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Watch Dance Moms Streaming Online

5 seasons available (148 episodes)

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller. more

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and op...More

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd

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Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey KetchmanLilliana Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd



The Dances Review Abby as a Coach

Making the ALDC Cut

Bonus Scene: the Shangela Scandal

Maddie's Slumber Party Blooper Reel

Reunion Performance: Panic Room

Slumber Party: All About Buns

Slumber Party: Boy Crazy!

Slumber Party: for the Fans

Slumber Party: Movie Roles

Slumber Party: Stress Relief

Slumber Party: What Would You Do if You Couldn't Dance?

Full Dance: Someone Special

Group Dance: the Waiting Room

Full Dance: Bye Felicia

Group Dance: Made in the Shade

Full Dance: Bat Crazy

Full Dance: the Woods

Group Dance: Always a Bridesmaid

Full Dance: Immortals

Group Dance: Don't Fence Me in

Full Dance: the Investment

Group Dance: Panic Room

Full Dance: Golden Child

Full Dance: Superstar

Slumber Party: Phone Savvy

Full Dance: Loose Cannon

Group Dance: Dance Bop

Full Dance: Faith Is All I Need

Group Dance: Voices in My Head

Full Dance: Sink or Swim

Group Dance: Beautiful Bizarre

Full Dance: Unbeauty

Group Dance: Traitor

Exclusive Full Dance: Don't Take Her Away (Unaired Australian Performance)

Exclusive Full Dance: Making Me Stronger (Unaired Australian Performance)

Group Dance: Mad Max

Bonus Scene: Abby's ASTRA Awards Goof

Exclusive Full Dance: Rise and Fall (Unaired Australian Performance)

Group Dance: Fearless (ASTRA Awards Performance)

Bonus Scene: Maddie's Grammy Moments

Group Dance: Collateral Damage (Unaired Reunion Performance)

Group Dance: Freak Show (Reunion Performance)

A Look Back at Over 400 Routines

Full Dance: Electricity Improv

Full Dance: Never Knew

Group Dance: No Sign of Life

Abby Announces the Los Angeles Branch

Holly Is Too Focused On Nia

Full Dance: Straighten up

Group Dance: Platinum

Shooting Kendall's Music Video

Abby Gets the LA Building

Full Dance: Innocent

Group Dance: The Rose Garden

Full Dance: Waiting

Group Dance: Together We Stand

Full Dance: Fancy

Full Dance: Who Are You

Group Dance: Tell Me What You Want

Full Dance: Walking Through a Storm

Group Dance: Get a Clue

Full Dance: the Mannequin

Group Dance: Decadent Darlings

Full Dance: Vertigo

Group Dance: Dance in the Rain

Full Dance: Pretty Little Liar

Group Dance: the Domino Effect

Full Dance: Tonya and Nancy

Group Dance: Moulin Rouge

Bonus Scene: Abby's Audition

About this Show

Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey KetchmanLilliana Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd

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Due to streaming rights, a few shows with an ad break before and after. Which shows?

Karusel TV channel - official website - watch children's programs for free in good quality

Premiere: Orange Cow Anniversary Series

Tests: How well do you remember quotes from famous cartoons?

Premiere: Animated series "Chuch-Meow"

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Navigator. We have guests! Milana Krupko

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Beauty studio. Polina Yugay


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Help dad bake pancakes for the whole family. Click on the fillings chosen by Peppa, George and Mom. Use the spacebar to flip the pancakes. If thrown too high, the pancake will end up on the ceiling!


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Peppa Pig.
muddy puddles Peppa goes for a walk in her new rubber boots. Help the pig jump into the muddy puddles by pressing the space bar. Earn extra points by collecting balls. But don't miss one puddle, otherwise you'll lose all your lives and the game will end.


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How well do you remember quotes from famous cartoons?

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description, content, interesting facts and much more about the film

Voice-over. When the opponent is strong, when the task is so difficult that you want to run without looking back, remember how you got here.

A man (Ti Hao, nicknamed Iron Monkey) is sitting in the prison cell.

Two years ago. Night club. Ti Hao and his older brother Ti Shi are sitting at the bar. Ti Shi: Have you confessed to her yet? Not yet. Everything will work out for you. A girl (Xiao Fei, nicknamed Sis) approaches Ti Hao: let's go dance! Ti Hao and Xiao Fei come out onto the stage and dance. A fight starts. Ti Hao stabs one of his opponents in the head with a bottle. His other opponent draws a knife, but Ti Hao twists his arm and stabs him in the chest with his own knife. Xiao Fei tries to pull Ti Hao away from the opponent lying on the ground. Ti Hao is taken to the police. Ti Hao is breaking dancing in a prison cell.

Ti Hao is released from prison. He comes to the club, sits at the bar, orders whiskey without ice, drinks. His friends come up to him, congratulate him on his release, drag him to the playground, offer to dance. Ti Hao sees Xiao Fei nearby, she is dancing with some guy in a very erotic style. Ti Hao approaches her, takes her by the hand, tries to take her off the dance floor. Xiao Fei's partner and his friends start threatening Ti Hao: what are you doing? This is my sister. Xiao Fei: I'm not your sister. And if you wanted to take care of me, then you would not have dissolved your hands. And now back off. Ti Hao leaves the club.

Ti Hao and Ti Shi are drinking beer. The older brother says to the younger one: Xiao Fei is already a big girl, she will take care of herself. Ti Hao: I was in prison, I did not sit idle, I tried to dance all the time. Ti Shi: you have matured, but only recently got out of prison, you should not stick your head out. So you don't need to show yourself in our garage. I got you a job. Here, take it. Ti Shi hands his brother a piece of paper with the address of the employer. Ti Hao: I have my own plans.

The next day, Ti Hao walks into a clothing store where Xiao Fei works. Forgive me for yesterday. Music is playing from the receiver. Ti Hao: remember how we danced to it, let's go! He goes outside and starts dancing. Xiao Fei stops frowning and joins Ti Hao. They drum on the lids of the garbage cans. Suddenly, Xiao Fei looks up and runs away. Ti Hao discovers that they were dancing right in front of the entrance to the police station. He also runs away.

There is a competition for the selection of participants in the regional break competition. On stage is a team led by He Chuan. TV producers sit on the jury. While dancing, He Chuan gets injured in his leg. After the performance, the jury members present an award to He Chuan, and another member of the group, Dai, an invitation to join the best dance team in China, Black Tiger, which will compete with the world's best team, Phantom from California. Now Phantom is on tour in Japan, and then the team will come to China, where there will be a break-battle with the winners of the regional competition. The most likely winner of the all-China competition is the Black Tiger.

Team members reproach Dai for betraying his friend. He says that he never considered himself a friend of He Chuan. But he has such a rich dad that he was able to buy his son a prize for participating in the competition.

Ti Hao tries to get a job as a dance coach, but he is not hired anywhere. He reads the address on the piece of paper his brother gave him.

He Chuan comes with his father to the office of the construction company headed by Mr. He. At a construction site nearby, workers are hauling bricks. Among their ranks is Ti Hao. Mr. He says to his son: I also once started with this, dragging bricks. And I earned… He Chuan: I know. Less than what your shirt alone is worth now.

He Chuan and his father enter the office. The father says to the son: now your place is here. You will learn how difficult it is to run a company. This is your office, and this is your secretary.

After his father left, He Chuan demands that the secretary remove the surveillance cameras installed there from the office. Or you will be fired immediately.

Ti Hao dances at the construction site during his lunch break. Workers are delighted with his skill. He Chuan is told about dancing at the construction site. He summons Ti Hao to his office. I know you, I saw you two years ago. I'm putting together a team to participate in a regional competition, then we can compete with the best teams in the world. Come to rehearsal tomorrow. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime. Ti Hao: who is the coach? He Chuan: I am. Who else is on the team? As long as we are with you. Then there will be more of us. I will double your salary. Okay, morning! Ti Hao: tell me, what is dance for you? Are you hungry? Were you humiliated? Did you like a girl, and you understood that you could not provide her with a decent life? But when you dance, you understand that the whole world is at your feet, that you are invincible. We are too different.

A break-battle between two teams takes place in an abandoned hangar. Ti Hao enters the court. Opponent showers him with insults. The host removes the dancers from the site to avoid a fight. There is no one else to play for Ti Hao's team. He Chuan rises to the platform. He limps and leans on a cane. He performs the dance, Ti Hao's team is awarded the victory. He Chuan meets Ti Hao's team. He says his offer still stands. Ti Hao: My answer is no. Heal your leg. After the rest of the dancers leave, Xiao Fei comes up to He Chuan and holds out a bottle of balm: you will rub your leg twice a day.

The next day, He Chuan comes to Xiao Fei's shop. He says the medicine helped. As he leaves, he leaves a box and an envelope for Xiao Fei. In the box is a smart blouse, and in the envelope is a birthday invitation.

Dressed in a new blouse, Xiao Fei goes to his birthday party. Ti Hao approaches her: where are you going? In a cafe with friends.

Xiao Fei comes to He Chuan's birthday party. She is looking for him among the guests, informs the invited girls that she will dance with the birthday boy. The girls insult Xiao Fei and call her a whore. The quarrel is interrupted by the appearance of He Chuan. He dances with Xiao Fei. Ti Hao is watching the dance. He approaches He Chuan and offers him a battle. If you win, I'm on your team. And if I win, you will fall behind Xiao Fei.

After the battle, the opponents shake hands. He Chuan: As you can see, we have a lot in common. We both live in dance. Ti Hao: tomorrow at eight.

The next day, He Chuan and his friends go to the garage of the car dealership where Ti Shi works. Ti Hao and his friends, including Xiao Fei, are waiting for them there. Ti Hao introduces He Chuan to his brother, announces his intentions to fight Phantom. He Chuan: But first we need to defeat the Black Tigers, although they are said to be invincible. Xiao Fei: what did you name your team? "Heavenly".

Ti Shi takes his brother aside: you wanted to work. Ti Hao: isn't dance a job? I want to get on the big stage.

The rehearsals of "Heavenly" begin.

Mr. He tells his son that he wants to send him to study at the University of Southern California. He Chuan refuses.

"Heavenly" sit in a street cafe. He Chuan brings sneakers in which the guys will have to dance. Ti Hao, who has just bought sneakers for Xiao Fei, hides his present.

Regional competition in progress. "Black Tiger" and "Heavenly" are recognized as the best. Teams are invited to the stage. The winner is announced. This is Black Tiger. Dai approaches He Chuan: the loser always loses.

"Heavenly" discuss their defeat: it's not fair. Our video from the tournament has more views. He Chuan says we need a bomb to challenge the "Phantom" through the Internet. After all, in the end everything is decided by ratings. Ti Hao: I have an idea. The group invents its own style: kungfu freedance.

In the evening, Chipmunk (a bandit whom Ti Hao hit with a bottle) and his henchmen arrive at Ti Shi's garage. I'm looking for your brother, I want to get even. Let him call me, choose the time and place. I'm waiting for his call.

"Heavenly" are rehearsing, there is a quarrel. Ti Hao is jealous of Xiao Fei for He Chuan. The group breaks up.

Ti Hao tells his brother about this. He says that it is not worth giving up. And stop whining.

Ti Shi sends a message to Chipmunk: today at 10 in the garage. Then Ti Shi sends messages to the Celestials, asking them to meet and reconcile.

The group is gathering. One of the girls tells Ti Hao that bandits came to the garage. Ti Hao rushes to help his brother.

Bandits come to the garage. Ti Shi takes a wrench in his hand and enters into a fight. He manages to neutralize most of the gang. Only a fighter of European appearance remains. He offers Ti Shi an unarmed fight. Ti Hao runs into the garage, he starts a fight with Chipmunk. The brothers win their fights, but Ti Shi's opponent manages to cut him with razors. Ti Shi bleeds out and dies. Phantom accepts the challenge. They, the "Black Tiger" and the "Heavenly" should take part in the battle.

The competition is starting. Dai sends a girl to the Celestials, who says that three fans from the province want to see Ti Hao and He Chuan. The guys are lured into a trap, a fight begins.

The teams take turns demonstrating their dances. After the performances of the "Phantom" of the "Black Tiger", the presenter calls the "Heavenly". They are delayed: Ti Hao and He Chuan run headlong after winning a fight to their team. At the last moment, "Heavenly" rise to the stage. "Phantom" and "Heavenly" go to the final.

Teams show their numbers. Phantom wins. After the end of the competition, the teams greet each other, Chinese and American dancers hug each other, thank you for the excellent performance.

He Chuan walks up to Xiao Fei and says, the one who loves you will always be by your side. Xiao Fei finds Ti Hao standing nearby staring at her.

End credits. Chipmunk and his gang have received their well-deserved punishment for the attack that resulted in the death of a man.

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