, and so much more. The possibilities can go on for the length of this article!

Whatever you need a dance studio space for, renting one is easy and very affordable. Here on Peerspace, we’ll answer the question “how much does it cost to rent a dance studio?” Also, we’ll detail what to look for when browsing for your ideal dance studio rental. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to book unique spaces like dance studios in cities across the globe.

So without further ado, here’s what you need to know about renting a dance studio and how much it will cost you.

Why rent a dance studio?

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As we mentioned, there are tons of reasons why renting a dance studio can be beneficial to you. We’ll discuss the most common reasons next.


The first reason to rent a dance studio is that it will help you elevate your professionalism. If you are looking to start a business as a dance/yoga instructor, for a class, or for private lessons, having a professional space to host your clients will strengthen your business. Not to mention, you will feel good about creating your ideal work environment.

The same goes for rehearsing for a performance or even hosting the performance in a dance studio. It can all come together if you have the right space.


This brings us to our second reason why you should rent a dance studio: the literal space. It is advised when starting your own dance studio that you have 100 square feet for every person dancing in the studio. It differs from a fitness studio only because dance takes up more space to spread and move around.

Dance studios come in a variety of sizes and are free of obstructions such as furniture, pillars, or pedestrian traffic.

Also, consider the type of personal space your clients will prefer. A dance studio guarantees you privacy for your dance crew to make mistakes, try again, and be as vulnerable in expressing whatever art you please.


And finally, a dance studio comes with the necessary equipment you might need to lead a successful class, rehearsal, or performance.

Wall mirrors are an essential part of any dance studio and should be included in any place where you are practicing your moves. If you’re an instructor, it helps keep an eye on students that might be struggling, and if you are part of a dance troop, it helps keep each other in sync.

Another essential part of a dance studio is the flooring, hardwood, and perfect for fluid movements. Only dance studios can provide those two elements perfectly. Some studios might have ballet barres, yoga equipment, aerial equipment, a stellar sound system, or even lighting equipment to help get you as close to the final performance as possible.

These wow-worthy dance photoshoot ideas can help you and your brand stand out from the crowd!

How to rent a dance studio

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Finding your ideal dance studio rental doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, Peerspace has made it very easy. With thousands of options to choose from in a major city near you, Peerspace allows you to filter your results by your location, the type of event you are hosting, and yes, even by price range. You can use keywords to specify what you want such as “yoga studio” or “mirrors.”

Refine your search by adjusting for your budget and the number of people who will be occupying the dance studio. Keep in mind, the bigger the dance space, the more it will cost to rent. It all just depends on your dancing needs. You can choose from multiple types of spaces that might get you thinking outside the box such as daylight photography studios, art galleries, performance halls, or gyms.

When browsing for your dance studio, take a look at what amenities are offered and what might need to be an additional charge. Most Peerspace dance studios have you covered on speakers, projectors, seating, and WiFi. You can easily see what the spaces offer on each venue’s listing page, which will also include photos of the venue, reviews from past renters, and upfront pricing.

However, if anything is missing from the venue you can always reach out to your venue’s friendly local host. They strive to make your experience in their venues perfect and can help you add anything else you might need to your dance studio rental.

Types of dance studios on Peerspace

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With so many options available to you, it’s essential to go off of the atmosphere you want to create. The type of dance studio you choose can set a zen atmosphere for a yoga class or meditation. It can be a grand and ornate space for your dance crew’s big entrance. Or even a quirky and versatile space for improvising new choreography.

Whatever your ideal atmosphere is, it’s possible on Peerspace.

Here are a few of the different types of dance studios you can find on Peerspace:
  • A sleek and industrial dance studio in Houston, TX with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, multiple restrooms and showers, and space for 80
  • An eclectic dance space in Minneapolis, MN for up to 75 people and where creativity can strike at any second
  • A brightly lit, urban dance studio near San Diego, CA with a sound system and professional lighting for up to 30 guests.
  • A multi-functional studio in Las Vegas, NV with muliple break-out spaces and neat add-ons for up to 30 people
  • A historical venue in Nashville, TN for up to 300 people with high ceilings and a stage perfect for the final performance
  • An affordable Midtown dance studio in New York City with room for 10 guests with chairs, tables, yoga mats, and speakers

As you can see, you can easily find a dance studio in your city that meets your needs when using Peerspace! Ahead, we take a closer look at how much it costs to rent a dance studio.

Check out these epic dance party ideas for your next gathering!

How much does it cost to rent a dance studio

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Dance studio rentals charge by the hour, so once you know how much time you require from the space you can determine the total cost. When you book a dance studio on Peerspace, there are no hidden charges or membership fees. Prices are clearly stated on the venue’s listing page, so you never have to wonder what you will be charged.

However, on average, the cost to rent a dance studio ranges from $25 to $150 per hour. Let’s take the studios we mentioned above and compare their prices to illustrate the range of spaces you can discover on Peerspace.

For example, the urban dance studio in El Cajon, CA charges $50 an hour and only requires a minimum of one hour to book. It’s also popular with the Peerspace community, judging by its user reviews!

Here is what a choreographer shared after renting it: “This studio is so clean and Cyrus is super efficient with his communication. Very detailed making it a smooth transition each time I’ve rented.”

On the higher end of the price scale is the historical venue In Nashville. It costs $200 an hour with a two-hour booking minimum, bringing the total to at least $400.

However, this is another space that Peerspace users seem happy to pay for. Check out this review: “Cherylann was an AWESOME host and the place worked well for our video shoot. The best part of this location is the natural light coming in and the unique characteristic of the walls that looked really cool as a backdrop for our talent.”

How much does it cost to rent a dance studio: conclusion

Source: Peerspace

We hope this article has helped answer the question: how much does it cost to rent a dance studio? On Peerspace, you can find dance studios at a range of prices, with unique features, styles, and services.

With all this in mind on your dance studio search, don’t forget that you can reach out to the Peerspace host for any additional questions about a specific venue. It’s the safe, no-surprises way to book a professional dance studio perfect for your needs. Happy browsing!

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10 Best Dance Studios For Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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How dance studios work on Peerspace

Peerspace is the easiest way to book unique spaces for meetings, events, film, and photo shoots.

The most locations

Every day we uncover new, creative spaces — from neighborhood galleries to hidden rooftops, and beyond.

Honest pricing

Our spaces are priced to fit your budget. Pay by the hour without worrying about hidden fees.

Smooth bookings

No more messy contracts. We build the tools to make booking a space as easy as the click of a button.

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Explore all of our dance studios in Los Angeles.See All ›


24/7 open West LA - Studio for DANCE I Fitness I YOGA I Workshops I Rehearsals I Photoshoots I

Palms, Los Angeles, CA•


...Remotely controlled Dance Studio & Creative Space in Los Angeles. No Front Desk. Accessible 24/7 You will have entire large - almost 1000 Sq Ft place all for your private needs at your convenience. Enjoy using highest quality of specially designed dance floor. You can have your...



Large Open Space

Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA•


. ..The space is ideal for multiple purposes, it is primarily a dance studio with mirrors, ballet bars, and a marley floor. However, we have had all types of rentals from photography shoots, wedding line dance practice, movie rehearsals, acting classes, and group meetings. The space...




North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA•


...ORIGINAL ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP. the 5TH element is KNOWLEDGE! THE 5ITH ELEMENT - A SPACE TO CREATE & APPRECIATE. this renovated garage dance studio was created to give a space for people to express themselves, exchange ideas, and hone their craft in a focused environment. the...



Private, Bright Photo/Video And Rehearsal Space With Great Source Of Natural Light!

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA•


. ..The studio’s natural light and beautiful design makes this is a great space for rehearsals, weekly classes, photo and video shoots, private events, corporate gatherings, and birthday parties. * Waiting room is separated by a curtain that can be open to create more dance space...



Big and Beautiful Natural Light Studio

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA•


...This an amazing space for Photography, Dance, yoga or any other group class. Its an open wide space with mirrors across one side of the studio. The space is conveniently located right on Burbank Blvd with available street parking and an enormous, free lot less...



Mullti-purpose studio space and venue located in the Hollywood Media District

Melrose, Los Angeles, CA•


...Additional studios are pictured in our listing and available as add-ons to an event. Front Studio: Look & Feel is a Dance Studio. 500 sq ft Front small room: Look & Feel is a photo room. 130 sq ft Medium studio: functions as a green room/crew...



Venice Dance Studio and Meeting/Workshop Space

Venice, Los Angeles, CA•


...sqft of dance studio space with sprung wood floor. Great for >dance, martial arts, yoga, movement workshops, birthday parties. Lobby area, newly renovated bathroom, water fountain. Great for meetings, children’s classes/activities Free parking in front and back of building In the heart of Venice...



Hollywood Dance Studio

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA•


...large windows that let in ample natural light. Please note the Ballet Barres are no longer available. Though designed as a dance studio - this room can accommodate meetings, rehearsals, classes, and more. You get access to the room when you book the room and you...



Large Naturally 24-hour Lit Multi-purpose Studio

Downtown Los Angeles, CA•


...Meeting | Discussion Group | Work Interview | Off-Site Meeting | Sales Meeting | Classroom | Coaching | Collaboration | Focus Group | Orientation | Presentation | Seminar | Workshop | Personal Branding | Dance Studio ETC. *Please read the RULES section thoroughly - For more information about the studio, please do not hesitate to reach us =) AMENITIES...


Frequently Asked Questions

How popular are dance studios in Los Angeles?

Our local hosts have welcomed 332852+ people into their dance studios with reviews averaging 4.92 stars. Most even said they would book again -- about 99%.

How long do people rent dance studios in Los Angeles?

Most dance studios are scheduled for 5 hours, with 26 people in attendance. You’ll find the most Dance Studios starting between {avg_start_time_start} and {avg_start_time_end}.

How much does a dance studio cost to rent in Los Angeles?

Dance studios in Los Angeles average $106 per hour to rent, but it’s easy to spend less or more depending on what you’re looking for.

Jennifer B.

Creative workspace loft

spacious. The owner, Tomer, was very helpful with all my needs at the studio. There are beautiful art pieces created by Tomspacious. The owner, Tomer, was very helpful with all my needs at the studio. There are beautiful art pieces created by Tomer throughout the space, adding to the ambience. The floor ended up working great for dance as well. It was a very successful shoot and I would highly recommend...

Victor D.

Hollywood Dance Studio

The Dance Studio was great, it was enough room for all of the cast, wonderful host I need some extra chairs no questThe Dance Studio was great, it was enough room for all of the cast, wonderful host I need some extra chairs no questions asked just given I would return. ..

Oliver E.

The 719 Studio | New Multi-Set/Modern Dreamscape w/Circle and Archway Cutouts/Natural Light DTLA/Christmas Set

This space is extremely unique & beautifully crafted. The design is gorgeous & gives a huge variety in the looks you can achieve. This space is extremely unique & beautifully crafted. The design is gorgeous & gives a huge variety in the looks you can achieve. I did a dance shoot with 2 ballerinas & the space looks great in photos & in videos. There’s massive windows that lets the light just pour in. The set...

Denise H.

Private, Bright Photo/Video And Rehearsal Space With Great Source Of Natural Light!

Beautiful dance studioBeautiful dance studio

Jiyeon K.

Beautiful Dance Space in the Heart of West Hollywood.

Sam is such a kind host. The studio was just as expected, good enough for 6 of our group to practice dance. (Of courSam is such a kind host. The studio was just as expected, good enough for 6 of our group to practice dance. (Of course the space can accommodate more than 6 people) The location is great too...

Levi K.

The Billy Studio | Colorful Retro Sets + Cyc Wall | All Inclusive!

time back and second time back for a reason! We needed to find a space to shoot an intro/outro video for our dance showcasetime back and second time back for a reason! We needed to find a space to shoot an intro/outro video for our dance showcase and The Billy Studio had the perfect sets and set pieces to shoot in! It was very clean and Smac greeted us at the door welcoming...

Danielle L.

Studio 3 & 4 in DTLA

two performances of our first full album, and a team of dancers brought the story of the album to life through movement. The massitwo performances of our first full album, and a team of dancers brought the story of the album to life through movement. The massive dance studio was gorgeous and perfectly suited our needs. Linda was prompt, thorough, and accommodating in her communication. I do not recommend using the lighting designer...

Tracy L.

Large Naturally 24 hour Lit Multi-purpose Studio

The studio is nice and clean! Eli is also very generous and responsive for all our questions. The dance cover shootiThe studio is nice and clean! Eli is also very generous and responsive for all our questions. The dance cover shooting went very well and we are glad that we found out such a great location...

Julene M.

Studio 3 & 4 in DTLA

The dance studio worked out great for our video shoot. It is very convenient to load in from the alley. The space isThe dance studio worked out great for our video shoot. It is very convenient to load in from the alley. The space is nice and clean. Linda was great to work with. She had plenty of tables and chairs that we were able to use. There were no problems and...

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Video Studio

Where to rent a dance hall in studios in Nizhny Novgorod? Addresses, phone numbers and prices

Hall rental - prices and reviews. Comparative table of schools and dance studios in Nizhny Novgorod, where you can rent a dance hall.




Show map

The portal contains information about where you can rent a dance hall in Nizhny Novgorod: addresses and phone numbers of dance schools and dance studios, prices for the most popular destinations, student reviews . For greater convenience in using the portal and searching for a dance school, we suggest using a convenient filter by districts and metro stations. Visual tables will help you compare the cost of classes and trainings in different dance studios in the city, choosing the best option for the price.

Find a dance hall that meets your needs and the needs of dancers, often quite difficult. Of all the variety only a small part of the proposed halls for classes really corresponds requirements of teachers and students. Therefore, starting the search for a suitable training places, it is worth considering some important points.

Proper rental of the dance hall. What to look for when choosing?

First of all, you need to know what a dance hall is. It may seem that this is just a rented room with mirrors. However, this only a small part of what is included in this concept. The dance hall is the place in which people have to join something high. They receive positive emotions, reaching inexpressible euphoria due to rhythmic movements.

Choosing and renting a dance hall is not easy. It must be a meaningful process that takes into account many basic requirements. These include the following items:

  • Since the dance hall and loud music often inseparable, its sound should not interfere with living or working people in the neighborhood. For this reason, it is better to prefer non-residential premises in area with excellent transport accessibility.
  • Physical activity during exercise leads to increased sweating, oxygen around is burned faster. Therefore, the hall should have windows or a good ventilation system that allows effectively ventilate the room.
  • It is better to give preference to a room with ceilings over three meters high. Depending on quantity people involved in the group and the type of dance will depend on the calculation of the optimal area.
  • Optional, but desirable interior design for the intended occupations. For classic styles calm shades are more suitable, while active modern styles will fit perfectly into the intricate and bright design.
  • In addition to the hall, you should pay attention to changing rooms, toilets and showers. Not always convenient after an active workout, change clothes and immediately go home, a shower will help wash off sweat and relieve discomfort.
  • The floor covering plays an important role, which should be smooth but not slippery. Some dance directions can be performed in socks, so the risk slip will be great.
  • Convenience in training will bring great the number of mirrors that will help you see in more detail correctly execution of elements and visually expand the available space.

Of course, most dance halls are selected based on how comfortable the dancers feel there, which is, of course, the right approach. However, it is worth remembering about the mandatory parameters of the room, for example, its area, the presence of ventilation and changing rooms.

Where can I rent a dance hall in Nizhny Novgorod?

Finding a dance hall in Nizhny Novgorod with our portal becomes much easier. The collected information will allow you to choose the best the location of the school, get acquainted with the cost of renting a dance hall. Reviews about the dance halls of the city left by visitors will also be useful. establishments.

Questions on the topic "Hall rental"

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The question will be asked to all schools on the portal after verification. Answers usually come within a day.

Ask a question

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    Serafimovich Yekaterinburg

    7 months back 494



    We rent a hall from 40 sq. meters in Yekaterinburg with mirrors. Who can provide? read more

  • We rent a hall from 85 sq.m. with mirrors for ...


    10 months back 731



    We rent a hall from 85 sq. m. with mirrors for dancing, along the metro line more

  • We need a hall in the center of Perm for short...

    Starkova Larisa Adolfovna Perm

    11 months back 721



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  • I am looking for a hall with mirrors and a pianoforte...

    Svetlana St. Petersburg

    2021-10-29 19:20:15 893


    I am looking for a hall with mirrors and a piano for rehearsals for about 10 people. Petersburg, central district read more

  • hall rent...


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  • We are looking for a hall of at least 60 sq. m with a piano ("...

    Anastasia, Moscow Moscow

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    We are looking for a hall of at least 60 sq.m with a piano (live, not digital) for children's dances on a permanent basis. Sunday - morning, Friday - evening read more

  • I am looking for a hall of at least 90m2 for a permanent rent...

    Valery St. Petersburg

    2021-07-14 14:51:54 1070



    I am looking for a hall of at least 90m2 for permanent rent read more

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5 benefits of hourly rent of a dance hall

Rehearsal rooms, dance halls, recording studios
in Moscow

5 benefits of renting a dance hall by the hour

Five benefits of renting a dance hall by the hour

Are you looking for a dance, fitness or martial arts venue? Or maybe you need a place where you could hold trainings, meetings and training seminars? "HendrixDance" is ready to offer you three premises for rent, which are located in Moscow, in time they are only a 10-minute quiet walk from the Pechatniki metro station. The dance hall has an area of ​​400 square meters. The HendrixDance dance center can offer premises for all these events, it is here that you can hold everything at the highest level and will definitely be satisfied. In addition, it is also possible to hold concerts, themed holidays, celebrations, photo shoots, castings, various presentations, master classes and exhibitions.

5 indisputable advantages of renting a hall:
  1. · Such rent is multifunctional. The halls are ideal for all events, both for master classes and various training seminars, as well as for sports training, and other undertakings.
  2. · Democratic prices. Pleasant and convenient prices for renting a room will undoubtedly suit you.
  3. Convenience. Rent dance halls is possible at any time convenient for you. Dance hall is rented around the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week, including on holidays.
  4. · Possibility to choose. You will be able to choose a hall that is most suitable for its parameters and area, everything will depend only on what classes you are planning and how many people will be in your group.
  5. Benefit. When renting a dance space for a specific amount of time, you will only need to pay for the time you actually need. It is possible to rent a dance hall for an hour, monthly, and also for a long time, it all depends on your wishes.

HendrixDance is dance halls , there are 8 specialized centers. It is important to note that the price for renting premises also includes the use of dressing rooms.

Once again, our facilities are ideal for more than just dancing and sports. Renting a dance hall is a great way out if you have nowhere to hold a photo session, training, training sessions for your company's staff, record some kind of amateur video, and also make a romantic surprise for your loved one. Dance halls are perfect for holding a business meeting, party or corporate event, master class, rehearsal, solo or group training.

Learn more